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					Soft Dinner rollS recipe
M i c h a e l K a l a n t y, c e P c , c c e , c M t, M . a .
Kalanty is a chef-instructor at California Culinary Academy, San Francisco,
and author of How To Bake Bread: The Five Families of Bread® (Red Seal Books, 2009).
this recipe accompanies Kalanty’s lesson plan, “A taste for Baker’s percent,” that appeared in the summer 2010 issue of Sizzle.

Y i e l D : 1 dozen 4-oz. rolls
                                 VerSion A                             VerSion B                             VerSion C
  ingredienT            BP%        ounces         grams         BP%     ounces grams                BP%       ounces grams
  Water                 40%         11 oz.        315 g                no changes                            no changes
  Milk                  20%           6 oz.       170 g                no changes                            no changes
  Butter                6.7%          2 oz.        60 g        13.5%      4 oz.       120 g         6.7%          2 oz.         60 g
  Cake yeast            2.4%         2
                                         /3 oz.    20 g                no changes                            no changes
  Flour                               1 lb.
                        100%                      790 g                no changes                            no changes
  (11-12% protein)                   12 oz.
  Sugar                 3.3%         1 oz.         30 g         3.3%      1oz.         30 g         6.6%          2 oz.         60 g
  Salt                   2%          ½ oz.         16 g                no changes                            no changes
  Yield                              3 lbs.       1,400 g                 3 lbs.     1,460 g                      3 lbs.      1,430 g
                                                                          2 oz.                                   1 oz.

1. in separate bowls, heat water and milk to 90ºf. Warm butter
   to 60ºf.                                                            7. proofing:spot with moderate humidity. if you don’t have
                                                                          in warm
                                                                                    Allow dough to double in size, 35-40 minutes,

                                                                           a proofing box, warm spots to use include a turned-off
2.   Mix water and yeast. Blend in one-third of flour. Add milk,
     butter and sugar. Add remaining flour and salt. Stir until all
                                                                           dishwasher with a glass or two of hot water placed inside,
                                                                           or a food-safe plastic bag—slide shaped dough inside;
     flour is wet.                                                         gently fold bag under itself to seal. place tall cup or other
                                                                           shape in all four corners of tray to keep plastic from sticking
3. Using mixer, mixdough from bowl to for 2 minutes. Stop
   machine; move
                    on medium speed
                                      floured bench. flour
                                                                           to dough.

     dough; invert it. return dough to mixing bowl. Mix on slow
     speed for 2 minutes.
                                                                       8. Brush proofed shapes with milk.
     -or-                                                                            rack oven with convection,
                                                                       9. to bake in minutes, until golden-brown.set to 360ºf. Bake
                                                                          for 12-14                               (if your oven has
     By hand, knead dough for 6 minutes on bench.                          steam injection, fill oven with steam for first 2 minutes of
                                                                           baking. open steam vent after 2 minutes. Keep vent open;
4. cover dough; allow to ferment for 1 hour in warm spot
                                                                           bake 10-12 minutes.)

                                                                           to bake in a deck oven, set to 400ºf. Bake for 12-14
5.   thirty minutes into fermentation process, give dough one
     punch and fold on floured bench. Allow to finish fermentation.
                                                                           minutes. (for better oven spring, use a handheld mister to
                                                                           spray water over shapes after glazing, before baking.)

6. Divide dough into 12 pieces.4, on a parchment-lined half-
   bench. Arrange in rows, 3 x
                                round pieces on non-floured

     sheet tray.

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