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                                                         Markets Group
                                                          Advisory Services for the Environmental,
                                                          Health and Safety Industry

Corporate Headquarters: 1040 East Brokaw Road, San Jose, California 95131, 408.392.2000   1
                                                                         Introduction to the Group

Frost & Sullivan’s Environmental Markets Group serves clients

around the world in virtually all areas of the industry. Our staff

consists of individuals who combine professional experience in

environmental disciplines with broad training in business and

economics. Industry areas served include,

         n   Water and Wastewater Treatment
         n   Membrane Systems
         n   Residential and Commercial Water Treatment
         n   Air Pollution Control
         n   Waste Management
         n   Health & Safety
         n   Analytical Instrumentation
         n   Cleanrooms                                                    Frost & Sullivan Headquarters are in California’s Silicon Valley
         n   Other Related Businesses

As in its work in every industry, Frost & Sullivan’s goal is to

help its environmental industry clients enhance their market

position and long term growth prospects in the industry.             2
                                                                                          Industry Challenges

Frost & Sullivan provides critical                                                    n How can traditional manufacturers in the
                                                                                      safety industry prevent the spread of “post-
advice and competitive                                                                engineering”?

intelligence through an intimate     n Under what conditions will a residential       n Will new entrants in the water treatment
                                     end-user adopt in-house water treatment?         membrane markets be able to overcome the
understanding of regulatory and                                                       strong vendor loyalty found in key end-user
                                     n How can performance contractors ensure         groups?
technological conditions and their   profitability when they are paid from facility
                                     savings?                                         n  Net Markets and Digital Supply Chains power
impact on the competitive                                                             interesting adoption problems and challenges
                                     n At what rate is the U.S. wastewater            for manufacturers. What adoption strategies
environment. The group tackles       industry privatizing, and what will the          should be considered?
                                     implications for equipment and service
diverse industry challenges daily.   providers be?

                                     n What effects will the recent NOx
                                     reduction rule have on the transportation

                                     n How will the cyclical nature of the
                                     semiconductor industry affect air filtration

                                                    Industry Challenges

n  How will the recent changes in the                n  Will the U.S. ergonomics rule come to
structure of residential water markets affect        fruition, and what will the impact on
traditional distribution franchises?                 American businesses be?

nWhat effects will the ongoing                       n  Will MTBE remidiation develop into a
consolidation in U.S water markets have on           viable market?
smaller equipment providers?
                                                     n How does the trends towards offshore
n When will China’s environmental markets            manufacturing affect pollution prevention
develop, and what is the best entry strategy?        equipment manufacturers in the U.S.?

n  Will Latin American economies be stable           n How will the development of the
enough to warrant extensive investment               European Union affect environmental
from U.S. equipment and service providers?           policy?

                                                                                  Industry Challenges

We have helped Clients to:

          n   Develop Strategies for New Inventions. So, you have a new              Leverage the expertise of a

          product, do you? Let us help you gauge market receptivity, and             diversified team of area

          determine what is needed for commercial viability.                         specialists, environmental

                                                                                     specialists, and consultants. Let

          n   Update Strategies in Mature Markets. Are you just doing the            our expertise in water and

          same thing you've been doing for years? Do you believe your business       wastewater treatment,

          marketing strategy could use some refreshing—identifying, and              membrane technologies, air

          quantifying of potential new target markets?                               pollution control equipment,

                                                                                     waste management, and

          n   Develop competitor profiles and analysis. Do you need to               personal protection equipment,

          know why your competitor(s) succeeds while your firm languishes            work for you.

          despite your efforts? Let our Consultants conduct a rigorous analysis

          of contrasting business strategies.

