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					Tab. 12.7a Production Units (P.U.) of Industry in province of Turin (a) Year 2009

Sector of economic activity (b)                                                   2009

Mineral mining
  Coal mining                                                                              0
 Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction                                                2
  Metal mineral mining                                                                     2
 Other extraction industries                                                             178
Total extraction industries.                                                             182
Manufacturing activities
  Food and drink industries                                                         2177
  Tobacco industries                                                                    3
  Textile industries                                                                  658
  Clothing articles production                                                      1,371
 Fabrication of leather and similar goods.                                            201
 Wood and wood products industries                                                  1,717
  Paper production                                                                    295
  Prnting and the reproduction of recording supports                                1,313
  Production of coke, refineries, nuclear fuels                                        34
  Production of chemical products                                                     489
 Production of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations           37
 Manufacture of articles of rubber and plastic materials.                           1,304
Manufacture of other processed non-metal mineral products                           1,015
  Metallurgy                                                                          350
 Manufacture and processing of metal products excl. machinery                       8,911
 Manufacture of computers and electronic and optical products                       1,287
 Manufacture of electical and non-electric equipment for homes                      1,253
 Manufacture of NCA machinery and equipment                                         2,591
 Manufacture of motor vehicles                                                      1,044
 Manufacture of other means of transport                                              240
 Manufacture of furniture                                                             972
  Other manufacturing, repair, maintenance and installation industries              3,554
Total manufacturing activities                                                     30,816
Electric energy, gas, steam and air conditioning                                      342
Water supply, sewage networks,waste management and reclamation activities
 Water collection, treatment and supply                                                64
  Sewage systems management                                                            55
 Other activities of waste collection, treatment and management                      590
Total activities of supply and management of sewage networks and waste                709
Constructions                                                                      41,522
Total                                                                              73,571

(a) Production Units registered in local Register of enterprises
(b) The sectors of economic activity refers to the classification Ateco 2007
Source: InfoCamere, banca dati Stock view, sito internet
(Update may 2010)
urin (a) Year 2009

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