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									                     fort wayne chapter

                                                                                                                                    November 2006

in this issue                         president’s letter
President’s Letter
                                                                 Our meeting on October 16, 2006 was not only good; it also
                                                                 had a lot of content. I tried to keep things moving along but one
                                                                 member advised that it had cut into the Bears’ games a little.
                                                                 Thanks to Shambaugh and Son for sponsoring a wine, beer, or
                                                                 soft drinks during the social period. Based on feedback
                                                                 received, you really appreciated it and thought it added a nice
                                                                 touch. This is a new additional benefit this year.
chapter leaders                                                  Also new this year are incentives for bringing in names of
                                                                 prospective new members to the chapter.              Please see
Marv Loutsenhizer, President
                                                                 Jennifer’s New Member Section to learn more about these
                                          Marv Loutsenhizer      incentives. Like any organization, we do experience some
Rick Smith, Vice President
                                                                 turnover due to moves, changes in business sponsorships, etc.,
   Dan Landrigan, Partner Relations
                                                                 so we do need to put forth extra effort to keep our chapter
   Brian Domrow, Newsletter
                                                                 growing. With the new incentives, it is really worth the effort on
   Frank Olive, Academic Relations
                                                                 your part and it will strengthen our chapter through better
                                                                 speakers and additional opportunities for networking.
Tony Hausfeld, Treasurer
  Jorge Zazueta, Secretary
                                                                 Kathy Friend provided data proving beyond any doubt that the
  Dennis Maude, Meetings
                                                                 Fort Wayne Community School system really has to be prudent
                                                                 in the spending of money to keep their program strong.
Jennifer Garcia, Membership Chair
                                                                  (continued on page 2)----------------------------------------------------------------
  Dave Springmann, Membership
  Lantz Mintch, Membership
  Larry Piano, Retention              programs
Mark Veerkamp, Program Chair
  Bill Seck, Programs                 Date             Time                             Topic                                  Speaker
  Dave Dietz, Programs
  Dave Cole, Special Events           11/28/06         3:30 pm          Accounting, Auditing & Tax Update   Sarah Strimmenos
                                                                                                            Randy Warner
strategic partners                                     6:00 pm          Emerging Issues/Timely Topic        Colleen Cunningham
                                               Strategic Partner Spotlight--Baden, Gage & Schroeder  Social Sponsor—ADP
Baden, Gage and Schroeder
           Chris Hootman
                                      01/15/07         6:00 pm          Eddie Merlot’s                                         Bill Humphries
Creative Financial Staffing
           Donna Richardson
                                      02/19/07        6:00 pm          Health Care Cost Control                Pam Cobble
Crowe Chizek and Company
                                              Strategic Partner Spotlight--Fifth Third Bank Social Sponsor--Baden, Gage & Schroeder
           Sarah Strimmenos
Ernst & Young
                                      03/19/07         4:00 pm          Fort Wayne Public Library Tour        To be determined
           Randy Warner
                                                       6:00 pm          Dinner at Summit Club
Fifth Third Bank
                                               Strategic Partner Spotlight--National City Bank  Social Partner--National City Bank
           Allen Brouwer
National City Bank
                                      04/16/07         3:30 pm          Benefit Plan Compliance                 To be determined
           Cecile Buchanan
                                                       6:00 pm          Timely Topic                            To be announced
                                               Strategic Partner Spotlight—Creative Financial Staffing Social Partner—open
president’s letter                     of FEI will be our featured speaker.     transferring in from another chapter.
(from page 1)                          Based on her experience with             Please join me in welcoming them into
                                       meeting members as well as               FEI. We have submitted five more
For example, school buses are ten      regulatory bodies such as the            applications to national and waiting on
years old before they are traded for   FASB, Congress, FASB etc,                approval and processing of the
