10 Great Beaches in the Dominican Republic

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					The beaches in the Dominican Republic are dazzling, unspoilt jewels that
radiate under the Caribbean sun. Boasting almost 800 glorious miles of
beautiful coastline the country possesses some of the best beaches in the
whole of the Caribbean. With so many beaches on one island it might be
tough to plan a vacation around it. So to help you I have outlined below
a list of ten of my favourite beaches in the Dominican Republic.10. Playa
Coson, Las TerrenasThe magnificent Playa Coson beach in Bahia de Samana
stretches for more than three glorious miles and accommodates a number of
holiday villas as well as restaurants and one large resort. It is a place
of awesome natural beauty characterised by crystal waters and a medium
grain type of sand that is a rich golden tan colour. A great place to
sunbath, the Playa Coson is also a good place to enjoy watersports such
as snorkeling and diving.9. Playa GrandeNestled between the Cabrera and
Rio San Juan the Playa Grande is a real gem. Offering excellent views
located in a cove with cliffs surrounding, the beach has rather the feel
of a desert island. Clear water and gorgeous lovely sand completes the
picture perfect scene which is noted as a very relaxing place to swim,
snorkel and sunbath.8. Isla SaonaPart of the Parque the Parque Nacional
del Este, just across from the BahÃ-a de Catalinita, this is a very
popular island beach. With over a thousand tourists visiting it every day
you certainly won't be alone if you go here but you will soon see why
everyone does. Reached by catamaran, sailboat, or speedboat ride the
beach features magnificent turquoise waters offset by the rugged beauty
of limestone cliffs. A place where dolphins are often spotted, the 22
kilometres of white sand and idyllic palm trees that encircle this island
provide the perfect spot to relax whilst you are waiting from them to
show up.7. Cosambar BeachOne of the best beaches in Puerto Plata,
Cosamber Beach is a quiet crescent shape of golden sand. A popular
hotspot where semi-permanent snowbirds and tourists try to escape the
winter cold of home, this beach has a relaxed atmosphere and paradisiacal
nature. A decent spot for snorkelling, the best part about this beach is
that although the area has a decent number of holiday accommodation units
the region is yet to be fully developed to the point that it is overrun
with tourists.6. Playa CaletaOne of the more dramatic beaches in the
whole of the Dominican Republic Playa Caleta in La Romana has a really
pleasant feel to it. A great beach for children as the water is quite
shallow and there is plenty of shade from the tall palms that line the
golden sand, the presence of small fishing boats only adds to its
charm.5. Cayo LevantadoAnother Samana beauty, the Cayo Levantado is
another little piece of paradise that features clean, unspoilt beaches
that are lined with giant coconut palms interspersed with lush flowery
gardens. With warm water and a largely quiet ambience this is a fantastic
place to go for a little solitude.4. Playa LuperonLined with beautiful
coconut palms and extending for over a mile in length the Playa Luperon
beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great place to dive,
snorkel or windsurf, although not really to swim. But with plenty of
umbrellas, beach loungers, bars and watersport equipment available to
rent there is a lot of fun to be had here.3. Punta CanaPerhaps the most
famous beach in the Dominican Republic, this private, immaculate beach of
white sand, azure waters and verdant tropical landscapes is as beautiful
as it is enjoyable. As well as being a great place to sunbath, for those
who like to be a little more active, catamaran trips, speed boats, banana
boats and party boats are readily available here. The marine life in this
area, which can be seen more closely by snorkelling or on a glass bottom
boat tour, is particular stunning too.2. Playa MadameWild, yet pristine
this small, isolated beach is could easily sell a million postcards. A
beautiful golden beach surrounded by ragged cliffs and lush, bosky
foliage this little gem, although hard to get to at the end of the very
rough road that leads in to it, is well worth the trip. Not least because
you can explore some of the wonderful caves and lagoons it houses.1.
Playa de MacaoRightly acclaimed by UNESCO, the Playa beach is a fantastic
beach. Home to the quaint fishing village of El Macao, which is located
just south of Uvero Alto in Punta Cana, the beach has brilliant white
sand and is notable for an offshore shipwreck which is a popular dive
site. Rough waters creates good surfing conditions and the views of and
atop the cliffs that brood above the beach are simply breathtaking.

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