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									Textcashnetwork                                     ও
                       ল                  SMS                         ল
                        /   ও SMS                             ৎ           ল
textcashnetwork                 . .                                   ঐ    ল
         ল    ,      ল           ৭. $   ৎ                ৬০
           ল      textcashnetwork     ৎ                           ও   ল


Web Link:http://
        https://                   ৎ       :

     Textcashnetwork        regestration                      :
     ১)                            Join Now
               Country      ল                   ল             ল ,
             ল        (   ল Number                   0 ও      , Example:
     191723….. or 17175647…)।                          Valid - ল
       ,                         ও                  ৎ               Valid
         [ user name & web URL same                     ]

     [Note: 1. Email Verification Code Inbox        Spam
     Verification Code      ,    So Spam
     2. Mobile Number          0     ,      Mobile Number
     Validation code        ]

     ২)              My Profile > Account Information    Current
     Addresses edit address click              Add New click
         Address Type: Home, Address: (our current address),
     Conuntry: Bangladesh, City: (Our Current District).  Save
     Click         Back to Profile click
     [ Note: Current Addresses                      ল,   ল
     Validation code        । ]
৩)              , My Profile > Account Information            edit
phone   click ৎ        Click Here          Send Code
              ল                       ,                                ল
edit phone eee click kore punorai edit eee click kore save eee click
korun abar apner mobile eee ekti message asbe. apni message theke
reply option eee giyee yes type kore send korun.

৪)         My Profile > SMS Profile         ল               Max
texts per day:             ল        Active Days:            ল
     Messaging Receipt:       Yes       Profile Interests
   ল    ল                                     Save My Setting

You make $7.50 per month off of each of them.
Here is how you get paid 5 levels down:
You get $.05 per text and then
Level 1- $.05
Level 2- $.04
Level 3- $.03
Level 4- $.02
Level 5- $.01

You directly refer 11 person with valid email and Mobile phone
number, then 11 person also refer another 11
person each and if the grand total reach about 3005 person
then you can easily earn about 2300$+ per monthly.And
If you direct refer about 77 person and grand total reach about
24000 then your monthly income will be about 20000$+.

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Contact With Me:
Mob: 01751374111

      Textcashnetwork        Facebook Like      Address:

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