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									Volcano Rumble

Volcano Rumble

Table of Contents

Volcano’s Weak Spot. . . . . . . . . . .Page 1
	   Key Concept: Form and Function

Volcanoes Change The World . . . .Page 3
	   Key Concept: Perspective

The Perspective Of Others. . . . . . Page 4
	   Key Concept: Change

Other’s Responsibility . . . . . . . . . Page 7
    Key Concept: Responsibility
Volcano’s Weak Spot
          	        Have you ever wondered what life would be like if a
          volcano erupted in your home town? Well let me walk you
          through the steps of its destructive power. Also the good and
          some bad things that come from a volcano eruption!
          	        The earth has two types of crust. Oceanic is thiner
          than continental crust, which brings me to my next point.
          Continental crusts formed from granite rock, which is formed
          by volcanic action .
          	         There are three types of volcanos. They are dormant,
          extinct, and active. Active means a volcano erupted or is
          erupting. Dormant means a volcano is sleeping, but is not
          extinct. Extinct means a volcano has not erupted in hundreds of
          years, and is not expected to erupt again. Mount St. Helens was
          thought to be extinct, but it was really a dormant volcano, so
          many died. As lava comes out of a volcano it can not be
          stopped, but it does come out slow, and water makes it slower.


          	        Igneous rock forms when molten rock and magma
          cools and then hardens. That is what makes an igneous rock.
          Metamorphic rock is when heat and pressure gets on a rock, it
          forms a metamorphic rock .
         Also pillow lava is actually not a normal type of lava.
          This is a special kind of lava. It’s name is pillow lava. It can go
          above cracks in the earth and still continue and not stop until it
          losses power .
          	         Also a volcano can cause a wild fire and tsunami,
          when the lava and molten rock hit the sea. Since it moves at
          such high speed once it hits the sea it is going to make a huge
          wave. It makes a wild fire when the molten rock and the lava hit
          the grass. It will start a fire. It will get big and eventually be
          called a wild fire.

The Perspective of Others

        I want you to think of someone who was where a volcano erupted. How
would you feel? Yes I know you’re wondering. There’s no volcanoes in America, but
what if more volcanoes erupted making a new one in America.

       Volcanoes can be good and bad. I am going to tell you the good that comes.
I will tell you about the time a volcano eruption saved the world. It was freezing all
around the world, then a volcano erupted saving the earth from it’s endless winter.
It did this by releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the sky. Then hundreds of years
later the world slowly but surely started to heat up. Then the world started to slowly
turn back to normal. This saved the world because so many natural disasters
occurred, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, avalanches, blizzard, thunder, lightning,
and tsunamis. This saved the world because we started to produce our own heat,
then the sun came. I know this is a very sad moment for us, but it was the end of an
endless winter and the beginning of a new summer. This is the perspective of those
who where hit by the iceberg hundreds of years ago.

Volcanoes Change the World
    What is pillow lava? Pillow lava is lava that can form above cracks, and can do
this very easily. But it is still the same as normal lava, but just a bit cooler and
better .
   What is a summit? A summit is the top point of a volcano, where the lava comes
out to destroy that part of the world.
    How long does it take for a volcano to touch the ground? Well, that’s pretty
easy. If you ask me how long does it take volcanos to erupt and touch the ground,
the answer is we can not be sure how long it takes. The reason of this is there are
various types of volcanoes that take different amount of times for every eruption.
So nobody knows, but they destroy the earth with their lava.

Other’s Responsibility
   The responsibility of volcanologist is to know when the volcano might erupt. So
we can escape and go to a safer place, they should know before hand, but
sometimes they just can’t. Okay now you will learn what are geologist jobs. They
are very much like many other scientist, but very different. These type of people
study the earth, so can sometimes help many others types of scientists in their
studies. I hope you learned a lot about volcanos and what they do to kill and also
help us in our lives.

About the Author
   Ajith loves to play video games. He has two siblings, an older sister and a
brother. He does not like being the youngest child, but he likes it at times. He is a
really nice guy and loves to draw, tech and many more things. He also just
transferred to Iles School. He is in the 4 grade and has Mrs.Thompson as a teacher.
He is Asian and Indian and eats many spices. He loves being a student in Iles
School. He also loves math. He likes to eat spice.
aa(   noun   )   a type of lava that folds over cracks

active volcano            (noun)     a volcano that erupted or erupting

archeologist           (noun)     someone who studies ruins

bomb rock            (noun)    a rock thrown out of a volcano

dormant volcano                (noun)    a volcano that is asleep

extinct volcano             (noun)    a volcano never expected to erupt agin

igneous rock.            (noun)    rock formed by heat and pressure

pillow lava          (noun)    a type of lava that makes lumps

volcanic lightning (noun)lightning that fomes above a volcano

Volcanologist           (noun) a person who studies volcanoes
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