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					                         Tennis Nets &

                      Windscreens &


                             Ball Carts &

Exclusive Court Equipment Licensee
       of Wilson Sporting Goods Co .
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                                 Tel: (732) 905-4422
                                 Fax: (732) 901-7766
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                                                            Tennis Nets &
                                                          Net Accessories

Important elements to know when buying Tennis Nets:

•   Headband: most of ours are double layer (23 oz. white vinyl-coated outer/28 oz.
    vinyl laminated inner) polyester headband with antifungal treatment, folded under

•   Net body material

•   Regular or Tidyfit style

•   Side and bottom bands are made of 18 oz matte black vinyl

•   Always ask if the customer needs a Center Strap, pipe anchor (201W) or singles
    stick (3081W).

                                                     Tennis Nets &
                                                   Net Accessories

                                                    3745W Wilson Double Top 6
                                                    Tidyfit Value Net
                                                    •   3 mm net body
235W Wilson Royale                                  •   Tapered bottom: 42" high at
•   3 mm net body                                       ends, 36" high at center for
•   Hand-knotted double                                 tailored look
    top six rows                                    •   Double top six row s are ma-
•   Double layer of 23 oz.                              chine-made but w oven like
    white vinyl-coated outer/                           hand-made
    28 oz. vinyl laminated                          •   Double-layer/folded-over 23
    inner; polyester head-                              oz. vinyl headband
    band w ith antifungal                           •   2-1/2" w ide side bands and
    treatment                                           1-3/4" w ide bottom bands of
•   26 lbs.                                             14 oz. vinyl
•   5-year warranty                                 •   24 lbs.
                                                    •   3-year warranty
239W Wilson Super
Deluxe Pro
•   3 mm net body
                                                    239AW Wilson Deluxe
•   Double layer of 23 oz.                          •   3 mm net body
    white vinyl-coated
                                                    •   Single-layer headband of 23
    outer/28 oz. vinyl lami-
                                                        oz. w hite vinyl-coated poly-
    nated inner; polyester                              ester
    headband w ith antifungal
                                                    •   22 lbs.
•   26 lbs.
•   3-year warranty

Center Straps (From Left)
3086W Woven Polyester with Zinc Slide
                                                   Net Accessories
• Most durable center strap. Black pow der-
   coated zinc slide, includes 215W double-
   ended snap. 1 lb

214W Polypropylene with Zinc Slide                         3081W Wilson Deluxe
•  Nickel-plated zinc slide, includes 215W dou-            Single Stick
   ble-ended snap. 1 lb.                                   •   Black, all aluminum
                                                               single stick w ith alu-
213W Polypropylene with Velcro Adjustment                      minum cap and foot.
• Quick installation. Adjusts w ith Velcro, in-            •   Made for professional
   cludes nickel-plated zinc single-ended snap.                tournament use to
   1 lb.                                                       provide a proper 42"
                                                               net height.
201W Heavy Duty Pipe Anchor                                •   Priced per pair. 3 lbs.
•   10" L, 10 gauge galvanized steel, w ith
    stainless pin.
•   Includes a drilled hole to accommodate a
    bolt w hen putting anchor in cement footing.
•   The most durable anchor available—highly
    recommended. 2 lbs.

                                                                  Windscreens &

Important elements to know when buying Windscreens:

When examining the attributes of a particular windscreen, it is prudent to examine its
purpose in the first place.

•   Windscreens are a functional and aesthetic component of a tennis court.

•   They provide a backdrop, which provides contrast for the player to better see the

•   They further serve to prevent wind gusts from adversely affecting play, and pro-
    vide an even flow of air.

However, today a great number of products are available that accomplish these ob-
jectives, so aesthetics often becomes the most important factor when choosing wind-

                                    (Custom logos available on #278W Pro Screen, #269W and #3030W
                                       Royale-Screen, #3028W Super PVC, #267W and #3026W PVC.)


