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					   ON BOARD
a national newsletter for Cadets, Parents, Staff and the ANC community
                                                                         Australian Navy Cadets
                                                                             Vol 6 Issue 2
                                                                              Winter 2009

       Worthy of Mention...
 NCANC’s Signal July 09
        Eliot R Fisher ESM CAPT ANC ~ National Commander Australian Navy Cadets

The last six months has been one          Newspaper articles from the
of the most concentrated activity         Brisbane Courier of 1898/9
periods I can recall with visits          indicate Units were established in
to many flotillas, meeting staff,         Maryborough and Cairns during
planning new initiatives, developing      those years.
activities and attending training
courses. For me, completing the           New Working Groups
CO/XO course and assignments              Three important working groups
plus the child protection training        have been established during July:
added to the workload.
                                                                                  assessed to develop our Staff
                                          • An ANC Honours and Awards
                                                                                  establishment. Currently there are
Training                                  Secretariat managing rewards and
                                                                                  14 Units requiring additional Staff
I expect staff who attended the           recognition for ANC personnel
                                                                                  and these positions must be filled to
two-day CO/XO course will have            (CMDRs Fraser, Mann and Gill).
                                                                                  provide supervision for Cadets and
now completed the assignments;            • A National Music Task Force to
                                                                                  to deliver an effective program.
this is an essential requirement          support a vigorous and progressive
for at least two Staff from every         program to deliver a music program
                                                                                  Regardless of the pressing need for
Unit to be competent in the ANC           in flotillas (WO K Lincoln RANR)
                                                                                  Staff the screening, qualification
incident management procedures.           • A Ceremonial and Firearms
                                                                                  and child protection processes
At the time of writing compliance         Task Force to deliver an effective
                                                                                  must have priority and stringent
with the CDF direction to all             program and support for these
                                                                                  processes exist to maintain this
Cadet Staff to complete the Child         important cadet activities. (CPO
                                                                                  “firewall” of protection. Adults who
Protection Training Course stood          G Lucas, LCDR T Russell and
                                                                                  have not undergone this screening
at 316 enrolled with 206 completed        LCDR D McDonald)The latter
                                                                                  MUST NOT HAVE access to
the course. It is imperative that all     group is already in contact with the
                                                                                  Cadets in our care!
Staff complete this training without      Australian Federation Guard
                                                                                  680kg of recruiting materials
                                          Safety Concentration Period
                                                                                  (posters, brochures, lanyards and
Rewards and Recognition                   An important element of the NHQ
                                                                                  wrist bands) have been sent by
CMDR Gill has contributed an              program is the Safety Concentration
                                                                                  courier to Units across Australia.
interesting article to this On Board      Period commencing on 27 July
                                                                                  The packs are starter packs to get
explaining a new range of uniform         09 and concluding 30 October
                                                                                  Units going. If a Unit needs more
badges to be awarded to Staff and         09. CMDR J Rienks and CMDR
                                                                                  for a particular event material will
Cadets in line with the RAN model.        P Jones will be supporting this
                                                                                  be sent to them on request to LCDR
These badges will be ready for            important effort.
                                                                                  Carlson, Manager Recruiting.
issue in the next few months and
are an important element of our           This edition contains a Safety
                                                                                  Units responding to the call for
reward and recognition program.           Supplement showing the initiatives
                                                                                  a forwarding address will have
                                          taken by the CadetSafe Board and
                                                                                  now received this material. Units
ANC Official Birthday                     the CARE Team (Cadet Activities
                                                                                  will commence the big push and
The ANC Official Birthday project         in a Responsible Environment)
                                                                                  recruiting drive starting on 13 July.
is under way to establish a national      to promote safety awareness and
celebration for the ANC. CMDR             embed safety as a key element of
                                                                                  Vessel Replacement Program
Russell is the POC for this event.        the ANC culture as expressed in the
                                                                                  The ANC vessel replacement
This project is currently a work in       ANC Goals for a safe and secure
                                                                                  program continues to deliver new
progress and incidentally running         environment.
                                                                                  boats to Cadet Units and this year
parallel is a research project on
                                                                                  the following has been achieved,
producing the ANC history by              Recruiting
                                                                                  some of which are in the process of
RADM de Laat a former DGANC.              Recruiting initiatives are already
The ANC is seeking information            showing results with enquiries
on the early Sea Cadet and Naval          being directed to Flotilla
                                                                                  1. Procurement of 12 Envy 4.3
Cadet organisations that were             Commanders for follow-up. It is
                                                                                  sailing dinghies and associated
established in Australia.                 essential that all applicants for
                                                                                  trailers, trolleys and equipment
                                          Staff positions be contacted and
                                                                                  distributed as follows:
                                                                                                                   Page 2
                                                                          NCANC’s Signal ctd.

• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -         which will commence in 2010 is to       deference to seniority both in the
TS BUNDABERG (Sth QLD)                    validate the electronic records and     ANC and the RAN.
• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -         ensure Staff are trained to take full   • It requires compliance and
TS ONSLOW (Sth QLD)                       advantage of the new facilities.        conformity in conduct, attitude,
• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -                                                 dress, behaviour and method.
TS TyALGUM (Sth QLD)                      The following benefits will accrue      • It has strong traditions of great
• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -         from maintain up-to-date registers.     value which sustain its context and
TS TOBRUK (NSW)                                                                   position it in the community
• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -         • New DPNU uniforms will                • It is most often the public face
TS MARMION (WA)                           be ordered by size to individual        of the RAN in the local community.
• 2 dinghies (1 double trailer) -         members                                 • It encourages participation,
TS CANNING (WA)                           • Personal nametapes will be            innovation, positive comment and
•                                         issued to individual members for        inclusiveness.
2. Procurement of Trailer Sailer          DPNU                                    • It requires us to be active in
for TS DARWIN                             • Monthly census returns will no        growing the organisation and
                                          longer be required                      ensuring its sustainability
3. Repairs to Corsairs for the            • Recruiting awards will be             • It requires us to put Cadet
following units:                          issued to individual Units              outcomes before Staff and personal
• TS NOARLUNGA                                                                    outcomes.
• TS ARMIDALE (plus trailer               New Unit Equipment
repair)                                   A cash injection of $800,000            Being an ANC Staff member is
• TS BENDIGO                              from the Cadet Enhancement              both a privilege and an obligation.
                                          Fund allowed the purchase and           It means being part of a team
4. Disposal of BER Corsairs as            distribution by ANCHQ of much           that subscribes to a range of
follows:                                  needed equipment to Units and           behaviours that have become
• TS COCKBURN (2 Corsairs)                Flotilla HQs. This equipment has        somewhat unfashionable in modern
(946 & 947)                               now been delivered or is in the         society. Being punctual, being
• TS BUNBURy (796)                        process of delivery. It includes        reliable, dressing and grooming
• TS CHALLENGER (1001)                    folding chairs and tables, tents and    appropriately for special occasions
•                                         camping equipment, data projectors      and subscribing unconditionally to
5. Transfer of Corsairs from TS           and computers, camel back water         certain principles and values.
DARWIN to Cairns Units.                   containers, satellite phones and
                                          multi function centres. This will be    As a Cadet it means meeting many
6. Transfer of Corsairs (762 &            of great assistance in supporting       of these standards sometimes in
787) from TS TOBRUK & TS                  the ANC program. A number of            peer groups that have no conception
GLADSTONE.                                individual requests by Units were       of discipline, commitment,
                                          also satisfied.                         community values or personal
Communications                                                                    responsibility.
Information and communication             Conclusion
is the lifeblood of the organisation      Whilst there is much to commend         What then is the force that drives
and with broadband roll out at 70%        in the development of the ANC           us? It is that we wish to achieve
and an expected 100% completed            and certainly we are seeing a great     those standards of behaviour,
by Christmas we are well on the           deal of effort in many areas, it does   leadership and competence that set
way to being “well connected”.            well to remember the nature and         us aside and ready to make a real
Currently a number of problems            requirements of our organisation.       and beneficial contribution to the
deny us the ability to muster                                                     community serving our families,
electronically. It will be essential to   • It is a youth development             our friends and making it a better
rectify this and Units with existing      organisation requiring great            place for those who follow.
capability should ensure their CMC        personal commitment for it to work
Cadet and Staff registers are up to       successfully and deliver an exciting,
date.                                     challenging program.
                                          • It is a structured hierarchy
A key ICT initiative to be launched       based on military lines requiring
by LCDR Radloff and his ISA team          the paying of compliments and
                                                                                                                 Page 3
National Safety Concentration Period
       Eliot R Fisher ESM CAPT ANC ~ National Commander Australian Navy Cadets

To all our members of the ANC :
                                           This should give us all enough time
When our Navy needs to prepare             to achieve some very important
our warships for operations, the           safety tasks concerning:
Fleet undertakes many activities                                                  the Head of Navy Personnel to the
during the Fleet Concentration             • Conducting risk assessments;         best performing Flotilla at the end
Period to ready those Units to             • Safeguarding hazardous               of each year. This new award is
deploy, if necessary, into harm’s          substances;                            in addition to the Annual Chief of
way. Safety is a really important          • Manual handling tasks; and           Navy’s Prize.
part of this very hard work in             • New Safety Committees in our
reaching and maintaining very high         Units and Flotillas.                   The ANC conducts an enormous
operational standards in our Fleet.                                               number of exciting and challenging
                                           CMDR Spike Jones ANC will tell         activities. We do very well in
As we complete our transition              you more about this shortly through    looking after the safety of our
across the ANC throughout                  Spike’s Safety Corner, with which      Cadets, Staff, Volunteers and
Australia into our new Flotillas           you should now be familiar.            our wonderful supporters in the
from 01July, 2009, it is a really                                                 community.
good time to check our safety              CMDR Jones will also let you
bearings and strive to reach an even       know of the safety competitions we      But we need to make sure that we
higher level of safety across the          will enjoy across the ANC during       are continuing to meet the high
ANC.                                       the SAFETy CONCENTRATION               community expectations about our
                                           PERIOD, to recognise and reward        safety performance.
Therefore, I am announcing                 outstanding safety achievements
now that the ANC will conduct              by individual ANC members, Units        That is what the SAFETy
its first extended SAFETy                  and Flotillas.                         CONCENTRATION PERIOD is
CONCENTRATION PERIOD,                                                             all about. We all can contribute
from the week starting 27 July, and        I am pleased to announce the           to its success towards delivering
lasting until the end of October this      introduction of the ANC Annual         the safest and most fulfilling ANC
year.                                      Safety Award, to be presented by       experience we can.

