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					Volume 54 ‐ Issue 1               JAN | FEB | MAR 2012                         Official Magazine of APSA of Illinois 


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                                                   Mission Statement
                        The mission of APSA of Illinois is to provide communications, education,
                       legislative and regulatory advocacy and group purchasing of services for its
                           members while promoting the motor vehicle aftermarket industry.
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  Executive Vice President
  Suzanne McLean                             APSA of Illinois Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
  suzanne@apsail.com                         EVP Message, Suzanne McLean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
  Marsha Fogleman                            2011-2012 APSA of Illinois Board of Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
  Product Services Manager                   Legislative Update
  Bill Richards
  bill@apsail.com                            Under the Dome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
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  Sue Brookman
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  Suzanne McLean
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 New Year’s Day, APSA of Illinois office closed
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 January 18
 APSA of Illinois Board Meeting, Springfield                                                Advertising Rates . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7
 May 28                                                                                     Farley Insurance. . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12
 Memorial Day, APSA of Illinois office closed                                               Legal Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12
 June                                                                                       Qualified Processing Service . . . Page 15
 APSA of Illinois Board Meeting, Springfield
                                                                                            Federated Insurance. . . . . . Pages 10 & 17
 July 4
                                                                                            401(k) Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 18
 Independence Day, APSA of Illinois office closed
                                                                                            SuperFleet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 19

2     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012         Volume 54 - Issue 1

 President’s Message
  It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that
Penny Bagby was hitting me up to join the
Association. Believe me, for every reason he was                              2011 - 2012 Board of Directors
telling me to join I was coming back and making
excuses not to join. After about five or six visits,
and through his persistence, I finally decided that
the only way I would get him to leave me alone
was to go ahead and join. For the first year or so, I have to admit I        Alan Martin
was probably looking for reasons not to pay the next membership              Martin's Automotive Center, Mt. Vernon
renewal instead of really learning more about the Association and
what it does to help our industry. Maybe a better way of stating it          Vice President
would be, when laws that legislators would try to pass that might            John Rice, Jr.
make us do without, our Association stands up and voices our                 The Jopac Companies, Bloomington
  Over the years of being a board member, and now going through the
chairs of APSA of Illinois, I have really learned a lot more of the behind   Jeffery M. Dust, Dust & Son Auto
the scenes things that APSA of Illinois does to help our industry. I wish      Supplies, LP, Effingham
there was an easy way to convey all the things APSA of Illinois does for
those repair shops and parts store owners that may be where I was
before joining. This has been the hurdle we have been fighting for many      Daniel DeMichele
years now; and there is no easy way to make them understand without
                                                                             Sunnyside Parts Warehouse, Chicago
them getting involved and learning for themselves.
  Penny and I have talked many times over the years and as he has            Earl Flack
explained to me, he knew I would be very good for the Association if         McKay NAPA Auto Parts, Inc., Litchfield
he could just convince me of that. It really did take a lot for him to do
that. Now since I have gotten more involved and know some of the             Brian C. Funk
things that go on at the state level, (especially when Jay explains it       Don’s Parts House, Mascoutah
where we can understand) I really do get fired up and at least try to
do something to make a difference. As I have said before, I really do        Steven Rennison
not understand how some people can sit back and voice their                  The Auto Shop, Carbondale
concerns about things happening that affect their businesses so
                                                                             Nigel Thompson
much without getting involved.
                                                                             Rend Lake College, Ina
  Hopefully, this is a call to action for those shops or parts store
owners that may be on the fence, because the more we get involved,           Past President
and the more numbers we represent the more we are heard, and                 Clinton “Wain” Taylor
together we can make a difference. The growing of our Association,           Mac-Weld, Inc., Carbondale
and working together is more important than it ever has been in the
past, due to financial condition of our state. I am sure we will be
seeing a lot of changes over the coming years as they will be
dreaming up ways to increase their revenues. I ask you please don’t be
like I was for that period of time that Penny was working hard to get me
into the APSA of Illinois. As we really need your help to get involved and
make a difference, together we can do many things to make this industry
what I feel it should be.
Respectfully yours,

Al Martin
Martin’s Automotive Center
(618) 242-2200 or email me at:

                                                                         JAN | FEB | MAR 2012     Volume 54 - Issue 1      3 
    Executive Vice President - Suzanne McLean

