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          Volume 37 issue 6                                                             August 2010

               10th AnnuAl Pre-lAbor DAy

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6    The Fine Line Between
     Technical and Clerical

14   2010 Memorial Tourney
     Sets New Standard for

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                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                    188 E. Arrow Highway
                    San Dimas, CA 91773                     Public Employees Under Attack ............................................ 4
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                     Fax (909) 480-3011
                                                            PPOA in Your Daily Life ........................................................... 5
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                                                            The Fine Line Between Technical and Clerical ..................... 6
                POPA Federal Credit Union
             (800) 369-7672 |
                                                            More on the CA Reclassification ........................................... 7
   Star & Shield is the official publication of the
   Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers
   Association (PPOA). Opinions expressed by indi-          An Afternoon at Walnut Station............................................ 11
   vidual board members or contributing authors in this
   publication do not necessarily reflect the opinions of   2010 Memorial Tourney Sets
   the entire Board.
                                                            New Standard for Success ................................................... 14
   The Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday
   of each month in the PPOA offices at 10:00 a.m.          60 Seconds with a PPOA Board Member ............................ 21
   Star & Shield subscription: $12.00
   Executive Editor: Brian Moriguchi                        Alcohol: Nesting on a Slippery Slope .................................. 23

              BOARD OF DIRECTORS                            Estate Planning: Will vs. Living Trust ................................... 24
             BRIAN MORIGUCHI, President
               JIM CRONIN, Vice President                   The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Rates ......................... 25
              JIM BLANKENSHIP, Secretary
            ROGELIO MALDONADO, Treasurer
                                                            Victory Times Three! Governor Signs Trio of PPOA
                                                            Supported Bills Into Law....................................................... 26
   VICTOR CLAY                         ROBERT LINDSEY
   DANYA HAZEN                           ART REDDY          Fishing Trip Review ............................................................... 26
   JOHN KALNAS                           DAVID VIDAL
   ANDREW LEE                          GERARDO GARCIA

          2010 STANDING COMMITTEES                                                 Southern California Alliance
                                                                                   of Law Enforcement (SCALE)
   ASSOCIATIONS                         MEMBERSHIP                                     California Coalition of
Chairman MORIGUCHI                   Chairwoman HAZEN                        Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)
     DELEGATES                       612 NEGOTIATIONS                                International Foundation
  Chairman CRONIN                   Chairman MORIGUCHI                              of Employee Benefit Plans
       FINANCE                       614 NEGOTIATIONS                       Los Angeles County Organization of Police
Chairman MALDONADO                     Chairman VIDAL                                  and Sheriffs (LACOPS)
     INSURANCE                       621 NEGOTIATIONS                      Public Employees Staff Organization (PESO)
  Chairman KALNAS                  Chairman BLANKENSHIP                           Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
     LEGISLATIVE                      RETIREE LIAISON              National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems
  Chairman REDDY                      Chairman REDDY                      California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation

                                                                                     PPOA STAFF MEMBERS
                                                                                PAUL K. ROLLER, Executive Director
                                                                             SANDRA BRYANT, Adminstrative Assistant
          911Media® is a division of Trade News                              CLARE FRANCO, Administrative Assistant
                   International, Inc.                                        NORMA GOMEZ, Administrative Assistant
                                                                             TERESA MACHADO, Intake Representative
                  Published by 911Media                                             VIOLET PEREZ, Receptionist
                    For Advertising call
                      (818) 848-6397                                        MARLYNE RINALDI, Sr. Labor Representative
                                                                            GREG TORRES, Public Relations Coordinator
                                                                           MARICELA VILLEGAS, Sr. Administrative Assistant
                 PPOA Online Store:
                                                                               JIM VOGTS, Legislative Representative
                                                  VENISE WALLACE, Sr. Labor Representative

                                                                                                    auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                   3
                                 Public Employees Under Attack

                                         here is a lot going on at PPOA, and I am very     irresponsibly with their firearms. Nothing could be
                                         proud of the direction we are moving as an        further from the truth. This new policy simply is the
                                         organization. I will outline in this month’s      wrong approach.
                                         article some of the projects we have been             This policy takes firearms away from RESPONSIBLE
                                 working on to make PPOA a stronger, healthier and         deputies in public, as well as prohibits deputies from
                                 compassionate organization for all of our members:        possessing firearms in their own homes. It is the
    Brian Moriguchi              sworn, non-sworn and retired. In addition, I will talk
                                 about what lies ahead for us and what we are doing to
                                                                                           typical over-reaction to the IRRESPONSIBLE actions
                                                                                           of a few. It is the latest version of “Punish the masses
             PPOa President      address these concerns.                                   instead of dealing with the few.” This new policy will
                                                                                           lead to deputies being unable to defend themselves or
           lieutenant, laSd      OPS Merger                                                protect the lives of others and will eventually lead to            The OPS merger is nearing completion, and              the death of innocent people, maybe even one of our
                                 PPOA has worked hard (in particular, Board member         own. All because a small percentage of deputies acted
                                 Kevin Thompson) to ensure that the “former”               badly while intoxicated, even though we already have
                                 OPS officers transition smoothly into the Sheriff ’s      a plethora of policies prohibiting such misconduct.
                                 Department. Although most of the OPS officers             Sadly, police managers are far too often turning to
                                 successfully passed background and medical exams,         blanket policies instead of addressing individual
                                 some have unfortunately been disqualified from the        incidents or the root of the problem. "Let’s take guns
                                 process for a variety of reasons. PPOA is reviewing       out of the hands of responsible deputies because some
               the 'pension      each and every disqualification to ensure they were       deputy acted stupidly. Let’s cancel all pursuits because
                                 for just cause, and we have hired attorneys to handle     some cop made the wrong decision in a single pursuit.
        reformers' are using     the appeals so that their rights are protected and no     Let’s take flashlights away from cops because one cop
        every opportunity to     stone is left unturned. We have been working with         beat a suspect inappropriately with a flashlight." It goes
                                 the CEO to ensure jobs elsewhere in the County            on and on.
     turn the public against     for those who were disqualified from the Sheriff ’s           So, what is the alternative? Wouldn't it be better to
            public employee      Department. I have said this time and time again:         treat the causes of the alcohol-related incidents before
                                 The OPS officers have served this County faithfully       they occur instead of creating another policy to punish
          pensions ... and it    — some for more than 20 years. They need to be            the behavior after it occurs? I assure you that most
                                 treated with respect and not cast aside like old shoes.   deputies are not thinking about “policies” when they
                 is working.     They have families. They have homes. They have            behave poorly off duty. What are the causes? Do we
                                 bills to pay. Lest we not forget that they are part of    have a culture of drinking? Do we allow our brothers
                                 the County family. Let’s welcome them with open           and sisters to drive drunk when we know they are
                                 arms.                                                     too intoxicated? Do we have alternatives? Are some
                                    I am pleased to announce that PPOA successfully        of us alcoholics? Do we have options for those with a
                                 got a bill through Sacramento (at a time when             drinking problem? There are many causes and there is
                                 they are in gridlock!) and signed by the governor         no single solution that fits every situation.
                                 regarding OPS (AB 1658). You can read about it                In an effort to develop a sound and reasonable
                                 on page 26 in the legislative section of this issue.      solution, PPOA is looking into a taxi program that will
                                 Congratulations are in order to Jim Vogts, our            allow deputies to utilize a cab service when necessary.
                                 lobbyist. Well done!                                      We are looking into creating a confidential, third-party
                                                                                           counseling option for those who aren’t comfortable
                                 Sheriff’S AlcOhOl And fireArMS POlicy                     talking to LASD’s Employee Support Services because
                                    I have talked about this ill-conceived policy for      of their tie to the Department. In this issue of Star
                                 several months, but many still have the perception
                                 that PPOA supports deputies getting drunk and acting                                         continued on page 10

                                            Visit our newly redesigned website at
4    Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
                                        PPOA in Your Daily Life

                                        lAbOr dAy bbQ

                                                                                                    qualified and committed PPOA members are elected
                                                lease join your fellow PPOA members and             to the Board every year.
                                                their guests at PPOA’s 10th Annual Pre-Labor            This year is no different. If you wish to run for a seat
                                                Day BBQ on Wednesday, September 1, at the           on the PPOA Board, you must submit a petition by
                                                Biscailuz Center track and field in Los Angeles.    September 15 to be eligible to run. The requirements
                                        Originally the brainchild of former-PPOA President          to do so are published on page 16 of this issue of Star
    Paul K. Roller                      Roger Mayberry, the BBQ has grown immensely
                                        since 2001 when it was held in the parking lot of
                                                                                                    & Shield. Even if you don’t choose to run, please vote
                                                                                                    later this fall for your chosen candidate. This will
PPOa executive director                 PPOA’s old offices in Monterey Park. Since then, we
                                        have added new vendors every year and now hold the
                                                                                                    ensure that PPOA continues to be an association run
                                                                                                    and controlled by its membership.                 event under a huge tent on the SEB track and field
                                        surrounded by PPOA vendors handing out giveaways            PPOA delegAteS
                                        and prizes. Add to that the great BBQ cooked up by             Another job vital to PPOA’s success is the position of
                                        Café-N-Stuff Catering and we have an event that you         delegate. Other unions call these positions “stewards,”
                                        don’t want to miss. So bring your significant other         but at PPOA they are called “delegates” for a number
                                        or your PPOA work partner and join the PPOA                 of reasons. In fact, PPOA delegates are PPOA’s liaisons
                                        Board, staff, attorneys and vendors from 11 a.m.            (or delegates) to the membership at large. Ideally we
                                        to 2 p.m. for a great afternoon of food, prizes and         would have a PPOA delegate in every work location
                                        PPOA fellowship on September 1. It is PPOA’s way            where a PPOA member works. This means every
        the working                     of honoring our members and the work they do on             station, every jail and every place of business for the
                                        the only holiday specifically for working men and           Sheriff’s Department, the DA’s office and the coroner’s
   men and women                        women — Labor Day.                                          office.
 of america are the                                                                                    PPOA delegates are expected to attend quarterly
                                        PPOA electiOnS                                              meetings each year which qualify them to attend the
  engine that drives                       Every year, according to the PPOA bylaws,                Christmas Appreciation Luncheon, where countless
 the economic train                     elections are held for approximately one-half of the        prizes are awarded to our delegates. Unlike other
                                        PPOA Board of Directors. PPOA’s Board sets the              unions, PPOA delegates do not represent their fellow
  that eVerYthiNg                       policy and charts the course for the organization.          members in the civil service grievance/appeal process.
                                        The PPOA Board also elects the PPOA president and           PPOA’s labor reps or our attorneys handle those
     depends upon.                      the other officers. Obviously, holding a seat on the        issues. Instead, PPOA delegates are asked to carry
                                        PPOA Board is the most important function that can          information back and forth between the PPOA Board
                                        be performed in our association, and since Board            and the PPOA membership.
                                        members derive their power from being elected by               They accomplish this two-way communication
                                        the membership, the PPOA Board members are                  by attending the quarterly meetings where they learn
                                        your elected voice and representatives for all issues       about issues vital to PPOA and its membership.
                                        involving PPOA. Having an active and involved
                                        Board is vital to PPOA’s future, so it is imperative that                                       continued on page 12