Director Resources Report
                                        John Gill CMDR ANC ~ Director Resources

The last couple of months have seen        a range of things. To that end, the
me focussing on a special project          following badges have now been
at the direction of the National           approved by the Director General
Commander, as well as keeping              Australian Navy Cadets (DGANC),
tabs on the progress of our new            and are now in the course of           • Unit Support Committee lapel
Governor General’s Banner and              production:                            badge
making preparations for the issue                                                 • ‘NAVy CADET’ and ‘CADET
of Disruptive Pattern Camouflage           • ANC Readiness Badge (Bronze,         STAFF’ patches for use on DPNU
Uniforms (DPNU), aka Navy                  Silver and Gold);                      • ANC embroidered badge for
Cams, later in the year.                   • ANC Charge Badge (Black,             use on DPNU
                                           Bronze, Silver and Gold);
Pleasingly, I am able to report            • ANC Commendation Badge               Policy and implementing
progress on two fronts.                    (Bronze and Silver)                    instructions for the award and
                                           • CADETSAFE Board Member               wearing of the badges and patches
The National Commander tasked              identification Badge                   are yet to be finalised, but are well
me to bring forward designs for a          • Unit Support Volunteer lapel         down the path of formulation.
number of new badges to recognise          badge
                                                                                                                    Page 4
                                                                   Director Resources Report ctd.

On the second front, I was also very     The next few months will also see
pleased to have been advised (this       me looking to review the uniform
week), that the Governor General’s       requirements of the ANC, in the
Banner has now been completed –          wake of the DPNU, so that NCANC
this is a project that has been about    can put forward a submission to
                                                                                   ANC Commendation Badge (Silver version)
three years in the making, with          DANC with regard to the level
the Banner being lovingly hand           of support we would seek for
stitched. I am keen to work on           our uniform requirements in the
the delivery aspects in the coming       short to medium future. Separate
weeks.                                   information will also be sent out in
                                         respect of this activity in the next
At this stage, we are still on track     month or so.
for DPNU to be rolled out to the
                                                                                             USV and USC Badges
ANC at the end of the year. I            As can be seen from this report,
continue to work closely with the        there is a hefty body of work
RAN’s Director of Navy Uniforms,         underway and a deal yet more to
and I expect to be undertaking a         do. I look forward to providing                           TRAINING SHIP
‘measurement’ activity in Sep/Oct,       further updates as progress is made.                       CADETSAFE
so that we can accurately inform                                                                      BOARD
Navy of our requirements in the                                                        Badge to be issued to Training Ship
                                                                                         CADETSAFE Board members
lead up to delivery. Included in the
delivery will be embroidered name
badges (Surname, in gold thread on
a black background), and to ensure                 ANC Readiness Badge
these are also accurate National
HQ will be looking to have all
CMC records validated in about
November 2009, so that orders can
be placed with the manufacturer
nearer to the delivery time for the
                                                    ANC Charge Badge
DPNU. More information will be
                                                                                TS CANBERRA Cadets modelling DPNU (SRI used
sent out in the next couple of months.                                                  for modelling purposes only)

                                                                         Visit Spike’s Safety Corner,
                                                                         it’s a must.
                                                                         It’s to your detriment
                                                                         if you can’t be fussed!
                                                                         Click below to follow the link...
                                                                         It’s not as hard as you seem to
                                                                         * Member ID and Password required once
                                                                         you get there!
                                                                                                                             Page 5
TS ALBATROSS’ Hydration Guidelines
                                                       Referred to in Spike’s Safety Corner

Because it’s not attached to                           who didn’t see or save Spike’s                       communication to all ANC Staff:,
the website link and for those                         other email attachment from his                      here it is:.

            HYDRATION GUIDELINES                                 DID YOU EAT BREAKFAST?
                   DRINK WATER

             HYDRATE (Drink Water)
          Before, During and After every
             Activity, March, Parade

   Water is one of the most essential                   The Dieticians Association of Australia
   components of the human body. Water                  encourages all Australians to start the day
                                                        with a healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast                          MARCHES
   regulates the body’s temperature, cushions
   and protects vital organs and aids the               contributes in many ways to good health and
   digestive system. Water works inside each            nutrition.                                                          PARADES
   cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste.
                                                        It provides essential nutrients:                                  CEREMONIES
   Dehydration leads to muscle fatigue and loss         Your body needs 50 different nutrients every day
   of coordination. Even small amounts of fluid         and breakfast provides some of those vitamins                ALL CADET ACTIVITIES
   loss may hinder physical and mental                  and minerals. Breakfast eaters are more likely to
   performance.                                         meet their nutrient intake requirements.

   In a dehydrated state the body is unable to          Breakfast improves alertness, concentration,                Health Information
   cool itself efficiently, leading to heat             mental performance and memory.
   exhaustion and possible heat stroke. Without
   an adequate supply of water the body will lack       Energy to last:
   energy and the muscle may develop cramps             To give your body long lasting supplies of energy               Protect our Cadets
                                                        for a whole day of activities, parades or                        Protect our Staff
   Fluid Balance and Replenishment                      marches, think about a bigger breakfast. Ideally
   It is important to drink even before signs of        breakfast should supply about 25% of your daily
   thirst appear. Thirst is a signal that your body                                                            Protecting our Health while We Proudly
                                                        calories. This will help you last through the
   is already dehydrated. It is important to drink      morning and lessen the temptation for empty            Support our Shipmates, Our Ship and the
   more than thirst demands and to continue to          calories like lollies and junk food at lunch.                           ANC
   drink throughout the day. One way to check
   your hydration level is to monitor your urine. It    It sets the tone for a healthy lifestyle:
   should be plentiful and pale yellow or straw         Those who eat breakfast tend to make healthier
   colour. Dark yellow to brown means you are           lifestyle choices overall, including healthy food
   very dehydrated                                      choices and more physical activity. Eating
                                                        breakfast may reduce your of serious illness
    THIS IS SERIOUS AND PUTS YOUR LIFE                  including cardiovascular disease, diabetes,
                 IN DANGER
                                                        stroke and cancer.
        HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE                                                                                  I’m Safe….My Shipmates are Safe

