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Feb/Mar 05


Degreased engine & all cpts
Replaced idler pulley bearing
Removed, checked & gapped all plugs (to 0.9mm)
Replaced some shrouding of engine loom - checked schematics for accuracy
Had a/c comp checked - all ok - so re-installed
Noticed noise in alternator bearings
Replaced Alternator bearings + had it tested - all good
Made up dummy harness from RA60 harness
Connect dummy harness to engine harness. Switch ignition on, & turn over by hand - got sparks from ignitor in
Change oil & filter (took 5.5L!! of HPR 30), remove plugs & crank for 1 minute, oil pressure light went off (pressure
ok). Put 10ml of light machine oil into cylinders & measure compression cold (with Clint's gauge). Results:
#1 - 175, 182, 190 psi (did 3 times, possibly gauge not sealing properly 1st times)
#2 - 190
#3 - 180, 200 psi (did 2 times, possibly gauge not sealing properly 1st time)
#4 - 195
#5 - 192
#6 - 199 psi
Bolted down to pallet, setup fuel can & pump, tested ok (fuel pump draws 5 Amps without the engine running!!),
cranked & STARTED!!!!!!!! Ran ok - idle speed ok. Only ran for 15 - 20 secs as no water in place
Hooked up radiator & coolant lines, filled with coolant (only took 6L in the radiator - had to get the rest into the top
hose - about 8L), started & ran until warm- hot. Blew lots of smoke when cold but then settled down & only blew
steam. Turbos produce boost when idle it high (2000 + rpm). Need to do a compression test. Even after a LONG
On previous run engine was not warm enough (was below 80 degrees). Next run did:
I) stuck together last bit of exhaust (with gaffer tape & rt angle + steel stakes). I thought it actually sounded LOUDER
with the muffler?
ii) added overflow bottle
iii) ran for about 20 minutes - up to 85 degrees - thermostat opened (opinion is that it opens at 82 degrees) & bottom
rad hose warm (at last)
Checked/cleaned radiator sock - only minimal small bits of stuff in it. Is unfortunate that coolant weeps through sock
Cold compression test (all plugs out) #1 through #6 : 170 165 170 165 163 165
Started engine briefly - large cloud of blue/grey smoke.
Tested oil flow from turbos (disconnected oil return pipe & caught some oil - with motor cold!). Oil flowed a few
seconds after start BUT it was BLACK - when the rest of the oil in the engine was clear. I guess it is the mineral oil
coking due to the heat of the turbos. Must change to a fully synth oil.
Started again - no smoke. Ran engine up to temp.
Hot compression test (all plugs out) #1 through #6 : 178 177 180 175 177 178
Checked RPM with multimeter. Initial start = 43Hz (x20 = 860 rpm). Once warm = 36Hz (720 rpm).
Speed when decent amount of air from turbos (boost) = 85 Hz (1700 rpm)
Connected alternator connection - charged at 14.5v across battery. Charge lamp went out (as expected). Later when
Started from cold. No smoke.
Started from cold. No smoke. Ran for about 5 minutes, stopped for 10 & started again. No smoke
Started from cold. Big cloud of grey smoke. Maybe it is related to how long it was last started for & how hot it got?.
Put proper worm drive clamp on top rad hose (was weeping where sock goes through)
Started from cold. Reasonable amount of grey smoke. Paul reckons rear turbo seals are gone (from noise). Did stall
once - looked like lack of fuel but there was plenty there.
Hooked up temperature gauge - had to do some strange things to calibrate it (power on then either disconnect the
signal wire - so it hits lower limit stop, or disconnect 'release' wire so it goes to fully hot). Temp gauge is now
accurate. As a test, replace sender with 68 ohm resistor - should give half scale reading.
Connected new alternator lead - no smoke from lead. Small amount of grey smoke.
Hooked up ammeter (clamp style) to look at current going back into battery. Results:
- immediately after start - measured 45 Amps
- later (a few minutes) current had reduced to about 15 Amps
- later still (5 minutes) current had reduced to 13 Amps.
All the time the battery voltage was a steady 14.6 volts.
Purchased AU falcon thermos. Too hard to fit to vehicle whilst radiator connected. Drained radiator (left engine full as
possible). Took out approx 7 litres
Time to start again! Remove plugs & crank for 15 seconds, oil pressure light went off (pressure ok). Put 5ml of light
machine oil into cylinders. Connected fuel can & pump & put plugs back (the originals that came with the engine).
Started fine & ran for a few seconds (no water or water pump connected). Lots of smoke.
Reconnected radiator & filled with coolant taken out last time. Cranked over - only firing on #3 & won't run - Doh
Turned engine over by hand with plugs (originals) out & laying on engine. Notice only some firing properly. Put in the
set of NGK coppers & crank over - start no problem. Belches LOTS of smoke for a long time (machine oil?). Run up
to temperature - all seems good. Measure tacho waveforms.
Measured old plugs with multi-meter. Quite a few had resistance between the core & base (eg 200k ohms). All had
Installed intercooler (just open at one end) and started again - more smoke - but stalled soon afterwards. Issue was
low fuel in can (hadn't installed the longer bit on the pickup line). Also cleaned plugs as it was a bit hard starting.
Eventually started and ran up to temperature. Noticed it will now rev higher smoothly (maybe because have
intercooler plumbed in & thus getting decent vacum signal). At higher revs get largeish amounts of blue smoke - is
Started & ran lots of times. Generally diminishing amounts of smoke each time. If once/day seems ok. If leave for a
Changed oil & filter to HPR15 (10W 50 Semi synth). Noticed old oil had STRONG hydrocarbon smell. Is this because
of the type of starts it has done (no load) - or another problem?
Checked ECU fault codes (has seen check engine lamp flash in the past)
Bridged E1 & TE1 in diagnostic connector (was quite difficult with paper clip) & switched on ignition. Got a:
14 - IGNITION SIGNAL--NO "IGF" SIGNAL TO ECU (could be coil or igniter)
21 - OXYGEN SENSOR SIGNAL/OXYGEN SENSOR HEATER SIGNAL (fair enough - O2 sensor not connected yet)
disconnected in the past)
Target Activity                                 Things to be done first
                                                Inspect spark plugs, clean coil packs, measure impedance of coil packs
                                                Clean up wiring (cracked conduit etc)
                                                Test alternator
                                                Test a/c compressor - check 12v clutch operation
                                                Install serpentine belt
Re-install a/c comp, alt, ps pump

