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					    Training for Local People and Mason for Safer Construction
         Organized By: DKC Bagh, VKC Mallot & STAR

 Date:                  Feb 23, 2007
 Time:                  10:00-13:00 Hrs
 Participants:          Local People and Masons
 No. Of participants: 25
 Resource person:       Mr. Shakeel (President STAR Foundation).
 Venue:                 Sahara Children Academy Mallot.
         This training conducted for local people and mason to understand safer
 construction. In Mallot, any departments are not in charge of private houses or buildings.
 In this village, some masons have not been taken any training for safer construction against
 earthquake. Even after the earthquake (2005), some houses were built by non-trained
         Owners cannot identify whether such houses are safer against earthquake or not. In
 addition, any evaluation system of construction cannot be seen in village level. If we
 consider sustainability of safer construction in village level, local people should have
 fundamental knowledge of safer construction and ability to identifying safer or not as well
 as masons. In this training, damaged buildings, houses and newly constructed buildings
 used as demonstration materials.        It was useful for participants to understand the
 vulnerability of buildings or houses.
        To make participants to understand types of buildings and houses damages
        To make participants to realize importance of safer construction
        To make masons to understand how to construct safer houses
        To make a link between local people and local masons
        To make strategy for safer construction in village level

 Module               Overview
 Module 1             Most of deaths were caused by collapse of houses or buildings.
                      Following are objectives of this module;
 Building damages     ・ Participants understand types of buildings and houses damages
 caused by the        ・ Participants realize importance of safer construction
 earthquake of
 2005 and
 importance of
 safer construction
 Module 2             Following factors should be considered to understand safer
                      housing. These factors are referred from the poster made by
Factors for safer ERRA, NSET-Nepal, UN HABITAT, and other organizations.
house construction ・ Site Selection
against earthquake ・ Shape of house
                   ・ Foundation
                   ・ Plinth
                   ・ Walls
                   ・ Doors & Windows
                   ・ Vertical Reinforcement in Walls
                   ・ Horizontal Bands and Corner Strengthening
                   ・ Roof
                   ・ Materials
Module 3           A field visit was arranged for participants and resource persons.
                   Following were the activities;
Field visit        ・ To find damaged houses or buildings
                   ・ To discuss how people should take measures for safer
                       construction after earthquake.
Module 4           Participants should discuss following theme;
                   ・ Who built houses before the earthquake? Were they trained?
Group Discussion ・ Who built houses after the earthquake? Were they trained?
                   ・ Who should train mason?
                   ・ How to find trained masons in village level

Module 1: Building damages of earthquake 2005:
       In villages Mallot, mostly masons have not been taken any training for safer
construction against earthquakes. Even after the earthquake 2005, non-trained masons built
some houses. In this module different damaged buildings and houses shown to the
participants on slides and explained why these buildings collapsed. In this module
participants learnt about the importance of safer construction. It is also clear that most of
the deaths during earthquake occurred due to the unsafe constructions and in future disaster
could be reduced through safer constructions. Participants also suggested that in October
2005’s earthquake the buildings were unsafe, they still feel in their minds the voices of
people under the buildings especially the voices of children in schools buildings. So
through safer construction we can reduce disaster.
Module 2: Factors for safer house construction against earthquake:
In this module Mr. Shakeel (DKC Bagh) & Mr. Ejaz (VKC Mallot) proposed different
factors for safer construction against earthquake. They explained with the help of slides
these factors: Site Selection, Shape of house, Foundation, Plinth, Walls, Doors & Windows,
Vertical Reinforcement in Walls, Horizontal Bands and Corner Strengthening, Roof and
Materials. They explained the importance of these factors one by one. Participants learnt
form this many things about safer house. Especially masons took much interest in this
module and these modules helped them a lot for future safer construction. Now locals can
ask the masons where he is wrong. So it is very beneficial to arrange such trainings for
local people and masons.
Module 3: Field visit:
In this module resource persons arranged a field visit. Participants visited many damaged
buildings. During visit expert masons explained the causes of buildings damage and also
gave suggestions that how to reduce such type of losses in future. During this visit
participants were also shown an under-construction model house according to module 2, to
enable them for their better understandings.

 How can people find trained masons in village level?
 ・ There should be an organization in village, which has all records of all trained
   masons. Like RDO.
 ・ Such masons should be called for safer constructions.
 Who should train the masons?
 ・ Government should provide this training at accessible place.
 ・ NGO’s should also play their role in such trainings.
 ・ There should be a department, which proved training to some masons.
 ・ The trained masons should provide training in their villages for others.
 ・ Training should provide by expert engineers.

 Is it useful for local people to train with masons for safer construction?

 ・   Yes it is very useful for local people and masons.
 ・   Practical training is necessary for masons and theory is sufficient for local people.
 ・   For combine training there should be a good combination with owner and masons.
 ・   For general awareness it is essential to train locals along with masons.

 Whether such types of trainings are required for future? If so, why?

 ・ Such types of trainings should be in continuation for a long time because:
     ♦ A vast area is damaged.
     ♦ Millions of people are affected.
     ♦ the areas which were developed in more than half of century, could not be
      rebuild in a few                     months or few years.
 ・ The future training programmes should be arranged on the basis of the
   constructions of those countries, which frequently experience such disasters (such
   as JAPN, INDONESIA etc), and they combat the losses by modern constructions.

Name                     Telephone               Address                 Jab
M.Sajid Khan             03455640769             Mallot                  Lecturer
S.Yawar Abbass           03459715652             Chatter No.2 Bagh       Star (Org.)
M.Sadiq Khan                                     Mallot                  Mason
M.Nasir Khan             03215637087             Mallot                  Mason
Abdul Waheed Khan                                Mallot                  Mason
Mukhtar Shah             03465248303             Mallot                  Mason
Kamran Nazar             03025486299             Mallot                  Reporter
Sagheer Ahmed            03028449523             Mallot                  Mason
Shoket Ahmed             03005512368             Mallot                  Mason
M.Shakeel Khan                                   Mallot                  Mason
M.Khursheed Khan         03215649951             Mallot                  Mason
M.Naseem Khan            03455272805             Mallot                  Mason
M.Sagheer Khan                                   Mallot                  Mason
M.Khursheed Khan                                 Mallot                  Common
Zain Akber Khan                                  Mallot                  Common
Mumtaz Khan                                      Mallot                  Common
Ejaz Ahmed                      Mallot   Supervisor
M.Farooq Mallot                 Mallot   Mason
M.Abbass          03345117176   Mallot   Mason
M.Zabir                         Mallot   Mason
Khan M.Khan                     Mallot   Shopkeeper
M.Akhter                        Mallot   Mason
M.Ibrham                        Mallot   Mason
M.Perwaz                        Mallot   Mason
M.Kabeer Khan                   Mallot   Mason

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