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Discover the Sonoma Experience
    Why Students Love SSU
•   With an enrollment numbering 8,746 students this fall
    2011. Sonoma State continues to remain a small,
    affordable, student friendly PUBLIC UNIVERSITY in
    California with an emphasis on community building &
    leadership development.
•   One of the most residential campus in the CSU, with
    almost 50% of our undergraduate population living on
•   Once again, the Princeton Review's New "Green" Rating
    Places SSU Among the Top Environmental Campuses in
•   Academic Excellence! Pre Health Professions, Engineering
    Science, Wine Business, Teacher Preparation Programs,
    Business & Social Sciences
      Early Start Program
Early Start Program (ESP): In June 2010, Executive Order (EO)
1048 established the Early Start Program (ESP). This program
is for CSU admitted freshmen who have not demonstrated
college ready proficiency in Mathematics and/or English. As
of summer 2012, incoming freshmen who have not
demonstrated proficiency in English and/or Mathematics will
be required to begin remediation prior to the term for which
they have been admitted, e.g., summer prior to fall.

•   Sonoma State will be communicating with students on
    their expected Early Start Participation
•   ELM/EPT must be taken as early as possible
•   Students may complete Early Start at Sonoma State, other
    CSU’s or CCC’s
Fall 2011 Admissions Re-Cap
   Sonoma State is a competitive impacted
   campus admitting a diverse class of well
            qualified students

   Impacted For Freshman
       – 12,100 applications
       – 10,300 admitted
       – 1,800 enrolled

   Eligibility Index of 3200
Fall 2011 Admissions Re-Cap
   Sonoma State is a competitive impacted
   campus admitting a diverse class of well
            qualified students

          Transfer Admissions
              4000 Applications
               1370 Admitted
                700 Enrolled

  All Fall transfer applicants must
  complete all admissions
  requirements by end of Spring
How SSU Admits Students
• Freshman Admissions
  – Lake, Mendocino, Marin, Napa, Solano,
    & Sonoma Counties admitted at 2900
  – Ranking of out of area applicants at end
    of application period & eligibility index
    determined based on pool of applicants
    and enrollment targets
• Transfer Admissions
  – Students must submit ALL official
    transcripts prior to evaluation
  – Students applying to impacted majors
    must meet required criteria
How SSU Admits Students
• Impacted Majors
  – SSU has seven impacted majors for
    freshmen. A student must meet the
    impacted major criteria in addition to
    campus admissions criteria.
  – See Website for criteria:
      • Transfer:
      • Freshmen:
     Timelines & Deadlines
•   November 30th Application Deadline for fall 2012
•   December 1st Rolling Admissions decisions begin
•   December Apply for Housing after admitted
•   March Take EPT/ELM tests
•   May 1st Enrollment Reservation Deposit Deadline
•   May 20th Orientation Sign Up Deadline
•   July 10th Final Transcript due
        Must Know Info!
• Indicate an alternate major that is NOT impacted or
  undeclared. Students will NOT automatically be
  admitted as undeclared if they don’t meet impacted
  major criteria.
• Students applying to impacted majors must wait
  until a department review is complete before an
  admissions determination can be made
• Self Service- Check It!
• Email-Use it!
• Deadlines are ENFORCED! If students do not meet
  required deadlines the application process may be
  stopped and or admission offer rescinded.
• Orientations are MANDATORY for both Freshmen &
          Appeal Process
   If a student is denied, but feels that a mistake was
   made or that they erroneously completed their
   application, they are eligible to a second review.

Please submit the following documents:
• Request for 2nd Review Form (on website)
• Official 7th semester high school transcripts with
   grades posted and work in progress listed.
• Official Test Scores.

   Requests for 2nd reviews will be processed
   between March 1, 2011 and April 1, 2011 and are
   subject to space availability.
  2011/2012 Cost of Attendance

 Cost Item      At Home     On Campus Off Campus
    Fees            $6862       $6862      $6862
  Books &
                    1,746        1,746      1,746
   Food &
                    4,346       10,961     12,276
                    1,362        1,266      1,326
 Personal &
Miscellaneou        3,288        3,096      3,054
    Total         $17,604      $23,931    $25,264

 *fees subject to change
Check out SSU’s Seawolf Pride!

  Student Outreach & Recruitment
           707 664 3029

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