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                                                                   PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

ITEM           Section            Page #                        Comment/Question                                                           Answers
       RFP, Section: Part III -            The Proposal staffing requirements states that "the Staffing       It is the contractors responsibility to propose who they deem to be
 1     Management Approach          51     plan shall clearly describe the experience and credential of all   key personnel. Only those persons that are deemed key personnel
       and Staff Plan                      proposed staff." Requiring resumes for "all proposed staff" is     will be subject to the conditions cited for key personnel
                                           excessive, and would clearly favor any contractors currently       substitutions.
                                           providing SOW type of services to PG-10.
                                                                                                               The Goverrnments intent is to ensure that the appropriate labor
                                           We request that this requirement be changed to resumes only        mix and experience required for this effort are met at all levels.
                                           being required for Key Personnel, and that Key Personnel be
                                           limited to the Program Manager, and up to 2 additional senior      Amendment 0001 revises the Key Personnel requirements to
                                           level personnel.                                                   encompass non-key personnel guidance.

       Section L Factor 3: Past            Factor 3: Past Performance, states that the contractor should      The Government requires that any past performance information
 2     Performance                  56     "reference projects at least 80% complete". This requirement       provided has at least an 80% completion rate in order to be able to
                                           appears excessive, and would overly favor any contractors who      amply evaluate past performance of similar size, scope and
                                           are currently performing, or did perform, similar SOW tasking      complexity. The past performance information relates to similar
                                           for PG-10.                                                         type work required by the SOW, not direct PG10 support.

                                                                                                              If this criteria cannot be met, and no past performance can be
                                                                                                              provided, an offeror will be given a rating of Neutral.

       Key Personnel Definition            It appears that anyone who is required to support this contract    Amendment 0001 revises verbiage contained in Key Personnel
 3                                  9      needs to be listed as "key personnel," and therefore subject to    Substitutions portion of the RFP.
                                           the coordination requirements for substitution. If a contractor
                                           employee resigns or must be terminated for any reason, there
                                           could be an inadvertent delay for replacement. There could be
                                           a 30 (+) day gap while a replacement is sought. It often takes a
                                           week to find a suitable candidate (who will more than likely be
                                           employed); followed by a two week submission of a resume
                                           for government approval. A conditional offer can be made,
                                           however if that candidate is currently employed, they often
                                           require at least a two week notice to their current employer and
                                           will not provide that notice without government approval of
                                           their resume. The end result could be a long gap in replacing a
                                           "key person," especially since the RFP requires resumes for
                                           “all proposed staff” per RFP Part III, and thus all staff would
                                           be considered Key Personnel. Request that Key personnel be
                                           limited to the Program Manager and up to 2 senior level
                                                                   PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

     RFP                               1   The Offer due date is 3/16/2011. Due to the fact that the            It is at the contractors discretion as to how many resumes it
4                                          Technical Proposal may require over 60 pages to complete, and        submits.
                                           that resumes are required for “all proposed staff”, and a draft
                                           solicitation and SOW were not made available earlier, the            No extension will be provided for the proposal due date
                                           offeror requests a 2 week extension.

5    RFP                         2-3       In the CLIN structure is the intent to bid Task 4 in this location   Yes.
                                           in the CLIN structure (CLIN 0003, 1003 - optional CLINS)
                                           since Task 4 is an optional task?                                    CLINs 0003, 1003, 2003 and 3003 are optional CLINs associated
                                                                                                                with Task 4. CLINs 0004, 1004, 2004 and 3004 are also optional
                                                                                                                ODC CLINs associated with Task 4.
6    4.0 & Supplies, Services    2-3       Does the optional CLIN refer to Task 4?                              See Item # 5
     & Prices Schedule
7    RFP Section M, Section      51        The RFP asks for the Offeror to provide Travel and ODC cost          Yes. Since it is a NTE cost, vendors may restate those NTE costs.
     L, Instructions on                    details, but the schedule in Section B indicates ODC estimates       However, offerors are required to provide estimated travel and
     Volume I, Part II, Travel             are being provided. Is simply restating the cost data in Section     ODC cost details within the NTE constraints provided under the
     and ODCs                              B sufficient to meet the Volume I, Part II Cost Detail               supplies/services/prices portion of the RFP.
                                                                                                                Amendment 0001 revises verbiage to clarify this requirement.
                                                                                                                (Pg. 50)

     RFP Section M, Section      51        The RFP does not distinguish between key-personnel and non-          See Item # 1
8    L, Instructions on                    key personnel. Does the government require resumes for all
     Volume II, Part III,                  personnel proposed on the effort or just key personnel?
     Mgmt Approaching and
     Staffing Plan
9    RFP, Section K, Pg 48       48        Please clarify address "1000 Corporate Drive, Quantico, VA           Stafford VA 22554 is correct and Amendment 0001 will correct
                                           22554" given for submission of proposals should be "Stafford,        this error.
                                           VA 22554"

10   RFP, Section K, Pg 52       52        Under Instructions for Technical Volume, Part IV, please             All Tasks and associated subtasks are to be considered.
                                           clarify whether interrelationship with Task 0002 is also to be

                                                           PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

     Section: Task 3.1.1 WBS        Does the statement that the WBS will be included into the          No. Not all WBS changes will require a contract modification.
11                             7    contract mean that each modification and approval of a WBS         However, if significant changes impact milestones and delivery
                                    change will result in a contract modification?                     dates, the contracting officer will determine if a contract
                                                                                                       modification will be required.

