HTC DREAM USER MANUAL (142) by fredoche25


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 Playback screen
                            Album cover art            Touch to view the current playlist.
• Touch and hold to
  rewind the song.                                     Touch to turn shuffle on and off.
• Touch once to jump                                   (Shuffle is off when button is gray.)
  to the beginning of
  the song.
• Touch twice to play                                  Touch to cycle through the repeat modes:
  the previous song on                                   • Repeat all songs
  the album.                                             • Repeat the current song
                                                         • Don’t repeat
     Song information                                  • Touch and hold to fast forward the song.
                                                       • Touch once to play the next song on
                                                         the album.
          Elapsed time                                 Total playback time
          Progress bar                                 Touch to pause or to
                  Touch and drag to jump               resume playing the song.
                  to any part of the song.

 Tip       While on the Music library or playback screen, you can play all songs in your library
           in random order. Press MENU, then touch Party shuffle. The first randomly selected
           song will play. To turn off Party shuffle, press MENU, then touch Party shuffle off.

 Use playlists
 Use playlists to organize your music files. You can create as many playlists as you
 want on your phone.
 To create a playlist
   1. Touch a category on the Music library screen.
    2. In the list that appears, use the TRACKBALL to navigate to the artist, album, or
       song that you want to add in the playlist.
    3. Touch and hold the artist, album, or song, then touch Add to playlist on the
       options menu.

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