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Pizza Pleasant Hill Amazing Pizza Combinations
One of America's favorite food indulgences is a large, cheesy slice of
pizza. This traditional Italian dish made of oven-baked bread dough,
spread with tomato sauce and cheese, and topped with all kinds of
delectable goodness has won the hearts of the young and old. Pizza
Pleasant Hill offers a pizza selection to please the appetite of pizza
fans everywhere.
Though the description of pizza sounds pretty plain, it's actually quite
the opposite. Over the years, all types of styles of pizza have emerged
and become very popular.
Let's start with the crust. There are many types of ways to cook pizza
crust for varying taste buds. There is thin crust pizza, hand-tossed
pizza, thick pan pizza, stuffed-cheese crust, and even Chicago-style
pizza. Each type of crust has a unique taste and can make even a plain
cheese pizza taste entirely different.
In addition to diverse types of crust, pizza can also be cooked a number
of ways. Some restaurants use wood-fired brick ovens to cook pizza.
Others use a barbeque grill or a pizza stone in a conventional oven.
The most versatility in pizza can be found in the toppings. Any food you
can imagine can likely go on top of a pizza. For decades restaurants have
been mixing sweet and savory with pineapple and Canadian bacon (also
known as the Hawaiian-style pizza). Who would have ever imagined that
pineapple would taste so pleasant on pizza?
Speaking of fruit, olives commonly adorn the tops of pizzas everywhere.
Though not nearly as sweet as pineapple, olives are actually a fruit as
well. Another member of the "bet you didn't know it was fruit" family is
the tomato plant. Not only are tomatoes in the sauce atop the pizza
dough, but also often sliced tomatoes make a great topping when combined
with meat or a vegetable.
There are a wide variety of toppings available for pizza. Meat lovers can
enjoy pepperoni, sausage, grilled chicken, ground beef, and even steak
atop their pizza. Pizza is also a great way to get that much-needed daily
vegetable intake. Vegetables known to be tasty on pizza are bell peppers,
onions, mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, and even broccoli.
In recent years, even more creative pizza combinations have emerged. Take
for example the barbecue chicken pizza – a dish that has become wildly
popular – which substitutes tomato sauce for barbecue sauce and is topped
with barbecue chicken, red onions and cilantro. Other creative pizza
combinations include using a white garlic sauce in lieu of the
traditional red tomato sauce or adding more exotic cheeses like goat
cheese or feta.
The reality is that pizza may very well be one of the only dishes that
can be tailor made for just about everyone. Pizza Pleasant Hill is a
destination for discriminating taste buds in search of delicious toppings
for the pizza of their choosing.

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