                                                                                                       Amendment 0001 revises verbiage for clarification.

12   Section C.8 Security      17   The statement indicates that the contractor will have access to    No DD254 is required for this effort.
                                    unclassified data and does not address a need for security
                                    clearances. Please confirm that security clearances will or will   In addition, no Security Clearance will be requred for contractor
                                    not be required for any or all contractor personnel.               personnel performing on this effort, However,contractor personnel
                                                                                                       requiring network access will be required to obtain a (Common
                                                                                                       Access Card (CAC) which requires that a background investigation
                                                                                                       must be contained and accessible by the COR within the JPAS
13   Task 3.0 - PG-10               Section describes that "During the development of the portal,      a. Yes, analysis and approved requirements were documented by
     Consolidated Portal       4    additional capabilities were identified as necessary               the incumbent during the period of performance.
     Operations and                 management tools for the PG and will be addressed." Is this
     Maintenance,                   analysis and requirements for the additional capabilities
     Customization, and             documented?
     Configuration Services                                                                            b. No, requirements that drive the SRS are contained in SOW 3.3.
                                    Is it these requirements that drive the SRS to be completed in
                                    10 days?

     SOW - C.2 - Scope         1    Contract administration – If small businesses are already          a. The Government is not aware of an organizational conflict of
14                                  performing contracts within PG10, is there a need to conduct       interest. However, vendors are required to identify a potential
                                    an Organizational Conflict of Interest finding?                    OCI in accordance with the requirements of the RFQ. Refer to
                                                                                                       FAR 9.5.

                                    Are all three locations mentioned considered as client site        b. Yes, all three locations are client sites. However, government
                                    locations for cost estimating purposes?                            will not reimburse local travel within a 30 miles radius (reference
                                                                                                       SOW page 17)

     SOW - Task 1.1            1    Does the PG-10 Dashboard already exist?                            a. No.
                                    If the Dashboard exists, will it be provided as GFI prior to       b. The PG-10 Dashboard does not already exist. Reference SOW
                                    proposal submission for determining LOE and labor skill sets       Task 3.
                                    required for software development, maintenance or support
                                                              PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

     SOW - Task 1.1                1   What tool is used for IMS maintenance?                             a. Microsoft Project.
                                       Will this tool be provided as GFI upon contract award?             b. No, Microsoft Project will not be provded. Reference Optional
                                                                                                          Task .
                                       Contract administration – If small businesses are already
                                       performing contracts within PG10, is there a need to conduct       c. The Government is not aware of an organizational conflict of
                                       an Organizational Conflict of Interest finding?                    interest. However, vendors are required to identify a potential
                                                                                                          OCI in accordance with the requirements of the RFQ. Refer to
                                                                                                          FAR 9.5.

     SOW - C.3 Requirements        1   How many FTE’s currently support each of the tasks in the          a. Seven (7) FTE’s currently support tasks identified, including
17                                     SOW?                                                               Optional Task 4.

                                       Is there a wire diagram depicting the existing support?            b. No wire diagram is available depicting the existing support.

                                       Who are the incumbents supporting the existing parts of this       c. Catapult, Skylla, Twin Soft, and The Columbia Group.
                                       work and which parts of this work do they currently support?
                                                                                                          The Government will not provide any additional information
                                                                                                          regarding portions of tasks currently being performed by
                                                                                                          incumbent contractors.

     Section 3.0 - PG-10      7        Can you please clarify the following statement: “During the        Twin Soft lead the development of the PG-10 portal.
18   Consolidated Portal               development of the portal, additional capabilities were
     Operations,                       identified as necessary management tools for the PG and will
     Customization and                 be addressed.” Who developed the portal?
     Configuration Services
                                       Is the portal design and information content all government-
                                       owned or is there any proprietary data design elements owned       Yes, design and content are all government-owned.
                                       by the current developer?

                                       Are these “additional capabilities” the work required under this   Task 3.0 “reference to additional capabilities” provides
                                       solicitation?                                                      background information. Requirement are contained in Specific
                                                                                                          Support Tasks section.