                      Update Regarding Workers’ Comp and Tristar
 by Art reddy (retiree, board Member)

 I have received many complaints from retirees about their health care and, in particular, about workers’ compensation issues with Tristar.
 Over the past year, PPOA has been working with LASD and Tristar to resolve these issues. I am happy to report that many retirees had
 their issues resolved as a result of this. But this is not the end. We must continue to address this problem. Many retirees are suffering
 and cannot get approval for appropriate medical care and surgeries. This is unacceptable. It’s not about saving a buck. It’s about helping
 retirees who dedicated their lives to this County, and the County holding true to their commitments to the retirees. I, along with President
 Moriguchi, will again be meeting with Tristar executives to continue our dialogue with them and to improve the process. Please contact
 me if you are having any W/C issues that need to be addressed with Tristar. You can reach me at or (323) 261-3010. PPOA

                                                                                                                  auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                   5
                                  The Fine Line Between
                                  Technical and Clerical

                                                 reetings! I hope everyone is enjoying their       Based on the information I have from the 35
                                                 summer. On February 16th of this year, the    members that applied, 95 percent of the applications
                                                 Department opened up the OAI position         submitted were rejected by Sheriff ’s Personnel,
                                                 for testing. The time period to turn in       claiming that the minimum qualifications were not
                                  applications was nine business days. As most of you          met. I myself applied based on my last four-and-a-
                                  are aware, the OA series has a career path. All of the       half years of experience working Operations at my
    Jim Blankenship               621 classifications are considered technical-specialty
                                  jobs. However, over the years we have found that a
                                                                                               unit, doing the administrative work of an Operations
                                                                                               Assistant, as did most of the 35 applicants. So, you get
                                  great many LETs, CAs and some PRDs have for one              a rejection letter from Personnel (I’m not surprised)
    PPOa Board Secretary          reason or another been placed into administrative            simply stating that the application was rejected for
law enforcement tech, laSd        positions within their respective units. Why is that?        not meeting the minimum requirements. Now, I         There could be any number of reasons why this                did not submit the VOE letter, as did a number of
                                  occurs. Executives are given the freedom to run their        individuals, so technically the application was not
                                  respective units or divisions as they see fit. Often, a      complete. However, there were a number of people
                                  unit commander may not have an available OA to do            who did submit VOE letters, and still their applications
                                  the work they need to get done. But wait — the captain       were rejected. So you call the number on the rejection
                                  may have a very qualified LET or CA that he or she can       letter to find out more as to why you were rejected.
                                  pull from the line to get the work done. Now, it may         Personnel’s simple answer was, “You did not qualify
                                  not be in your job specs, but the trade-off is usually       because you’re an LET (or CA).” When I asked for
                                  that these administrative jobs come with the nice A+         clarification of this statement, I was told that my job
                                  schedule. A very nice incentive if you’re working the        was considered a “technical specialty,” and the OA
                                  line with rotating days off. So, both the unit and the       series was considered clerical. So, I posed the question,
                                  employee are happy. Plus, the employee gains valuable        what if I had a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree
                                  experience, thus making said employee a greater asset        in Public Administration; how would I be able to
                                  to the Department.                                           move from a technical specialty to a clerical? The
                                      Approximately 35 members (from Unit 621)                 answer was, “You can’t. You can’t mix classes.” Really?
                                  applied to take the OA1 test. The 35 were LETs and           Is anyone buying this? This same statement was told to
       this department            a few CAs. Now, I will tell you that based on the job        numerous people. I further challenged the statement,
                                  criteria, some of the 35 did not meet the minimum            and all I got was, ”You did not turn in a VOE letter.”
    needs to re-evaluate          requirements. Most of the 35 people claimed to qualify           Now, let’s talk a little about this VOE letter. This
          how to better           under Option A, an associate’s degree and two years          is a form that was created by Sheriff’s Personnel,
                                  of paid experience in a highly specialized clerical or       not County Human Resources. This letter is used by
             invest in its        responsible secretarial capacity at the level of senior      Personnel to document that an employee has gained
      professional staff.         clerk or higher in service to the County of Los Angeles.     experience or performed similar kinds of work which
                                  Option B was the same criteria above minus the degree,       provided the knowledge, skills and abilities required
                                  and you had to have three years of paid experience.          for the position to which you are applying. The
                                  Also, if you went off the criteria at the “higher level,”    employee must be performing the higher-level duties
                                  you had to submit a Verification of Experience (VOE)
                                  letter. I’ll go further into this letter in a minute.                                           continued on page 13

                                                                    What’s New?
                                      New Address? New Title? New Assignment? New Beneficiary?
                                                                         Keep PPOA Posted!
                                                            Call the PPOA office at (800) 747-PPOA
                                                                    to keep your records current.

6     Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
                          More on the CA Reclassification

                                      ustody assistant reclassification has been           1. Will it be a raise so that we are paid what a
                                      ongoing for approximately two years and          deputy gets?
                                      we can save the County a lot of money!               The answer is no. Why would the County pay us
                                      We’re talking two for one! For 20 years, we      all the same amount? We don’t go out on patrol and
                          have proven that we are an asset, not a liability. Am I      we don’t carry guns. We are cost effective. In today’s
                          telling you anything that you don’t already know? Well,      world, it’s about money. All we have to do is look and
  Danya Hazen             the County knows it as well!
                              Don't let anyone tell you not to do your job. "Assist"
                                                                                       listen to what’s going on around us. Am I going to give
                                                                                       up? Hell no! When you contact me, please understand
                          is a word and just that! We do checks; we do Title 15;       that I may not get back to you right away, but I will try
  PPOa Board Member       we back up our partners; we escort inmates; and, yes,        to get an answer for you. I try to talk to you personally
Custody assistant, laSd   we get involved in 415s. For 20 years, custody assistants    because sometimes you come up with other questions       have been working with their partners — deputies and         or problems.
                          CAs alike. If you refuse to do your job, you hurt every          2. Do you think we will be getting a raise when our
                          CA who has busted their butt to get us recognition.          contract is up?
                          Everyone who has said "yes we can" should know that              From what I see and hear, the answer is no. I don’t
                          we are close! Reclass for custody assistants is alive! Can   think anyone will get a raise any time soon. We are in
                          I explain why we keep waiting? No, I can’t. I do know        for a few more rough years. We have to do everything
                          that a presentation needs to be made, and we want to         we can to just keep what we have. I used to laugh when
                          make sure that we cover all of the bases. I want to try to
                          answer some questions that you frequently ask.                                                  continued on page 17

                                                                                                     auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                7
    Retiree Events
PPOA 10th Annual labor day bbQ                                      l.A. county retired deputies
September 1, 2010                                                   First Wednesday of each month
Biscailuz Center track and field, Los Angeles                       Carrow’s, Hesperia
Free lunch and giveaways for all PPOA members.                      11:00 a.m.

