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									                       Technology news

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives today. And to keep
pace with the latest emerging technology is becoming more and more
important in today's scenario. If you are in the information technology field,
you have have to be aware of the latest trends in technology. To be in the
mainstream means to keep an eye on the each and every news related to
technology. Whether it is Linux, Technology news Solaris or Windows
operating system, or it is a complex technology like virtualization, you have
to have a clear understanding of every emerging technology. Articles on
new technology and news about latest technology can help one to make
his way into the complex maze of new computer technology. Every other
day and IT giant releases a new patch of software and every new fortnight
new software is released based on a radically new technology. The latest
technology buzz like Microsoft Lucid touch, Sun Solaris have become must
know technology terms.

Some of the latest technologies that are going to revolutionize their
respective field are

1.) Taptu: Looking for a search engine for your iPhone that is touch friendly
and allows to search the web with ease? Taptu may be the answer. Taptu
is a mobile search engine that just released its iphone version that can be
downloaded from Apple App Store for free. The new search engine is user
friendly and quick. According to Taptu blog, it has more than 3 million
WebPages currently in its index.

2.) Opera Unite: Opera has launched a new technology that can turn your
PC into a personal web server running inside Opera web browser. That
server can be used to share everything from files to music with other
computers on the web without the need of 3rd party applications. Named
Opera Unite, the technology has just been released and promises to make
your computer more that just a dumb terminal.
The list of impressive inventions is so long that finding just three is quite
difficult, but let's try in light of groundbreaking technology news, and its
effect on human life. Yes things like wheel, the fire, language, and even
writing can there in list, but they are quite early for the times sake.
Computers have totally revolutionized and advanced the human life as
nothing before. Based upon the ancient field of education of Logic and
ancient writings of Aristotle, philosophers and scientists this has to be most
significant invention. The basics of the computing have also roots in
transistors, if they had not been there alongside the electricity nothing could
have happened. Another important ting is the research and sharing of
knowledge has become fast, organized and adapt to everyday life with help
of computers too. If internet is in reach of us all today some of its credit
goes to the invention of telephone. Communication, exchange of ideas, and
commerce are all helped immensely with the telephone. Yes most of us are
not using the land lines and mobile phones are the next step, if you think
about it there would not have been any of it without the phone. The
industrial revelation and reach of better welfare can also be credited to the
better means of transport too. Technology news The more customers, the
easy and safe delivery of goods and services can be there due to the better
usage of transport. The air craft’s, the electric cars, and even built trains
are all the results of the basic invention of wheel. Yes the humble wheel
has taken the humanity forward like nothing else. The invention of plastic
definitely lead to mass production and price reduction of expensive metal
and query objects. The plastic is there all around us right from the smallest
to largest ships with stronger than steel fiber glass, stylish coverings and
even the luxury bedding for all with foam too. Ironically while these three
inventions might be considered to be the main reason of human
development the possibility of them being the number one environmental
hazards is there as well.

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