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									                                            Syma S107 Helicopter Review- Yellow

             This little machine just has an alluring look about it. If you like flying mini helis, this one is a
             "must have!" It flys great, right out of the box. Trims out easily, and holds it's setting throughout
             flight. It's just slow for those of us that are advanced pilots who want more speed. I've watched
             alot of Youtube videos on different mods that create more speed, but all of them require too much
             sacrifice of flight time, or durability, or asthetics, or something else that effectively ruins this cool
             little heli. Not to worry, because I've found the way to get what you want, within reason. Take the
             two screws out and pull the canopy forward, taking care for the light wires. Cut a piece of 1/8"
             lead solder, 2" long, and bend it to form a "v". Make this fit into the bottom of the nose canopy,
             straddeling the light wire connection, and glue it in place with some modeling cement, and
             re-install the canopy. It will fit a little tight under the battery, carefully push the canopy into place,
             and install screws. This will give you an excellent combination of speed and controlability that
             will greatly improve upon the original performance. Easy to do! Have fun, and enjoy!

             The Syma S107 is so easy to control that on my first flight I had it tour my whole apartment,
             zooming in and out of closets and never touching an obstacle until I deliberately landed it. If
             you’ve never flown a good RC heli before, you might need to practice a bit. It might be your
             second or third flight before you get that good.

             I have two of these 107's and have had so much fun with them. dont be discuraged by the harsh
             reviews, I was hesitant at first because of some of them. One did crash and the upper rotor head
             broke (because of poor flying) but after a 7 dollar part bought here on lightake it was working
             perfect again. But anyway, I have had no problems with them at all. they fly great and are very

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             easy to control, my 8 year old cousin can control them just as well as I can. I read in the reviews
             that the batteries are known to stop taking a charge, after some research I discoverd that with this
             type of battery it is best to let them cool before charging them again. so i always wait about 10 to
             20 minutes before putting it back on the charger. Great little toy and loads of fun for any age.

             I bought this helicopter is yellow, and i must say i am surprised at how great it flies for $19.99... It
             will fly for about 5-10 min, which i think if pretty good for a 30min charge time. The helicopter
             turns very good, i can get it to fly just about anywhere. If your looking for a good cheap helicopter
             buy this one!

             More info:

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