San dimas Station reunion bbQ                                       desert heat lunch
September 18, 2010                                                  Second Wednesday of each month
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                                              Elks Club, Lake Havasu
Open to retirees and former station personnel. RV parking and
special room rates available. RSVP to Dave Campbell,                the Motherlode loafers                                                   Second Wednesday of each month
                                                                    Location alternates between various restaurants in the
retired Marshals luncheon                                           Grass Valley area.
October 6, 2010                                                     Info:
Villa Tepeyac, West Covina
                                                                    retired deputies in las Vegas
7th Annual PPOA retiree luncheon                                    Third Wednesday of each month
October 13, 2010                                                    Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara
Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona                                           12:00 p.m.
Free for retired PPOA members and spouses.                          Info: Tony Silas, (702) 251-8088
Info: (323) 261-3010
                                                                    compton Alumni Association
investigators-On-the-go travel group                                Third Wednesday of each month
New Zealand/Australia trip planned for March 2011                   Crystal Hotel & Casino
Info: Hershel Aron, (702) 360-0484                                  12:00 p.m.

former l.A. deputy Sheriffs in texas luncheon                       Santa clarita Area retired Sheriffs Personnel Quarterly luncheon
May 21, 2011                                                        Second Thursday in February, May, August and November
Hosted by Jan and Marshall Priest in Waskom, Texas                  Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia
Details to come ...                                                 11:30 a.m.
lakewood rOMeOs luncheons
Second Monday of each month                                         Antelope Valley retirees
                                                                    Last Friday of every month
los Angeles retired deputy Sheriffs (lArdS)                         Carrow’s on Avenue K, Lancaster
Second Monday of each month                                         7:00 a.m.
Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn)   Info: Carlos Valdez, (661) 943-0125 or
11:30 a.m./$10.00
                                                                    fuzz that Wuzz/central california
Wuzz fuzz/Victor Valley                                             Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
Second Tuesday of each month                                        Info: Walt Scheuerell, (559) 683-6320 or
Hometown Buffet, Victorville
7:30 a.m.                                                           northern Sierra retirees
                                                                    Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
retired d.A. investigators lunch                                    Info: Drake Robles,
First Wednesday of each month
Frantone’s, 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos                       deputies-On-the-go travel group
11:00 a.m.                                                          Info: Pete Moreno, (909) 941-4416 or
Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862

inland empire Old guys
First Wednesday of each month
B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga
11:30 a.m.
Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217

8   Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
         10th Annual Pre-Labor Day

  Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010
     Biscailuz Center Track & Field
        (1060 N. Eastern Ave., Los Angeles)
                   10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

   FREE Lunch for PPOA Members
         FREE Give-Aways
          Hourly Drawings
                 Visit w/ reps from:
24 Hour Fitness • 911Media • Aquarium of the Pacific • Blue Cross
Colonial Insurance • Cosmetic Laser Dentistry • D.A. Recruitment
Disneyland • Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel • Healthview Body scan
  Horizons • Knott's Berry Farm • LACERA • Lavi Spine & Ortho
 L.A. Fitness • L.A. Sheriff’s Athletic Assoc. • LASD Recruitment
      Legoland • Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee
         Peace Officers/Firefighters Benefits Association
     Pirate's Dinner Adventure • POPA Federal Credit Union
           Primary Residential Mortgage • RaSport, Inc.
       Red Book Fleet Pricing • San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo • Sea World • Sheriff’s Youth Foundation • Sprint PCS
    Sr. Wealth Management Group • Straussner & Sherman
 Universal Studios • Verizon Wireless • Venture Matrix Insurance
                  United Estate Planning & More!

                 INFO: (323) 261-3010
Moriguchi                                                                             employee pensions … and it is working. They are aggressive and we must be,
continued from page 4                                                                 too. PPOA is working with a coalition of unions to defend all government
                                                                                      employee pensions. Though much of what we do is behind the scenes, you
& Shield, we have an article written by an alcoholism expert so that we can           will see our efforts ramped up in the public arena in the near future as well.
reflect on our own relationships with alcohol. It’s not for everybody, but some       We have a long fight ahead of us, and PPOA will be there fighting the good
of you may find it of value. We want to help our members BEFORE they get              fight. We earn modest pensions and earned every penny of it. We work hard;
into trouble with alcohol instead of seeing them punished AFTER an incident           make sacrifices that others do not; risk our lives; and, as a result, have shorter
occurs. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me and let me know if there        lifespans than that of the average person. We deserve what we get! We earned it!
are other options we have not yet thought of.
                                                                                      PeAce Officer MeMOriAl gOlf tOurnAMent
Security Officer/ASSiStAnt unifOrMS                                                      On June 14, 2010, PPOA held its 4th Annual Peace Officer Memorial
   Effective September 1, 2010, security officers and security assistants will        Golf Tournament. It was a huge success! Moving it back to a private
fully transition to the new green/white uniform and away from the blue/white          country club was critical to maintaining the prestige of our tournament
uniform. PPOA has organized five special uniform sale dates at locations              (nothing against Brookside, where we held last year’s tournament!). I want
throughout the County to assist SO/SAs in purchasing additional uniforms.             to thank the entire golf committee and a few individuals who deserve
Quartermaster has agreed to extend the special pricing to deputy sheriff              special recognition. First, Norma Gomez, from our office, who handled
uniforms as well! So take advantage of this sale whether you are an SO, SA,           the logistics of the entire tournament from start to finish. All of this
sergeant or lieutenant (deputies also get a price break!). Look for the sale dates    on top of her regular duties in our office. Thanks, Norma! Andrew
in Star & Shield and on our website.                                                  Lee, our tournament chairperson and PPOA Board member, for his
                                                                                      hard work in overseeing this event. Suzie Campeau, Julie Sherman and
PenSiOn AttAckS                                                                       Gold Lee, for their dedicated service as advisory board members to our
   Pensions are under attack again and will likely be at the forefront of the         Charitable Foundation and for getting us more sponsors this year than
political world for years to come! You may have heard about the outrageous            any previous year despite the economy. Sergeant Tony Gonzalez, for
salaries given to high-level people in the city of Bell. It has been reported that    volunteering to take photos of our event despite a hand injury. Thanks,
their chief administrative officer is paid over $787,000 and their chief of police    Tony, for your photography and your friendship! There are many others
earns $457,000. To put this in perspective, the Sheriff of Los Angeles earns          worthy of recognition. Thanks to all of you for making this one of the
about $284,000. You would think the discussions would be about the excessive          top golf tournaments in Southern California. Now, let’s get to work on
salaries being dished out by the city of Bell, but the focus has turned to            next year’s tournament! Read more about the tournament elsewhere in
pensions. It has been reported that the Bell CAO will be receiving a $650,000/        this magazine.
year pension if he leaves immediately and much more if he stays. The “pension
reformers” are using every opportunity to turn the public against public                                                                          continued on page 19

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                                                                    We have all your fine jewelry needs.
                                                                                All jewelry priced with integrity.
                                                                         Visit our store before you leave the building!

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                 Working with members
              from Sheriffs’ Relief, LAPPL,                                          Safe and secure online ordering
                   PPOA & LAAPOA

10    Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
An Afternoon at Walnut Station
   PPOA’s traveling benefits team spent a day at Walnut Station last month and talked to personnel there about everything from financial planning to
insurance to estate planning. PPOA also took the opportunity to capture a few “Kodak moments” during the visit.

WAlnut StAtiOn At A glAnce
   The Walnut/Diamond Bar Station area is spread out over 45.2 miles, encompassing the contract cities of Diamond Bar and Walnut, and
the unincorporated area of Rowland Heights. We provide police services, including all patrol, investigative and custodial operations, to more than
148,000 residents. PPOA

                                                                                                              auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield            11
Roller                                                                           labor unions that represent them, and to thank them for all they do to keep
continued from page 5                                                            America running.

Delegates then take this information back to their fellow employees in the       gOVernOr SignS PPOA bill
workplace and communicate the information verbally or through the PPOA               Another area where PPOA men and women have always been effective is
bulletin boards at every work location. They also bring information directly     in Sacramento and the legislative process. PPOA has long had a lobbyist in
from the workplace to the attention of the PPOA Board and staff. This way,       Sacramento. For the past 15 years, that man has been former-PPOA President
issues that could turn into problems are handled in a quick and efficient way.   Jim Vogts. Jim has been invaluable in keeping PPOA issues in particular and
This also allows our delegates to be PPOA’s eyes and ears in the workplace;      law enforcement issues in general front and center in the minds of the governor
to ensure that every department is treating PPOA members with respect and        and the state Legislature. Jim has taken the lead in writing, sponsoring and
courtesy; and to ensure that their unit is following the MOU, state laws and     helping lobby enough votes so that PPOA legislation can pass through both
departmental policies.                                                           the Assembly and the Senate and be signed into law by the governor. He has
   Being a PPOA delegate is not a difficult job, but it is a vital position in   done this for literally hundreds of bills over his long career in Sacramento.
PPOA. Without our delegates, PPOA would be flying blind on many issues.              Last month, Jim shepherded another PPOA bill through this arduous
Our delegates are our “early warning” system and our number-one method           process and on to the governor’s desk, where it was signed into law. The bill,
of communicating with our membership. If you have an interest in being a         AB 1658, Lieu, was written and sponsored by PPOA. It gives former OPS police
PPOA delegate, please call Greg Torres at the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010      officers who became deputies after the merger the ability to buy back some, or
for more information.                                                            all, of their safety retirement from LACERA so that their entire retirement can
                                                                                 be safety retirement. Jim managed to get this bill through both houses of the
lAbOr dAy                                                                        Legislature and signed by the governor without a single “no” vote. A job well
   Labor Day this year is on Monday, September 6. It is much more than just a    done by Mr. Vogts!
holiday that gives many people a long weekend or an excuse to host the PPOA
Labor Day BBQ (see above). Labor Day is the only national holiday dedicated      nOVeMber electiOnS
solely to the working men and women of America. If Americans don’t work,            Just a reminder that ties into much of what we have discussed above: If you
they don’t pay taxes, and they don’t buy houses or cars or any other product     have not registered to vote for the November 2010 election, please do so now!
made in America — in other words, the working men and women of America           In California this November, we will elect a new governor, attorney general,
are the engine that drives the economic train that EVERYTHING depends            other constitutional officers, all of the Assembly, one-half of the Senate, all of
upon. Unions like PPOA were formed to protect the working class in America.      California’s congressional delegation and a U.S. senator! No public employee
Now when unions, especially public employee unions like PPOA, are                can afford to sit on the sidelines in this election. Literally your job and your
increasingly under attack, it is altogether proper to pause on this Labor Day    benefits could depend on the outcome of this election. So please register now
to pay our respects to the working men and women in this country and the         and VOTE in November. PPOA

     Maher Al-Bouz, D.D.S.
                                                                      In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities
                                                                      • Comprehensive Dental                                 • Root Canal Therapy
                                                                       & Emergency Care                                      • Dentures & Partials
                                                                      • Lumineer & Traditional Veneers                       • Crowns & Bridges
                                                                      • Invisalign                                           • Orthodontics
                                                                      • Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings                     • Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                      • All dental specialists under one roof                • Dental Implants

     639 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite A          22062 Ventura Blvd.
     San Dimas, CA 91773                     Woodland Hills, CA 91364
     (909) 599-2029                          (818) 676-1485                                                              FREE
                                                                                                                 Teeth Whitening for
     Delta, Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.
     *Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.
                                                                                                                  Law Enforcement
     Financing Available                                                                                           personnel and
                                                                                                                    their families.

