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									Erik Davis

Game Design 1

                                   Assignment Option 1

Game #1: Pac-Man (NES)

       In Pac-Man, you play as a yellow crescent that must maneuver its way through a

series of mazes, collecting yellow dots of power. There’s a catch though, you are being

chased by four enemy ghosts, Binky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, that will try to touch you

and thus, end your pellet collection. It all seems hopeless until you discover the power

pellets, which, upon consumption, will make you the attacker, which will turn the tables

for about 10 seconds, give or take the version you play. Another resource you have at

your disposal is fruit, which actually does nothing except give you points toward an extra

life. The graphics are simple and colorful, as young children often find glee in watching

the game, trust me, I know. In comparison to today’s graphics, there really is none.

Today’s graphics are all about 3d and anti-aliasing, 2d and pretty colors is pretty much


Game #2: Super Mario Bros. (NES)

       Super Mario Bros. is the cartridge that set the video game world on fire. If no

Mario existed, it is very likely that no Nintendo would exist. In the game you play as the

silent, but courageous Italian plumber Mario. You must battle through legions of

Goombas and Koopas and to your eventual confrontation with the Koopa king, Bowser.

Your mission is to rescue the “beautiful” Princess Peach, and once you do, the game is

done. Resources available to Mario include Starman, which Mario temporaily invincible,

Super Mushrooms, which allow mini Mario to grow into a big Mario, and the fire flower,
which turn Mario’s hands into flamethrowers that will last until Mario struck by an

enemy or dies. Compared to today’s graphics, SMB’s are very simple, but effective. But

the lasting memory of the original SMB is not its graphics, but its theme song, which is

remembered by every old-school gamer and is imprinted upon the young at birth.

Game #3: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

       In MTPO, you play as Little Mac, an up-and-coming boxing lightweight, on his

way down the path of victory. You must battle a colorful cast of opponents, including

Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Piston Honda, and King Hippo. After defeating this array of

enemies, some multiple times, you come to the final battle with Mike Tyson, which is no

picnic. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! mainly relies on the players ability to memorize and

spot the tells of their opponents to avoid incoming strikes. You must block, uppercut, jab

and juke to be offensive and defensive in the ring. Your resources are your punches and

blocks, without them, you are worthless. There is even a super punch that does mega

damage. The graphics are simple and very old, but very cartoony and enjoyable. All of

the opponent are caricaturized stereotypes. For instance, guess where Piston Honda is

from. That’s right, Japan. And Von Kaiser. Yes, Germany.

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