                         As we begin 2012, it important to       almost 95,000 people in nearly 10,000 aftermarket
                       take time to look back over the past      business establishments in Illinois. The aftermarket
                       year and lay the foundation for the       employees in motor vehicle parts manufacturing,
                       work that is ahead of us this next        wholesalers of Parts and Supplies, parts stores,
                       year.                                     accessories stores, Tire Stores, and automotive repair
                                                                 and maintenance equates to approximately 1.6% of our
                         During the 2011 legislative year,       state's total workforce. These businesses are home to
                       which included an extended veto           almost 11,000 vehicles registered in our state. The
                       session, our Association worked for       annual aftermarket sales in Illinois total nearly $12
                       improvements in our state’s business      billion.
    environment. Our membership was represented during
    discussions regarding workers’ compensation reform,            I invite you to join this important initiative to reach
    unemployment insurance, and a variety of other issues.       legislators in every district in Illinois. We hope you will
    See the Under the Dome article in this issue by our          unite with us and be a part of the solution in 2012 by
    lobbyist, Jay Shattuck, for more information about new       participating in your district. APSA of Illinois will be
    laws for 2012.                                               sending you regular updates on this program, including
                                                                 suggested activities to engage your legislator on a local
      The Association hosted its 53rd APSA of Illinois           level. The program’s goal is to increase the recognition
    Annual Meeting this past October at the President            by state policymakers of the major positive economic and
    Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center,                 consumer benefits generated by the automotive
    Springfield, Illinois. The Slate of Officers and Directors   aftermarket parts and service industry. This is an
    for 2011-2012 was presented by the Nominating                exciting time to become involved and play an active role
    Committee, and the official election and installation was    in ensuring that your issues and concerns are raised at
    completed. I look forward to working with these Officers     the highest levels within our state government.
    and Directors over this next year as we address issues
    affecting our members and the industry.                        As we turn our attention to what 2012 will bring for
                                                                 the Association and its membership, you can remain
      This past November, I was able to attend Industry          confident that APSA of Illinois will continue to work on
    Week in Las Vegas, Nevada and I represented APSA of          your behalf. We look forward to working with each of you
    Illinois at the Alliance of State Automotive Aftermarket     over the next year, invite your feedback, and input on
    Associations (ASAAA) two-day meeting. This was my            the work that we do.
    first opportunity to experience the Automotive
    Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX) with thousands of             Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2012.
    U.S. and international exhibitors, educational learning
    forums, and product demonstrations. One forum of great
    interest to me discussed how the aftermarket businesses
    are being affected by each state’s legislature, and how
    legislative and regulatory agendas can quickly impact an
    industry business in a multitude of ways.
      Over the next year, we will expand our work in
    government relations by participating in ASAAA’s
    Legislator Awareness and Education Program. This
    builds upon what APSA of Illinois is already doing by
    inviting our membership to actively participate. We will
    continue to provide high quality advocacy for our
    industry with the general public, legislators, the media
    and other key stakeholders, but also invite you to
    become involved. The aftermarket industry as a whole
    can educate legislative bodies regarding the value and
    importance that aftermarket replacement parts and
    services contribute to the economy and motoring public.
    APSA of Illinois members can work to promote and
    protect their interest in our state’s government affairs
                                                                                 Greg Williams Moves On
                                                                 Former Membership Consultant, Greg Williams, has
      There are many reasons why we want to educate              moved on from APSA of Illinois. Greg’s last day with the
    Illinois legislators on the automotive aftermarket           Association was October 14, 2011.
    industry, as well as why legislators will want to listen.
    One obvious reason is that Illinois’ aftermarket industry    We wish him the best in his future endeavors and
    is vital to the state's economy. Our industry employs        appreciate the time that he spent with our Association.

4      JAN | FEB | MAR 2012      Volume 54 - Issue 1 
                                                                                           “Under The Dome”
                        Primary Elections Just Around            twenty-eight Democrat primaries, seventeen Republican
                        the Corner                               primaries, and twenty-one open seats. Democrat
                                                                 incumbents with opposition are: Acevedo (Chicago);
                           Illinois likely will not play much
                                                                 Arroyo (Chicago); Berrios (Chicago); Colvin (Chicago);
                        of a role in the 2012 nomination of
                                                                 M. Davis (Chicago); Dunkin (Chicago); Hernandez
                        the two party’s respective
                                                                 (Chicago); Jefferson (Rockford); Lilly (Chicago); Madigan
                        nominees. President Obama has no
                                                                 (Chicago); Riley (Chicago); Rita (Blue Island); D. Smith
                        challenge to his re-election within
                                                                 (Chicago); Thapedi (Chicago); Verschoore (Milan) and
                        his party and the March 20th
                                                                 Zalewski (Chicago). Sitting Republicans with races in
primary election in Illinois is late enough that there is a
                                                                 March include: Brown (Blue Mound); Eddy (Hutsonville);
good chance that one of the republican candidates very
                                                                 Evans (Collinsville); Gaffney (Barrington Hills); Osmond
well will have the nomination locked up. But then again,
                                                                 (Antioch) and Sommer (Morton). Of the 118 House
there is no clear front-runner for the republican
                                                                 districts, it appears sixty-seven incumbents are likely to be
nomination and the issue may not be decided by March
                                                                 reelected in the fall. The House too will see nearly half of
20th and a narrower republican field may be scrambling
                                                                 its ranks filled with new individuals.
for delegates in states like Illinois.
                                                                   With so many primaries and most of them being contests
  Along with the republican nominee for President being
                                                                 that determine who will serve in the next General
undecided, the redistricting of Illinois’ Congressional map
                                                                 Assembly, it is important for APSA of Illinois and its
as of mid-December is still in the hands of the federal
                                                                 members to engage in the primary elections. Get involved
courts. There is a chance that the court could remand the
                                                                 and help the candidate of your choice. If you need guidance,
case to the Illinois General Assembly and that Democrats
                                                                 call APSA of Illinois and find out how your lawmakers
would need to work with Republicans to get a map
                                                                 rated with us on issues important to our members and the
approved since a three-fifths vote would be necessary in
                                                                 automotive aftermarket industry. If you are not satisfied
both the House and Senate to have a map in place by the
                                                                 with the direction coming out of our State Capitol, now is
end of 2011. More probable is that the court will make
                                                                 the time to help change the decision-makers who impact
some adjustments itself to address those issues and
                                                                 the jobs climate and the quality of life.
district lines that the court believes violates the law. As it
stands, now a number of Congressional candidates have            New Laws for 2012
been thrown into the same district and several republican
                                                                 Tax law changes: During the extended veto session,
freshmen will be facing tough reelection. Also, former
                                                                 lawmakers sent to the Governor SB397, which he is
state senator and congresswoman Debbie Halvorson is
                                                                 expected to sign into law. Key changes for APSA of Illinois
taking on Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the Democrat
                                                                 members in that proposal is the expansion of the
primary. We will have more on how some of these races
                                                                 inheritance tax exemption to $4 million by 2014 and the
shape up as the districts get finalized and all the
                                                                 restoration of up to $100,000 per year of net loss carry
candidates get filed.
                                                                 forwards. Also, all tax exemptions and credits are to be
  State legislative races are more definitive as the court       extended an additional five years.
has upheld the map that was signed into law by the
                                                                 Unemployment Insurance: Illinois joins 20 other states
Governor. As approved, the state legislative districts
                                                                 where employers will pay an additional 0.3% on the first
heavily favor the reelection of Democrat incumbents and
                                                                 $7,000 of 2011 wages per employee. The higher rate is
is creating havoc for Republicans, especially in the Senate
                                                                 caused by Illinois' failure to repay the outstanding federal
primary elections. A number of Senate Republicans are
                                                                 UI loan to unemployment insurance benefits by the
facing primary opponents. Another factor is that a larger
                                                                 11/10/2011 due date. The additional federal FUTA tax will
than usual number of incumbent lawmakers have decided
                                                                 be due the end of January 2012. However, Public Act 97-
not to run for reelection creating a number of open seats.
                                                                 621 which was effective in November makes extensive
Of the fifty-nine Senate districts, there are seventeen
                                                                 financial changes to Illinois’ unemployment insurance
Democrat primaries and fifteen republican primaries. Of
                                                                 system which long term will reduce employer
those, eleven Democrat senators face opposition:
                                                                 unemployment insurance taxes and avoid future FUTA
Clayborne (Belleville); A. Collins (Chicago); Crotty
                                                                 penalties. APSA of Illinois members will see some progress
(Oak Forest); Forby (Benton); Hunter (Chicago); Jacobs
                                                                 and the agreement between business and labor interests is
(E. Moline); E. Jones (Chicago); Koehler (Pekin);
                                                                 better than if no changes to the law had been made. The
Landek (Bridgeview); Munoz (Chicago); and Noland
                                                                 new law resolves the unemployment insurance debt owed
(Elgin). Nine republican senators also have opponents,
                                                                 to the federal government and will see several new
some are running against each other: Cultra (Onarga);
                                                                 programs initiated by the Illinois Department of
Dillard (Hinsdale); C. Johnson (Shabbona); J. Jones
                                                                 Employment Security to significantly reduce the amount of
(Mt. Vernon); McCann (Springfield); McCarter
                                                                 overpayments that our system has allowed ($1.2 billion
(Lebanon); Pankau (Bloomingdale); Radogno (Lemont);
                                                                 over the past three years). A high priority was to bring
and Syverson (Rockford). In addition, there are a total of
                                                                 greater integrity to the payment of benefits by IDES. That
twelve districts where no incumbent senator is running.
                                                                 is being accomplished with enhanced IDES fiscal integrity
There could be as many as thirty new Senators sworn in
                                                                 provisions and reforms.
next January. That is unlikely to occur but both caucuses
will have a number of new faces.                                  Illinois is expected to end calendar year   (continued on page 6)

