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									                       The TWIG
Fremont Branch                        October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

   AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                         The TWIG
 Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
                                                              Table of Contents
 Partial Board of Directors         100th Year Anniversary Celebration Flyer                            1
         2011-2012                  Presidents Message                                                 2-3

Co-PRESIDENTS                       Does Medicare Have a Future?                                        3
     Jo Szeto                       AAUW Holiday Social/ Women's History                                4
     Helen Yu
                                    One Book, One Community Read Program                               5-6
Program Events’ Team                ―Fall Brunch‖ Photos and Recap                                      7
      Karen McCready
                                    Book Discussion Groups                                              8
      Kathy Garfinkle
      Mary Lynn Pelican             Fashion Show for Tech Trek/Harriet is our Hero                      9
      Miriam Keller                 1st Place Civic Float Winners in Parade                            10
      Susan Shenfil
      Linette Young                 International Update                                               11
      Elaine Eakin-Wong             Sections                                                           12
      Sara Hinkel
      RoseMarie Everett             Mother/Daughter Math/Science Discovery Day                         13
      Liz Poe & Janice Longo
                                    Save the Dates/ Happy Halloween                                    14
MEMBERSHIP VP                        Jo Szeto and Helen Yu is keeping the mission alive this
    Mary Lynn Pelican                month. They will chair the next board meeting on Wednes-
                                     day, October 26 @ 6:30pm, at the Chamber of Commerce
AAUW Funds                           39488 Stevenson Place, Suit 100 Fremont, CA.
    Carolyn Hedgecock
    RoseMarie Everett
                                                      Co-Presidents Message
                                       Our theme this year is ―Working To-
                                       gether.‖ The Fall Brunch was a won-
                                       derful demonstration of the concept.
                                       Linda Anderson offered her Oliveira
    Marylouise Bailey
                                       School cafeteria. Randy Fewel, and
                                       her expert team of chefs, made the
TREASURER                              delicious omelets. Special thanks to
    Steve Cho                          Allison Kieft for preparing all the ome-
                                       let      accoutrements.           Carolyn
MEMBERSHIP TREASURER                   Hedgecock made the tip jars. Kavita
    Marylouise Bailey                  Murthi, Elaine Wong Eakin and Kathy
                                       Bray           handled           registra-
                                       tion/reservations. Helen Yu and newcomers greeted.
     AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                        The TWIG
Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
Presidents Message Cont.…
Mary Lynn Pelican prepared the brochures and handouts,
and as always,
served as AAUW’s photographer and ambassador of good-
will. Florence Silver and the One Book, One Community
Read team decorated the tables using this year’s book
choice, John Steinbeck’s ―The Grapes of Wrath‖ as theme. I
prepped the Tech Trek girls, Sarah, Rhea and Meghna: (weren’t they wonderful?)
Genevieve Angelides orchestrated: (this is the best way to describe Genevieve because, like
the conductor of an orchestra, she does everything.) Karen McCready chaired: (Karen
chaired and chaired – she saw to every detail! I want always to be on her team.) Please refer
to Karen’s website article about The Fall Brunch where she names more names. People
came early and helped set up. People stayed late and helped clean up. The strength of
AAUW is that we practice the theme of ―Working Together.‖
Having said all that, I do regret and apologize that I did not ask Helen Yu to take the mike and
address the Fall Brunch audience as co-president. This is all a learning experience for me
and I’m grateful to AAUW for providing an atmosphere to grow.
Do not miss the 100th Anniversary Celebration of California Women gaining the Right to
Vote. It is being held at the Fremont Main Library on Oct. 15 (around 2:30), sponsored by
AAUW, LWV, NOW. There will be many things of the era to see and a reader's theater
presentation entitled "Votes for Women" that is not to be missed.
Jo Szeto and Helen Yu

                               "Does Medicare Have A Future?
                 Friday, Oct. 28 – @9:30am-11am at Fremont Senior Center
                    Monday, Nov. 7 – @6pm -8pm Fremont Main Library

Medicare has been getting a lot of attention lately. There have been several proposals to
reform Medicare as politicians grapple with the deficit. Is reforming Medicare code for cutting
benefits? To better understand these proposals, we need to understand how Medicare is
financed and the politics and policies behind this program. During the presentation ―Does
Medicare Have a Future?‖ we’ll look at how this program is financed, how the new health
care law is changing Medicare, and what the different proposals mean. Most importantly,
we’ll discuss how you can play a role in where we go from here."

    AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                          The TWIG
  Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

                                     AAUW Holiday Social
                                    Saturday December 3, 2011
                          Fremont Senior Center 40086 Paseo Padre Pkwy
                                            7pm– 10pm
                            Fundraiser for AAUW Tech Trek Science Camp

      2011 Tech Trek Recipients
                                                  Featuring: Gene Wang’s People Power Band

               Come and Enjoy: Music, Dancing, and Food for a good cause!

                                  Women's History Committee
                                Liz Poe, Janice Longo co-chairs
The Women's History committee is hard at work preparing for our March 24, 2012 pro-
gram. Our idea is to showcase contributions of women in California and specifically the Tri-
valley area from the early days of California to the present while incorporating fashions
and trends from the various eras. We plan to highlight women who embody the mission
statement of AAUW of advocating for women through equity, education and philanthropy.
We are seeking members who have access to vintage clothing or artifacts from the late
1890's to the 1960's to be modeled or displayed. If you can assist us in any of the planning
for this inspiring occasion please email or call: Liz Poe rognliz@comcast.net 656-4813, or
Janice Longo emalongo@comcast.net, 770-0809.

      AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                        The TWIG
Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

         One Book One Community Read Program 2011-2012

The Grapes of Wrath--Read It Again for the First Time!

The featured work for this year's One Book, One Community Reading project is The Grapes
of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Making the selection was challenging! Over a period of six
weeks, The OB, OCR team read classic and contemporary novels, two nonfiction works cur-
rently on the Best Seller list, and a collection of essays, the expectation being "You can't vote
for a book unless you've read its competition." Deliberation about each of the books that was
"shortlisted" included such things as whether it would be wise to have two authors in succes-
sive years who were New York Times columnists; whether essays provide enough length for
in-depth discussion; whether, following three years of nonfiction works, this year's choice
should be fiction; whether the book was considered a significant work for high school stu-

In August, the selection process narrowed the choice to two finalists, one fiction and one non-
fiction. The vote was close. Selecting The Grapes of Wrath acknowledges that the economy is
a major current issue to which America's economic history is relevant. In addition to discus-
sions of The Grapes of Wrath, there are a number of programs being planned for the 2011-12
season which link this classic work of literature to current economic concerns. In voting for
The Grapes of Wrath, Margery Leonard commented, "This is still the most shocking book I've
ever read. But I got so much more out of it this time." Following the selection of The Grapes of
Wrath, OB, AAUW Branch Co-President and OCR committee member Jo Szeto said,
"Reading this book got me hooked." Shirley Gilbert, also a OB, OCR committee member, ob-
served, "Some books are 'head' books; this is a 'heart' book. I felt as if I were reading it for the
first time."

The Grapes of Wrath, which won a Pulitzer Prize, was controversial when it was published in
1939. Because of his depiction of the union organization of migrant workers, California author
John Steinbeck risked being called a socialist. To emphasize his patriotism, first editions of
the book included the lyrics of a classic American song, The Battle Hymn of the Republic,
from which Steinbeck took his title.

  Members of the 2011-12 OB, OCR team are Linda Anderson, Genevieve Angelides,
  Kathy Bray, Joan Caldwell, Martha Crowe, Kathy Garfinkle, Shirley Gilbert, Margery
        Leonard, Anne MacLeod, Kris Sandoe, Florence Silver, and Jo Szeto.

    AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                          The TWIG
 Fremont Branch                          October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
                               The Grapes of Wrath

By: John Steinbeck
         If you have never read John Steinbeck’s
Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Grapes
of Wrath – it is time! Steinbeck’s rich,
passionate language tells the heart-rending
Depression Era story about migrant workers
as they leave their dust bowl farms to seek
work in California. The book focuses on
the Joad family as they struggle to maintain
their pride and dignity under inhumane
conditions of poverty and injustice. This
classic novel provides abundant discussion
material to relate to our own hard times. A
second reading can wrench your soul.

One Book, One Community Reading is a community action project led by AAUW-Fremont Branch (American
Association of University Women) in collaboration with Fremont Main Library, City of Fremont, and Fremont
Unified School District.

                                        Book Discussions

Monday, Oct. 24— Fremont Main Library Fukaya Rm. B at 7:15pm

Tuesday, Nov. 15th— Fremont Main Library Fukaya Rm. @ 4pm

      AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                       The TWIG
Fremont Branch                        October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
   “Working Together” Theme Inspires AAUW Fall Brunch
                                  With ―Working Together‖ as their theme, veteran AAUW
                                  Fremont members cooked up made-to-order omelets for
                                  the more than 80 attendees at their annual Fall Brunch on
                                  Saturday, September 10.
                                  As the program demonstrated,
                                  such ambitious goals are typical
                                  of this energetic and committed
                                  group. Members and guests
                                  thoughtfully regarded a dozen
                                  special interest group displays,
 including the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote and, a
 primary fundraiser of this chapter, the Women’s History Tea. After
 enjoying the custom made omelets and tasty accompaniments, all
                                 settled in for a short program. They
                                 heard an update on how the
                                 AAUW Funds are used to support
                                 equity for women and girls. A major highlight was the
                                 firsthand accounts of three eighth grader girls who attend-
                                 ed this summer’s Tech Trek camp at Sonoma State Uni-
                                 versity—just one example of AAUW Fremont's programs
                                 for girls.
                                 As always, the Fall Brunch provided the opportunity for
                                 new members and long time participants to kick off AAUW
 Fremont’s year by signing up for stimulating and fun group activities, learning more about
 AAUW’s national causes for equity, renewing friendships and
 forming new ones. This year’s 20 guests were able to enjoy the
 fellowship and discover what
 AAUW is all about.

   AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                         The TWIG
 Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

                 Book Discussion Groups
Evening Literature meets @
7:30 pm on the 2nd Wed. of                           Book Chatters meets the fourth
every month. The next meet-                          Thursday of the month. The next
ing is on Wednesday, October                         meeting is Thursday, October
12, to discuss Wild Geese by:                        27 2pm at Suju's. We will be
Mori Ogai. Shirley Gilbert will                      talking about epitaph for a
be the Reviewer, at the home                         peach (perfect partner book for
of Florence Silver 41751 Mur-                        Grapes of Wrath), and will be
phy Place. Fremont. Contact: Florence Sil-           picking up our new selection,
ver bssdvm@earthlink.net 510-651-1411.               The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by:
                                                     Aimee Bender. Contact: Alison Kieft 510-657-
Day Lit Meets 2nd Thursday of
the month. Next meeting to be                          Book Exchange
held on October 13, 2011                               It’s like receiving a gift every month! Book
@11:30am. The meeting is at                            exchange reads recent best sellers in an
Pat Fortmeier's home, 33790                            innovative and fun format. You select a
Quail Run Rd. Fremont,                                 book of your choice and at the end of the
94555. She will also lead dis-                         month it is passed on until all books have
cussion of Rebecca Skloot's                            been read by each participant. You receive
book, The Immortal Life of                             your book back at the end. It's an excellent
Henrietta Lacks. Contact: Judy Colby 510-              opportunity to read something new each
656-0976.                                              month. This is a great section for those who
                                                       are too busy to attend a meeting but like to
Evening Book Talk Monday,                              participate. Sign-up at the Fall Brunch and
October 17, 2011 at 7:15pm to                          select a book of your choice. If you are una-
discuss    Major Pettigrew’s                           ble to attend, contact Janice Longo 510
Last Stand by: Helen Simson-                           770-0809 or emalongo@comcast.net The
sen. The meeting will be at the                        exchange will activate in November.
home of Kathy Bray, 42821 Via
Puebla, Fremont, CA. Fremont.
Contact: Kathy Bray 510-659-

     AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                         The TWIG
 Fremont Branch                            October 2011                Editor : Alice Alfaro
                                                      Mary Lynn Pelican will be the model representing
                                                                              Fremont AAUW.
                                                                            Fremont Tech Trek
                                                                     Scholarships Recipients will be
                                                                      participating at the Luncheon.
                                                                              October 31, 2011
                                                                       $30 Payable to Acacia Creek
                                                                           c/o Mary Jane Hodges

      Formal invitations have been mailed to all AAUW Members.
                   Invite your friends to join you.

                          Harriet is Our Hero By: Shirley Gilbert
                 (Full article on Website: www.aauwfremontbranch.org)
                                      About a dozen Fremont Branch members and friends donned
                                      pink shirts and hats participated in the Hers Keep Abreast
                                      Annual 5Kand 10K walk and run at the Quarry
                                      Lakes East Bay Regional Park on a beautiful
                                      Saturday morning, September 24th, in honor
                                      of beloved AAUW Fremont Branch member
                                      Harriet Despeaux, who is battling cancer.
                                    Harriet, in a wheelchair, encouraged the
Here with Harriet as their hero,    Harriet Team with huge smiles and hugs
are 5K walkers in the Saturday      both before and after the 5K and 10K walk
         cancer race.
                                    and run. Harriet is a longtime, active AAUW
member and supporter and has served as past president, head of Tech Trek                       Harriet points
and in many other capacities. Liz and Roger Poe’s daughter Kelly the 10K                        to the medal
portion of the race with Harriet as her hero– and came first! She gave her                     that Kelly Poe
medal to Harriet in recognition of her brave struggle with cancer. Both before                won in her hon-
and after the race there was food galore served up Tri-City young people. All in              or in first place
                                                                                                 in the 10K.
all an inspirational morning for all involved.

     AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                       The TWIG
Fremont Branch                        October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

                            AAUW , LWV, and NOW
                   1st Place Winners of Newark Days Parade
                           2011Civic Float Award

                                             Members of American Association of University
                                             Women, the League of Women Voters and the Na-
                                             tional Organization of Women marched proudly in
                                             early 20th century costumes in the Newark Days
                                             56th annual parade on Saturday, September 17th
                                             to mark the 100th anniversary of California wom-
                                             en’s right to vote.
                                             The women carried signs that heralded the up-
                                             coming Readers’ Theater presentation dramatiz-
                                             ing the difficult journey to woman’s suffrage in
                                             our state. The presentation will take place on Oc-
                                             tober 15 at the Fremont Main Library at 2:30 p.m.
                                             and Saturday’s marchers encouraged the parade
                                             watchers lining the streets to attend.
                                             One of the most striking aspects of the suffragist
                                             parade was an old 1930 Dodge vehicle driven by
                                             owner Phil Swift with the help of AAUW member
                                             Steve Cho. The ancient car was decorated with
                                             bunting and suffragist signs just like the car that
                                             carried suffragists all through the Bay Area to
                                             bring their message to the men of our area in
                                             1911. That car so long ago was called the Blue
                                             Members of the three sponsoring agencies --
                                             AAUW, NOW, and LWV -- would have been proud
                                             of our contribution to a great cause and a great
                                             parade. (See Full Article by Shirley Gilbert, web
                                             editor, www.aauwfremontbranch.org)

   AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                       The TWIG
Fremont Branch                        October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro

 International Update—                      Tunisia: Changes
                                            By Wanda Homen