                               269W Wilson                                                    267W Wilson PVC
                                                                                              •     80% Opacity
                               •       80% Opacity                                            •     One of the indus-
                               •       Now improved,                                           try’s best values. Made
                                  stronger, and even bet-                                      of 7 1/2 oz. vinyl-
                                  ter looking fabric then                                      coated polyester. Heat-
                                  the original Royale for                                      sealed 3 1/2 ply hems
                                  the same pr ice! The                                         include an 18 oz. vinyl
                                  industry’s most durable                                      tape insert for added
                                  windscreen product.                                          strength.
                                  • Made of 10 oz. vi-                                         • Brass grommets
                                  nyl-coated polyester.                                        spaced every 12" along
    The extra heavy selvage is heat-sealed to form                  perimeter for a professional looking installation.
    attractive, long-lasting hems.                              •   6' or 9' heights. Dark Green, Black or Royal Blue
•   Uses 1300D knitted yarn, w hich gives the screen            •   2-year warranty
    a smoother finish, not the rough look, like the
    original Royale screen.                                     275W Wilson Air Master I Open Weave
•   Polyester coating is air infused to give the w ind-
    screen a “plush” appearance, and its pliability                                           •   80% Opacity
    allow s it to lie nicely against the fence                                                •   Made of 6 oz.
•   53% stronger and 18% greater abrasion resis-                                              woven polypropylene
    tance than the original Royale screen                                                     and leno reinforced.
•   Brass grommets spaced every 12" along the pe-                                             Heat-sealed hems are
    rimeter for a professional-looking installation.                                          3-ply, w ith brass grom-
•   6' or 9' heights. Dark Green, Black or Royal Blue.                                        mets spaced every 15"
•   3-year warranty                                                                           along the perimeter.
                                                                                              • 6' or 9' heights.
                                                                                              Dark Green, Black or
                                                                                              Royal Blue.
                                                                                              • 2-year warranty

                 The above windscreens are also available in Closed M esh for situations
                         where a denser, more opaque windscreen is needed.

                               282W Antibillow Tabs

                               •   Installed in the center of 9' w indscreens to reduce w ind effect and increase
                                   screen durability, allow ing for attachment to fence at top, middle and bottom
                               •   All 9’ high screens should have antibillow tabs that allow them to be secured
                                   at the center


274W Wilson Mastershade Plus

•   75% Opacity
•   Combines long lasting good looks w ith increased stability and opacity due
    to a special "heat set" treatment applied to the fabric – at a very attractive
•   Mastershade Plus w indscreen lays flat and straight on the fence w ith no
    bellow ing or rippling. Sew n hems are 3-ply construction w ith a heavy-duty
    18 oz. vinyl binding and brass grommets every 15".
•   6' or 9' heights (heights can vary ± 3"). 9' H has 4.5' H line marked to indi-
    cate w here windscreen should be attached to fence w ith Tyraps.
•   Dark Green, Black.
•   2-year warranty

                               265W Wilson Mastershade Rolls

                               •    70% Opacity
                               •    A low -cost, long-lasting alternative to custom w indscreens, perfect for
                                schools and parks w ith small
                                • Made of 8 oz. knitted high-
                                density polyethylene monofilament
                                with superior UV-resistant proper-
                                • No grommets needed. Extra
    heavy selvage along top and bottom hems provides for
    more secure installations w ith less scalloping than other
    knitted w indscreens.
•   Comes in 6”H or 9” H rolls and 120' long. 9' H has 4.5' H line
    marked to indicate w here windscreen should be attached to
    fence with Tyraps.
•   Dark Green, Black.
•   42 lbs. (6’x120’); 60 lbs. (9’x120’)
•   3-year warranty

                               3387W Wilson Mastershade Rolls, Hemmed & Grommeted
                               •   6’ x 120'
                               •   Dark Green or Black
                               •   51 lbs.
                               •   3-year warranty

                               3388W Wilson Mastershade Rolls, Hemmed & Grommeted
                               •   9' x 120'
                               •   Dark Green or Black
                               •   70 lbs.
                               •   3-year warranty


