Popular Activities for Group Vacations in Indonesia by anamaulida


									Timor Island is a wonderful city with plenty of places to visit and loads
of activities to do. Some popular activities Sightseeing Tours and
hiking. Read further to know about the different activities that can be
undertaken as a group:Every year holidaymakers flock to the breathtaking
Timor region in East Indonesia. A large number of activities and
sightseeing opportunities can be enjoyed in the beautiful countryside
which include water sports, admiring architectural beauty and visiting
local markets. Enjoy an array of picturesque landscapes, luxurious hotels
and experience the rich cultural heritage of this popular tourist
destination.Discover the beautiful holiday spots of this Island and
discover the many famous holiday sights which include explore the
limestone caves, dive, swim, visit the Museum, prehistoric and lush
scenery. The area is ready to satisfy the needs of those who seek
relaxing experiences by heading to secluded cities and the untouched
countryside. One might pursue pastimes such as a picnic along Timor
Island, and culture experiences via museums.It is usually a really
perfect getaway for active families who take pleasure in outside pursuits
such as cycling, canoeing and journey hiking trails through the green
countryside. Luxurious vacation homes present self-catering choices which
possess quite a few high quality and fashionable service amenities.
Options include access to pristine swimming pools and amenities from
laundry to game rooms which cater to every need.Timor Island or West
Timor with its capital Kupang is the administrative and cultural center
of Nusa Tenggara Timur. This is the starting point, the hub and the
spring board for your adventure tour of the region as well as having an
abundance of tourist attractions itself. Explore the nearby off shore
Islands of Semau or Kera, visit the sacred houses of Belu, explore the
limestone caves, dive, swim, visit the Museum or just relax on any of the
many palm fringed white sandy beaches found throughout the Island.
Getting Timor Island or West TimorThere are currently 4 airlines with
daily flights from Jakarta via Surabaya or Bali and an International
airline with flights twice a week from Darwin Australia. There is a
direct road link to Timor Leste and a ferry service linking all of the
islands in the region. The National shipping line, Pelni also island hops
through Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). Timor Island is literally the stepping
stone to the other islands in the region. From here you can take a short
scenic ferry ride to Rote island or jump on one of the daily flights or
ferries to any destination you wish to explore next.More Info Indonesia

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