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Timeline by gegeshandong


									1. Draw a timeline all the way across the folder as it is opened up. Use a ruler to
make your line level and straight.

2. In even increments (spaced evenly apart), place markers and label the following
years: 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783. (The mark for
1779 should be in the center of the folder if you place the years correctly.)

3. You will place major events outside of SC above the line and major events in SC
below the line. Write small and neatly, as some events are close to each other.

4. Events outside South Carolina (you will have to find the dates!):
    Lexington and Concord
    Second Continental Congress meets
    British leave Boston
    Declaration of Independence signed
    Washington loses NY
    Trenton and Princeton (victory)
    Saratoga (victory)
    Valley Forge
    Yorktown (victory)
    Treaty of Paris 1783

5. Events in South Carolina (find the dates before you place them!):
    Sullivan’s Island/ Ft. Moultrie (victory)
    Seige and fall of Charles Town (defeat)
    Waxhaws (defeat)
    Camden (defeat)
    King’s Mountain (victory)
    Cowpens (victory)
    Sumter and Marion lead partisan bands

6. Cut out the pictures of places on the hand out. Identify the battle or picture.
7. Glue the following below the timeline. Write the following labels for each:
    Major battles in SC: cut out, place stars where the battles occurred. Glue to
      folder and label the stars.
    Palmetto flag
    Sullivan’s Island/Ft. Moultrie
    Camden
    King’s Mountain
    Cowpens

8. Find out which battle each of the following captions should go with. Under the
title of the battle, place these captions:
    British forces leave SC
    British take control of SC
    Turning point of war in the South
    Sgt. Jasper: Don’t let’s fight without our flag!”
    Palmetto tree represents the battle of Ft. Moultrie
    Tarleton’s Quarter!

9. Place the following pictures above the timeline and label:
    Declaration of Independence
    Trenton
    Saratoga
    Valley Forge
    Yorktown

10. Which caption fits each picture? Using your textbook, match the captions with
the pictures and place the captions under each picture.
    Difficult, harsh winter for Washington and troops
    July 4, 1776
    Cornwallis surrenders to Washington
    Turning point of war; French become allies
    Restored soldiers’ belief they could win

  11. Give the timeline a label and DECORATE the pages.

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