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                             ON TUESDAY, 4TH OCTOBER 2011

    It has improved but some members still feel it is too slow – could those members who feel let
down please contact me at and either myself or Chris Bywater of
First City will follow up your complaint with the Planning Department.

    70% believed the local police force had done its best in difficult circumstances during the
riots and accepted Superintendent Payne’s assertion that he did not have enough officers to
police all the centre before reinforcements arrived.
    100% believed crime in the city has got worse and victims felt the police do not prioritise
business crimes.
    There was a general feeling that police do not respond well enough to business crime and
even the pursuing letters of complaint by senior businessmen.
    There was a strong feeling that the anti-social behaviour in the city centre was not well
enough policed or maintained by the council. The Methodist Church soup kitchens in Darlington
Street encouraged badly behaved vagrants who gave the city an unsafe perception. The council
contributed about £54,000 to this project which was considered to be in the wrong location.

    There was 100% agreement that parking charges were comparatively too high in the city
particularly in comparison with Bentley Bridge, Bilston and Tettenhall locally and Merry Hill
and Telford which are within easy driving distances. The petition to reduce charges had already
received 1500 signatures and was predicted to obtain the 2500 well before the end of October.
    It was generally accepted that over 50% of Wolverhampton people shop elsewhere and that
Councillors and Council employees should not be subsidized at the expense of hard working
families. At present they park for free.

   There was general agreement that ´bus only lanes` on the main business routes created more
congestion and inconvenience to business users as they take up 50% of the road space and only
have 12% of the traffic.

Summer Row / South Side
   It was accepted that there was very little of architectural value in the area and if the council
purchased the former C.P.O. properties, knocked them down and created nicely landscaped
parking, the usage of the city would improve and investment would be more likely to occur.

State of the City Centre
    There was widespread opinion that the variety and range of shops was decreasing (with T K
Max etc leaving) and there was too much untidiness, neglect, dereliction, and it was not
perceived to be safe.

   It was agreed that it was essential that for the market to flourish and compete with
supermarkets that they must have free car parking for 2 hours.

Councillors or Senior Officers
   It was felt by members that they should be invited to the next meeting.

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