                                                             Krystle Horne ~ TS KANIMBLA

On Sunday 24 May 2009, three                           of sitting through the church                        come in the near future. He thanked
Sydney Cadet Units attended the                        service, which for some Cadets                       the Cadets for attending the Annual
Naval Association Annual Garden                        was a first time experience. The                     Naval Association Garden Island
Island Church Parade located at                        Church Parade also became more                       Church Parade and hoped that the
Garden Island East Woolloomooloo.                      exciting for the Sydney Cadets as                    Cadets will go on to make a career
TS KANIMBLA, TS NEPEAN                                 they had the honour of receiving                     for themselves within the Royal
and TS SyDNEy were in full                             a speech from the CO HMAS                            Australian Navy.
show with maximum turn out                             KUTTABUL, CMDR Bryan Parker,
in their full Ceremonial Dress                         RAN, where he went on to talk
making the Sydney Units proud.                         about how the Royal Australian
The interaction of all three Units                     Navy is changing for the next
brought together the Sydney Units                      generation. – not only is the RAN
as a whole making the COs, LEUT                        fleet changing dramatically but
H. Pitt ANC and SBLT R. McClay                         changes are happening across
ANC very proud.                                        the entire Defence Force and the
                                                       Australian Navy Cadets should be
The Sydney Units had the pleasure                      excited for the changes that will                                                             Page 6
                                                                            CHURCH PARADE ctd.

                                   The Cadets then visited the Naval        and CO TS KANIMBLA, TS
                                   Museum for a short period of             NEPEAN LEUT H. Pitt ANC for
                                   time to have a look at some of the       making this day for the Australian
                                   artifacts that the Museum held.          Navy Cadets of Sydney a wonderful
                                   I would like to thank the CO TS
                                   SyDNEy, SBLT R. McClay ANC

                                            COMMENDATION for Victorian Senior Officer
                                       Barbara Butterworth LCDR ANC ~ A/Director Public Relations

At the Flotilla Commander’s
Symposium held at Bulimba
Barracks on 30-31 May 2009,
NCANC, CAPT Eliot Fisher took
CMDR Cyril Cram, Senior Officer
for Victoria (and FLOTCOM
Flinders) by surprise when he
presented him with a Commander’s
Commendation. CMDR Cram was,
for once, rendered speechless.

                                                                                                         Page 7
 Tasmania’s Senior Officer (ANC) recognised in
Queen’ Birthday Honours List
          Article: Daryl Peebles LEUT RAN ~ PRO Navy Headquarters Tasmania
                                                  Photo: SBLT Carolyn Docking

CMDR Michael Mann, ANC,                 Michael knows of hundreds of            to the ‘big island’ or overseas and
Senior Officer Cadets, Tasmania         Cadets from Tasmania who have           have made their mark in successful
Area was recognised in the 2009         enlisted.                               civilian careers.
Queens Birthday honour list with an
OAM for his service to the youth of     Amongst those that ‘spring to           Michael stated that his Area HQ
Tasmania through the ANC.               mind’ are LCDR Peter Russell,           Staff, Unit CO’s, Unit Staff and
                                        ex TS MERSEy at Devonport,              Unit Support Volunteers, both past
This honour recognises Michael’s        currently serving at the Navigation     and present have enabled him to run
service as an appointed Instructor      School, HMAS WATSON and                 a successful Area since July 2001,
for over 36 years and a total of over   recently selected to be the Guard       when he was appointed Tasmania’s
43 years association when taking        Commander for the Navy’s                Senior Officer Cadets.
into consideration his time as a        Freedom of Entry into the City
Cadet at TS DERWENT between             Of Sydney; SMN Sophie Dexter,           Michael acknowledged the support
1966 and 1972.                          ex TS TAMAR, currently serving          he has received from ANC National
                                        on HMAS DARWIN, who made                Staff, Cadet Policy Branch and
Michael said he got so much out of      herself known to Michael on             Navy in general, particularly the
the Navy Cadets, that when he was       Anzac Day this year after the           assistance and guidance from the
rejected by the RAN, on medical         conclusion of the march in Hobart;      successive LNAs and their Staff.
grounds in 1970 to be enlisted as       and SBLT Daniel Boettger, ex TS
a Midshipman, he decided that he        ARGONAUT at St Helens, who              He also reflected on the words
wanted to give something back.          excelled at ADFA and was awarded        of wisdom, encouragement and
                                        the Commander in Chief’s Medal in       support offered by RADM Coates
“So I sought appointment to             December 2007.                          and RADM Gilmore during their
Staff at my former Unit, TS                                                         discussions over the years
DERWENT.                                                                            and mentioned ‘old faithful’,
                                                                                    LCDR Allan Vidler.
“At that time, April 1973, I
never envisaged that I would                                                        “Allan is always available
still be involved in 2009, let                                                      when you need him –
alone be the Senior Officer,”                                                       particularly with ANC property
Michael said.                                                                       issues,” Michael said.

