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					               GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY
I/We, the undersigned, (a)
of (b)
do hereby appoint Dongwon Seo Korean registered patent attorneys, as
my/our lawful attorneys to take on my/our behalf all proceedings for
making a patent, utility model, design registration, trademark registration,
and an application for computer program registration to the Korean
Industrial Property Office, including with respect to above matter, the
power to appoint sub attorney, to claim the priority, to request the
examination and the accelerated examination, to file the opposition, to
convert the application, to file the divisional application, to demand a trial
against a final decision for rejection, a trial against a decision of dismissal
of supplement or a trial for invalidation, to lodge an administrative petition
or suit from dissatisfaction with an administrative action, to withdraw or
abandon the application, petition, priority claiming, opposition, demand,
administrative petition or suit, and to act as the patent administrator
under the Korean Patent Law, to record the transfer of ownership by
succession, merger, assignment, or other, to record the license
agreement, to request the technical evaluation of utility model and to
perform all necessary acts under the pertinent provisions of the Korean
Patent/ Utility Model/ Design/ Trademark Laws, before and after
completion of patenting or registration.
Dated      th day of                 , 2002
(c) By :
(d) Name :
     Title :

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