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									                               Academic Council
                              Terms of Reference


With the Vice President, Academic, Academic Council oversees, plans and
reviews college-wide academic changes, policy, procedures and directions.
Academic Council highlights decisions that need to be made, makes
recommendations and provides advice to the Vice President, Academic on
issues affecting teaching and learning at Sheridan.


      2 faculty members selected by each school
      3 Deans selected by the VPA/Deans/Associate Deans
      Registrar or Designate
      2 students selected by the Student Union from year 2 or 3 of a program
      2 academic support (e.g. Student Services, IT, HR/Finance)
      Ex Officio (non-voting member) Vice President, Academic and/or Chair
       EPPR or Designate

Total – 21

Term of Members

After the first year (1998-99), members who are employees serve for two years.
Students may serve for one or two years. Membership is staggered and
members are selected in May with voting responsibilities beginning in August.

Roles and Responsibilities

Members advise, make decisions and recommendations within the best interest
of Sheridan. While they bring the perspective of different groups within Sheridan,
they are not expected to be representatives of those groups. Members serve as
part of their professional contribution to Sheridan. Members are most successful
when they participate actively, communicate with others and provide a route for
groups to provide information to the Council. It is expected that all members will
be supportive of decisions made by Council.
Chair’s Role and Responsibilities

The Chair of Academic Council is selected by the membership to serve for one
term only of one or two years. The Chair is selected in June and assumes the
role in August. The Chair is responsible for calling scheduled and special
meetings of Academic Council, the agenda and the record. The Chair, or
designate, is expected to provide efficient and effective leadership within a
collegial and open environment. The Chair sets agenda items with the VP
Academic and input from the membership. The Chair is responsible for
membership and appropriate membership changes and orientation.


Academic Council meets for two hours per month and when special meetings are
called by the Chair.


A quorum consists of ten voting members. All Academic Council meetings are
open. The Chair may declare a meeting “in camera” under unusual
circumstances. Reports and motions for the agenda must be distributed to the
members one week before the meeting to provide sufficient preparation for
discussion and action. All reports and request for decisions and action must
include clearly stated motions and recommendations. These should be finalized
with the Chair before the motion is brought to the Council. Roberts Rules of
Order are the basis for proceedings. Voting is therefore the basis for decision
making. Observers and presenters are welcome and will be acknowledged by
the Chair. Appropriate times for observers comments will be determined by the


Secretariat support for Academic Council is provided by the Office of the Vice
President, Academic. Agendas, minutes and the record of meetings and action
are posted on the Sheridan website. They are also available from the Office of
the Vice President, Academic.

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