                                                                            Summary of Services

Our consulting services fall into                  Competitor Engineering Projects

three broad categories...                          n   Competitive Intelligence Programs

                                                   n   Competitive Benchmarking Studies

Market Engineering Projects                        n   Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis

n   Market Feasibility Studies                     n   Due Diligence Analysis

n   Market Opportunity Analysis

n   New Product Introduction/Launch Planning

n   Distribution Channel/Strategy Analysis

Customer Engineering Projects

n   Customer Needs/Issues Analysis

n   Customer Satisfaction Analysis

n   Customer Brand Awareness/Recognition Studies

n   Competitive Benchmarking Studies

                                                                           Consulting Experience

                                          Just a few of the companies who
The Environmental Health & Safety                                                Clients have come from various product
                                           have relied on our expertise:

Group has completed numerous                                                     as well services markets. This gives the
                                                    Bacou USA
consulting projects covering a diverse                                           Group a broad perspective which covers
                                                    BOC Gasses
list of markets and products, including                                          all aspects of the industry, rather than on
helping diverse global clients frame,                                            a specific component.
                                               Monsanto Envirochem
dissect and analyze business challenges
                                             Ogden Waste Management
and develop plans to meet them. The
projects have covered virtually every
                                                Teledyne Water Pik
region of the world and most aspects                                                Let Frost & Sullivan put its
                                             Tennessee Valley Authority
of the industry. Our syndicated                                                     knowledge and expertise to work
                                               Cleanrooms Magazine
publications have been acquired by                                                  for you.
hundreds of companies of all types as a
                                                   Fisher Safety
tool to support business planning or

make critical strategy decisions.
                                                                                                                          The Team

 Frost & Sullivan’s Environmental Group is headed by Karen Rasmussen,              Jon Maxedon, Director of Consulting
                                                                                   At Frost & Sullivan since 1992, Mr. Maxedon is responsible for the design,
                                                                                   administration, and successful completion of over 200 projects for Frost &
 Director of Environmental Research in our San Jose Office. Ms.
                                                                                   Sullivan on such diverse topics as:: HEPA Filters, Waste Management,
                                                                                   Building Control Systems, Gas Detection Equipment, Residential Water Treatment
 Rasmussen works closely with Jon Maxedon, Director of Consulting,                 Equipment in China and India, and Commercial/Residential Water Conditioning
 Industrial Technologies, who advises clients on framing a business                With over twenty years of marketing experience for both large and small
                                                                                   companies, he provides a broad strategic perspective on how products are
 challenge and designing the optimal consulting program, and plays a key           successfully conceived, produced, and marketed.

 role in ensuring the proper execution of a consulting engagement.

Karen Rasmussen, Director of Research
At Frost & Sullivan since 1997, Ms. Rasmussen has substantial experience
researching and analyzing an array of environmental product and service
markets. She is responsible for business planning, strategy development, and
implementation for the group, as well as design and development of new
research methodologies and models. As a project manager, she is
responsible for the design, development, and completion of projects
undertaken by the North American operations of Frost & Sullivan. Her
assignments have covered projects ranging from competitive bench marking,
potential market assessments, to penetration analysis and product launch

                                                                                                             The Team

John Raspin, Research Manager in our London Office, heads         All of these specialists have devoted a significant portion of their

European market consulting for the Environmental Group. In        consulting careers to serving clients in all parts of the industry, as

addition to these individuals, about 20 Analysts throughout       well as building the Firm's capabilities and knowledge in critical

the world are working on Environmental Health & Safety            areas.

related engagements at any given time. These Analysts have

undergraduate or graduate degrees in Business

Administration, Engineering, Economics, or the

Environmental Sciences. Many have had related work

experience before joining Frost & Sullivan, and many have

academic and professional backgrounds in areas relevant to

the industry.

                                                                                 Consulting Methodology

The Environmental Health & Safety Group at Frost & Sullivan provides customized

intelligence and strategies to serve our clients' unique marketing consulting needs across a

variety of areas such as water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, personal

protection equipment, and waste management.

The consulting practice is founded on our patented Market Engineering System. The phrase

"Market Engineering" denotes Frost & Sullivan's unique measurement-based approach to

marketing consulting, in which the rigor and precision typically associated with the

engineering environment are applied to market consulting. Some of the distinctive

competencies that drive our consulting practice include: our rigorous metrics-oriented

methodology, leveragability of our continuous market monitoring research, international

coverage, technology/applications expertise, and our overarching focus on providing

solutions, not just information, to address our clients' marketing and business challenges.

