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									SpeechNutrients Launches New Great-Tasting Speak Smooth Liquid for
Children’s Speech Development

SpeechNutrients announces the launch of its new speak smooth, a pleasant-
tasting, naturally orange vanilla, “smoothie-like” formulation of their
dietary supplement, speak. Speak is the patented nutritional formula
created by a noted pediatrician to support normal and healthy speech
development and maintenance in children. The new consistency and flavor
ensures ease of use, so parents can be certain their children are getting
the nutrients they need.

Lake Forest, IL, February 24, 2012 -- SpeechNutrients introduces speak™
smooth, a pleasant-tasting, orange vanilla flavored, “smoothie-like”
version of their popular speak™ product. Speak™ is the patented
nutritional formula created to support normal and healthy speech
development and maintenance in children. Speak™ smooth now joins the two
original speak™ offerings—gel-caps and twist-off capsules—in providing
the precise serving and ratio of the important nutrients children need to
support healthy speech and development.

Speak™ smooth is ideal for children who find it difficult to swallow the
gel capsule or don’t care for the taste of the liquid contents of the
twist-off capsule. Its orange flavor is derived naturally from the oil
found in the rind of oranges. The emulsified form and flavoring
completely eliminate any fishy taste or odor. In addition, emulsified
oils are easier to digest and may be better absorbed in the body
resulting in enhanced bioavailability. Beta carotene, an antioxidant
which provides color to many fruits and vegetables, gives speak™ smooth
its orange color.

“We’re overwhelmed by the positive reaction we’ve received from parents
and kids alike regarding the taste of speak™ smooth,” said Kara Bolton,
Vice-President of NourishLife. “It’s easy to give, and it provides the
same concentrated, highly-effective vital nutrients as regular speak™.
But most importantly, because it tastes like a dreamsicle smoothie, kids
actually ask for it.”

Bolton continues, “Even though speak™ smooth tastes sweet, it doesn’t
contain any sugar. Instead it’s sweetened with xylitol, which prevents
bacteria from sticking to teeth, thereby helping to protect against tooth
decay. It can even be mixed into a child’s favorite food or drink.”

SpeechNutrients speak™ smooth combines ultra-purified omega-3 and two
forms of the antioxidant vitamin E. The omega-3 supports a healthy
inflammatory response, while vitamin E reduces oxidative stress and acts
as a key antioxidant. Together, they support neurological health and
provide essential nutrition. Vitamins K1 and K2 are also included for
nutrient balance. Speak™ smooth provides a precise combination of
pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a one-tablespoon serving.

To learn more, visit http://www.SpeechNutrients.com.

About NourishLife:
NourishLife (http://www.nourishlifeppp.com/) intends to contribute to a
major improvement in health and wellness by addressing nutritional
deficiencies. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, the firm includes
expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health.

The firm was awarded an exclusive license to a patented nutritional
formulation designed to support normal and healthy speech development and
coordination. Preliminary evidence shows promise with reports of benefits
that include improved speech, imitation, coordination, eye contact,
behavior and sensory issues.

NourishLife is a privately held business located outside of Chicago.

Kara Bolton
250 E Deerpath Rd
Lake Forest, IL 60045

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