 As for the Illinois House of Representatives, there are                 JAN | FEB | NAR 2012       Volume 54 - Issue 1          5 
Under the Dome             (continued from page 5)

2011 with $2.4 billion in outstanding loans from the federal
government to cover state UI benefits that have exceeded
employer taxes the past few years. The federal government
charges over 4% interest on that debt. This past year, Illinois
employers paid over $70 million in interest to the federal
government for the UI loan. Under current law, State general
revenue funds would have to pay a 2012 interest payment
estimated at nearly $82 million. The total federal interest
liability is projected at over $240 million if no changes are made.
In addition, federal tax penalties that would eventually total
$1.2 billion kick in starting in 2012 raising taxes on all
employers– even those who have not lain off a single employee.
The agreement provides for Trust Fund solvency by 2018
through revenue bonding by the State and cuts interest liability
by two-thirds.
  Employers also will save over $400 million in unemployment                    Effingham, IL
insurance taxes through 2019. Nearly 50% of all Illinois
businesses, those with no history of layoffs in the past three
years, will see a reduction in their taxes as the minimum rate is
                                                                           Phone: (217) 342-2147
being set at zero and the fund-building rate is being frozen at
0.55%. Benefits will be reduced, pursuant to current law, from              www.dustandson.com
26 weeks to 25 weeks for one year. There will be a legislative
study of whether social security earnings should be excluded          Ask us for pricing on any model
from eligibility consideration. The study is to be completed with
a report to the General Assembly by December 31, 2012. A              of fluid management units by
number of Senate Republicans were concerned that additional
reforms to the UI system would not likely be considered again
until 2016. Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno                         Flo-Dynamics
(Lemont) passed SR 446, which creates the Illinois
Unemployment Insurance Reform Committee to study the                    “The Leader in Automotive
system of unemployment insurance benefits, trust fund
stability, and reforms that interested parties believe are            Fluid Management Equipment”
 Contact APSA of Illinois for a chart of the parameters that
will be used to calculate unemployment insurance rates in 2012
and beyond.                                                                            C-VAC3 Coolant
                                                                      TSD450 Fluid
Vehicle Inspections: PA 97-106 is effective February 1, 2012.                          Service Machine
It modifies the definitions of "malfunction indicator lamp" and       X-Changer
"on-board diagnostic system” and makes changes in the
categories of vehicles that are subject to vehicle emissions
inspection requirements. The new law deletes provisions
permitting the substitution of a steady-state idle exhaust gas
analysis and evaporative system integrity test for the on-board
diagnostic system test. HB 1093 also allows the substitution of a
visual inspection test for the on-board diagnostic test in certain
Antique Vehicles: PA 97-412, effective January 1, 2012,
permits the owner of a motor vehicle that is more than 25 years
of age or a bona fide replica thereof to register the vehicle as an
expanded-use antique vehicle.
Mercury Switches: PA 97-459, effective July 1, 2012, requires
scrap metal recyclers to remove all mercury switches from
accepted end-of-life vehicles before processing them for recycling
(instead of before processing them for recycling or within 14
days after receiving them, whichever is earlier). It also amends
the Mercury-added Product Prohibition Act to prohibit the sale
and distribution of mercury-containing rings, seals, and sensors.
           Jay Shattuck, Shattuck & Associates Consulting, Inc.
        Phone (217) 544-5490 email: jaydeeshattuck@gmail.com

