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ADP Minutes 3-23-11


									                                        ADP Steering Committee

                                            March 23, 2011

PRESENT: Ladendorff, Perry, Peterson, Tiberio, Waters

Marcia Ladendorff opened the meeting at 11:05 a.m.

Fall Talk of the Times Planning

Martina Perry reported that she’d contacted potential facilitators for the previously suggested Fall 2011
Talk of the Times topics, and had received a few responses. She asked members of the group to email
appropriate professors or professionals on campus who could serve as potential facilitators.

Various angles of Talk of the Times topic suggestions were discussed.

       Chantell Waters suggested “What is democracy?” as a topic. Marcia Ladendorff suggested that
        this be connected to student government issues.
       Dwayne Peterson suggested revisiting the issue of legalizing marijuana, and Martina Perry
        suggested that it be connected to the Risky Student Behaviors theme. It was determined that
        Martina Perry would contact Julie Merten (Public Health) and Doreen Perez (Student Health
        Services) as possible facilitators. Marcia Ladendorff suggested that this discussion be titled
        “Risky Business: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.”

Dwayne Peterson suggested that ground rules be briefly established at the beginning of each session to
clarify that the format is intended to be discussion, not debate. Marcia Ladendorff said the ADP host
could discuss the nature of dialogue and text-based conversation at each session.

There was discussion about Talk of the Times program promotion and success.

       Martina Perry asked the group whether a Talk of the Times faculty workshop might be a good
        idea to spur further interest and promotion of the program. Marcia Ladendorff suggested that
        this be coordinated to take place in August, the week before Fall classes begin.

Marcia Ladendorff said the ADP committee would work on developing an action plan for summer at the
April 27 meeting.

Dwayne Peterson announced that he would be leaving Housing & Residence Life in the fall, and would
try to find a replacement representative for the ADP committee.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Melody Taylor.

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