Inferences by dfhdhdhdhjr



John is walking through the
hallway. He has a towel on his
neck. He is wearing a bathrobe.
He enters the bathroom.

A.   He   just had a shower
B.   He   is going to shave
C.   He   is having a bath
D.   He   is killing the ants in the bathroom

It is Thursday afternoon. Joe is
10 years old. He is looking for a
dictionary. He has some papers
in his hand and a pencil. There
is a stack of books on the table
A.   Joe   is   going out
B.   Joe   is   having a birthday party soon
C.   Joe   is   doing his homework
D.   Joe   is   in the spelling bee contest

It is Saturday afternoon. Matthew is
in the bathroom. He screams” Has
anyone seen the Hair spray?” He
just took a shower and seems to be
in a hurry.
A.   Matthew is going to watch T.V.
B.   Matthew is going to have breakfast
C.   Matthew is going to the movies
D.   Matthew might sit down to finish his
     science project
  It is Wednesday afternoon. Rosa just
  finished her homework, and had a
  phone conversation with a friend.
  She is in the backyard getting her
  bike ready.
A. Rosa will finish her bike business and watch
B. Rosa will now play in the backyard
C. Rosa remembered she had tons of

D. Rosa will go out on her bike with a friend
It is Sunday morning. Mary just
had a shower and is combing
her hair. Her mom tells her to
hurry or they’ll be late.

A.   Mary   is   going   to   school
B.   Mary   is   going   to   Las Vegas
C.   Mary   is   going   to   church
D.   Mary   is   going   to   a dairy farm
It is 7:45 A.M. Monday
morning. Robert just got
up and is looking for his
A.   Robert   is going to the dentist
B.   Robert   is going to be late to school
C.   Robert   is not in a hurry
D.   Robert   usually gets up very early
It is summer. Aaron is
wearing trunks. He is
looking for a towel, and
runs out to the back yard.
A.   John   lost his shirt
B.   John   is being chased by some one
C.   John   is playing hide and go seek
D.   John   is going into the pool
Pete has an apple in his hand. It
is Tuesday 7:00 A.M. He is
looking for a paper bag. He
opens the refrigerator.

A.   Pete is hungry
B.   Pete doesn’t like apples
C.   Pete will make his lunch
D.   Pete is going to throw the apple back
     in the refrigerator
Jenny is all dressed up. She sits
at the table for breakfast.
Suddenly her brother spills the
milk. All her dress gets wet.

A.   She   will   go to her room crying
B.   She   will   change her dress
C.   She   will   finish her breakfast
D.   She   will   serve herself more milk
Tom is in second base.
Brent just batted. The ball
is going far. Brent runs.

A.   Brent is going to get the ball
B.   Tom is going to get the ball
C.   Tom is shooting for a homerun
D.   Brent is disappointed

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