                                                                                                                   (one per household)

12       Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
Blankenship                                                                          Mr. Rampulla that I felt the VOE process was flawed, and if everyone’s letter
continued from page 6                                                                was denied there had to be a problem with the process. Mr. Rampulla agreed
                                                                                     to a point and explained why the Department has the VOE. We had further
100 percent of the time. The 100 percent deal becomes a whole separate issue,        discussions, and as a result Mr. Rampulla assured PPOA that anyone who had
as someone from the classification unit then determines if your duties qualify       turned in a VOE was going to have their application reviewed further. Mr.
or not, or will tell you that one part of your duties does not meet the job duties   Rampulla also wanted to make sure that anyone who is doing out-of-class
you are applying for, so you don’t have a 100 percent and thus your letter is        work ensures that it is properly documented on their yearly evaluation. Your
denied.                                                                              yearly evaluation helps to establish your VOE. He also said that any employee
   So, when you start this VOE adventure, you must obtain signatures before          who has a rejection letter or has questions as to whether they qualify for an
you can submit your letter to Personnel. This starts with your immediate             exam should contact the classification unit for assistance.
supervisor, then onto your unit commander, then onto your division Personnel             In the case of the OAI exam, Mr. Rampulla asked me why any of us were
representative and finally your division chief. After you have managed to obtain     applying to take a test when the job was technically a demotion. I told Mr.
those four signatures, you must submit the package to Personnel. Personnel,          Rampulla that we had been given the same answer, which was that we did not
after reviewing the VOE package, determines if they will accept or deny your         qualify for the job. Mr. Rampulla said that when employees feel they are doing
VOE letter. On the VOE application it clearly states that the employee is            a job that is out of class, they can ask for a job study of the position they are
responsible for ensuring a timely submission to allow adequate time for the          in. This would hold true for a CA who has been working Custody Operations
review process to be completed prior to the close of the examination. Knowing        Division and who, in PPOA’s view, is clearly doing the work of an OAIII or
what you just read and knowing that you, the employee, were only given nine          above. This CA also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I told Mr.
business days to get these signatures and have them reviewed by Personnel, do        Rampulla that this was a classic example of how a valued Sheriff’s Department
you really think you were given ample time to complete this task? I, along with      employee has invested time and money in her education and for a number of
many other people, certainly don’t think so. This is a failure on the exam unit’s    years has been doing administrative work, but all his exam unit could say was
part for not allowing enough time for this process.                                  that she did not qualify to take an OAI exam, and by the way, her VOE was
   So, really the only LETs or CAs that were allowed to test were those that         also denied. I told Mr. Rampulla that this was the black-and-white thinking
had held the title of senior clerk prior to promoting into a LET or CA. Wait a       his exam and classification units needed to get out of. This is the Sheriff’s
minute — you just allowed a clerical classification to merge into a technical-       Department; we think outside of the box all the time. For some employees
specialty item. You can see how one can become frustrated when you are told          such as this CA, this should be a no-brainer, and there should have been more
you cannot mix technical with clerical.                                              time spent on this employee. PPOA shouldn’t have to go to a division director
   PPOA requested a meeting with Division Director Victor Rampulla, and              and ask him to order his people to review VOEs or look a little closer at an
on June 8th Venise Wallace, PPOA labor representative; CA Tarqueenia Ellis;          employee who is clearly working outside of their job class.
and myself met with him and his staff. Mr. Rampulla was very candid with
us in our discussions, and acknowledged a number of our concerns. I told                                                                        continued on page 22

                                                             Serving the Community Since 1930

    Family Owned and Operated
    Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    Special Price for all Law Enforcement Officers
    (including Retirees) and Family Members
    Great Selection • Great Service - Why Go Anywhere Else

    (818) 240-0000 •
    Hossein Nadjar / Ext. 255             Ray Davtyan / Ext. 306
    General Sales Manager                 Fleet Manager

    Allen Gwynn Chevrolet • 1400 S. Brand Blvd. at Los Feliz • Glendale, CA 91204

                                                                                                                         auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                13
2010 Memorial Tourney Sets
     By Andrew Lee, PPOA Board Member and Tournament Co-Chair

              n June 14, 2010, PPOA hosted our 4th Annual Peace Officer
              Memorial Golf Tournament at Friendly Hills Country Club
              in Whittier. This year was by far the most successful event that
     PPOA has hosted, even with the tight economic times in which we find
     ourselves. With the support of our generous sponsors and golfers, PPOA
     was able to surpass the totals from our previous tournaments in terms of
     money raised for the families of peace officers killed in the line of duty.
         Friendly Hills Country Club was a tremendous venue on many levels
     for this year’s event. It’s a spectacular, 18-hole championship course
     and is widely known as a Wilfred Hines masterpiece. The fact that it is
     considered one of the finest and most challenging courses in the Los
     Angeles-Orange County area was not lost on our full field of 144 anxious
         Each golfer was treated to an early morning breakfast and an
     impressive, custom-embroidered Peace Officer Memorial Tournament
     golf bag filled with gifts from the tournament sponsors. Before heading
     to the links, the golfers stood by their carts, hats in hand, as we opened the
     event with our hallmark ceremony. The sound of the drums by Sergeants
     Gordon and Tracy Crow and Deputy Brian Anderson filled the air as the
     Sheriff’s Department Color Guard presented the flag. The talented Scott
     Rate (LAPD) treated us to a moving rendition of the national anthem.
     The solemn tone of the proceedings reminded us of the reason we
     were there: to honor the heroes who gave their lives and those who will
     inevitably do the same in the future.
         We’re grateful to Sheriff Lee Baca and District Attorney Steve Cooley
     for their attendance and support of our annual tournament each
     year since its inception. County Supervisors Michael Antonovich, Zev
     Yaroslavsky and Don Knabe all were counted among the sponsors as well.
     They are to be thanked for recognizing the commitment of peace officers
     serving Los Angeles County.
         The day was spectacular and the links were in pristine condition.
     On-course contests included a marshmallow drive, closet to the pin,
     guess-your-distance drive and everyone’s favorite: hit the radio car! We
     were also teased by a brand-new, cherry-red Camaro being offered as a
     hole-in-one prize. In the end, the lowest-score prize was awarded to the
     foursome led by Mark Skapik, who just happened to be our official title
         Following the golf, guests enjoyed the open bar and a fine dinner.
     Not only did the drinks and fellowship flow, but the raffle prizes did,
     too! Again, none of this would have been possible without our sponsors,
     especially our title sponsor, the Law Office of Mark J. Skapik. It is through
     the sponsors’ support that this tournament has become the premier
     police golf tournament in Southern California.
         We are also thankful for all of the volunteers, tournament committee
     members and PPOA staff members who organized this event. They are
     invaluable. And while we will never be able to prevent the senseless loss
     of peace officers year after year, we can ensure that the surviving family
     members receive the support they deserve.
         We are already working on next year’s tournament and look
     forward to returning to Friendly Hills Country Club on June 13,
     2011. If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, sponsor or
     member of the tournament planning committee, please send an email
     to PPOA

14      Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
New Standard for Success

                  auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield   15
                                       The following seats on PPOAÕ Board of Directors are up for election:

     2010 Board Nominating Petition
                                       SheriffÕ Department
                                       • Two Unit 612 Representatives Incumbents:                        Victor Clay, John Kalnas
                                       • One Unit 615 Representative  Incumbent:                         Robert Lindsey
                                         One           Representative
                                       • Two Unit 621 Representatives Incumbent:
                                                                      Incumbents:                        Jim Blankenship* Blankenship**
                                                                                                         Danya Hazen*, Jim

                                       Retired Membership
                                       • One Representative                       Incumbent:             Art Reddy
                                        * Seat held by Hazen is open to the following Unit 621 classification: Custody Assistants.
                                          Seat held by Blankenship is open to open to the Unit 621 Unit 621 classifications: Law Enforcement Technicians and
                                      ***Seat held by Blankenship is open to the following following classifications: Law Enforcement Technicians and Public
                                         Public Response Dispatchers.
                                      Response Dispatchers.
                                       The petition below has been printed for those who wish to declare their intention to run for a board seat.

                                              We, the undersigned, who are members of the Association in good standing, hereby

                                              nominate __________________________________________________________ ,

                                              (rank) _________________________                        (department) _______________________

                                              for the Board of Directors of the Association.

                                              1. (sign) _____________________________ (rank) _________________________

                                                  (print) _____________________________ (assignment) ____________________

                                              2. (sign) _____________________________ (rank) _________________________

                                                  (print) _____________________________ (assignment) ____________________

                                              3. (sign) _____________________________ (rank) _________________________

                                                  (print) _____________________________ (assignment) ____________________

                                              I request that my name be placed on the ballot:

                                              (signature) __________________________ (rank) __________________________

                                              (department) ________________________ (assignment) _____________________

                                              (work phone) ________________________ (home phone) ____________________

                                              This nominating petition, along with candidate statement (500 word max.) & photo,
                                               must be filed at the PPOA office between September 1st and the close of business
                                                on September 15th. Elections will be held in October. Term of office: two years.

