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									              Starks High School Newsletter
February 28, 2011                                                                             Vickie Poole, Principal
Volume 6, Issue 6                                                                   Dale Dardeau, Assistant Principal

                                                    “Decorating With Dad”
                                           “Decorating with Dad”, was an event where the students came with their
                                  dads and decorated cookies. The attendance at the event was tremendous! We
                                  planned for 25 families and got over 50 families. There were 134 names on the
                                  sign-in sheet. Standing room ONLY! There were some amazing (and interesting)
                                  cookie decorations. First place in the Pre-K through 2nd division went to Kent
                                  Pevoto and Dalton. Mallory B. and Milton Addison won first place in the 3 rd
                                  through 5th division.
            Contents                       Some of the comments on the evaluation sheets completed by the dads
                                  and granddads were “The best part of that night was spending time with the kids
Decorating with Dad         1     and grandchildren.” As you can see, those responding enjoyed spending time
                                  with their children. It was a sight to see: A sea of camouflage and work jackets
IDFY                        1
                                  bent over cookies, helping tiny little hands create a masterpiece. Wow!
FBLA News                   1              A great thanks goes to all who helped out; Katie Gillis, Samantha
                                  Goodwin, Amanda Doyle, Chris Johnson, Vickie Menard, Penny Coleman, Bootsy
Literary Rally Time         2
                                  Miller, and Carolyn Givens.                                          ~Danielle C.
Math Exemplar               2
                                         IDFY is a community based drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention program
                                 that educates and supports students. Youth involved in the IDFY program are
                                 dedicated to remain drug free and make healthy choices about their lives and
                                 bodies. IDFY is a program administered by and for students with guidance from
                                 adult Advisors. To validate this commitment, they submit to drug testing when
                                 they join and randomly thereafter.
                                     The IDFY chapter is based upon the following principles:
                                      Provides an equal opportunity to all students regardless of race, color, religion, sex,
                                         disability, familial status, or national origin.
                                      Provides opportunities for personal growth and student leadership skill
                                      Provides a system of support among youth, their schools, and communities.
       Upcoming                       Provides direct student involvement in chapter activities
        Events                        Educates youth, parents, schools, and communities about the dangers associated
                                         with alcohol and drug use
   March 7-8: Mardi Gras
                                    The Starks High middle school IDFY members attended a conference in Lake
                                 Charles on February 23rd to learn all about the different aspects of this program.
   March 17: Sports                                                                                    ~Brennon H.
   March 19: Literary Rally                                        FBLA NEWS
   March 22: LEAP/GEE
    Testing                     On February 16, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) members attended the
                                District Conference at McNeese and competed in a variety of business events. Those
   March 26: Jr/Sr Prom
                                qualifying to go to state were Courtney O. in Business Law, Ciara B. in Spreadsheet
   March 28: PTO Meeting       Applications, and Madison J. in Introduction to Business Communications. They will
    6 pm                        be attending state convention March 27-29th.
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          LITERARY RALLY TIME                                         MATHEMATICS EXEMPLAR
    The State Rally is an old education institution in
    Louisiana. The first rally ever was held in 1909 on the    In our efforts to improve mathematical problem-solving
    Louisiana State University campus. There were 300          and communication skills, teachers at Starks High School
    students, teachers, and administrators who                 have integrated Exemplars Math performance tasks into
    participated in the first State Rally that featured 14     the curriculum. Each month, a sample problem
    events. There are now 78 events in the annual State        (including the solution) will be included in the school
    Rally. Approximately 500 LA juniors & senior high          newsletter. This month we invite you to explore a
    schools, and 11 state colleges and universities are        second grade problem.
    involved in annual District Rally activities.
    The SHS Literary Rally team has been chosen, and will
    be attending the District Rally at McNeese State                                     POPCORN
    University on March 19th. The following students are
    chosen to represent SHS:                                          Jenna loves to make popcorn for her friends. 3 bags
         Accounting I – Caitiln B.                           of popcorn will be enough to share with 12 friends. How
         Ag. Science I – Sierra C.                           many friends could she share popcorn with if she had 9 bags
                                                              of popcorn?
         Ag. Science II – Courtney O.                                I need to find out how many friends I can share
         Algebra I – Beth C.                                 popcorn with if I had 9 bags of popcorn.
         Algebra II – Gabby M.                                       I will make a diagram to figure out the answer.
                                                              KEY :
         Am. History – Callie B.
                                                                     3       = 12 kids         3 = 3 bags
         BCA – Ciara B.
         Bus/Financial Math – Brianna G.
         Chemistry – Deanna B.                               BAGS:                                         = 12 kids
         Civics – Brennon H.
         English I – Taylor A.                                               3            3
                                                                                                            = 24 kids
         English II – Devin N.
         English III – Kyra B.
         English IV – Rhode L.                                   3           3            3          3
         Free Enterprise – Alicia B.                                                                         = 36 kids
         French II – Madison J.                              Counting pattern counting by 12’s.
         Geometry – Nathan I.
         IBCA – Trey S.                                      TABLE:
         Mgmt. of Resources – Lakeithra A.                                  Bags                    Kids
                                                                              3                       12
         Physical Science – Lucas F.
                                                                              6                       24
         World Geo. – Lexie C.                                               9                       36
         World History – Warren C.
         German II – Kaci W.                               Every 3 bags of popcorn will be enough to share with 12
                                                            friends. I counted every 3 bags by 12’s. The counting pattern
         Adv. Math II – Baliegh B.
                                                            is by 12’s. Nine bags of popcorn can be shared with 36 kids is
                         th                                 the answer.
    Students who place 4 or higher at the District Rally
    will be attending the State Rally at LSU in Baton Rouge                        12 + 12 + 12 = 36
    on April 16 . Good luck Rally Team!          ~Amanda M.
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    HIGH SCHOOL NEWS                        HOMEWORK HELP
                                The website,, has created a new afterschool
                                program called HOMEWORK LOUISIANA. This program
                                connects Louisiana K-12 students to a live tutor online for
                                one-to-one help with homework, studying, and test
                                preparation in all core academic subjects. This service is
                                free to all students and can be accessed from any
                                HOMEWORK LOUISIANA is available Sunday through
                                Thursday from 2 pm to 10 pm. Subjects offered include
                                elementary math, science, social studies, and English all
                                the way to advanced coursework in each of these areas.
                                Just access the website is and
                                within a few minutes, you are connected to a tutor in a
                                secure online classroom.

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