6     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012       Volume 54 - Issue 1 
                                                                                                      Member Highlights

                                                                                Membership Anniversaries
     Advertise in the
  APSA of Illinois Magazine                                 30 Years
                                                            LeVan, Inc., Aurora
  The official magazine of APSA of Illinois is              Commercial Auto Supply, Inc., Chicago

published quarterly. Editorial content includes
coverage of APSA of Illinois sponsored meetings             10 Years
and events, legislative issues, topics related to the       Kelly Sauder Rupiper Equipment, Streator
automotive aftermarket industry and member
company’s. We accept full-page, full-color                  Canton Carquest, Canton
advertisements as well as standard black and white
advertising.                                                5 Years
   APSA of Illinois Members receive 25% off                 Gage Park Auto Parts, Inc., Chicago
                published rates.
                                                            Congratulations and thank you for your continuous
(see advertising specifications below)                      support!
     Ad Type and Size                           * Rates
Full page - Full Color                    4 Issues
Outside Back cover ***                    $2,400.00
Trim size ** 8 1/2” w x 11” h

Full Page - black & white
7” w x 9 1/2“ h
                                          4 Issues
                                                                                 “On the Road” with Penny
Half-page - full color                    4 Issues                             Another year has come and gone and so many
Outside back cover***                     $1,350..00                        things have happened in the auto parts industry.
7” w x 4” h                                                                 There are more independent garages, more
                                                                            jobber chains, less independent jobbers, less body
Half-page - full color                    4 Issues
Horizontal 7” h                           $1,050.00                         shops and less car dealers. This means good
Vertical 3 1/2” w x 9 1/2” h                              operators who stay up on what the trend is at the present will have
                                                          the business. I have been in, or associated, with the auto parts
Half-page - black & white                 4 Issues        industry for 50 years and I would like to say I have helped many
Horizontal 7” h                           $825.00
Vertical 3 1/2” w x 9 1/2” h
                                                          people in that time. I can still help you and your business, if you
                                                          just ask.
Quarter - black & white                   4 Issues
3 1/2” w x 4” h                           $450.00           I'm happy to say that I signed into the Association the last two
                                                          APSA of Illinois Presidents nine years ago. Wain Taylor of Mac-
Business card - black & white             4 Issues        Weld, Inc. did a great job last year and Al Martin of Martin’s
3 1/2” w x 2” h                           $150.00         Automotive Center has started out this year with many great ideas
                                                          to improve our service to our members.
* Rates are per insertion
** Add on additional 1/4” for full-page bleed               Anyone in business, of any kind, needs help at some time to move
*** Call for availability                                 his business forward. That's what APSA of Illinois is all about; you
Get Connected Advertisement Deadlines                     can talk to members that have already tried different ideas that you
December 15 for January                                   might want to try. Through membership in APSA of Illinois you
March 10 for April                                        have access to legal services, more insurance or better insurance,
June 10 for July
September 15 for October                                  tracking the fuel consumption for your vehicles, credit card service,
                                                          401(k) program, website service, calendars, office supplies and
 Advertising Specifications                               invoices. You can stay updated on what policies might affect your
 All digital color and grayscale artwork must             business, your employees, or know what the EPA or OSHA rules are
 be supplied at 300 DPI. Line art must be                 without getting involved with them.
 supplied at 600 DPI. High-res PDF, TIFF and
 JPEG files are accepted. Images from the
                                                            We need your help in order for us to provide these services. If you
 web are NOT suitable for printing. All color             don't belong, please join. If you already belong, please use our
 artwork must be in CMYK mode, black and                  benefits. I hope everyone has a good and profitable new year.
 white artwork must be in either grayscale or
 bitmap mode. RBG mode artwork is not                     Penny Bagby, Membership Consultant, phone (618) 922-3656 or
 accepted and if supplied will be converted to            email me at sjb32577@myexcel.com
 CMYK mode, which will result in a color shift.
 All screen and printer fonts as well as linked
 images must be supplied if not embedded in
 the file.

                                                                            OCT | NOV | DEC 2011       Volume 53 - Issue 4        7 
 Member Issues

 U.S. Department of Labor Workplace Poster Requirements for Small
 Businesses and Other Employers
   Are you in compliance? Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by agencies within the U.S. Department of
 Labor require that posters or notices be posted in the workplace. The Department provides electronic copies of the
 required posters and some of the posters are available in languages other than English.
  Please note that posting requirements vary by statute; that is, not all employers are covered by each of the
 Department's statutes and thus may not be required to post a specific notice. For example, some small businesses may
 not be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act and thus would not be subject to the Act's posting requirements.
 For information on coverage, visit the Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Business (elaws) Poster
 Advisor. You may also contact the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, for assistance with these
 notice requirements.