                                                      ELECTION OF DIRECTORS, ARTICLE V, SECTION 1, BY-LAWS: Candidates for election to the Board of Directors shall
                                                             be nominated as follows: A petition shall be filed with the Association between September 1 and the close of
                                                       business on September 15, or the first Monday after September 15 when it falls on a weekend, setting forth the names
                                                       of the candidates, their rank, department or group he or she represents, and the office for which they seek nomination.
                                                             Such petition may be filed with respect to any position on the Board of Directors which expires in such year.
                                                          The petition shall be signed by not less than three (3) Association members of the grade or groups of grades and
                                                              of the department for which the candidate seeks election and the petition must be signed by the candidate.

                  Mail completed petition to: PPOA Board Election • 188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas CA 91773

16    Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
continued from page 7
                                                                                                 STRAUSSNER & SHERMAN
people said, “You’re lucky to have a job!” I don’t laugh about that anymore.
    The Department just brought in a new group to join our family. The OPS
people are now Sheriff’s Department personnel. In fact, approximately 40
of them have joined our ranks as custody assistants. I had the opportunity
to speak to their class at the academy last month. Please welcome them and
support them however you can. Remember that they are our partners now.
You never know when or how your partner can affect your life. One of them
might be the very person who saves it.
    Unit 621 has approximately 2,200 members, more than half of which are
custody assistants. If you have a problem or a question, remember that a
custody assistant is fighting for us — ME!
    NCCF: Keep up the communication. Good job, Hernandez! You too,
    CRDF: Recent problems with your schedules are being addressed. PPOA
(including myself, CA Fierro and CA Thomas) met with Captain Lee to try to           We have devoted ourselves and our staff to providing
resolve these issues. I think we were successful.                                    the highest level of personal services to our clients.
    North: This facility closed several months ago and we tried to make sure
that the custody assistants were covered.
                                                                                                  Our emphasis is primarily on
                                                                                                       • Workers’ Compensation               • LACERA Retirements
    IRC: Major changes are taking shape there. Custody assistants have been                            • Employment Litigation               • Personal Injury
moved and schedules have been changed. Custody assistants who have gone
through extensive training (DNA, ICE) were promised a 5 percent raise but                                Please contact Aaron or Julie
never received it. Don’t give up! I won’t!                                                                  for a free consultation.
    PPOA needs delegates at each facility so that information can be disseminated                    14555 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys, California 91411
efficiently at all units. If you can’t make a meeting, then maybe another delegate                     ph: (818) 788-1700 | fax: (818) 788-1705
from your unit can. We have so many numbers and we’re so spread out that                                  
we need the communication to flow as smoothly as possible. Station jailers,
                                                                                     Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years
court lockup: Please join the PPOA delegate system. That’s how we form                 in prison or a fine up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater,
the lines. That’s how we get the 411 out and work together. PPOA                                                    or both imprisonment and fine.

                                                                                                                                auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                          17
Moriguchi                                                                           uPcOMing OPen hOuSe With cOSMetic lASer dentiStry
continued from page 10                                                                  In an effort to provide quality services to our members, PPOA has developed
                                                                                    a relationship with Dr. Maher Al Bouz, Cosmetic Laser Dentistry. Dr. Al Bouz
                                                                                    will be hosting two open houses in August for our members to come join him
in their hOnOr chArity grAPPling eVent                                              in learning about the services he provides. For all PPOA members who attend,
   PPOA is working in concert with personnel from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s       he will offer free tooth whitening for our members or a family member (one
Station to produce a first-rate charity grappling event as part of our In Their     per household.) We will send out a flyer to the membership to bring with you
Honor Fight League. A portion of the money raised at this event (currently          to the event, or you can bring this issue of Star & Shield. If you are looking for
scheduled for September 18, 2010) will go to the surviving family of Santa          a new dentist (or even if you are not), come join us and Dr. Al Bouz for food
Clarita Station Deputy Cameron Glover, who was killed on April 28, 2010,            and fun at the open houses.
in a tragic motorcycle accident. A portion will also go to the Santa Clarita
Station Foundation for the construction of a Peace Officer Memorial                 fAreWell tO keVin thOMPSOn
Fund. In Their Honor events are charity events to help PPOA’s Charitable               It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to long-time Board member
Foundation raise money for fallen officers. We are honored to host this event.      Kevin Thompson. Kevin stepped down, as he is transitioning to a new
We are also working on a LASD/LAPD fight in the near future. Check our              position within the Sheriff’s Department. He will continue to handle OPS
website for updates.                                                                issues, of course, and will always be family to us at PPOA. Thank you, Kevin,
                                                                                    for your commitment to this organization and all of its members. You will
neW WebSite deSign                                                                  be missed.
   I am pleased to announce that PPOA has a new website design. We have                With Kevin’s departure, the Board held an election in accordance with
improved its appearance and created an interactive section for our PPOA             the bylaws to elect a new treasurer to replace Kevin. Congratulations to DA
delegates. Delegates can now post messages for other delegates and for PPOA         Supervising Investigator (and fellow Board member) Rogelio Maldonado on
staff members. This will also provide greater interactivity with our delegates      his election as treasurer. You have some big shoes to fill, but I am confident
and improved communication. Check it out at!                           you will do a fine job, as evident by your dedication and commitment as a
                                                                                    Board member.
PPOA inSurAnce Agency                                                                  It has been a bumpy one-and-a-half years for me as your president, but I am
   Though in its infant stages, PPOA is working on developing a full-service        excited about what we have accomplished, as well as where we are headed as
insurance agency for our active and retired members. It will include all of the     an organization. As you can see, many things are brewing at PPOA and many
excellent insurance programs we currently support, but it will be expanded to       are not even mentioned in this article. All of this is a result of hard work by
include home and auto liability insurances as well. At the request of the retiree   your PPOA Board, the PPOA staff and the active PPOA members who dedicate
representative on the PPOA Board, Art Reddy, we will also look into specific        their time and energy for the betterment of all of us. Our focus has, and always
insurances for retirees at the best possible rate. Insurance is not something we    will be, on serving this membership and law enforcement in general. It is
pay much attention to until something happens and we need it. PPOA wants            important that we receive feedback and opinions from our members to ensure
to provide our members with a one-stop shop for all of their insurance needs        we are still on course. Please contact me anytime and shoot me an e-mail at
with the assurance that PPOA has researched and offers the best insurance  to let me know what’s on your mind.
available at the best possible rates. More on this as it develops.                     Be safe. PPOA

          Star & Shield                                                                        Mystery Photo
         contest Winners

            $50 prize winners / July issue
                          Dana Chemnitzer
                                                                                          the first PPOA member to correctly identify both
                           Robert Lozada                                                  individuals in this photo will receive a free PPOA hat/t-shirt
                            Marco Iezza                                                   combo. call (323) 261-3010 and ask for greg.

                            Paul Mondry                                                   congratulations to retired PPOA member cam Jarvis for
                           Linda Krzycki                                                  being the first to identify last month's mystery photo. PPOA

                                                                                                                         auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                19
     JESSE JAMES, ESQ., LAPD RETIRED (28 YEARS)                                      Weighing in on the Alcohol Policy
         • Family Law • Free 60 Min. Phone Consultation
              • Divorce • Law Enforcement Discount
               • Child or Spousal Support Problems
 1519 E. Chapman #349 Fullerton                           714-296-0082

Corrections: PPOA member Larry Torres was listed with an
incorrect title in last month’s issue of Star & Shield. Torres is a
sergeant with the Sheriff’s Department.

Re: County Police badge encasement. The phone number for the
Employee Service Center is (323) 526-5500.

     California Family Law Options, LLC
      Do you need help or guidance with a family law matter?

             Divorce • Legal Separation • Paternity • Child Custody
     •   Child or Spousal Support • Domestic Violence • Name Change

                                                                                     PPOA President Brian Moriguchi conducted an
                 CALL (877) 335-8781 or (626) 335-8781                               on-camera interview with KNBC last month
                                         regarding the proposed Sheriff’s Department
                        1150-1152 East Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740                  alcohol policy. PPOA
     Special event SavingS!

                                          Magic Mountain Private
                                           Party for Police & Fire
                                            Friday, August 27, 2010
                                  Park hours: 10:30 a.m.–12:00 a.m.
                                      Private-party wristbands required after 6 p.m.

                                                                      Available to
                                                           PPOA members for $23;
                                                               add dinner buffet
                                                            for additional $10 each.

                                     Call the PPOA office for details: (323) 261-3010

20           Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
60 Seconds with a PPOA
Board Member
Name: Jim Cronin
Classification: Deputy Bonus 1                               Recent book or movie you
Assignment: Civil Management Unit                            enjoyed?
Years of County service: 25                                  Mac for Dummies, The Departed.
Years as a PPOA Board member: Nine
                                                             If a movie was made about your life, which actor would you
Best part of your job?                                       choose to portray you?
Location and hours.                                          Mike Meyers.

If you had to choose another career, what would that be?     Pet peeve?
River explorer.                                              Drivers who don’t signal.

                                                             If you hit the lottery, your first purchase would be?
What do you prefer to do with your spare time?
                                                             Porsche Cayenne.
Music, garden, bake cookies, spend time with kids.
                                                             What makes you laugh?
If you were offered an all-expenses-paid vacation anywhere   Stupid people, Mel Brooks, Monty Python. PPOA
in the world, where would you go?

                                                                         American Military University is a learning community of
                                                                         like-minded adult professionals with established careers
                                                                         in law enforcement, emergency services, national security,
                                                                         and intelligence.