After eight years on Staff at                                                       Michael pays tribute to his wife
TS DERWENT, Michael was                                                             of 35 years, Kerrin, who has
selected for promotion to                                                           supported him throughout this
SBLT and appointment as Staff                                                       journey and he fully recognises
Officer Administration at State                                                     the sacrifices his family has
Headquarters. He has reported                                                       made during this time.
to five Senior Officers and
worked alongside numerous                                                           Many weekends during the
Cadet Liaison Officers and                                                          1980s and 90s while Michael
LNAs during the past 28 years.                                                      was away undertaking Cadet
                                                                                    duties, Kerrin was left to attend
Michael considers the most                                                          to their three girls’ basketball
rewarding part of being                                                             matches or family gatherings –
associated with the ANC is                                                          something he now regrets.
the feedback from past Cadets                  CMDR Michael Mann OAM , ANC
and to learn of some of their                                                        “This recognition and honour
successes, whether this is within the   Michael is also aware of many           is for my family as well,” Michael
ADF or in Civvy Street.                 other Cadets who are still living       said.
                                        in Tasmania, or who have moved          Reflecting on his OAM and his Page 8
                                                             OAM For Senior Officer TAS ctd.

ANC service, Michael said, “It is    The ANC’s mission – to be a             “I am very supportive of all Cadets
a wonderful organisation and more    youth development organisation          and actively encourage them
children should join to experience   committed to helping young people       to make the most of their ANC
the maritime activities that are     develop to their full potential – was   involvement to learn life skills that
conducted in a safe environment.”    reiterated by Michael.                  will remain with them forever,” he

                                              Australian Navy Cadets Step Up for Charity
                                         Sarah Pemberton LEUT ANC

TS PERTH, an Australian                                                                to raise money for this
Navy Cadet Unit in                                                                     fantastic cause, but also
Western Australia,                                                                     to help raise awareness
held its inaugural Walk                                                                of a silent killer, and the
Against Depression from                                                                assistance of Coast FM
the 09-11 May 2009,                                                                    was an important part of
raising funds for the                                                                  this. TS PERTH would
Telethon Institute for                                                                 also like to acknowledge
Child Health Research                                                                  Navy Health, a major
in their fight against                                                                 sponsor of the walk.
depression and youth
suicide.                                                                               It was a tremendous
                                                                                       effort by all Cadets and
Over the course of the                                                                 Staff throughout the
three days more than                                                                   weekend, and everyone
twenty Cadets and Staff                                                                involved walked away
from TS PERTH walked                                                                   with a tremendous
the 130 kilometres from                                                                sense of achievement…
Bunbury in the south-                                                                  accompanied nicely by
west of the state to                                                                   very sore muscles for
Rockingham, collecting                                                                 many days afterwards!
sponsorship and money                                                                  While the total money
along the way.                                                                         raised is yet to be
                                                                                       finalised, TS PERTH
The cause was one that                                                                 hoped to hand over a
was very close to the                                                                  cheque in excess of
hearts of many Cadets                                                                  $4000 to the Telethon
and Staff, and with                                                                    Institute at their Annual
suicide being one of the                                                               Inspection on 27 June
major killers of young                                                                 2009. The money the
people in Australia, it was                                                            Unit raised will allow
something they all felt                                                                the Telethon Institute to
very passionate about.                                                                 continue their fantastic
                                                                                       work supporting
A highlight of the trip                                                                families and sufferers of
was a live crossover with            from the foreshore in Mandurah.                   depression.
local radio station 97.3 Coast FM    Not only were TS PERTH aiming

                                                                                                              Page 9
News from South Australia
                                  David Lyas LEUT ANC ~ CO TS NOARLUNGA

ANCHQ SA conducted their annual         The prize for the highest score        Officer LCDR Ernie Simpson
Promotion Camp in the July School       went to TS GAMBIER with an             taking the salute and presenting the
Holidays (04–11) with Cadets from       individual score of 127. Some of       awards. It was also a rather sad day
all eight Units participating. What a   the Cadets were intrigued by all of    as the Camp CO LCDR Peter Imms
week!!                                  the stuffed toys they could buy and    who was also presented with his
                                        a marvellous collection was soon       30 year clasp to the Cadet Medal,
                                        gathered. The author hates to think    retired shortly after the camp
                                        at what cost. They alone helped our    finished. Peter was congratulated
                                        national debt.                         on a magnificent career working
                                                                               with many, many Cadets. Everyone
                                        Staff from all over the state          wished him and his lovely wife Lyn
                                        attended and assisted as instructors   (LEUT ANC) all the best for the
                                        and this was also a very good          future.
                                        opportunity to swap ideas and
                                        hone new found skills. The camp
The weather was not the best with       organisers were also very grateful
rain, rain and then for something       to the three young junior Cadets
different cold and more rain for        who acted as camp kitchen hands
most of the week. you can’t keep        and they also managed to obtain
a good team down though and             their Cooks badges.
all of the Cadets participated
in sail training, class room
lessons, rope work, Parade and
Ceremonial Instruction, Leadership,
OH&S Instruction and Class                                                     I am pleased to say that from the
presentations (they were varied                                                feedback from all of the Cadets
and quite interesting) with 100%                                               spoken to, everyone had a great
participation.                                                                 time. It is obvious to this author that
                                                                               the Cadets displayed a great deal of
The whole camp went bowling on                                                 professionalism and dedication and
the Thursday night and I can tell                                              these camps are definitely of great
you all there were some very weird      The Pass-Out Parade was well           value.
and wonderful styles of bowling.        attended with former Senior ANC