                POSTER                             WHO MUST POST                     CITATIONS / PENALTY                   OTHER INFORMATION

 JOB SAFETY AND HEALTH                      Private employers engaged in a         Any covered employer failing       Employers in states operating
 PROTECTION                                 business affecting commerce.           to post the poster may be          OSHA-approved state plans
 Occupational Safety and Health             Does not apply to federal, state,      subject to citation and penalty.   should obtain and post the state’s
 Administration                             or political subdivisions of states.                                      equivalent poster.
 29 USC 657(c), 29 CFR 1903.2

 EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY               Entities holding federal contracts Appropriate contract sanctions         Post copies of the poster in
 IS THE LAW Office of Federal Contract      or subcontracts or federally       may be imposed for                     conspicuous places available to
 Compliance Programs                        assisted construction contracts of uncorrected violations.                employees, applicants for
 Executive Order 11246, as amended;         $10,000 or more; financial                                                employment, and representatives
 Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of   institutions which are issuing and                                        of labor organizations with which
 1973, as amended; 38 U.S.C. 4212 of the    paying agents for U.S. savings                                            there is a collective bargaining
 Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment         bonds and savings notes;                                                  agreement. Also, non construction
 Assistance Act of 1974, as amended; 41     depositories of federal funds or                                          contractors or subcontractors with
 CFR Chapter 60-l .42; 41 C.F.R 60-250.4    entities having government bills                                          50 or more employees and a
 (k); 4 1 C.F.R. 60-74 1.5(a)4              of lading.                                                                contract of $50,000 or more
                                            Please note that the EEOC* may                                            [otherwise required by 41 CFR 60-
                                            provide additional posting                                                2.1 (a)] should develop an equal
                                            requirements at Section 2000e-                                            opportunity policy as part of an
                                            10 [§711].                                                                affirmative action plan and post the
                                                                                                                      policy on company bulletin boards.
                                                                                                                      41 CFR 60-2.2 1 (a)(9).

 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)            Every private, federal, state and      No citations or penalties for      Any employer of employees to
 Minimum wage poster                        local government employer              failure to post.                   whom sec. 7 of the Fair Labor
 Wage and Hour Division                     employing any employee subject                                            Standards Act does not apply may
                                            to the Fair Labor Standards Act,                                          alter or modify the poster legibly to
 Specific posters for:                      29 USC 211, 29 CFR 516.4                                                  show that the overtime provisions
                                            posting of notices.                                                       do not apply.
 State & Local Gov't Employees (PDF)

 Employee Right for Workers with            Every employer having workers      No citations or penalties for          Where an employer finds it
 Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage Poster   employed under special             failure to post.                       inappropriate to post such a notice,
 Wage and Hour Division                     minimum wage certificates                                                 the employer may provide the
 29 CFR 525.14                              authorized by section 14(c) of the                                        poster directly to all employees
                                            Fair Labor Standards Act.                                                 subject to its terms.

 YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAMILY               Public agencies (including state,      Willful refusal to post may        Where an employer’s workforce is
 AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT                      local, and federal employers),         result in a civil money penalty    not proficient in English, the
 Wage and Hour Division                     public and private elementary          by the Wage and Hour               employer must provide the notice
 29 CFR 825.300, .402                       and secondary schools, as well         Division not to exceed $100 for    in the language the employee
                                            as private sector employers who        each separate offense.             speaks. The poster must be posted
                                            employ 50 or more employees in                                            prominently where it can be readily
                                            20 or more work weeks and who                                             seen by employees and applicants
                                            are engaged in commerce or in                                             for employment.
                                            any industry or activity affecting
                                            commerce, including joint
                                            employers and successors of
                                            covered employers.

                                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 9)

8     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012           Volume 54 - Issue 1 
Member Issues (continued from page 8)

Uniformed Services Employment        The full text of the notice must be    No citations or penalties for      Employers may provide the
and Reemployment Rights Act          provided by each employer to           failure to notify. An individual   notice by posting it where
(Notice for use by all employers.)   persons entitled to rights and         could ask USDOL to                 employee notices are
                                     benefits under USERRA.                 investigate and seek               customarily placed. However,
Veterans' Employment and Training                                           compliance, or file a private      employers are free to provide
Service                                                                     enforcement action to require      the notice in other ways that
38 U.S.C. 4334, 20 CFR 1002.                                                the employer to provide the        will minimize costs while
                                                                            notice to employees.               ensuring that the full text of
                                                                                                               the notice is provided (e.g., by
                                                                                                               distributing the notice by direct
                                                                                                               handling, mailing, or via
                                                                                                               electronic mail).

NOTICE: EMPLOYEE                     Any employer engaged in or             The Secretary of Labor can         The Act extends to all
POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT             affecting commerce or in the           bring court actions and assess     employees or prospective
Wage and Hour Division               production of goods for commerce.      civil penalties for failing to     employees regardless of their
29 CFR 801.6                         Does not apply to federal, state and   post.                              citizenship status. Foreign
                                     local governments, or to                                                  corporations operating in the
                                     circumstances covered by the                                              United Status must comply or
                                     national defense and security                                             will result in penalties for
                                     exemption.                                                                failing to post. The poster must
                                                                                                               be displayed where employees
                                                                                                               and applicants for employment
                                                                                                               can readily observe it.

NOTIFICATION OF EMPLOYEE             Federal contractors and                The sanctions, penalties, and      The notice, prescribed in the
RIGHTS UNDER FEDERAL                 subcontractors are required to post    remedies for noncompliance         Department of Labor's
LABOR LAWS                           the prescribed employee notice         with the notice requirements       regulations, informs employees
Office of Labor-Management           conspicuously in plants and offices    include the suspension or          of Federal contractors and
Standards                            where employees covered by the         cancellation of the contract       subcontractors of their rights
Executive Order 13496; 29 CFR Part   NLRA perform contract-related          and the debarring of Federal       under the NLRA to organize
471                                  activity, including all places where   contractors from future            and bargain collectively with
                                     notices to employees are               Federal contracts.                 their employers and to engage
                                     customarily posted both physically                                        in other protected concerted
                                     and electronically.                                                       activity. Additionally, the
                                                                                                               notice provides examples of
                                                                                                               illegal conduct by employers
                                                                                                               and unions, and it provides
                                                                                                               contact information to the
                                                                                                               National Labor Relations Board
                                                                                                               (www.nlrb.gov), the agency
                                                                                                               responsible for enforcing the