                                                                         Our students persevere to reach their personal education
                                                                         goals while supporting their families and protecting our
                                                                         citizens. As a member of this community, we invite you to
                                                                         join them in furthering your education.

                                                                         •		More than 70 online degree programs

                                                                         •	 Member, Fraternal Order of Police University Program

                                                                         • May accept in-service and training academy credit toward
                                                                           your degree

                                                                                         Partner, FBI National Academy Academic
                                                                                         Partnership Program, offering graduate and
                                                                                         undergraduate transfer credit awards for National
                                                                                         Academy graduates.

                                                                   | 877.777.9081

                                                                                              auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                      21
continued from page 13
                                                                                               New Board Treasurer
   Mr. Rampulla agreed, and there will be more attention given to this issue
in the near future. We are going to keep on this VOE issue, make sure that you
have the opportunity to fill out a VOE properly and make sure it is given the
proper review.
   I want to thank Mr. Rampulla. He was great, and he genuinely wants to
make it possible for all employees to move up. I believe that with continued
talks we will be able to make things better.
   There has to be room given for employees, regardless of their job title, to
move into a job class that interests them. There has to be more room given
for an employee who has been in a technical-specialty job to move into a
clerical or administrative job series. Sheriff Baca for years has advocated
that employees should further their education. I have always given him high
marks for this line of thinking. He is very committed to education. We have a
wealth of opportunities to obtain higher educations at a reduced cost. When
Undersheriff Waldie was a guest speaker at the CAC meeting, he stated that
he expected all employees to strive to promote up through the Department’s
ranks. But you get a disenchanted feeling when you take the time and a
considerable amount of money to obtain a higher education to move up in
the Department, only to be told, “Hey, sorry, but you’re an LET or CA. You’re
technical; you can’t move into these jobs unless you’ve been a clerk.” We should   Supervising Investigator Rogelio Maldonado was sworn
not have to move backward to move forward. This Department needs to                in as PPOA’s Board treasurer last month following the
re-evaluate how to better invest in its professional staff. Employees who have     departure of Kevin Thompson. Maldonado joined the
taken on more responsibility should be given the opportunity to move up a          PPOA Board in 2009 and also serves as chairperson of
step, not two steps back.                                                          the Bylaws Committee. He is currently assigned to the
   I welcome your input and your ideas on the matter. Stay tuned, folks. With      District Attorney’s Administration/Training Division. PPOA
continued talks and ideas, we will make a change. PPOA

      Calendar of Events
     August 22:                                          September 11:                               September 18:
     Downed Officer Support Ride                         30-Year Reunion for LASD Class 201          Law Enforcement Grappling Tournament
     Studio City to Valencia. Honors cops and            Red, White & Bluezz Restaurant, Pasadena    Featuring the LASD Grizzlies.
     firefighters killed in the line of duty.            3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.                       Castaic Sports Complex
     Info:                       Info: Mike McBride,     Info: (323) 261-3010
     (661) 857-1188
                                                         September 15:                               October 21:
     August 27:                                          Final Day to Submit PPOA Board              S.E.B. Golf Tournament and Dinner
     Magic Mountain Private Party for Police             Nominating Petitions                        Montebello Golf Course/Quiet Cannon
     and Fire Personnel                                  For more info, see page 16 or call PPOA     Rooms available at Hilton Garden Inn.
     6 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.                                 at (323) 261-3010.                          Info: Deputy Michael Wilber,
     Discount tickets available at PPOA:                                                             (323) 881-7818 or
     (323) 261-3010                                      September 16:
                                                         PPOA Delegates Meeting                      October 22-24:
     September 1:                                        Monterey Hill Steakhouse, Monterey Park     Law Enforcement Retreat
     10th Annual PPOA Pre-Labor Day BBQ                  5:00 dinner/5:30 meeting                    Serra Retreat House, Malibu
     Biscailuz Center track and field, Los               RSVP: (323) 261-3010                        Open to sworn and civilian
     Angeles                                                                                         L.A. County agencies.
                                                         September 18:                               Spouses, friends and all
     September 8-9:                                      San Dimas Station Reunion BBQ               denominations invited.
     Street Survival Seminar                             11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                      Info: John Rueff, (323) 981-5030, or Patty
     Double Tree, Anaheim                                Open to all retirees and former station     Norris, (818) 381-7698
     Special L.A. County discount (30 percent            personnel. RV parking and special room
     off) available.                                     rates available.
     Info: (800) 323-0037, ext. 4149                     RSVP to Dave Campbell,

22     Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
Alcohol: Nesting on a Slippery Slope
By Dr. Hilary Berens, Licensed MFT

          lind spots. We all have them. You know, that thing that ticks you      of personal inventory. It is not too embarrassing to look inward and deal
          off so much in others but that you can’t clearly see in yourself.      with the emotional stuff in there.
          Take drinking. What good would life be without having several             We can “move on” emotionally. Identify and share your feelings with
          well-earned drinks after a tough day? Unimaginable, right? Wrong.      a professional counselor or a trusted friend. Admit to yourself what has
The time has come to take a fearless look at the pattern and habit you have      been frustrating you. Don’t be a stranger to yourself. Ironically, what turns
developed because of drinking alcohol.                                           out to be a bigger issue in your life is the strain that drinking puts on your
    Alcohol addiction sneaks up on you. One day you are a normal drinker         relationships. Understand that your drinking now functions as a bad defense
like everyone else. And, yes, there are folks who drink responsibly and          mechanism, not a safety net, and decide to do something about it. It can
recognize their limitations. This article is not addressing their pattern of     be a terrible burden to think that you are alone in your suffering. What’s
drinking, those lucky folks. For other types of drinkers maybe like yourself,    interesting is the extent people go to in order to avoid looking at what they
gradually, without noticing it, you discover that you need to drink at the       believe to be too painful. In the end, the drinking doesn’t help anything.
end of the day. The same way you need a good night’s sleep, you learn to         Unfortunately, everything is usually the same or worse in the morning. ...
habitually drink alcohol. When the time comes, it is so hard to admit, and       Probably worse if you have a hangover.
you have to get brutally honest because it’s kind of like suggesting a person       Dr. Hillary Berens is a licensed MFT who specializes in addiction and
give up their best friend!                                                       trauma. She has experience working with law enforcement and expertise in
    For those of us who want to face the facts, ask yourself how many times      alcohol abuse. She has a private practice in several Southern California locations
has someone you love mentioned something unflattering about your                 and can be reached at for further information. PPOA
drinking? How often do you tell yourself you will take the night off and
not drink but find you cannot? How many mornings do you awaken with
a headache or sick stomach? How often do you tell yourself it will be just          Law Enforcement Job Announcements
about an hour or less before you get to “relax” with a drink? What happens           Metro transit Authority Non-Represented Employment Opportunity
when you run out? Do you chase the high by going back out to buy more?               Job title: Senior Inspector General Investigator
Have you ever hidden bottles in your garage so that the family can’t keep            Closing date: Open until filled
track of how many you’ve had? Have you calculated what it’s costing and              Salary range: $59,726-$74,652-$89,578
how often you actually prefer to be alone so you can drink without all of            External/internal: External
the negative commentary? Do you sometimes not remember everything                    Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, business, public
from the night before or whom you’ve called or what you said? If you have            administration or other related field; five years of experience
answered in the affirmative to some of the above questions, maybe it is not          in complex investigations of fraud, waste and abuse. For more
so much a blind spot but has become a bad habit.                                     information, visit
    Because that’s the relationship you have developed with alcohol. Let’s
face it. You believe your drink is always there for you, helping you to blot         Metro transit Authority Non-Represented Employment Opportunity
out the day’s unpleasantness. Your drink doesn’t make demands, isn’t                 Job title: Manager of Investigations, Inspections and Reviews
quarrelsome and feels so warm and friendly. It has become your daily                 Specialty: Office of Inspector General
solution to your problems. But there are negative consequences that go               Closing date: Open until filled
hand in hand in this relationship. Check back to paragraph two to refresh            Salary grade: H1N
your memory. Add to those the idea that some people take alcohol to work             Salary range: $77,832-$97,279-$116,726
in creative ways. Or to social gatherings just in case. Others find themselves       External/internal: External
needing a bit of a boost in order to start their day. Just a shot … it can’t         Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, law, business,
hurt, right?                                                                         public administration, business administration, political science
    Let’s set this aside for a second and examine the real problem. There are        or other related field; four years of supervisory-level experience
those who might say you have a drinking problem, and others who see the              performing professional work in the area of investigations,
drinking as a coping mechanism. To be completely honest, drinking is a               inspections and reviews.
terrific way to escape the core problem. The core problem is probably this:          For more information, visit
You don’t want to feel or acknowledge your pain or anger, so you drink. The
failure to deal with your pain or anger triggers the need to anesthetize your        target corporation
feelings with alcohol. If you think things are too ominous to deal with, and         Job title: Investigations Technician
it is just simpler to swallow a few drinks to make the issues disappear, then        Location: Fullerton, CA
you are living in denial.                                                            Hourly pay: $17-$19
    It is crucial for you to study your pain and anger and defeat it with            Requirement: High school grad or equivalent. Zero to two years of
a clear head. It is important to identify the things that cause you doubt,           investigative experience. Understanding of law enforcement. For
uncertainty, anxiety and anger. Do some reality testing. Possibly you have           more info, visit
carried over some distorted ideas and core beliefs about yourself and your
life that now you’ve outgrown. It’s hard but not too painful to do this kind
                                                                                                                        auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                     23
     Estate Planning: Will vs. Living Trust
     By Graham Hawley, Estate Planning Consultant and PPOA Benefit Provider