                                                      John Gill CMDR ANC

A recent discussion at the Flotilla     of ‘The Oxford Companion to            to wear as protection against the
Commander’s Conference saw              Ships and the Sea’ to derive most      weather. Originally the name was
me ‘volunteer’ to scribe a few          of the information. Before we start    applied only to able seamen and
words about ‘Jack Speak’ which,         though, it stands to reason that I     men whose station in the ship was
hopefully, will form the basis for      should first explain ‘Jack’!           on the mast and yards of square
some ongoing amusement and                                                     rigged warships, but it has been
enlightenment as a regular feature      “Jack: ‘Jack’ or ‘Jack Tar’            extended to cover all British naval
in ‘On Board’.                          was the familiar name for a            seamen.” It is also used in other
                                        British Naval Seaman. Tar is the       Commonwealth Navies, such as the
The following is but a sample           shortened version of tarpaulin,        Royal Australian Navy.
of some of the language used by         the tarred canvas which seamen,
‘Jack’, and I have used my copy         and especially ‘topmen’, used          Needless to say, ‘Jack’ has his
                                                                                                                 Page 10
                                                                                                       ‘JACK SPEAK’ ctd.

own language, which has confused          ‘Forward’ – pronounced ‘Forrard’                   on that bearing.
landlubbers and airmen alike over         – towards the bows of a ship, or
the years! For this first instalment,     in the fore part of a ship. It has no              ‘Below’ – normally anywhere
I’ll cover off some of the more           particular boundary line in the ship,              underneath the upper deck. For
obvious ‘directional’ type language:      being used more in a relative or                   example, ‘I’m going below to
                                          directional sense than as a definition             my cabin’. Also used in the cry
‘Port’ – being the left hand side of      of any area. For example, ‘I’m                     ‘under below’ to warn sailors that
the ship; used to be larboard, but        going forrard’                                     something has been dropped from
could be confused with ‘Starboard’                                                           above them (either aloft or below
so it was changed in 1844;                ‘Abaft the beam’ – any bearing                     decks).
                                          or direction between the beam of a
                                          ship (her widest part) and her stern               ‘Aloft’ – above, overhead, also
                                          (the back end) and the opposite to                 anywhere about the upper yards,
                                          a bearing or direction ‘Before the                 masts, and rigging of ships. ‘Gone
‘Starboard’ – being the right hand        beam’;                                             Aloft’ is a sailor’s phrase for a
side of the ship;                                                                            seaman who has died.
                                          ‘Quarter’ – being the two parts of
                                          the ship, one on each side of the                  So, now that I’ve got you all freely
                                          centreline. Strictly, a ship’s ‘port’ or           moving about the ship, next time
                                          ‘starboard’ quarter is on a bearing                I’ll look to addressing body parts
                                          45 degrees from the stern, but the                 found in her!
‘Aft’ - being at or towards the stern     term is more often rather loosely
or after part of the ship;                applied to any point approximately                 Stand Easy!.

                                                                                      TS CONDAMINE is Afloat!
                                                Wayne Gobert LCDR RANR ~ CO TS CONDAMINE

After a few years of inaction TS          Precinct at TPHS boasts four Cadet                 Why Community Army Cadet Unit.
CONDAMINE has once again                  Units; TS CONDAMINE, 305 SQN
stood up. The new Unit opened its         AAFC, The Pittwater House Army                     From a base of zero the Unit has
doors within the grounds of The           School Cadet Unit, and the Dee                     now grown to 12 Cadets after a
Pittwater House Schools                                                                               very brief period. Cadets
(TPHS) at Collaroy                                                                                    are drawn from eight
on Sydney’s Northern                                                                                  schools ranged across
beaches. Although                                                                                     the peninsula. At present
located within the school                                                                             the group are working
precinct, the Unit is a                                                                               hard to move from a
community based unit                                                                                  collection of recruits, to a
drawing from all schools                                                                              cohesive ANC Unit.”
in the region. The Cadet

                                 RCT Conway , Michael Reagan, Mayor of Warringah, and RCT Arrowsmith

                                                                                                                            Page 11
TASMANIA ~Winter Activities
                        Michael Mann OAM, CMDR ANC ~FLOTCOM KELLATIE