                                                                                  Windows, Vents
                                                                              •   Please note that when order-
                       280W Half-Moon Vent Die-Cut                                ing windscreens with vents or
                       •   Openings w ith flaps.                                  windows, customers will auto-
                       •   Available only on Royale-Screen (269W and              matically receive our standard
                           3030W), Super PV C (3028W), PV C (267W and             straight-line configuration
                           3026W), & Pro Screen (278W).                           unless specified differently at
                                                                                  time of order.
                       115W Bound Half Moon Vent with Flap
                       •   6" x 12" bound openings w ith flaps.               •   If customer prefers a high/low
                       •   Can be used on any w indscreen.                        configuration or a different
                       •   Mastershade Plus (274W) and Air Master I
                                                                                  straight-line design or place-
                           (275W and 276W) must use this type of vent
                                                                                  ment, we must be informed
                                                                                  when order is placed!!
                       281W Extra Bound Windows
                       •   6" x 12" openings w ith no flaps, bound w ith
                           polypropylene tape.                                •   Copies of these standard de-
                                                                                  signs and placements are
                       277W Extra Bound Windows                                   available. Call to ask about
                       •   Same as 281W except 12" x 12" opening                  other configurations.

220W Ty-Raps
•   7-1⁄2" L w indscreen ties
•   50-lb. breaking strength
•   Bag of 100. 1/2 lb.
•   Also available in a bag of 1000. (not
    show n)

220AW Ty-Raps
•   14" L w indscreen ties
•   120-lb. breaking strength
•   Bag of 100. 1/2 lb.                       273W Acetal Snap Curtain Hangers
                                              •   Made of acetal and ideal for w ind-
220BW Ty-Raps                                     screens, hanging backdrops or divider
•   14" L w indscreen ties                        curtains.
•   50-lb. breaking strength                  •   2-3⁄4" x 1-1⁄4".
•   Bag of 100. 1/2 lb.                       •   Bag of 100. 2 lbs.

200W Heavy-Duty Ty-Raps                       222W Polypropylene Rope
•   8" L w indscreen ties                     •   500 ft. for fastening w indscreen.
•   120-lb. breaking strength                 •   Available in Black or Green. 2
•   Bag of 100. 1 lb.                             lbs.

                                                                             Installation Guide

Nine foot w indscreens are hung from the top of the chain
link fence. The usual fence height is 10 feet, w hich allows
for one foot of air space at the bottom.

Six-foot w indscreens, if used, are placed in the center of
the chain link fence, or tw o feet from the top.

Hang the w indscreens so that the seams and hems are
tow ard the fence, leaving the smooth side facing the court.
All grommets must be used to secure the w indscreens to
the fence.

                                            1. First fasten one vertical edge at the desired height to the fence
                                            using regular (50-lb. breaking strength) Ty-raps.
                                            2. Next fasten the top of the w indscreen to the fence,
                                            keeping the top straight by follow ing the chain link pattern.
                                            Use either regular Ty-raps or—if the w indscreen w ill be
                                            rolled to the top during high w inds*—Wilson snap hooks or
                                            heavy-duty 120-lb. breaking strength Ty-raps.
                                            3. Next fasten the remaining sides of w indscreen to the
                                            fence with regular Ty-raps.
4. Finally, fasten the bottom w ith regular Ty-raps or—if the w indscreen w ill be rolled to the bottom during high
   winds*—w ith Wilson snap hooks or heavy-duty 120-lb. breaking strength Ty-raps.

In the case of Mastershade, there are no grommets, but Ty-raps should be placed every 12”. For best results,
we recommend the top and bottom edges be folded over about 1” and Ty-raps put in the middle of this double
section. If you don’t fold edges, make sure Ty-raps are put in the large vertical area, about 1” in from the edge.

When anti-billow ing center tape is used, fasten it after top and bottom are attached using regular, 50-lb. break-
ing strength Ty-raps through each grommet.

* We recommend using heavy-duty Ty-Raps or snap hooks to secure either
the top or the bottom of the w indscreen so that it can be rolled up or dow n
tow ards this secured end during high w inds. We also suggest using our 14”
long Ty-raps when securing the rolled-up w indscreen to the fence.

When high w inds are expected, cut away the regular Ty-raps that you have
used for the sides, center tape and either the top or the bottom of the w ind-
screen. Then roll the w indscreen up or down to w here the Wilson snap
hooks or heavy-duty Ty-raps are attached and tie it up using 14” long Ty-
raps to help prevent w ind damage.

