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									                                  TERMS OF REFERENCE

on civil and erection works and purchase of materials to replace windows of a block of flats in
the framework of the pilot project «Renovation and thermal modernization of the block of flats
in Karaganda city, House No.26, Mustafin Street, Kazybek-bi district».

Project Name                          No. 00074950, UNDP / GEF project “Energy Efficient
                                      Design and Construction of Residential Buildings”

Type of Contract                        Contract for civil works

Place of Work                          House No.26, Mustafin-street, Kazybek-bi district
                                       Karaganda city

Duration                                3 months


       Long term goal of the UNDP/GEF project is the reduction of greenhouse gases emission
in the residential sector of Kazakhstan by increasing the energy efficiency of new residential
       Framework of the project includes the following components:
1. Improved enforcement, implementation and enhanced monitoring procedures of mandatory
construction norms, building energy codes, rating system, and energy efficiency.
2. Standardization and certification of energy efficient construction materials and its
3. Education and outreach to promote energy efficient design, applying best practices and
4. Demonstrate the application of energy efficient building design.

    In accordance with the reference of the Government/ UNDP/GEF Project “Energy efficient
Design and Construction of Residential Buildings” in the scope of the Component part 4
«Demonstration of the energy-efficient Design, Construction and Renovation of Residential
Buildings» it is stipulated to collaboratively implement some pilot projects on renovation and
rebuilding of the blocks of flats with the aim to demonstrate the possibilities to increase energy-
efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gases emission in the residential sector.
    According to the record of extraordinary meeting of the Project Operating Committee a
decision was made to approve participation of the Government/ UNDP/GEF Project “Energy
efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings” in thermal modernization and
rebuilding of the block of flats in Karaganda city, house No.26, Mustafin-street, Kazybek-bi
   Successful implementation of this pilot project on energy-efficient renovation of the
residential building will further allow to replicate this experience and gained lessons in other
parts of the country including in the framework of the State Program of housing and communal
services modernization in collaboration with the other UNDP/GEF projects.


       Demonstration of economic, social and environmental benefits from application of
energy-efficient and energy-saving events by rebuilding of residential block of flats.
General information:

Address of the project: house No.26, Mustafin Street, Kazybek-bi district, Karaganda city
Climatic zone: Karaganda city, Central Kazakhstan
Type of construction: block of flats
Year of building: 1959
Number of floors: 3+basement
Number of flats: 25
Number of entrances: 4
Number of premises: 284
Physical depreciation of the building: 40%
Material of walls: brick

Glazing area: 260,6 m2
Type of windows: with double wooden frames (42%) double-pane glasses (58%).

Project Profile:

         The residential house has three floors, basement and attic floor rooms. There are four
entrances in the house, each contains from 5 to 7 flats. In the house there are 25 flats in total,
there is a shop on the ground floor.
         The material of walls is brick, on the outside there is plastering, which is ruined in some
areas. All entrances are equipped with pair of doors, the first ones are metallic without heat
insulation, the second ones are wooden.
 The entrance windows are glazed but of unsatisfactory condition.
 In all entrances there are exits into the attic floor rooms that are closed by wooden roof traps.
Glazing of the house is of two types: double wooden windows and double- pane glasses.
In the basement there are fan windows that are partly closed.
In the basement there are four entrances that are located in the porches of the house and equipped
with doors.

Description of works and materials for purchase:

 No.                           Description                                   Specification
  1     Window assemblies in sets with delivery to the place of
        External and internal windowcill boards with delivery to
        the place of work;
        Finishing materials for execution of finishing works of
        external slopes by plastic panels and with delivery to the
        place of work.
                                                                      Technical specification is
   2    Dismantling works – dismantling of window units,
                                                                      described in Appendix 1
        -dismantling of windows blocks;
        -dismantling of external cills from galvanized still;
        -dismantling of internal windowcill boards;
        - loading and removal of dismantling windows blocks,
        cills and windowcills by auto transports.

   3    Installation works –installation of window units,
        -installation of window blocks with processing of joints
        by polyurethane foam throughout the perimeter; -
        installation of external cills;
        -installation of windowcills;
        - plastering of external and internal slopes.

Coordination of works:

       General coordination of works is carried out in cooperation with the Inspector of works.