Flotilla Name:                          my sincere appreciation goes to         a three-day training activity in
In the last edition, I advised of the   CMDR Vine in taking the foresight       early June during the first week of
name chosen for the Tasmanian           to seek the support of his fellow       the Tasmanian School holidays.
Flotilla, Kellatie, an aboriginal       command colleagues in this way          Three recruits were enlisted for
name meaning Deep Water,                and also to those COs who have so       the training and during the Unit’s
synonymous of the sea state around      generously contributed. This is a       annual assessment on 25 June, it
Tasmania. Kellatie Flotilla will now    win-win partnership for the ANC         was pleasing to see these three
develop an appropriate adoption         and the RAN.                            recruits parading. The training
ceremony in conjunction with the                                                activity gave the Cadets an
Aboriginal Community.                   Flotilla Commander’s                    opportunity to spend many hours
                                        Assessments:                            improving their individual skills as
RAN Assistance to TS                    I completed this year’s assessments     well as time working as a group.
ARGONAUT                                over the weekend 04-05 July 2009.       The Cadets provided a mini concert
As I have reported in several           It was encouraging to see between       on the Thursday evening, attended
earlier editions, TS ARGONAUT is        two and six new recruits at all Units   by parents and myself.
looking forward to the day its new      this year. Most advised that they
Unit is formally commissioned.          had joined through knowledge of         TS DERWENT is planning a
Recently, I was advised that            a school associate or friend, which     week-long ACT in the September
Council had issued a Certificate        supports my theory that the Cadets      school holidays and will focus
of Occupancy as a storage area,         are the best recruiters. If they are    on ‘back to basics’ to reinforce
which will be upgraded to a full        experiencing memorable times and        skills and boost confidence. The
occupancy when internal works are       experiences, they will ‘spread’ the     activities will include a 24-hour
completed. In order to have some        word. Hopefully by the time this        stint on Windeward Bound, a sail
memorabilia displayed and to cover      edition is available, the Kellatie      training vessel, which operates out
the ‘empty walls’, the Senior Naval     winner will be known.                   of Hobart, subject to CIA funding
Officer, Tasmania, CMDR Tony                                                    approval.
Vine, sought the support of RAN         Ships Visits:
ships in providing a ships plaque or    HMAS PARRAMATTA and HMAS                Staff Training:
other suitable pieces of their ships    NORMAN are scheduled to visit           I am pleased to advise that 17 out of
heritage. Thanks to many COs, TS        Hobart in late July and HMAS            the eligible 19 Staff have attended
ARGONAUT has received many              NORMAN is scheduled to also             the CO/XO designate course with
items, including framed prints of       berth at Devonport a few days after     the remaining two nominated for
ships and ships plaques, to hang        leaving Hobart. Cadets have been        the next courses scheduled for
on their dedicated ‘history wall’,      scheduled for tours of both ships in    October 2009.
when it is completed and painted.       Hobart and of HMAS NORMAN
I was privileged to present several     whilst she is in Devonport.             During the recent annual
to the CO on 05 July 2009 at the                                                assessments, staff were presented
Unit’s annual assessment, including     HMAS NORMAN is twinned to               with their relevant certificates of
a large print of HMAS DARWIN            TS ARGONAUT, which is located           competency.
plus plaque, a print of HMAS            at St Helens on the NE Coast and
PARRAMATTA plus plaque and a            this Unit will endeavour to establish   All staff are in the progress of or
plaque from HMAS PERTH. Many            contact with the ship’s crew whilst     have already completed the Child
other contributions were presented      it is in Devonport.                     Protection Principles workbook and
to the Unit XO, PO J Watkins ANC                                                assessment.
in Hobart on 06 April 2009, when        Opportunity has also been given
her son, Cadet LSMN Nathan              to AAC and AAFC Units to                LEUT Jan Halliday (TS LEVEN)
Watkins was sworn into the Navy at      participate in the Hobart visits.       and PO Helen Scott (TS
a ceremony at Anglesea Barracks.                                                MERSEy) attended the CadetLife
                                        ACTs                                    implementation workshop at
As FLOTCOM, Kellatie Flotilla,          TS HOBART, band Unit, held              HMAS CERBERUS over the
                                                                                                                Page 12
                                                                TASMANIA ~Winter Activities ctd.

weekend 23-24 May 2009. Their          possible, I invite both to participate           be aware, I was humbled by the
involvement is much appreciated.       in ships visits.                                 recognition of an OAM award for
                                                                                        my service to the youth of Tasmania
CadetNet:                              Tasmania also enjoys community                   through the ANC. I am aware of
I was privileged to attend the         support through a group known as                 two previous ANC recipients of
CadetNet User Acceptance Training      the Australian Cadet Assistance                  this award, being CMDR Ian Fraser
in Brisbane over the weekend 23-       Group – Tasmania (ACAG-T).                       ANC, former SOANC QLD &
24 May and to see the significant      This group aims to improve the                   NQLD and now FLOTCOM and
advances being made in this area       facilities available to all three Cadet          the late CMDR David Heath, NRC,
to make ANC administrative tasks       Services, particularly in those                  former SOANC Tasmania, under
less onerous. Whilst we noted a        areas that our parent services are               whom I served for many years.
quantity of anomalies, this was the    unable to contribute. It consists
precise intent of the weekend and I    of a group of business men and                   I believe the recognition of this
am sure, those identified areas will   women and is chaired by a former                 honour is paramount of the
be rectified.                          Honorary Colonel of Tasmanian                    recognition of the ANC in the
                                       Army Cadets, COL Fred Ralph,                     community and I proudly accepted
Cadet Promotion:                       himself a prominent Launceston                   it in this regard.
CMDR Russell, Staff Officer            businessman. Every three months,
Training had scheduled a promotion     ACAG-T meets and the three Cadet                 I would be very interested to
assessment course to be held at        Senior Officers sit on this group                know of any other ANC member
TS MERSEy over the weekend             in ex-officio capacities. The group              or, indeed, a if member in one of
1-2 August 2009. It is anticipated     seeks investments from businesses                the former ANC disguises were
Cadets from at least five Units will   and uses these funds and in turn,                recipients of this or any similar
take the opportunity to be assessed    requests submissions from the                    meritorious award for service to
for promotion from Able Seaman to      respective Cadet Corps for possible              the ANC, eg Pride of Australia,
Leading Seaman.                        avenues for support. The group also              Australia Day Medal etc.
                                       advocates to businesses the value of
Tri-Service Involvement:               considering Cadets or ex-Cadets as               Please respond to Michael.
In Kellatie, the AAC and the AAFC      potential employees.                    with
continue to have a good working                                                         any relevant details, as I believe
relationship and enjoy periodic        Recognition in 2009 Queens                       it very important to record such
activities with one another. As I      Birthday Honours                                 achievements and retain same in
have indicated above, wherever         As many in the ANC would now                     our ANC history.

