THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE

                                 Record and Actions of Meeting 2/04
                                 Held on Thursday, 6 May 2004, 3pm

Professor Mike Innes, Convenor (Executive Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences)
Professor Margaret Sedgley (School of Wine and Horticulture)
Associate Professor Martha Augoustino (Department of Psychology)
Susan MacIntosh (Executive Director, Student and Staff Services)
Ursula McGowan (Deputy Director, Learning and Teaching Development Unit)
Roger Thomas (Director, Centre for Australian Indigenous Research and Studies)
Liz Pryzibilla (Director, Professional and Continuing Education)
Sally Hebenstreit (Manager, Central Student Support)

Professor John Taplin (Pro Vice-Chancellor (International))

Mr Steve Daysh (General Manager, Human Resources)
Susan Raphael (Manager, Organisational Development)
Michelle Radford (Consultant, Organisational Development)


Professor Innes welcomed Ursula McGowan to the meeting as a new member of the Committee. Ursula’s
membership has occurred due to the transfer of Organisational Development from HR to LTDU.

1a.      Presentation from Ursula McGowan
Ursula was responsible for developing Stage I of a Cultural Awareness Program and in doing so engaged two
research assistants who interviewed 34 staff. The Executive Director, Student and Staff Services provided
funds for the research project. Three target groups have been identified for the pilot program: sessional
teachers, general staff and supervisors. Gerry Mullins will further develop programs for supervisors, Liz
Pryzibilla for general staff and Geoff Crisp for sessional teachers. The booklet contains information from the
interviews, content for the workshops and a literature search.

Mike thanked Ursula for her presentation.

Roger had concerns that these programs were often attended by the converted – need to ensure that the
program reaches its target groups. Liz questioned the funding for the program and whether it would be
essential or elective training. It was agreed that it was necessary to get Executive Deans involved and it may
be possible to subsidise faculties to undertake the training. The WPDN recently ran a very successful session
on Cultural Awareness. Susan is keen to see this move to the next stage and will support the program.

Mike recommended that the program be drawn to the attention of Executive Deans/Directors to be
implemented at the School level.

Roger is willing to take responsibility for delivering a program specific to Indigenous Cultural Awareness issues
as the Cultural Awareness Program is targeting issues with an international focus.
The Committee endorses the recommendations from the report.
Next step:
    Re-scope the paper to go to VCC for endorsement at the 28 May meeting.
    Develop an implementation plan

ACTION: meeting to be organised with Ursula, Liz, Gerry and Geoff                                     Susan Raphael

Minutes of the previous meeting where accepted without amendment.


3.1      Copy of Reconciliation Statement for Schools
A draft letter is being finalised and will be forwarded to Mike. The Reconciliation Statements will then be

ACTION: Article in Inside Adelaide and segment on Radio Adelaide re distribution                      Roger

3.2     Indigenous Project Officer
The EB negotiating team were not supportive of the initial proposal and wanted more research into the
strategy as it can’t afford to fail again. The Vice-Chancellor has agreed to appoint a Project Officer for 6
months to scope the project in relation to what is achievable, budget implications and the development of a
business case. A duty statement and selection criteria have been prepared.

Roger also advised that plans to unveil a monument had been delayed due to timing problems with the
sculptor and the re-development of North Terrace. John Larwood has been looking at this with the architects.

Roger and Mike will present an Indigenous Issues paper at the next VCC meeting.

3.3      Forum Working Party Update
Mike, Steve and Sally met last week. The Forum will be a hypothetical scenario possibly with Dorinda Hafner
as the facilitator. It was suggested that the event needs a co-ordinator and Andi Sebastian has been
approached. Looking at holding the Forum in September/October.

3.4      Equity Survey Results
Preliminary results were tabled at the meeting. The final analysis is expected shortly. There was a 25% return
rate with 92% of participants favouring customised University online training with face to face sessions.

ACTION: Copy of final results to be emailed to Committee                                              Michelle

3.5     Promotions Review
The DVC and Provost is currently reviewing the Promotions Policy in the light of 12 appeals from the 2003
round. It is expected that the revised policy and schedule for 2004 will be released soon.