                              When it comes to the Middle East, today’s motto appears to be: Out
                              with the old and in with the new. Whether the resulting changes bring
                              progress or not often remains to be seen. In November of 2008, Inter-
                              national Update commended the small North African country of Tuni-
                              sia for its outstanding efforts to achieve gender equality. This praise
                              was based upon the favorable report on Tunisia that was given by the
                              Human Rights Council of the UN.
                              Tunisia had begun to modernize back in 1956 with its Code of Person-
                              al Status. Although not perfect, this code was an amazing accomplish-
ment for an Arab country. Among other things, it abolished polygamy; required the bride’s consent
for marriage; set a minimum age for a girl to marry (17); granted the right to divorce to both
spouses; and granted widows the right of custody of their minor children. Up to the present day,
this country has legislated in favor of child support and alimony for divorced women with children.
Placing security above culture, Tunisia has prohibited women from wearing the full-body clothing
called the hijab when entering a government building. Under what is basically a secular system,
women have become well educated and enjoyed gender equality in the workplace.
On the 23rd of this month, there will be an election which could alter the entire social structure in
Tunisia. Since the ouster of long-time president Ben Ali in January, the formerly banned Ennahda
Islamist movement has grown in popularity. Conservative ele-
ments have come out of hiding and are becoming more forceful
politically. Their aim appears to be the promotion of the country’s
―Islamic‖ nature. Because of this, many women are fearful that
when representatives write the new constitution, women could
lose the gains they have made towards gender equality. On Au-
gust 13th, around 1000 women gathered together on the streets
of Tunis to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Personal
Status Code and to rally against any exclusion of that code from
the new constitution. Tunisians are deeply concerned about the outcome of this election because
it will determine who will be writing the new constitution. Tunisia is at the brink for change—
whether it will be for better or for worse can well be decided at the polls.

   AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                          The TWIG
  Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
   Sections:                                      New Images women's support group meets week-
                                                  ly on Thursday morning: 10am-11 at Panera Bread
   Arm Chair Travel                               2650 Mowry Avenue, Fremont off Paseo Padre
   This group will meet again Sunday,             Pkwy. Contact: Joyce Ruiz 659-9396.
   January 29, at 4:00pm – 7:30pm,
                                                  Day Trippin’ Sat. Nov. 5th Holiday Luncheon-
   for a friendly social and pot luck
                                                  @12noon- Join the Scarlet Scholars Red Hatters
   supper. Hostess Marylouise Bailey
                                                  at the lovely home of Laurel Seymour in
   39961 E. Las Palmas Court, Fremont.
                                                  Fremont. A great way to start the holiday season,
   Marylouise, Randy Fewel, and Harriet
                                                  Laurel is a graduate of Corden Bleu Culinary of
   Despeaux will share their travels to
                                                  Arts. Our luncheon will be delicious and
   Italy and cooking school. Please
                                                  beautifully presented. Cost: $35. Receiving your
   RSVP your pot luck item to Jan Van
                                                  check secures your reservation. Make your
   De Werfhorst Travel Chair, 651-5303.
                                                  check out to RoseMarie Everett 5188 Earle St.
                                                  Fremont, CA 94536 510-793-5201.

                                             Great Decisions meets on
                                             the first Wednesday of
                                             the month. At the begin-
                                             ning of each year, the For-
                                             eign Policy Association
 JoAnn Houk and Ed shared their trip to the  publishes a Great Deci-
Azores at Linda & Terry Pearson ‘s home last sions briefing book. This
                   month                     book presents eight of the most important foreign
                                             policy issues facing the USA. Reference, and re-
                                             source material is included to help prepare you for
                                             discussion. Cost for reference book is $15. Con-
                                             tact: Anne MacLeod, 651-7938.
                               Mentors For Success Tuesday, October 11 @ 9am at
                               Mary Pelican‘s Home: 46230 Klamath St., Fremont, We
                               are looking for more mentors for this
   school year. We currently have 7 mentors – Mary Lynn Pelican,
   RoseMarie Everett, Luzmarie Vallejo, Monica Kim, Karen
   McCready, Dorothy Kinaci, and Martha Crowe. Some mentors
   were co-leading small groups and also providing individual men-
   toring. We prefer a 2 year commitment from mentors as the
   AAUW board has kindly offered to cover fingerprinting fees.
   Mostly the mentors are focusing on helping the mentees find
   motivation to complete high school, explore potential careers, set goals, and become
   aware of their interests and skills. Contact: Monica Kim ltlmama@comcast.net, 510-870-
   8419 Luzmarie Vallejo or homesbyluzmarie@yahoo.com, 510- 508-7698.
      AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                        The TWIG
Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
 The American Association of University Women, Fremont Branch proudly sponsor their
                           twenty-fifth Mother/Daughter

