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									                                                        UCSB Academic Senate
                                            Council on Research and Instructional Resources
                                                    CALL FOR PROPOSALS
                                           Individual Faculty General Research Grants

                                                 Deadline: Thursday, March 29, 2012

WHO May Apply:
Any Academic Senate member is eligible to apply for funds to support the faculty member’s own research
project. Only one application per call will be accepted from any faculty member. Please consult the grant
policy on the Academic Senate Web site:

WHAT May be Requested:
Project costs that will be considered for funding include hourly research assistants at less than 25% time,
project-specific supplies, and travel for field or archival research purposes. Please note that requests for
funds for research assistants should be accompanied by sufficient justification for the number of hours
required and a description of the activities that each RA will be hired to do. Awards may not be used to
support graduate students per se, but both graduate and undergraduate students may be employed to aid a
faculty member on a limited basis in project specific activities. In unique circumstances specialized
editing will be considered, with priority given to RA support. Routine software needs should be met by
departments; however, specialized software will be considered if it can be justified within the context of
the research. Funds for computers and computer hardware are considered only in exceptional
circumstances, and when a critical research need is documented. Funds will not be provided for a personal
computer if its primary use is for preparation of a manuscript. The actual, reasonable cost of meals and
hotel rooms are paid only if supported by receipts, and only up to the limit set by UC guidelines. Travel is
usually limited to one trip per award, and subsistence and hotel costs are limited to less than 30 days.
Funding assistance for hosting local research conferences will be given the lowest priority for funding.
Funds for travel to present research papers or the equivalent at conferences will not be provided and
should be applied for separately through the Senate conference travel grant program. Grant funds may
NOT be used for student tuition and fees, faculty salaries, costs for reprints, purchase of books or
periodicals, general office supplies, monthly telephone service, and research assistants working over 24%
time. Research grant awards vary depending on availability of funds, but are generally in the range of
$2,000 to $5,000.

HOW and WHEN to Apply:
Applicants should submit the grant proposal cover form (available on the Academic Senate web site under
research grant information), along with a research project proposal. To be competitive, proposals should
contain sections that respond to each question on the proposal cover form, and should provide detailed
justification of budget items. Proposals should be prepared with the same care given to outside agencies.
Proposals will be returned if information is insufficient to conduct a satisfactory review. Describe the
research methods, information, or techniques to be employed. Retroactive funding requests will not be
approved for funding. The project period is July 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013. An extension of up to one
year may be approved. Funds not expended in that timeframe will be returned to the Academic Senate.
Project descriptions must be written in terms understandable to committee members from diverse
fields, or will be subject to disqualification. Verbatim submissions of book proposals will not be
accepted in lieu of a research proposal. Three complete copies (all double sided if possible) of the cover
form and the research proposal must be received in the Academic Senate office located in Girvetz Hall,
Room 1233 by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 29, 2012. Late proposals will not be accepted.
                                 Cover Page – Attach to front of Research Proposal
                           Use MSWord version of this cover found at

              Academic Senate Council on Research and Instructional Resources

      Application for Individual Faculty General Research Grant
                                 Deadline: 5:00 P.M. Thursday, March 29, 2012
Academic Title(s):

Title of Research Project:

Total Amount Requested:            $

Click one box:         New research project for this grant program
                       Continuing research project previously funded under this program

Please attach a research proposal containing the following information:
1. A specific and well-defined description of the research project that is understandable to non-
     experts (section should be 3 to 5 pages, single or double spaced, approximately 10 or 12 point font).
     Evaluation of the proposal will primarily be based on your discussion of the significance of the
     research, the merit of the project (why is it important?), the methodology, and your definition of the
     project objective. Indicate publications that are planned.
2. A detailed proposed budget of 1 to 2 pages in length (see call/grant policy for budget guidelines),
     with a narrative justification for each cost category. Applicants with significant extramural support
     and/or start-up funds must clearly justify the need for funding.
3. A brief report on the use of past Council on Research funding, 1 page in length:
          (a) Applicants who have received funding from the Council in the previous three fiscal years
             must describe their progress on the projects, and the results of their projects including
             reference to published work.
          (b) If this application is for renewal of a previously funded project, a clear justification for
             continued support must be provided.
4. A list of all other current and pending research support (extramural and intramural). List recently
     submitted proposals and their status (funded or pending) and include the sponsoring agency, the
     project title, and the total budget requested or funded. Indicate whether there is any overlap with your
     budget request.
5. Discuss whether the proposed research is likely to lead to an extramural grant application. If not,
     discuss why.
6. A list of publications for the past three years; you may include other items critical to the evaluation
     of your proposal, but be brief.
7. If research involves the use of human subjects, submit an Application for Approval of Activity Involving
the Use of Human Subjects to the Office of Research and reference this in your proposal.
Any award made by the Council on Research is subject to the availability for the relevant fiscal
year. Proposals undergo a competitive review process and not all applications will be selected
for funding.
Signature(s) of Applicant(s):________________________________Date:___________

Submit three copies of the complete proposal (all double-sided if feasible) to the Academic Senate, 1233
Girvetz Hall. Originals are not required. For questions regarding the above information see the FAQs on the Academic
Senate web site or send an e-mail to

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