Illinois Department Of Labor Required Postings
Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws
(Required for all Illinois employers) This poster includes the information needed for Wage Payment and Collection Act, Child Labor
Law, Minimum Wage Law, Equal Pay Act, Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act and the One Day Rest in Seven Act. It is avail-
able on the Illinois Department of Labor web page (English)
Safety Inspection & Education Act and Health & Safety Act
(Required for all public sector employers) These laws provide workplace safety and health protections for public employees through
enforcement of occupational safety and health standards and education about safe working conditions and occupational hazards. This
poster is available on the Illinois Department of Labor web page (English) or by contacting the agency at:

   Workers’ Compensation Notice
   Unemployment Insurance Benefits Notice
   Emergency Care for Choking
   Smoke Free Illinois Act
For more information regarding required poster display, you can contact the following or call the Association office at (217) 786-2850.
   Illinois Department of Labor                                                     Illinois Department of Labor
   160 N. LaSalle Street, Suite C-1300                                              Safety Inspection & Education Division
   Chicago, IL 60601                                                                900 South Spring Street, Springfield, IL 62704
   312-793-2800                                                                     217-782-9386

                                                                                JAN | FEB | MAR 2012             Volume 54 - Issue 1           9
 Member News

Obituary: Ruth Helen Montigney

Ruth Helen Montigney
April 9, 1923 - October 13, 2011
Ruth Helen Montigney, 88,
Greenwood, passed away on Oct.
13, 2011. She was born April 9,
1923 in Chicago, IL to Lawrence
and Ruth (Johnson) Haworth.
Helen was a veteran of the US
Marines, serving during WW II,
where she met her husband Arthur
and shared 66 years of marriage.
She retired from the family
business, Erikson Automotive of which she co-owned in
Homewood, IL.
Helen’s husband, Arthur Montigney, is a past director of
AWOI/APSA of Illinois serving from 1973-1977 and Past
President of the Association serving 1978-1979. Helen
was selected to receive an Honorary Membership in the
Association in 1997.
A member of Risen Lord Lutheran Church in Greenwood,
she was a member of the Daughters of American
Revolution, the American Legion and a life member of
The Women Marines Association.
Survivors include her husband Arthur; children Bruce
(Lin) Montigney of Greenwood, Brian (Diana) Montigney
of Wilmette, IL, Beth (Jim) Walter of Oldsmar,FL;
grandchildren, Troy Montigney, Evan Montigney and
Dylan Montigney; and brother Lawrence Haworth.
She will be laid to rest at Skyline Memorial Park in
Monee, IL. G. H. Herrmann Greenwood Funeral Home is
handling the arrangements. Memorial contributions may
be made to Risen Lord Lutheran Church. Online
condolences may be shared with the family at

10     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012     Volume 54 - Issue 1 
                                                                                                              Member News

                                            2011-2012 APSA of Illinois Board of Directors

 (front row l-r) President Al Martin, Region 8 Director Brian Funk, Region 10 Director Steve Rennison, Vice President John Rice and
 Past President Wain Taylor. (back row l-r) Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Dust, Past Region 9 Director Dean Kinkelaar, Region 3 Director
 Dan DeMichele, Region 6 Director Earl Flack and Past Region 5 Director Mark Hagler. The 2011-2012 Board of Directors were
 elected at the 53rd Annual Meeting held at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Springfield, Illinois on October 14, 2011. We
 would like to thank our sponsor Federated Insurance for their generous sponsorship to allow the 53rd APSA of Illinois Annual
 Meeting to be held.

 2011 APSA of Illinois Annual                                                AGMERP Program Premium
 Meeting                                                                                 Billings Due

  The 53rd APSA of Illinois Annual Meeting was held at                All companies participating in APSA of Illinois’ Group
the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference                  Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (AGMERP)
Center in Springfield on October 14, 2011. Attendees                program are asked to submit copies of their January
elected new Officers and Region 10 Director for 2011-2012           premium billings. Please mail a copy of your billings to:
for the Association.
 Officers elected for 2011-2012 were President, Al
                                                                    APSA of Illinois Group Insurance Fund
Martin, Martin’s Automotive Center, Mount Vernon; Vice
President, John Rice, The Jopac Companies,                          c/o Administrative Services, Inc.
Bloomington; Secretary/Treasurer. Jeff Dust, Dust & Son             PO Box 590
Auto Supplies, LP, Effingham. Region 10 Director, Steven            Rochester, IL 62563-0590
Rennison, The Auto Shop, Carbondale.                                or fax to (217) 498-8481
  APSA of Illinois would like extend sincere thanks and               Avoid claim payment delays; send in your premium
appreciation to Federated Insurance, for their generous             billings today!
sponsorship of the Annual Meeting. Their financial
contribution allowed APSA of Illinois to bring members
together to network and relax. Please express your
appreciation to them for their generous support.

