Professional Credentials

        A.    Education and License: Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing.
              Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse or eligible for licensure by state in
              which nurse practices.

        B.    Experience: At least one year's supervised experience as an RN within the
              last three years.

Position Description

    A Registered Nurse (RN) performs a variety of duties to care for and comfort the
sick, injured, or others requiring medical services. RNs require substantial specialized
judgment and skill in carrying out their duties.

    The RN performs nursing procedures to treat and rehabilitate clients. The RN
supervises and motivates staff and participates in the assessment of client needs. The RN
also implements client care by:

        A.    Assuring that the psychosocial needs and the safety and physical comfort of
              the client are identified and met.

        B.    Performing nursing procedures for which his or her training has provided
              the necessary skills and judgment.

        C.    Assisting with the rehabilitation of clients according to the care plan.

        D.    Observing and recording all pertinent information and reporting to the
              appropriate supervisor.

        E.    Teaching clients, family members, and auxiliary nursing personnel proper
              health maintenance care.

        F.    Evaluating client care outcomes.

Duties and Responsibilities

        A.    Receives reports on assigned clients and gives the relieving charge nurse a
              complete client report.

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        B.    Makes rounds of assigned clients as prescribed by the institution's policies.

        C.    Adheres to and motivates others to adhere to the nursing process.

        D.    Assists physicians with client examinations and treatments.

        E.    Assists with pre- and post-operative client care.

        F.    Performs client care within his or her scope of training and experience.
              Follows the nursing process and implements the nursing care plan.

        G.    Assists where required with client admissions and discharges.

        H.    Complies with the agency's or institution's guidelines and safeguards the
              agency's, institution's, and client's equipment and supplies.

        I.    Records all pertinent information on the client's clinical record and keeps
              Texas Health SingleSource Staffing’s office informed of any changes in the
              client's condition.

        J.    Undertakes the following specialty areas only when the Registered Nurse
              has documented skills in these areas:

              1.    Surgical intensive care unit.

              2.    Coronary care unit.

              3.    Intermediate care unit.

              4.    Neonatal intensive care.

              5.    Recovery room.

              6.    Emergency room.

              7.    Psychiatric units including alcohol detox.

              8.    Burn unit.

              9.    Labor and delivery.

              10.   Dialysis.

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              11. Pediatrics.

              12.   Other specialty areas.

        K.    Updates knowledge and skills by attending in service programs, continuing
              education programs, etc., and informs Texas Health SingleSource Staffing
              of all newly acquired skills.

        L.    Respects client rights and ensures confidentiality.


        A.    Performs routine nursing duties, i.e., baths, B.P., TPR, A.M. care, diet
              management, collecting specimens, changing dressings, client exercise,
              administering medications, etc.

        B.    Notifies charge nurse and physician of any changes in client's condition or
              of any unusual symptoms.

        C.    Performs the following where training, demonstrated skills, and the State
              Nurse Practice Act permit:

              1.    Administering chemotherapy medications.

              2.    Administering blood.

              3.    Drawing blood for lab specimen testing.

              4.    Starting IVs, administering IV medications, solutions, TPN.

              5.    Inserting and irrigating N.G. tubes, foley catheters.

              6.    Administering oxygen by mask or cannula.

              7.    Caring for tracheostomy, suctioning endotracheally.

              8.    Changing dressings.

              9.    Supervising nursing staff.

              10.   Performing other therapeutic treatments or regimens that require the
                    RN skills.

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        D.    The following tasks are also considered essential functions of the position:

              1.    Lifting unspecified weights, depending on assignment requirements.

              2.    Bending and stooping to prepare equipment, materials or objects for
                    treating clients or managing client care or the client environment.

              3.    Transferring, turning, and positioning clients and assisting clients to
                    walk and move from place to place.


   The Registered Nurse is under the direct supervision of the Charge Nurse of a specific
nursing unit.


    The Registered Nurse's job performance is evaluated by Texas Health SingleSource
Staffing’s Clinical Director using input from clients and personal observation.

    This job description is used as a guide only. Each Registered Nurse is responsible for
complying with Texas Health SingleSource Staffing’s policies and the Nurse Practice Act
of the state in which he or she practices.

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                  Job Description Acknowledgment

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the RN job description and I agree
with all the information contained within it. I furthermore agree that I am able to
perform all of the duties listed within this job description.

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