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  1. Southampton is the largest city in the county
     of Hampshire on the south coast of England.

  2. Southampton is
     the home of the
     Spitfire Aircraft.
     It was devised by
     R.J. Mitchell,
     built and tested
     here and saved
     the country during the Battle of Britain.

  3. Southampton was the first town in Britain to sample fish fingers in 1955.

  4. Southampton's largest retail centre is the
     WestQuay Shopping Centre.

  5. Southampton is the only city in the UK with a
     geothermal power station.

  6. The city is home to the longest surviving stretch
     of medieval walls in England.

  7. The largest theatre in the city is the 2,300 capacity Mayflower Theatre.

                            8. Titanic sailed from Southampton on her maiden
                               voyage on 10th April 1912. Five days later she sank
                               with great loss of life after striking an iceberg. Most
                               of the crew lived in the town and over 500 households
                               lost at least one family member.

  9. The city lies at the northern tip of the Southampton Water, a deep water estuary,
     which is a ria formed at the end of the last Ice Age.

  10. Southampton experiences an oceanic climate. Its southerly, low lying and
      sheltered location ensures it is amongst the warmer, sunnier cities in the UK!

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