          wo of the most often asked questions regarding one’s estate are,         your demise without probate and the fees that go with probate. This may
          “What exactly is the difference between a will and a revocable living    sound a lot like a will, as it does much of the same job as a will — with
          trust?” as well as, “What are the guidelines and characteristics of      one major difference. A living trust allows you to avoid probate and, most
          each document?”                                                          importantly, the fees that go along with probate.
    Here are some answers to clear up those two questions:                             A revocable living trust allows you to change beneficiary distribution,
    A “will” is a legal declaration by which an individual names one or            successor trustees, assets, etc. at any time during your lifetime and use any
 more persons to manage their estate and provide for the transfer of assets        “trust income” for your own needs. The balance of your trust, upon your
 covered by the will to their designated beneficiaries. A will can also give       demise, would transfer to your designated beneficiaries.
 parents of minor children the chance to nominate a guardian to take legal             A living trust is important if you want privacy and want your assets
 responsibility, care for their physical welfare and look after their children’s   to go to your heirs in a timely manner. A living trust keeps the courts
 best interest.                                                                    out of your affairs. You name yourself as the trustor and the trustee
    To create a will, you must be at least 18 years old and be of sound            during your lifetime. You also name a successor trustee to manage your
 mind. Upon your demise, a court proceeding called “probate” takes place.          trust upon your demise, liquidate assets and ultimately distribute the
 Probate fees vary from 3 percent to 6 percent of your gross estate value,         trust assets to your heirs according to the terms you have stated in your
 and this percentage does not include the attorney fees or any assessment          trust documents.
 of the probated estate. Probate is necessary to transfer your assets to your          Trust instructions are always written up in greater detail than
 beneficiaries. Probate is costly, burdensome and time consuming. It can           a simple will. This makes it much more difficult for any person to
 take several months and/or years for the probate court to transfer your           challenge your wishes.
 assets to your beneficiaries. A will does not avoid probate.                          Your living trust can be fashioned to satisfy a variety of purposes. Your
    The living trust is an efficient and effective way to transfer property at     trust can provide care for any number of beneficiaries, provide for your
                                                                                   children’s education or control distribution of the assets to your minor
                                                                                   beneficiaries until they reach an age of maturity as authorized by you. The
                                                                                   living trust is a legal entity under your control while you are living. Upon
                                                                                   your demise it transfers to your designated heirs.
                                                                                       For anyone who has said, “I need to create a living trust,” but never seemed
                                                                                   to find the time, now is your opportunity to get educated on the benefits of a
                                                                                   living trust. You are under no obligation to go forward with a living trust, but
                                                                                   once you are aware of the savings available to you by distributing your assets
                                                                                   to your heirs via a revocable living trust while avoiding probate, you will then
                                                                                   rest easy knowing you have done the very best for your heirs.

                                                                                      Editor’s note: PPOA has a team of professionals in place to help our
                                                                                   members with everything from banking to financial planning to mortgage
                                                                                   consultation to estate planning. For more information, call the PPOA office
                                                                                   at (800) 747-PPOA. PPOA

24    Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Rates:
Understanding What Causes Interest Rate Movement
By Adriana Rodriguez-Liberato, Mortgage Consultant and PPOA Benefit Provider

           onsumers are often misled when it comes to the subject of the            Unfortunately, selling mortgage-backed securities to fuel stock market
           Federal Reserve and how it affects mortgage interest rates. Often     rallies causes interest rates to go up, not down. Historically, there have
           the media is the culprit causing the confusion. Many times,           been many times when the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates.
           the Fed has taken action that caused mortgage interest rates          Stocks then sell off in fear that the increase will affect corporate profit
to move in a direction other than what consumers expected because the            margins, and the liquidated stock assets need a place to park until the
media provided weak reporting on the subject. The Federal Reserve affects        next rally comes along. The safe haven is found in mortgage-backed
short-term interest rate maturities, the federal funds rate and the overnight    securities, which cause mortgage rates to drop. The daily ebb and flow of
lending rate. These factors have a direct impact on the prime rate. If you       money is what matters most when it comes to the movement of mortgage
took only this into consideration, you might mistakenly conclude that            interest rates. I make a point to continuously monitor interest rates for
changes made by the Fed will cause a similar movement in mortgage                my clients, and advise them of opportunities to manage their mortgage
interest rates. However, mortgage interest rates are dictated by the trading     debt at a better rate. This is the foundation of my business model as a
of mortgage-backed securities, which trade on a daily basis. The real            trusted advisor.
dynamic at the heart of interest rate movement is the relationship between
stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds compete for the same investment                  Editor’s note: PPOA has a team of professionals in place to help our
dollar on a daily basis. There is literally only so much money to be invested.   members with everything from banking to financial planning to mortgage
When the Federal Reserve feels that interest rates need to be decreased in       consultation to estate planning. For more information, call the PPOA office at
an effort to stimulate the economy, this reduction in rates can often cause      (800) 747-PPOA. PPOA
a stock market rally. When the market becomes bullish, the money used
to invest in stocks comes from the selling of mortgage-backed securities.

    Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC
    Certified Family Law Specialist
    State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

                  Divorce    Guardianships
            Child Custody    Conservatorships
                Visitation   Wills & Trusts
                  Support    Pre-Nuptial Agreements

                Free Consultation
             575 Anton Blvd., Suite 300, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
       (714) 432-6526 | fax: (714) 242-7416 |

                                                                                                                      auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                   25
       Victory Times Three! Governor Signs Trio
       of PPOA-Supported Bills into Law

                  overnor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1902                     to be provided to an employee who is injured or killed during active
                  (Portantino) into law on July 15, 2010. One of the provisions in     military duty while on leave from Los Angeles County.
                  this PPOA-supported bill allows a general member to waive the           AB 1658 (Lieu) was signed into law by the governor on July 19, 2010.
                  three-year waiting period for transferring between retirement        This bill was written and sponsored by PPOA and grants former OPS
     plans when a worker transfers from Plan E to Plan D, becomes injured and          police officers (who became deputies after the merger) the ability to buy
     is not eligible to apply for service-connected disability benefits. This allows   back some, or all, of their safety retirement from LACERA so that their
     the disabled member to return to Plan E and apply for the employer’s long-        entire retirement can be safety retirement.
     term disability benefits, including return-to-work programs.                         As always, PPOA is extremely grateful to our lobbyist, Jim Vogts, for
         Assembly Bill 1739 (Lieu) was signed by the governor on July 15, 2010.        his efforts to guide these important pieces of legislation through the
     This PPOA-supported bill allows specific death and disability benefits            legislative process and ultimately to the governor’s desk. PPOA

     Fishing Trip Review
        PPOA anglers enjoyed a day on the high seas last month during the 9th Annual Fishing Trip. Association members and their guests are
     invited each year to brave the high seas between Long Beach and Catalina Island. As always, PPOA is thankful to retired Board member Tim
     Coomes for organizing the annual event. PPOA


26     Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
PPOA Monthly dues
as of 7/1/09
(based on 1% of top step salary)

unit 612 (Sheriff, d.A.)
Sergeant & Above                     $79.71
Supv. Inv. D.A. & Above              $79.71

unit 614 (coroner/Sheriff)
Criminalist                          $60.62
Criminalist Lab Tech.                $40.76
Forensic ID Spec. I                  $57.42
Forensic ID Spec. II                 $69.43
Senior Criminalist                   $79.71

unit 621 (Sheriff)
Civilian Investigator                $58.57
Court Services Spec.                 $37.89
Crime Analyst                        $57.14
Custody Assistant                    $46.34
Law Enforcement Tech.                $41.98
Public Response Dispatcher I         $41.88
Public Response Dispatcher II        $49.28
Public Resp. Dispatcher Specialist   $53.33
Security Assistant                   $22.08
Security Officer                     $35.04
Supv. Public Resp. Dispatcher        $54.93

unit 631 (county Police/coroner)
Officer Trainee                      $40.17
Officer                              $46.79
Coroner Investigator Trainee         $55.20
Coroner Investigator                 $61.52

unit 632 (county Police/coroner)
Captain                              $72.93
Lieutenant                           $58.71
Sergeant                             $52.16
Supv. Coroner’s Investigator I       $66.74
Supv. Coroner’s Investigator II      $72.93

Service Members                      $10.00
Retired prior to 1/1/80               $2.50
Retired after 1/1/80                 $10.00

 auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                27
 Letters to PPOA

28   Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
   Discounted Ticket Prices
                                                         PPOA Member Price
    Venue                                             Adult             Child
Adventure City (Anaheim)                              9.75                          9.75

Disneyland or California Adventure                    68.00                         59.50
Disney/Calif. Adven. 1-day Hopper                     83.00                         74.50
Disney Annual Passports
• SoCal Select (valid 170 days)                       163.00                        163.00
• SoCal (valid 215 days)                              211.00                        211.00
• Deluxe (valid 315 days)                             287.00                        287.00
• Premium (valid 365 days w/ parking)                 420.00                        420.00
Huntington Library                                    12.00                         12.00
Knott's Berry Farm                                    29.00                         19.99
Knott’s Soak City                                     22.00                         19.50
L.A. Zoo                                              11.50                         8.25
Legoland (2-Day Ticket)                               50.00                         50.00
Lego/Aquarium/Water Park 2-day Hopper                 61.00                         61.00
Long Beach Aquarium                                   18.00                         10.50
Magic Mountain                                        25.00                         15.00

Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor                       18.50                         13.00

Medieval Times                                        42.25                         30.75

Pirates Dinner Theatre                                42.50                         32.00

Raging Waters                                         25.00                         25.00
Raging Waters Season Pass                             51.00                         51.00
San Diego Zoo                                         32.00                         23.00
San Diego Wild Animal Park                            32.00                         23.00
Scandia Amusement Park/Ontario                        14.00                         14.00
Sea World (2-day)                                     56.00                         48.50
Universal Studios 3 day ticket                        60.00                         60.00

Movie Theater                                         Restricted                    Unrestricted
AMC Theatres                                          6.25                          7.75
Harkins Theatre (Chino Hills)                         6.25                          6.25

Krikorian                                             n/a                           6.75

Pacific                                               6.25                          n/a

Regal/Edwards/UA                                      6.75                          7.75

Movie Tix (UA, Krik, AMC, Edwards, Regal)             Range: 6.25-7.75

                                            Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change.
                Limited to six (6) tickets per member per venue. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.

