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									                       Blissful Stay at Majestic forest lodges in Corbett

If you are looking for peaceful and serene holiday experience amidst of nature then Jim Corbett
National Park is best way to take care of senses which have tired due to the hectic lifestyle.
Being a first wildlife reserve of India and is managing to attract galore of visitors from round the
globe as they are allured to watch the activities of Tiger. For such huge visits of tourists, there is
no dearth of forest lodges in Corbett offering comfortable stay and also opportunity to enjoy
nature and its play.

Below mentioned are some forest houses in Corbett

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala is one of the beautiful amongst several forest lodges in Corbett. This one is located in
the core area of National park. Your stay will be pleasurable as it is one of the best places to
accommodate due to its location and facilities. This lodge equips maximum bed capacity
amongst other forest lodges. The lodge offer comfortable rooms as well as dormitory

Sarapduli Rest House

Sarapduli is one of the best forest rest houses in Corbett letting you to witness huge mammals
such as tiger, elephant and others with good proximity. The Sarapduli Rest House positioned in
downstream of Gairal that is on the south of the Ramganga River. You can relish the activities of
several bird species and crocodiles. This accommodation is best if you are avid bird and large
mammal lover.

Gairal Rest House

Drive your way through small loop on Dhangarhi-Dhikala to reach Gairal rest house. This
Corbett jungle lodge incorporates wonderful nature creations, as it is located amidst of speedy
and noisy mountain rivers, dense and lustrous forest enlivened with wildlife. Situated on the
banks of the Ramganga, this jungle resort lends beautiful a panoramic view of the entire park.

Sultan Rest House

Named after the local seasonal stream called Sultan Sot; Sultan is wonderful forest rest house
in Corbett. The resort is named so as the river flows through this region and charming the
presence of this accommodation. Positioning of this resort is in the midst of dense forests
making it great place in Corbett to experience the calmness of nature.

Khinnanauli Rest House
Khinnanauli Rest house is situated at beautiful location called as Khinnanauli Chaur. This one is
newly built rest houses in Corbett and offer amazing views of tigers. This accommodation
located in solace corners of the park.

Kanda Rest House

Kanda is the only rest house located almost 1km above the altitude in the Jim Corbett. Since
this Corbett jungle lodge is at the top you can have wondrous views of the entire Ramganga
valley. There are big chances that you will enjoy the views of Himalayan black bear, leopards
and other wildlife creatures.

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