                                                                           JAN | FEB | MAR 2012         Volume 54 - Issue 1       11
                                                                                               Repair Facilities

                                                                         Consumer Disclosure Signs

                                                              Recently we were asked the question, are repair
                                                            facilities still required by law to display Consumer
                                                            Disclosure Signs? The answer is yes. The following is an
                                                            excerpt from the Illinois Compiled Statutes for Public Act
                                                            90-426 Automotive Repair Act effective 1/1/1998 for the
                                                            required signage.
                                                            (815 ILCS 306/60)
                                                              Sec. 60. Consumer disclosures; required signs. Every
                                                            motor vehicle repair facility shall post in a prominent
                                                            place on the business premises one or more signs, readily
                                                            visible to customers, in the following form:

                                                                 YOUR CUSTOMER RIGHTS. UNLESS THE
                                                                 FACILITY PROVIDES A FIRM PRICE
                                                                 QUOTATION, YOU ARE ENTITLED BY LAW TO:
                                                              1. A WRITTEN ESTIMATE FOR REPAIRS THAT
                                                                 WILL COST MORE THAN $100 UNLESS WAIVED
                                                                 OR ABSENT FACE-TO-FACE CONTACT (SEE
                                                                 ITEM 3 BELOW).
                                                              2. AUTHORIZE ORALLY OR IN WRITING ANY
                                                                 REPAIRS THAT EXCEED THE ESTIMATED
                                                                 TOTAL PRE-SALES-TAX COST BY MORE THAN
                                                                 10% OR THAT EXCEED THE LIMITED PRICE
                                                              3. AUTHORIZE ANY REPAIRS ORALLY OR IN
                                                                 WRITING IF YOUR VEHICLE IS LEFT WITH THE
                                                                 MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIR FACILITY WITHOUT
                                                                 FACE-TO-FACE CONTACT BETWEEN YOU AND
                                                                 THE MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIR FACILITY
  Excellence in customer service is our top priority.
  Any client, or potential client, can be assured that he        PERSONNEL.
  or she will receive the highest level of personal and          IF YOU HAVE AUTHORIZED A REPAIR IN
  professional services as various needs evolve and are          ACCORDANCE WITH THE ABOVE
  addressed. Our fast and detailed service, along with           INFORMATION, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY
  our dedication to our customers sets us apart from             FOR THE COSTS OF THE REPAIR PRIOR TO
  others in the area.                                            TAKING THE VEHICLE FROM THE PREMISES.

                                                              The first line of each sign shall be in letters not less
                                                            than 1.5 inches in height, and the remaining lines shall
                                                            be in letters not less than 0.5 inch in height.
                                                            (Source: Public Act 90-426, eff. 1-1-98.)

              Chad A. Farley
          Licensed Insurance Agent

            Call for a quote today!
                 (800) 500-4421

    124 W. Washington Street, Newton, IL 62448

12     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012      Volume 54 - Issue 1 
The old saying, “it’s all about who you know,” has never been truer in
today’s economy. A good business relationship can mean lower
overhead costs; word of mouth can bring you higher customer traffic.
For most business owners, this is common sense thinking. You
probably know your FedEx delivery man on a first name basis. Your
auto parts supplier? Chances are you know the names of all his kids,
and him yours. Business relationships are one of the cornerstones of
successful business, and it applies to all aspects of your company,
even the unexpected ones.

Credit card processing is one of the most competitive industries in
today’s market. A high quality processor will learn the facets of your
business and industry, adapt normal rules to best fit your needs, and
do reviews of your merchant account on a periodic basis. The trick is
figuring out who the great providers are, and establishing a business
relationship that benefits both parties. It is in the processor’s best
interest to ensure the longevity of your account with them, and in your
best interest to cultivate that fact.

Similarly, that same high quality processor will also help you review
your current set up, and determine whether or not you are benefitting
from the partnership. Some providers have merchant statements that
read like stereo instructions, and can be confusing for a business. A
quality processor will help you understand the statement and show
you ways to save money, maximize your payment acceptance options,
and work with you to establish the best program available.

More often than not, it’s surprising to an owner how easily it is to get
a processor to meet the needs of their business. As your preferred
partner in credit card services, Qualified Processing Services is always
on the lookout for better ways to help you become more successful;
our dedicated auto association team is committed to helping every
member of the Association, in every way possible. We encourage you
to call us with any and all questions. For more information, or to
schedule a free consultation, contact Todd Lazar toll free at (877)
737-7762 or email todd@sfsprocessing.com.
                                                                                                                 Member News

                    McKay NAPA Auto Parts Fundraising Raffle and Tool Show
   McKay NAPA Auto Parts continued their successful
 fundraising for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois on
 October 6th, during their Annual Tool & Equipment
 Show at the Staunton Crystal Ballroom.
   The fundraiser auction of 17 highly customized pedal
 cars raised over $8,000 to help grant wishes to area
 children. All of the cars started out exactly the same.
 Talented creators of the fabulous pedal cars as a Make-A-
 Wish donation for the auction were Dirk's Radiator
 Repair, Highland; Bill Hefley and Brian Hendricks, both
 of Hillsboro; The Shop, Walnut Hill; Pinto's Kustoms,
 Rosewood Heights; Lowe Performance, Alton; LRE
 Automotive, Edwardsville; Martintoni's Auto Service,                  The top three auction fundraiser pedal cars are shown
                                                                       during the tool show in Staunton, October 6th. L-R: Kathy
 Livingston; Macoupin County Sheriff Don Albrecht,
                                                                       Eames, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois; Rodney
 Staunton; Marvin Savage Repair, Litchfield; and RT. 66                Singleton, R.S. Auto Repair, Godfrey, behind his first place
 Truck Repair, Litchfield, who designed two cars.                      pedal car which raised $1,200 for Make-A-Wish, and earned
                                                                       him a trip to Las Vegas; Kim Baima, of Gillespie, long time
   Also designing were, Clete's Repair & Towing, O'Fallon;
                                                                       McKay NAPA customer who purchased three of the pedal
 McKay NAPA Litchfield Warehouse Crew; Brian's Auto &                  cars at the auction; Gary Kniffin, General Manager of the
 23 Hour Towing, Litchfield; Auto Tech, Highland;                      Mt. Vernon NAPA Distribution Center; and Jim McKay,
 Horton's Automotive & Outdoor, Bethalto; and R.S. Auto                President of McKay NAPA Auto Parts' 17 area locations.
 Repair, of Godfrey, whose little car raised $1,200.
  The winner of the McKay NAPA Auto Parts / Make-A-
 Wish Arctic Cat 4x4 Raffle was Beth Tucket of Bunker
 Hill, after her $10 ticket was drawn that evening.
   Jim McKay, President and CEO of McKay NAPA, was
 presented a personalized wall display from Make-A-Wish
 representatives Norma Glazebrook of Alton, and Kathy
 Eames of Edwardsville. The entire McKay NAPA Auto
 Parts family was recognized for their outstanding
 fundraising efforts. In 2010, McKay NAPA raised
 $41,000, which funded eight 'Wishes' for ill children.
   McKay NAPA Auto Parts is located at Bethalto,
 Carlinville, Carlyle, Centralia, Collinsville, Edwardsville,
 Gillespie, Godfrey, Greenville, Highland, Hillsboro,
 Jerseyville, Litchfield, Nokomis, Staunton, Virden and
 Wood River.