19   Section C.3.4 - User     10       As this is intended to be a fixed price contract, does the         Adjustments will be made as required and approved. However, it
     experience and                    government intend to adjust the scope of the contract if           is incumbent upon the vendor to identify work outside of scope
     Configuration                     necessary to accommodate potential growth and variations           before committing to any new requirements that resources
                                       based on this statement: “various constituencies will likely       identified cannot support.
                                       continue to identify new and interesting ways in which they
                                       want to use the portal to improve their business process”?
                                                            PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

20   Section C.9 -Government    18   Since the Government does not intend to issue GFE, and as          There is no requirement for Hardware and Software under the
     Furnished Equipment             required in “Travel/ODC” instructions “individually-priced list    SOW C.9.
     (GFE)                           of all hardware/software per subtask” all elements are to be
                                     priced. Who owns the hardware and software licenses for the        Amendment 0001 reflects the revision and removal of hardware
                                     current effort?                                                    and software verbiage within the RFP under Price Volume Part II.

                                     If all hardware and software requirements for this task as to be
                                     newly priced and bought the ODCs section of this RFP (which
                                     includes travel) seems to assume some other arrangement.
                                     Please clarify.

21   SOW Subtask - 3.1.1        7    Is there a requirement to provide a WBS for each task and          a. WBS are only required where identified.
                                     subtask or just for the project management portion?

                                     How detailed does the proposal WBS have to be? Should we           b. A detailed WBS is required which typically contains associated
                                     be providing just a POAM?                                          schedule for all deliverables identified in Task 3. Therefore, ‘just”
                                                                                                        a POA&M is not acceptable.

22   SOW, Section C.3,               Section 3 includes “Specific Support Tasks” for Program            WBS only required for specific deliverables identified in Task 3.
     Task 3, Specific Support        Management (including creating a WBS, MSR, and Program             However, IWS will be required for entire effort in accordance with
     Tasks                           Reviews and Meeting Attendance). While this looks as though        SOW C.4.
                                     it should apply to the SOW holistically, as currently organized
                                     it seems to only apply to Task 3.0 PG-10 Consolidated Portal
                                     Operations and Maintenance, Customization, and
                                     Configuration Services. Could the government please clarify if
                                     they are only looking for PM support of the contract in
                                     relationship to Task 3?

23   SOW – Subtask 1.2          2    Para 1.2 references budget formulation. What level of POM          The SOW doesn't specifically request budget formulation or POM
                                     support will be provided?                                          support from the contractor. The contractor would not be
                                                                                                        requested to formulate any budget figures but could be requested
                                                                                                        to assist in the review of related POM briefing for accuracy, etc.

24   SOW - Subtask 1.1          2    Please clarify that the task "Support PGD and/or designated        The tasks are different. Subtask 1.1. is a support role and Optional
                                     IPT lead in collecting/coordinating input to the IMS." doesn't     Task 4 is lead role for integration of all PG10 IMS requirements.
                                     include providing lead support for maintaining/updating the
                                     PG-10 IMS as that function is specified as the optional Task
                                                                PG-10 Management Suppor Services (MSS)

25   SOW - Subtask 1.3        3 and 4   Please clarify whether the expectation is that Task 1.3              The Government will not provide the Offeror with the # of FTEs
                                        Logistics/MPT support is one FTE?                                    expected to accomplish this work. The Offeror is expected to
                                                                                                             propose the requisite number of FTEs based on their
                                                                                                             understanding of the work to be accomplished.

26   SOW - Subtask 1.4        4 and 5   Please clarify if there an expectation that the SE support will be   The SOW does not request specific credentials expertise from the
                                        able to provide credentialled expertise for execution of a           contractor. The contractor is expected to understand the CMMI
                                        formal PG-10 CMMI project?                                           Framework and process improvement models.

27   SOW - Subtask 1.6        5         Please clarify the intent for the product from "Develop IA           Amendment 0001 revises the SOW, Subtask 1.6.
                                        fulfillment capability that includes standard DIACAP-based
                                        template for IA Certification and Accreditation" is to be used
                                        for when the standardized input mechanism for DIACAP
                                        process is the automated tool XACTA?
28   SOW - Subtask,   13        Please clarify that the proposed MSPS support doesn't include        Technical instantiation and support of the MSPS HW/SW
                                        the technical instantiation and support of the MSPS HW/SW            environment not included.
29   SOW, Section C.9 -       18        Understood that personnel on-site with PG-10 cannot expect           Reference para. 4 in C.6 of the SOW.
     GOVERNMENT                         GFE. Please clarify whether network connection to internet
     FURNISHED                          will be available for contractor provided assets at government
     EQUIPMENT,                         location for on-site support.

     General Questions
30   Overall                            Is there an incumbent performing this work or is this new            See SOW Item #17, Question 3 response.

                                        If incumbent work, who is the incumbent, what is the level of
31   Overall                            If this is new work, are there parts of this work that are           See SOW Item #17, Question 3 response.
                                        currently being performed by an incumbent and if so who and
                                        what is the current level of effort?

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