3.6     Equity in Recruitment Training
The sessions were advertised on the Heads list server and 12 staff attended the 29 March session. The next
session is 4 June.
3.7     Update of Disability Action Plan
A request for areas to update their action plans has occurred. A list of specific projects has been prioritised to
improve Physical Access across the University in 2004, including the Plaza lift, automatic doors at the eastern
end of the Student Centre, automatic doors on the ground floor southern entrance and the first floor northern
entrance to Engineering South. Mike advised that the lift will commence this year and he will keep in touch
with Paul Duldig as to the progress.

Question was raised as to what is the policy relating to installing solid doors as opposed to automatic doors in
new buildings on campus.

ACTION: letter to be sent to Property Services                                                      Mike

3.8    Meeting with Ray Choate
Ray has been overseas. The meeting to discuss breastfeeding rooms will be arranged before the next GED

ACTION: organise the meeting                                                                        Michelle


4.1    GED Action Plan
Committee to email ideas to Michelle by 14 May. Mike needs to provide a report to the Quality Improvement

ACTION: ideas for action plan to Michelle                                                           All

4.2      Promotions Forum
Over 40 staff attended a Forum for Level D and E. The majority of the feedback has been very positive.
However some female staff would like to see female only sessions. There was considerable discussion on
this topic. Mike reminded the Committee that the University needed to support both men and women. It was
agreed that in future the University would run general sessions on promotion for all staff and that the AWF
could sponsor sessions specifically for female academics with administrative support from HR.

Steve advised that current negotiations for the next EB Agreement were trying to address issues that affect
women eg increasing maternity leave from 14 weeks to 26 weeks, with the option of taking the monetary value
of the time between 14 to 26 weeks to kick start their research careers when they return to work.

4.3    ‘Women in the Workplace’
The report was discussed and several issues were identified:
     Student equity in faculties relating to staffing gender balance eg Engineering need to encourage
       female students in non-traditional courses
     Need to identify skill sets necessary for researchers to assist development of careers
     Workload models – trying to make them more transparent

The GED Committee needs to support these issues and identify longer term issues. Mike has offered to
convene a sub-committee to look at these issues. Martha has offered to be a member.

ACTION: convene sub-committee meeting                                                               Mike

4.4    HR Equity Web Site
The web site has recently been reviewed and any feedback would be appreciated.

ACTION: comments to Michelle by 28 May                                                              All
4.5    Progress on the lift
Covered in 3.7.

4.6    Overseas Students Association Report
The report has been seen by VCC and Susan has responded. Susan meets every fortnight with
representatives from the OSA.

ACTION: copy of the reply to OSA, to Michelle for distribution to Committee                       Susan


5.1      Memo from Chilla Bulbeck
A memo was tabled which raised several equity issues. This will be discussed at the next meeting and Mike
will respond.

5.2      Equity Update
Sally tabled documents relating to the Equity Update 2004, Equity Initiatives and the Physical Access Update.

ACTION: comments to Sally by 20 May                                                               All

5.3    Staff Development Resources
Susan Raphael tabled several resources from the University of Melbourne. Contact Susan if you wish to read

5.4    Guest Speaker
Mike would like to invite Barabara Pocock to speak at a GED meeting

ACTION: invitation to Barbara                                                                     Michelle

Meeting closed at 5.05 pm.

Next meeting: 24 June, 2 pm
ACTIONS                                                       BY WHOM
         meeting to be organised with Ursula, Liz,           Susan Raphael
          Gerry and Geoff to develop an
          implementation plan for the CA program

         Article in Inside Adelaide and segment on           Roger
          Radio Adelaide re distribution of
          Reconciliation Statement

         Copy of final results of the equity survey to       Michelle
          be emailed to Committee

         letter to be sent to Property Services re           Mike
          policy on automatic doors

         organise for Ray Choate and Mike to meet            Michelle

         ideas for GED action plan to Michelle by 14 All

         convene sub-committee meeting to look at            Mike
          issues from ‘Women in the Workplace’

         comments on Equity & Diversity web site to All
          Michelle by 28 May
         copy of the reply to OSA, to Michelle for           EDSSS
          distribution to Committee
         comments on Equity Update to Sally by 20            All

Signed by Convenor, Professor Mike Innes: ………………………………………………… Date: ……………

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