                                                                                                           auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield   29

                                  Play our “In The Line of Duty” Scratchers® game

 A call out to all California peace officers, friends, and supporters… Help make this “In The Line of
                                      Duty” Scratcher® a success!

 The California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation is fortunate to once again partner with the California
 Lottery on our “In The Line of Duty” Scratchers® game. This partnership supports the CPOMF mission to
 recognize and honor California’s peace officers who gave their lives ‘In The Line of Duty’ serving
       the citizens of this great state, and provide support to the family members left behind.

       Future collaborations depend on the success of this game, so please buy your Scratcher® today!
                                    The CPOMF wins and you could too!
                                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

     The California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable foundation. For
                      more information please visit our website at

     delegAteS Meeting
     PPOA delegates gather quarterly for a dinner and discussion of all issues related to the careers and livelihood of PPOA
     members, including the LASD/OPS merger, state/county budget and upcoming elections and initiatives. To gain more insight
     into the issues that truly affect your well-being on the job, come by the next delegates’ dinner-meeting on September 16th at
     Monterey Steakhouse in Monterey Park. For more info, call Greg Torres at (323) 261-3010. PPOA

30    Star&Shield | auguSt 2010
                            PPOA Classifieds
  FOuR NEw MiCHELiN TiREs                             MOLOkAi CONDO FOR sALE                               24” CHROME RiMs & sTEP BOARDs
MXV4 luxury performance tires only $650.00.         Hawaii travel bargain! Beautiful 1 BR (sleeps 4),    Fits an ‘07 GMC Sierra w/ 295/35R24 tires. All in
Energy saving construction delivers excellent       ocean view condo. Full kitchen. Wavecrest Resort     good condition. $2,600 or best offer. Call (661)
fuel efficiency. Call Fred Owens Sr. (ret. deputy   unit #C-313. $247,500. Call (800) 600-4158. Ask      269-1203
sheriff) at (323) 777-0418 or      for Eme.
[message (310) 210-9485]                                                                                   OAHu TiMEsHARE
                                                      MONTEBELLO BACk HOusE FOR
  2008 JEEP COMMANDER                                 RENT                                               Marriott Ko'Olina 5-Star Resort. Ocean view,
                                                                                                         2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen/laundry, living
Silver in color with only 31K miles. Financed       700SF, single family home good for 2. Close          area. Sleeps 8. Floating week, $21,500. Call (310)
                                                    to schools & freeway. New wood floor, dual
by POPA Credit Union. Take over payments                                                                 641-5354
                                                    pane windows & appliances. Near Costco. $900
of $400 or refinance the remaining balance of
                                                    monthly. Call Matt (626) 625-7301                      MAui TiMEsHARE FOR RENT
$21K for 4 years with interest rate of 3.75%
(100% financing avail.) Will pay you $1,000 to        2004 HARLEy DAViDsON                               Westin Kaanapali Resort Villas,1 bdrm w/cal
assume the loan. No kids, female owned. Call                                                             king, kitchen/laundry, living rm and bdrm w/
Diane (626) 675-3684.                               Road King, Fireman Edition. 10K mileage, lots of
                                                    chrome. In great condition. Asking 14K or best       flat screen TV. Sleeps four, jacuzzi tub, plus
                                                    offer. (626) 893-4039                                washer/dryer in unit. September 3-10, 2010.
  MAui CONDO FOR RENT                                                                                    Asking $1500.00 for seven days, can’t make it
Napili Shores Resort is located on the Oceanside   2007 TiFFiN MOTORHOME                                 this year. (909) 524-9090.
between Kaanapali and Kapalua. 1 bedroom, 40' Phaeton QSH, low miles. View at
full kitchen that sleeps 4. $120 per night min. 5 #4508282. Call (702) 349-7654.
                                                                                                           1988 HARLEy DAViDsON
night stay. Call 818-249-9012.                                                                           Softtail custom, lots of chrome, all braided
                                                      1993 MACGREGOR 26' sAiLBOAT                        lines. Only 16K miles. Weekend bike, like new.
  CEMETERy LOTs                                   Family cruiser w/trailer & outboard. Rigged for        12K OBO. Contact Rich (951) 415-9457.
Four lots in Rose Hills Memorial Park(Whittier) single-handed sailing. BBQ, galley and head.
in beautiful Garden of Peace. List price each lot Many extras. Great condition $9,500 obo. Retired
                                                                                                           CAMPGROuND MEMBERsHiP
is $5,800. Sell all for $4,500 each. Call (928) LASD LT. (760) 723-3431                                  Pismo Coast Village, walk to beach. $24,750.
758-7220.                                                                                                Well below market value. Call Ken 805-584-
                                                      OAkLAND, OREGON                                    6520.
  CHRisTMAs VACATiON RENTAL                      Estate sale - 10 acres country home. 3 bd, 2 ba.
                                                                                                           1976 Vw Bus
Spend Christmas in the desert! Rent a full mobile home, new paint & carpet. $169,500 obo.
                                                 Call Marlena or Steve (805) 929-4874                    Automatic, 2.0 engine. Very clean and runs
size villa (2bd/2ba w/ full kitchen) at Marriott
Desert Springs. Sleeps 8 comfortably. Dates:                                                             great. $4,000.00. Ask for Joe cell # 323-605-
                                                    OREGON LAND FOR sALE                                 7955.
Dec. 23-30, 2010. Price: $1,299. Contact Kevin
(626) 664-6302 or                 2.3 acres near Klamath Falls Must sell due to fam-
                                                 ily illness $25.000 o.b.o. Vivian (714)821-8328 Cell      1999 HARLEy DAViDsON
   2003 HARLEy DAViDsON FATBOy                   (310)351-8644
                                                                                                         Sportster 883, red with lots of additional chrome,
  AND 2007 HARLEy DAViDsON                                                                               only 1700 miles. Runs great, asking $4000. Call
                                                      BEAuTiFuL AkC GERMAN sHEPHERD                      714-420-6878.
1200, both for 20k obo. Call for details-Joe 626-     PuPPiEs
831-7980                                       Parents police trained. Dogs are guaran-                    1994 MERCEDEs s-320
                                               teed, no health problems. $600 w/ papers. $400
   2006 CHAPARRAL suNEsTA                      w/o papers. 10% discount to police personnel.
                                                                                                         Fab fake. Badged as a 15K 99S600. V-12. A
                                                                                                         truly impressive car. 130 kmi. White/grey. $7.5K.
Deck boat, 232, like new, custom graphics, red Call Cami: (909) 644-7215                                 Contact Barry (760) 831-0138.
flames in gelcoat, 320hp, dual stainless prop,    sPRiNGFiELD ARMORy
1 yr left on warranty engine & outdrive, all
options, price 40K. (909) 866-9694             1911-A1 .45 cal. w/ 3 mags. Good                                PPOA classified ads are free and available
                                               condition w/ case. $500. Call Shannon or Tracy              only to PPOA members (one per month, 25
   1984 yZ 490                                 (661) 951-8874                                              words max.) Private party only, no business ads
Orig. owner, classic, always garaged, runs great,   2006 DODGE RAM 2500 MEGA-CAB                           allowed. Send your ad to: Star & Shield Editor,
green sticker, stock, pictures available. $1,300.   4X4                                                    188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or
                                                                                                           e-mail to
Call John (626) 423-2686                          Laramie, all options, white in color. $26,000.
                                                                                                               New submissions are added on first come-first
                                                  Please call (818) 400-5477
  22" CHROME RiMs/TiREs                                                                                    served basis, each issue. Please send within first
Nitto All Terrain tires LT 285/50R22. Fits 2007       2006 CHAPARRAL ssi 210 BOAT                          week of each month to insure timely inclusion. No
and up Toyota Tundra. $900 or best offer. Call                                                             work numbers may be used in ads. Submissions
                                                    47 hours, loaded, tower, etc. $26,000. Please call
(951) 897-3121                                      (818) 400-5477                                         must be in writing, not over the phone.
                                                                                                           Ads run for 3 months.

                                                                                                                 auguSt 2010 | Star&Shield                  31
    P.O.P.A., Inc.                                                                                            NON-PrOFIT Org.
    188 E. Arrow Highway                                                                                       U.S. POSTage
    San Dimas, CA 91773                                                                                            MerCeD, Ca
                                                                                                                   PerMIT #1257


  Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

       WORKERS                              DISABILITY                         PERSONAL INJURY
     COMPENSATION                        RETIREMENT FOR
 State Bar Certified Specialist          SAFETY MEMBERS
We have successfully represented      We have a pension department of        Our personal injury department
over 35,000 safety members. Our       3 attorneys who specialize in this    has successfully litigated or tried
  representation continues long           area and have successfully        over 5000 claims for automobile
after your case is concluded since     obtained disability pensions for    injuries, products liability, medical
your right to lifetime medical care     thousands of safety personnel       malpractice and other negligence
    may always be challenged.             under PERS, County 1937                         areas.
                                      Retirement Act and other county
                                               and city systems.

                                      (818) 703-6000
                                   20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
                                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                            Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a
 fine up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.

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