In climates that get freezing temperatures, high w inds and snow , we recommend that w indscreens be taken
dow n for the w inter months and re-hung in the spring. If w indscreens are left on fences during the w inter in
these areas, they must be at least rolled up or dow n and secured. If w indscreens are not rolled or removed, all
warrantees are null and void. There is also a strong chance that the w inter w inds will cause your cyclone fenc-
ing to bend.                                               8

                                        3220W Wilson Royale Umpire Chair with Desk
                                        •   Redesigned Royale Umpire Chair—w ith longer legs and an addi-
                                            tional step—now meets ITF height specifications!
                                        •   Made of a new material, rubberw ood (Hevea brasiliensis), a dura-
                                            ble hardw ood from the maple family. Rubberw ood has dense
                                            grain, little shrinkage, low warping or cracking tendencies, and
                                            eco-friendly harvesting.
                                        •   Multipurpose, w ith tw in-dual w heels on back legs. Padded front
                                            feet swivel adjusts to uneven surfaces
                                        •   Legs are 1 ½” square steel tubing coated both outside and inside
                                            with hot zinc to prevent rust; powder-coated Forest Green.
                                        •   Writing desk included.
                                        •   Wooden steps, armrests, desk, seat, back, platform are dipped in
                                            Cuprinol for w eatherability
                                        •   Redesigned sw ing-out support for optional umbrella is now thicker
                                            to prevent splitting
                                        •   73”H, 28”W, 44”D. Shipped knocked dow n in 3 cartons. 96 lbs.
                                        •   Umpire Chair replacement parts available.

260W Wilson Royale Court Value with Basket
•   Convenient valet tray and basket for the tennis court.
•   Tray has hooks for towels or jackets, plus a sturdy aluminum
    molded bracket.
•   Tray provides a handy place for players to put beverages, ball
    cans, wallets, etc.
•   Fits up to a 3-1/2” round or square net post.
•   16” high. Black or Green. 6 lbs.

                                            3472W Wilson Royale Scorer
                                            •   Hangs over net, uses cards to mark score.
                                            •   5-1/2" x 6" x 2-1/2"
                                            •   Royale Blue. 1 lb.


                                        3150W Wilson Royale Sweep Court Dryer
                                        •   An improved, all-steel pow der coated w hite frame court drying
                                            unit guaranteed to w ork faster, better and longer.
                                        •   Comes w ith a 4” diameter blue PVA foam roller but also w orks
                                            well w ith a 2” blue PVA foam roller. 9 lbs.

                                        Replacement Rollers and Rod
                                        3151RW Wilson Royale 4” Diam eter Replacement Roller
                                        • Blue PVA foam roller, 36”L. 3 lbs.
                                        3152RW Wilson Royale 2” Diam eter Replacement Roller
                                        • Blue PVA foam roller, 36”L, available w ith steel rod in core (3
                                           lbs.) or w ithout (2 lbs.)
                                        3156W Steel Rod
                                        • For 3152RW. 1 lb.

3287W Wilson Rain Shuttle
•   5' W sw eep
•   All-aluminum
•   Improved casters w ill not scratch or mar courts
•   11 lbs.

3288W Replacement Blade
• For 3287W Rain Shuttle. 4 lbs.

                                                              221W Wilson Royale Deluxe Tennis
                                                              Rebound Net
                                                              •   Heavy netting gives player-like response,
                                                                  adjustable tension strap to vary length
                                                                  and speed-up return.
                                                              •   Easy to assemble. 9'W x 7'H steel frame.
                                                                  24 lbs.

                                         Ball Carts, Mower
                                               & Retrievers

                                                            Ball Carts
       3124W Wilson Deluxe Teaching Cart
       •   Best w heels: bolted 5" durable w heels; solid steel shank eliminates
           breakable plastic inserts. Sealed ball bearings on axles and casters
           resist dirt and clay.
       •   Durable: solid one-piece w elded frame. Black heavy-duty plastic
           coated basket and storage tray. Tray is recessed into bottom support
           arms, eliminating sharp corners.
       •   Easy assembly: requires only basket and handle to be bolted on.
       •   Racquets can be locked inside cart
       •   Foam cushion handle
       •   Hinged, easy-locking lid
       •   Holds 350 balls.
       •   Black. 40 lbs.