                                                                       McKay NAPA Auto Parts hosted a fundraising raffle for
                                                                       Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois to benefit ill children in
                                                                       areas surrounding the company’s 17 locations, by granting
                                                                       their ‘Wishes’ with the proceeds. Beth Tucker, of Bunker Hill,
                                                                       IL, won the Arctic Cat 550 by purchasing a $10 raffle
                                                                       ticket. The 4x4 was presented to her by: (l-r) Kathy Eames, of
                                                                       Edwardsville, Norma Glazebrook, Alton, both representatives
                                                                       of Make-A-Wish; Mark Anderson of Andy’s Auto Body,
                                                                       Maryville, where Beth works; Norman May, McKay NAPA
                                                                       Outside Sales Manager; and Beth Tucker of Bunker Hill.

The McKay NAPA family continued their tradition of helping children in Montgomery County and surrounding counties with a check
for $31,253.27 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois to grant the wishes of at least six area children. The money was raised from
the 13th annual golf fundraiser, private and business donations, pedal car auction and Arctic Cat raffle. Pictures above are (l-r) Earl
Flack, Allen Haenel, Peggy Snell, Debbie Gerdes, Jim McKay, Charlene Tackaberry, Ed Hammann and Sue Miller.

16     JAN | FEB | MAR 2012         Volume 54 - Issue 1 
Industry Calendar

(For APSA of Illinois Dates, see the inside front cover)
                                                           SUPERFLEET ANNOUNCES 10¢ OFF per gallon of
February 10-12, 2012
                                                               FUEL promotion at any Speedway, or
Motor Trend Iowa/Illinois Auto Show, Davenport, IA          Rich location or 5¢ OFF at any Marathon location
March 5-8                                                                for the first 3 Months !!!
                                                            With the APSA of Illinois and SuperFleet program,
The Work Truck Show, Indianapolis, IN
                                                           you have all the tools available today to maximize your
March 17                                                   fuel management capabilities, utilize a FREE program,
                                                           and also receive volume discounts!!!
Keystone Midwest Big Show, Dallas, TX
March 21-24
Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance National Convention,
  Orlando, FL
March 22-24
Mid-America Trucking Show, Louisville, KY
March 22-24
Hotrod Restoration Trade Show, Indianapolis, IN                       SuperFleet Offers You:
May 2-4                                                     • No Monthly Fees
AAIA Spring Leadership Days, Scottsdale, AZ                 • Driver Convenience - SuperFleet cards are accepted at
May 16-17                                                     over 5,500 Midwest locations.

Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium, Hyatt              • Volume Rebate Program - 10¢ per gallon at Speedway
  Regency O’Hare, Chicago                                     and Rich Oil locations and 5¢ per gallon at Marathon
                                                              locations for the first three months. Then earn volume
May 27                                                        rebates up to 5¢ per gallon at Speedway, Rich Oil and
                                                              Marathon locations every month.
NASCAR Nationwide Series, Chicago
                                                            • Individual Limits - Set spending limits and restrictions per
June 28-July 1                                                card per day.
15th Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA               • Detailed Reporting - Weekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  Nationals, Chicago                                          reports available via email or FTP.
July 22                                                     • Added Security and Online Control - Increased card and
                                                              driver restrictions with a click of the mouse.
Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, IN
                                                            • Fleet Maintenance - 15% discount Valvoline Instant Oil
August 10-12
                                                              Changes with your SuperFleet Card.
6th Peak Chicagoland Nationals, Joliet                      • Free Access to SuperFleet Manager Online
September 15                                                 Sign up today and benefit from the 10¢ or 5¢ off per gallon
NASCAR Nationwide Series, Chicago                          for the first 90 days discount, for NEW applicants only
                                                           promotion, using SuperFleet!!!
September 16
                                                             After the 90 days promotions is over then receive the
NASCAR Spring Cup Series, Chicago                          current association discount of 3¢ per gallon!!! Again all of
                                                           this at no cost to you. These discounts can add up to your
October 30 - November 2                                    membership fees quickly!!!
AAPEX and SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV                           For an application, please contact Bill Richards at APSA
                                                           of Illinois today at (800) 369-2964 or call Vince Gelsomino,
                                                           with Speedway, LLC at (815) 409-2355. More information is
                                                           available at www.superfleet.net. SuperFleet now accepted
                                                           at over 7,000 locations nationwide. 

                                                             JAN | FEB | MAR 2011     Volume 54 - Issue 1               19
                            PRESORT STANDARD

                              US Postage Paid

                               Springfield IL

                              Permit No. 224

APSA of Illinois
6450 S Sixth St Rd
Springfield IL 62712-6818


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