                    MATH & SCIENCE DISCOVERY DAY
             Saturday November 5, 2011, 8:30 am to 12:45 pm
                      Hopkins Jr. High, 600 Driscoll Rd., Fremont
                              for 5th and 6th grade girls.
                            For a morning of fun, hands-on math and science adventures, come to
                            the Mother/Daughter Math/Science Discovery Day. You can take part in
                            5 of the 9 classes. One of the classes is a show in the Hopkins Plane-
                            tarium. Please prioritize your preferences on the registration form. Clas-
                            ses will be assigned in the order that we receive the registration
                            forms, so do not delay.
                            All classes will be fun. The cost is $22 per mother (grand-mother, aunt,
                            etc.)/ daughter pair ($12 for a second 5th or 6th grade daughter). Make
                            checks payable to Fremont Branch AAUW. Dress warmly and comforta-
                            bly. AAUW will provide beverages, snacks, and a folder with fun stuff to
                            take home.
Info: Miriam Keller, Coordinator, 683-9377, miriamkel@comcast.net
Mail to: Helen Yu, 39547 Gallaudet Dr., #2016, Fremont, CA 94539. For questions 510-372-5097
or discoveryday@att.net. For e-mail put Discovery Day as the subject. After Oct. 30 call for space
availability before mailing registration. Registration must be rec’d by Oct. 30. After that, call to
check on availability of on-site registration. Registration will not be processed without payment.
You will receive confirmation of your registration if you provide an email address. See you at
8:30 am on Saturday Nov 5.
*******************************************Cut here*********************************************************
            Registration Form: Deadline: Saturday Oct. 30 (Prioritize all 9 classes)
_____ Planetarium Show                          _____ Bristle Bots
_____ Electricity                              _____ Origami Cubes
_____ London Bridge is Falling Down            _____ Vital Signs: Learn to take your Blood Pressure
_____ Kitchen Chemistry                                And Listen to your Heart
_____ Levers & Pulleys: Can You Lift            _____ Making Your Own Slime With One
        Your Mom                                      Hand?
Name of Mother __________________________ School Name ________________________
Name of daughter ______________________________________Grade of daughter ____
Address:__________________________________________ Phone: _______________

               Mail to: Helen Yu, 39547 Gallaudet Dr., #2016, Fremont, CA 94539
    AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research
                         The TWIG
 Fremont Branch                         October 2011                   Editor : Alice Alfaro
                                         Save the Dates
Saturday, Oct. 15 – The 100 Celebration @2:30pm Fremont Main Library, Fukaya Room
Tuesday, Oct. 24— Book Discussion: Grapes of Wrath @6pm Fremont Main Library
Friday, Oct. 28 – Does Medicare Have a Future? @9:30am-11am at Fremont Senior Center
Saturday, Nov. 5 – Mother/Daughter Math & Science Discovery Day for 5/6 graders
                   @8:30am-12:45pm at Hopkins Jr. High
Monday, Nov. 7 – Does Medicare Have a Future? @6pm -8pm Fremont Main Library
Tuesday, Nov. 15— Book Discussion: Grapes of Wrath @4pm Fremont Main Library
Saturday, Dec. 3 Holiday Party & Dance Band @5pm Gene Wang’s 12 piece band
Saturday, Jan. 21 - Women’s Health Topics at Washington Hospital Time: TBA

AAUW Fremont Branch                                 FIRST CLASS MAIL
PO BOX 8254
Fremont CA 94537-8254

Return Service Requested

     AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research

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