                                                    NTH QLD FLOTILLA ACT 09 Magnetic Island
                                           SMN Shannon Irons & SMN Annalise Davison: Edited by John Osborne POANC ~TS CORAL SEA

Day 1
TS CORAL SEA Cadets met                At 1300 we started making our way                After settling in the Cadets enjoyed
at 0900 and prepared for our           to the ferry, after which was a short            mingling with others, catching up
ACT on Magnetic Island off             bus ride to the camp.                            with friends or making new ones.
Townsville. We met up with two                                                          We played games until pipe down.
Cadets and one PO from W.A.            We were assigned our cabins and
who had travelled the day before       settled in. Later we were divided                Day 2
and we were going to meet more         into our teams/divisions for the                 0630 Wakey wakey! OMG its
Cadets from Units TS PIONEER,          camp. Teams were Bright Point,                   Sunday! Can I sleep for another 30
ENDEAVOUR, CARPENTARIA,                Bremner Point, Hawkings Point and                mins please PO?
WHITSUNDAyS and                        West Point named after parts of the
MAGNETIC.                              island.                                          After Colours we went on the
                                                                                                                                  Page 13
   NTH QLD FLOTILLA ACT 09 Magnetic Island ctd.

Forts Walk which was a gun fort          Groups went back to the mainland      activities.
emplacement during WWII. It was          and went abseiling off Mt Stuart
a long walk to the top of the hill and   and then to the WTSS range at         Day 7
was a great view all the way.            Lavarack Barracks.                    In the morning and part of the
                                                                               afternoon we had an expedition
                                                                               around Picnic Bay.
                                                                               All our directions were in code and
                                                                               we needed a compass to find the
                                                                               course and answer questions on the
                                                                               Points were awarded to teams
                                                                               all week and prizes were being
                                                                               awarded after divisions.

After lunch at the camp we had a         They even saw some whales on the      The FLOTCOM, CMDR Ian Fraser
sports afternoon with tug of war         way.                                  AO ANC arrived on Day 6 and we
and an obstacle course. Bright Point                                           had divisions at 1700.
won the tug of war. Hawkings Point       Others went to Horseshoe Bay on
won the obstacle course.                 the island for Sea Kayaking and
                                         then on the coastguard boat Spirit
Bremner Point won points for the         of Rotary.
best cheer squad.

Days 3 - 6
It was full on for all divisions.

                                                                               After dinner (why is it called
                                                                               SCRAN?) prizes were given to
                                                                               best division, best female and male
                                         The seaplane ‘Red Baron” was          cadet and thank you plaques given
                                         taking off nearby and we had to       to the providers of our activities
                                         keep out of the way.

We went on the two-masted
schooner Providence V for the day.
Some were sick and others enjoyed
the ride. We helped rig the sails and
sailed to Florence Bay for a snorkel
and swim. We then sailed to Radical
Bay for lunch and we were allowed
up the rigging and also to jump off
the bowsprit.                                                                  Day 8
                                         Later in the week we also went        Time to say goodbye. We all
                                         to the Maritime Museum in             exchanged telephone numbers and
                                         Townsville followed by some sport     emails, packed up our things and
                                         or make-and-mend.                     cleaned our cabins.

                                         All groups were rotated so everyone   Goodbye Magnetic Island. What a
                                         had a turn doing each of the          great ACT.

                                                                                                             Page 14
                                                                    Learning to Sail at TS KOOPA
                                             Penny Gardner SBLT ANC ~TS TOOWOOMBA

Cadets from TS KOOPA and TS
TOOWOOMBA spent the weekend
learning to sail in July off Bribie
Island. The Cadets spent some time
learning the theory of sailing, safety
aspects including the importance
of wearing the new sailing helmets
and then to the water to practise
rigging, dry capsizing and then we
set sail. For some Cadets this was
their first time as the coxswain and
they enjoyed the experience once
they had mastered the tiller.

By the end of the weekend the
Cadets had learnt that sailing was
FUN and look forward to the next
Sailing Weekend to improve their

                                                 TS TOOWOOMBA CIA Voyage on South Passage
                                             Penny Gardner SBLT ANC ~TS TOOWOOMBA

                                         and Staff spent a weekend in March
                                         on Sailing Ship South Passage. We
                                         boarded South Passage at Manly in
                                         Brisbane on Friday night and settled
                                         in. On Saturday we set sail out into
                                         Moreton Bay. We where the crew
                                         so we had to learn to set the sails,
                                         take the helm and all other required
                                         duties to ensure that we reached our

                                                                                We had knot tying competitions
                                                                                and before each meal we had to
TS TOOWOOMBA was successful
                                                                                show that we could tie each knot we
in last year CIA bids and 24 Cadets
                                                                                                             Page 15
                  CIA Voyage on South Passage ctd.

learnt. By the end of the weekend
the three watches competed to
find the best watch, by which time
some of us could tie knots behind
our backs, with eyes shut and even
with just one hand and these skill
ensured extra points.
We spent the night anchored off
the wrecks of Tangalooma Resort
where we had hourly night watches
to check and record the anchor
position, number of craft in the area
and generally that everything was

Sunday afternoon saw us arrive
back at Manly. What a great
weekend! The Cadets suggest that
next time we go for a week. It was

                                                      Page 16
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