                                                Wire up
                                                - connect oil p light
                                                - connect check engine light
                                                - connect ECU
                                                - connect ignitor
                                                - connect Batt, Ign, acc
                                                make brackets for inst cluster + hold wiring harness
                                                make brackets for ps reservior
Wire Up

                                                make brackets to hold engine only to pallet
                                                Attach engine to pallet
                                                Install filter on inlet manifold
Crank for a few seconds
                                                - flush ps fluid
                                                - flush oil
                                                - change oil
                                                - crank again until fresh oil flows
Crank & flush fluids

                                                Remove injectors - have them cleaned & flow tested/balanced
                                                5mge fuel filter bracket & lines
                                                cheap external fuel pump + fuel can
                                                install turbos + exhaust & start (don't connect intake piping - ie no intercooler or boost)
Start & idle for a few seconds - no boost

                                                 flush intercooler insides
                                                 connect intercooler, torbo inlets + intake piping
                                                 Change oil cooler water hoses
Start & idle for a few seconds - all intake piping connected

                                                install drain tap on radiator
                                                - connect radiator & fill
Start & idle up to operating temp

                                                chrome cam covers
                                                paint engine mounts
                                                clean intake manifold
                                                have gearbox overhauled - stronger input shaft bearing

                                                Check/clean radiator sock
                                                Cold compression test (to check gauge)
                                                Test oil flow from turbos (from front & rear)
                                                Hot compression test
                                                Make up template for room in engine bay (+ height) & check turbo mounts
                                                Remove rear turbo & take to turbotech - check bearing noise + get wastegate actuator
                                                Front turbo - fix stripped bolt
                                                Fit fan & intercooler piping
                                                Make fuel filter mounting bracket spacer
                                                Make up fusible link + install batter charge lead (chg lamp should go out)
target for 5/9/04                               Make up cct to properly drive temperature gauge
                                                Change oil to fully synthetic
                                                Measure current flow from battery + in from alternator.
                                                Make up turbo supports - from block to exh manifolds.
                                                Make up template for room in engine bay (+ height) & check turbo mounts
                                                Remove rear turbo & take to turbotech - check bearing noise + get wastegate actuator
                                                Front turbo - fix stripped bolt
                                                Fit fan & intercooler piping
                                                Make fuel filter mounting bracket spacer
                                                Make up fusible link + install batter charge lead (chg lamp should go out)
target for 19/9/04                              Make up cct to properly drive temperature gauge
                                                Gearbox recond, clutch?, fit resonator to exhaust
                                                Paint trim corner, paint windscreen cover, fit new windscreen trim + new door seal
1JZ-GTE Temperature Gauge (not ecu) Sender Measurement
                                                                                        On cool-down           On warm-up
                                                                                        Temperature                      Resistance
                                       Gauge Temp Sender R vs T
                                                                                               97        48         15.2      1300
                                                                                               96        49          34        482
                                                                                               95        50          40        370
                                                                                               94        52          60        168
                                                                                               93        55          70        118
                                                                                               92        57          80         83
                                                                                               91        59          85         72
                                                                                               90        62          90         61
                       210                                                                     89        64          95         52
                       200                                                                     88        66          97         49 boil
   Resistance (Ohms)

                       190                                                                     87        68          98         50 boil
                       180                                                                     86        71
                       170                                                                     85        73
                       160                                                                     84        75
                       150                                                                     83        78
                       140                                                                     82        81
                       130                                                                     81        84
                       120                                                                     80        86
                       110                                                                     79        89
                       100                                                                     78        93
                        90                                                                     77        96
                        80                                                                     76        99
                        70                                                                     75       103
                        60                                                                     74       106
                        50                                                                     73       110
                        40                                                                     72       114
                                                                                               71       119
                             50   55   60   65   70   75   80     85   90    95   100
                                                                                               70       123
                                                 Temp (deg C)          Series1                 67       138
                                                                                               64       153
                                                                                               62       166
                                                                                               60       179
                                                                                               57       201
                                                                                             52.7       237
                                                                                             49.7       269

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