new ones. Forty percent of their       Colleen will discuss the top of the      applications.
revenue comes from property taxes      mind problems facing the CFO’s,
and they receive two payments per      controllers, and treasurers today.       Thank you to the members that have
year, sometimes running late. The      Your attendance is requested for         already entered names into the incentive
majority of the buildings are more     two reasons. First, I know that you      program from the October meeting,
than forty years in age with huge      want to be aware of what is              please keep them coming.         If any
but necessary repairs. They            happening in our field from a            additional information is needed about
classify a building 26 years in age    broader perspective. Secondly, we        the program, please e-mail me at
as a newer one. The government         have told Colleen many times what
imposes a number of controls           a great chapter we have. Now that
according to the number of             she is actually visiting our chapter,
students they have enrolled and        we need you to attend so I won’t be      ferf research reports
how the students do on test scores.    embarrassed and we can prove to
The standards are raised each year     her that all of the things said really   You should be aware of a recent change
and there are limits on the amount     were true! I will look forward to        made by the FEI and FERF boards. As
of expenses they can incur to          seeing you on November 28 at             a member of FEI, you are able to
educate each student. Currently        3:30 p.m. the Marriott.                  receive all FERF reports free of charge.
they spend about $5,800 per year                                                Access to the reports are at
per student and that is $170 below
the entire state average. While the    membership
schools do not have to prove an                                                 fei @ 75
acceptable rate of return, as does     The membership team would like to
business, having the necessary         announce our new incentive               What is known today as Financial
revenue is the main challenge.         program that went into effect at our     Executives International (FEI) was
This is quite similar to the story I           th
                                       Oct 16 meeting. When a name is           established in New York City in
hear from many of my friends that      given of someone that you feel           December 1931 as The Controllers
are in business.                       could join FEI, upon receipt of that     Institute of America ("The Institute"), with
                                       name you will draw from our gift         membership open only to controllers. It
Please note that our meeting on        certificate envelopes.     The gift      began         with      30       members.
November 28 is the FOURTH              certificates are worth approximately       The original purpose of the members
TUESDAY of the month. I realize        $20.00. We currently have gift           was to define their profession, exchange
that moving the meeting day can        certificates      from     Dehaven       ideas about its practice, educate
cause confusion but the Board          Chevrolet, Pizza Hut and Bandidos.       themselves and others and work with
decided it was necessary to do so      If the name you submit turns into a      the government to improve the general
in order to have the desired           member you will also share in the        economy.
program and speaker.            The    meal certificate that is part of the       As the role of the financial executive
Professional Development seminar       normal program. But wait there is        has grown, the organization has grown
begins at 3:30 P.M. and you will       more….. At the end of the FEI            to what is now Financial Executives
learn of the latest updates related    season, if your name you submitted       International (FEI), and that reflects the
to accounting, auditing, and tax       turns into a member your name will       global reach of the organization and its
issues. Ernst & Young and Crowe        also be entered into a drawing for       members.
Chizek will be presenters at the       the grand prize. That prize is yet to      FEI has become the leading advocate
seminar.     I have heard their        be determined, but the board has         for the views of corporate financial
presentations in prior years and am    approved a nice sum of money for         management. Its 15,000 members hold
certain they will do a great job       that prize!! The names can be            policy-making positions as chief financial
again. They are knowledgeable          given to Larry Piano or Jennifer         officers, treasurers, and controllers. FEI
and well prepared. I would             Garcia at the meetings or thru e-        enhances         member       professional
encourage you to attend so you         mail.                                    development through peer networking,
can stay up to date and at the                                                  career planning services, conferences,
same time earn some CPE credit.        We are off to a great recruiting start   publications, and special reports and
                                       this year; we currently have two         research. Members participate in the
On the same date, November 28,         new members Mark Beckman with            activities of 86 chapters, 75 of which are
our regular meeting starts with the    Pyromation and Troy Linder with          in the U.S. and 11 in Canada.
Social Period at 6:00 p.m. Colleen     Fort Wayne Metals. We also have
Cunningham, President and CEO          Stacey     McMahan        who       is

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