Payment conditions:

       Payment under current contract will be transferred to the account of the contractor after
authorization of results by UNDP/GEF Project Manager and submission of schet-factura in
accordance with accomplished scope of work. Payment is done in three installments: 20% -
advance payment, 30% - after delivery of materials and dismantling works, 50% - after
accomplishment of the whole scope of work under the ToR and signing of Act of acceptance.

Job specifications to the Contractor:

       1) Contractor must have civil legal capacity to make economic contracts;
       2) The company must be financially reliable, not to be liable to liquidation, not to be
       distrained, its finances and business operations must not be stopped in accordance with
       the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
       3) The company must have all necessary consent documents for work (state license).
       4) Contractor must provide warranty on the delivered constructions for at least 3 years
       and maintenance of installed constructions for at least 1 year.
        5) All delivered constructions and materials used when they are installed must be
        6) Work experience of Contractor in the service market must be at least 3 years.

Requirements to registration and application for the tender:

         To participate in the tender on execution of works and materials purchase it is necessary
to submit the following documents:
        1) Official application letter stamped by the organization specifying the list of documents
to be submitted (commercial offer);
        2) Detailed information about company/organization;
        3) Letter confirming financial capability of the company/organization and information
about its financial activities;
        4) Copy of a memorandum of association;
        5) Notarized copy of a legal entity’s State Registration Certificate;
        6) Active consent documents (licenses and etc.) for all works listed in the part
“Description of
           works” of the Specification;
        7) List of the previously performed appropriate works indicating the contractor (in free
format or in a table);
        8) Action Plan to perform all types of work according to Terms of reference (schedule of
materials and constructions delivery, operation schedule on site);
        9) References from 2 building owners/customers;
        6) Confirmation of guarantee for the materials to be delivered not less than 3 years;
       11) Costs calculation for the materials and works in accordance with Local cost
estimation template (submission of financial proposal should comply the requirements stated in
Request for quotations).

       Term of application: 15 February, 2012

        Application must be sent in the sealed envelope in compliance with requirements for
application to the tender, noting « Tender: Replacement of the window constructions of the
block of flats in the framework of the pilot project «Rebuilding and thermal modernization
of the block of flats in Karaganda city, House No.26, Mustafin Street, Kazybek-bi district»
addressed to the name indicated on the request on quotation.
                                                                                            Appendix 1
                                         Technical Specification
of work types and volumes to hold a tender in the framework of the pilot project: ««Rebuilding and
thermal modernization of the block of flats in Karaganda city, house No.26, Mustafin-street, Kazybek-bi

Наименование       Кол-во        Кол-во Кол-во      Кол-во   Площадь,   Примечание
                  окон, шт.    балконныхстеклоп москитных       м2
                                выходов,акетов, сеток, шт.
                                  шт.     шт.
Квартира №1             4                                  4       7,6
Квартира №2             2                                  2         4
Квартира №3             4                                  4     9,711
Квартира №4             4                                  4      7,41
Квартира №5             3                                  3      6,11
Квартира №6             1                                  1      2,22
Квартира №7             4                                  4     9,728
Квартира №8             3                                  3      7,41
Квартира №9             4            1                     4      11,5
Квартира №10            4                                  4      7,85
Квартира №11            5                                  5        10
Квартира №12            4                                  4      7,85   Количество
Квартира №13            5            1                     5      11,9 подоконников,
Квартира №14            3                                  3     9,728    сливов и
Квартира №15            3                                  3       6,2    откосов в
Квартира №16            3                                  3      6,26 соответствии с
Квартира №17            1            1                     0       3,3
Квартира №18            1            1                     1       3,3
Квартира №19            1            1        4            1       6,2
Квартира №20            5                                  5     11,35
Квартира №21            5                                  5     10,64
Квартира №22            5                                  5   11,345
Квартира №23            0            0        0            0         0
Квартира №24            5                                  5   11,345
Квартира №25            4            1                     4     11,35
Магазин                13                                  9        55
Всего                  96            6        4           91   249,31
1. Оконные и дверные балконные блоки должны соответствовать требованиям действующих
нормативных технических документов в РК.
2. Для оконных и дверных балконных блоков приведенное сопротивление теплопередаче Ror
не должно быть ниже нормируемого значения сопротивления теплопередаче, Roreq = 0,6
3. Цвет оконных и дверных балконных блоков – белый.

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