       3118W Replacment Wheel
       For 3124W and 3128W carts. 1 lb.

3128W Wilson Teach ‘n’ Travel Cart
•   Ideal for traveling, teaching pros !
    Ready to use, no assembly required.
•   Collapsible button- locking legs make it
    easy to transport
•   Racquets can be locked inside cart
    (handles fit through corner openings)
•   Includes easy-locking lid, same dura-
    ble 5" w heels as on Deluxe teaching
•   Holds 225 balls.
•   Black. 34 lbs.

                       3300W / Wilson Deluxe Ball Mower
                       •   Molded plastic construction means no more rust.
                       •   Rolls along the court quickly and s moothly, picks up
                           balls against fences without getting caught.
                       •   Easy on/off arms make storage a snap.
                       •   Holds 300 balls.
                       •   Black. 43 lbs.

                                                                                        Ball Carts, Mower
                                                                                              & Retrievers

    Wilson Ball Caddies                                         3120W Wilson Ball Caddy II - holds 50 balls
                                                                •     Popular Pro Shop item. Black. 9 lbs.

                                                                3121W Wilson Ball Caddy II - holds 75 balls
                                                                •     Workhorse of the industry, perfect for the Club Pro.
                                                                      Black. 9 lbs.

                                                                3122W Wilson Ball Caddy II - holds 100 balls
                                                                •     Maximum holding capacity for busy Pros. Black. 10

                                                                3123W Wilson Ball Caddy Pro - holds 85 balls
                                                                •     Stationary handle adjusts up to 5" to accommodate
                                                                      various heights of players. Includes a foam cushion
                                                                      grip fitted to the handle. Black. 8 lbs.

•    Wilson Ball Caddies feature a rod made of a pliant mater ial ( Patent #6,945,578 B2)
     that flexes slightly as you pick up balls, eliminating bent w ires and broken w elds.
•    All of our Ball Caddies, except the Pro model, include a stand option that allows you
     to sw ing the handles dow n, raising the basket to w aist level for ball access, and sw ing
     the handles up, low ering the basket for ball pick up. Lid included.
•    We recently redesigned all of our ball caddies, raising the height of the end “V"
     wires—which hold our flexible center rods—to stop premature w ear at this critical
     point.                                                                                      Patent #6,945,578 B2
          —We also trued and squared all basket components.
          —Our unbreakable basket bottom is constructed without w elds, and bottom w ires have plastic wear feet—
             assembled at the factory prior to shipment—for added protection along entire contact points.

                             291W Wilson Ball Valet                        207W Wilson Ball Pick Up
                             •    Holds 85 balls                           •    Holds 75 balls
                             •    Weather-resistant PVC                    •    Great value, perfect for
                                  coating helps protect                         residential courts.
                                  hands and prevents court                 •    Made of PVC-coated w ire
                                  damage.                                  •    Cushioned handles fold up
                             •    Balls are picked up through                   for ball pickup and flip dow n
                                  the bottom, eliminating                       to raise basket to hand level.
                                  stooping.                                •    Attached lid prevents spilling.
                             •    Solid heavy-duty handle.                 •    Non- mar bottom
                             •    Black. 8 lbs.                            •    Wear Feet included for
                                                                                added protection.
                                                                           •    Black. 7 lbs.

                    CENTURY SPORTS INC.
                    Exclusive Court Equipment Licensee              Toll Free: (800) 526-7548
                    of Wilson Sporting Goods Co.                    Tel: (732) 905-4422
                    Lakewood Industrial P ark,                      Fax: (732) 901-7766
                    1995 Rutgers University Blvd.                   E-Mail:
                    P .O. Box 2035, Lakewood, N.J. 08701-8035       Visit us online at

                                                                          Wilson, W, are registered trademarks of Wilson Sporting Goods Co.


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