                                                                               Consulting Methodology

There are no short cuts. Solid research requires talking directly, and on an ongoing basis, with key players in the market. Not just a few, but a

great number of them, in order to gain a representative picture of industry trends, market issues, key player plans, key manufacturer's business

strategy, distributor strategy, end user perceptions, end user issues, industry growth rates by unit shipments or revenues, your rivals' market

shares, and competitive strengths or weaknesses. A carefully designed discussion guide arms our analyst team with insightful, provocative

strategic questions geared toward eliciting the information necessary to develop quantitative and qualitative conclusions.

In a typical project, scores of interviews with key executives, managers and end users are conducted in order confirm and reconfirm results. In

the end, the results that emerge from the analysis are the synthesis of competitor interviews, published data, competitor financial data, industry

news, and ultimately the analyst’s own judgement based on his or her experience and knowledge. Clients can subsequently utilize the data with

confidence and obtain actionable conclusions. Continual client interaction throughout a project allows the team to maintain focus on the client’s

goals. Our consulting projects almost always require extensive primary research with competitors, distributors, systems integrators, end-users,

and other industry participants. The measurements we take on the markets serve as the bridge between the challenges we uncover and the

strategies we recommend to our clients.

                         Tapping Frost & Sullivan Knowledge

Caryn Sykes                             “Manufacturers who are able to educate
Industry Analyst   end-users on how proper fall protection can prevent
                   accidents, liability, and downtime, and in the long run, improve
                   the company’s bottom line, will have an advantage in these

                   “Growing preference for DBO contracts among industrial             Matthis Kubr
                   end-users and municipalities presents lucrative revenue            Industry Analyst
                   opportunities to companies that deploy cost-effective

Sanya Sahi         “…the amount of direct competition among suppliers in the
                   consumables industry has increased significantly, as more
Research Analyst
                   suppliers have moved away from niche market specialization
                   to multi-segment participation. As a result, price pressure has
                   intensified, threatening to hamper future market growth
                   Cleanrooms Magazine

                             Tapping Frost & Sullivan Knowledge

Linda Chaloux                              “..the evolution of the diffuser product is
Research Analyst       simply one example of how the face of the wastewater
                       treatment industry is changing, and should prompt end-users
                       to calculate with their limited dollars, which system is the best
                       fit, and will provide the greatest result for the longest period
                       of time.”
                       Public Works

                                                                                           Nikolai Pitchforth
                       “Increased public and government interest in water quality,         Research Analyst
                       combined with developments in sensor technology, have
                       changed the face of water quality monitoring in the United
                       States over the past decade...”

Karen Rasmussen
                       “At this point in time, very few municipalities are actually
Director of Research
                       owned by private organizations; however, a steadily growing
                       number is outsourcing the operations and management
                       function to private entities on a revenue sharing basis.”
                       The U.S. Water Report

               New York          Silicon Valley         London     Frankfurt        Paris     Tokyo         Mumbai        Singapore       Beijing

                                                                                                   Contact Information

 Group Management                        Karen Rasmussen, Director of Research, Environmental Health & Safety, San Jose, California. krasmussen@frost.com

 Consulting Inquiries                    Jon Maxedon, Director of Consulting, Industrial Technologies, San Jose, California. jmaxedon@frost.com

 Sales Inquiries                         Stephanie Koehler, Account Executive, Environmental Health & Safety, San Antonio, Texas. skoehler@frost.com

Specialists by Region

North America

Caryn Sykes, Industry Analyst, Burlingame, California                                                  European Environmental Markets
csykes@frost.com                                                                                       John Raspin, Research Manager, London, England
Matthias Kubr, Industry Analyst, San Jose, California
mkubr@frost.com                                                                                        Asian Environmental Markets
                                                                                                       Troy Kohut, Director of Research, Sydney, Australia
Sanya Sahi, Research Analyst, Burlingame, California                                                   tkohut@frost.com
                                                                                                       Latin American Environmental Markets
Linda Chaloux, Research Analyst, San Antonio, Texas                                                    Roberto Torres, Manager, Latin America Research, San Jose, CA
lchaloux@frost.com                                                                                     rtorress@frost.com

Nikolai Pitchforth, Research Analyst, San Jose, California


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