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Client:                                             The Michelangelo Hotel / MES
Draft 1:                                            Requires client approval
Communication Objective:                            To communicate and detail The Michelangelo’s
                                                    commitment to MES (Metro Evangelical Services)
Distribution Schedule:                              Print and electronic consumer and trade media

                                                                                                 mes one

(November 12, 2008)

“Giving unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. And changes sufficient
into abundance.” ~ Anon

The above quotation perfectly epitomises The Michelangelo Hotel’s commitment towards Metro
Evangelical Services (MES), while simultaneously keeping with the NGO’s mission to change the heart of
the city. In fact, many hearts were touched and changed last night, 11 November, when the prestigious
five star hotel opened its doors to a gathering of approximately 190 philanthropists, with the fundraising
theme of: HOPE.

Chinese writer and inventor, Lin Yutang is reported to have said that HOPE is like a road in the country;
there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. Paving this
corporate social responsibility (CSR) path and journey for the establishment, is Hans Prenner, General
Manager of The Michelangelo Hotel.

                                                                                                      mes two

Explains Prenner, “Much like many large corporates today are concerned with reducing their carbon
footprint; in a similar vein, The Michelangelo Hotel has decided to discard that which no longer bears
value. This in keep with our title of one of the Leading Hotels of the World, while ensuring that this ‘waste’
bears some value to its new end user.”

The recycling and rejuvenation of everyday hospitality, as well as food and beverage-related items, has
never been as priceless as when received by MES.

Established 22 years ago, MES is a community-based Christian organisation which initiates and facilitates
activities aimed at empowering individuals holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful
lives. Today, MES employs over 230 full-time personnel mobilised through four main strategies including:
basic care and social services; education, training and job creation; health, and lastly, ministry.

The Michelangelo Hotel has committed to supplying MES with the following list of recyclable items:

      Training and learnerships for the carpenter and upholstery, as well as security departments
      Chefs skills training (The Michelangelo Hotel chefs to train MES chefs on stock controls skills, as well
       as utilising all donated ingredients effectively for optimum nutritional benefit)
      African violets from rooms that have begun to wilt (approximately 70 – 100 plants per week,
       dependant upon hotel occupancy)
      All toiletries from occupied rooms
      All bed linen, towels, pillows and blankets from rooms not suitable for five star standard and usage
      All food and beverage linen not suitable for five star standard and usage
      All old uniforms not in use
      All used furniture and equipment such as chairs, tables, cleaning trolleys, kitchen equipment and
      All operational equipment like plates, knives and forks, pots and pans no longer required due to
       upgrades and ongoing refurbishment
      All coldrinks as taken from the hotel mini bars, prior to expiry date
      Soup sponsored for MES soup kitchen, every six weeks (to feed approximately 300 individuals)
      All unused stationary
      All unclaimed clothes and items as left by guests

                                                                                                mes three

      The Michelangelo Hotel to host two year-end functions for MES, as well as provide conferencing
       and banqueting facilities, free-of-charge, whenever possible

Says Leona Pienaar, MES Marketing Manager, “It is impossible to equate a figure as to what The
Michelangelo Hotel’s donation is worth in Rand value. To us, it is immeasurable and will aid our
organisation in so many spheres of our ministry and related projects. My HOPE is that The Michelangelo
Hotel’s generous CSR drive sparks this innovative renewal and giving revolution across the hospitality
industry as a whole. It would be wonderful if other hotels, restaurants and even large corporations could
adopt this concept, so that the underprivileged can benefit from their waste.”

Further to the actual fundraising evening, tickets to the six course banquet dinner, the menu as
conceptulised by Executive Head Chef, Andrew Atkinson, were sold for R395 each. Included in the ticket
price, guests were treated to a glass of complementing Durbanville Hills Wine per course. The function
room and table décor followed a HOPE-filled colour scheme of pink, yellow, orange and purple. Vaughn
Creations, a husband and wife team, excelled in the overall décor design and execution, which was fully
donated in order to assist in the evening’s fundraising objectives.

Two items were put up for silent auction including: A Chef’s Table for 12 guests, as donated by The
Michelangelo Hotel, as well as a Foosball table, as contributed by The Ceres Beverage Company. The
enigmatic musician duo, CH2, entertained guests well into the night, along with the evening’s hosts and
ambassadors to MES, Lizz Meiring and Coenie de Villiers. One of a kind paintings from Mes’ Creative Art
Centre, were also on sale.

“I believe that there is no hotel better than The Michelangelo to be found anywhere in southern Africa. I
am immensely proud to be a part of it, as well as to be able to initiate a simple project of reprocess that
will greatly benefit MES and the communities in which the NGO operates. Maintaining and improving the
high standards that have already been set at The Michelangelo is a daily challenge, but now one that
carries an added charitable responsibility, which makes it all the more worthwhile,” concludes Prenner.

ends                                                                                      Word count: 860

Further Hope Event Fundraising Information:

On the night, 100 coloured balloons were on sale, for a cost of R50 each. The balloons were divided into
the four HOPE signature colours for the evening, namely: Pink, yellow, orange and purple.
Each coloured balloon was assigned a prize, with a minimum value of R75.

If you have ever wondered what MES can achieve with R50, please see below a list of real life
implications as to what R5 000 can achieve (through a collective sale of 100 X R50 balloons)

      R5 000 will feed one child at our crèche, two meals per day for 625 days
      R5 000 will feed all 30 patients at our Hospice, three meals a day for 12 days
      R5 000 will feed 416 children living and working on the streets three meals a day
      R5 000 will feed 1 250 homeless and elderly adults from our soup kitchen
      Over and above this, we host many Christmas parties at this time of the year for the young and
       the old; this R5 000 can help cater a function, buy gifts, and so much more

Compiled by and to contact on behalf of The Michelangelo Hotel:

Louise Churches                              Angela Groom
Glass Slipper Communications                 Glass Slipper Communications
Cell: 083 703 3750                           Cell: 083 261 1370
E-mail: louise@glass-slipper.co.za           E-mail: angela@glass-slipper.co.za

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