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report_0112 by gegeshandong


									                            THE SUPS SUPPORTER
                  MEETING REPORT FOR TUESDAY 10 JANUARY 2012

This meeting included the following:

1. The Annual General Meeting
2. The Focus On: Scenery
3. Bali Above and Below Water

Approximately 25 members attended the meeting.

1. The Annual General Meeting

   The Power Point presentation for this is on the SUPS website:

   The meeting went very smoothly and the club is in good shape financially at present.

   There were many activities and significant achievements last year and the Chairman
   reminded all present what these included.

   There are now 28 members which is the highest the club has had. All members were
   encouraged to contribute to the programme of meetings in 2012.

   The Committee for next year includes:

   Chair:                              Bob Allen
   Secretary:                          Sue Heaps
   Treasurer:                          George Stergios
   Expeditions:                        Ken Sullivan
   IT Officer:                         Leigh Risbridger

   Two new committee posts were introduced as follows:

   New Members’ Officer:            Colin Noel
   Publicity and Promotion Officer: Ray Allen

   Thanks were made to all who had helped to make 2011 a very successful year for

   Mary King announced two SSAC events:

   A Group booking for DiveFest to Mevagissey on 4-7 May.
   A club trip to Malta in September.

   Details of both of the above are on the SSAC website:
   Ken Sullivan announced a photography meeting on Sunday 29 January organised by
   Permajet: details from Ken.

2. The Focus On: Scenery

   For the above water category there were 32 varied and splendid images submitted.
   The results were as follows:

   1st A bridge reflection by Leigh Risbridger
   2nd A snow scene in October 2010 by Ian Gotts
   3rd A scene in New Zealand South Island by Vicky Collins

   For the underwater category there were 25 very good and interesting shots. The
   results were as follows:

   1st         Ginnie Springs split photo by Bob Allen
   2nd         A surface black and white shot by David Baker
   Joint 3rd   A cave and coral scene by David Baker
   Joint 3rd   A coral scene off Shag Rock by Bob Allen

   Well done to all who entered photos.

3. Bali Above and Below Water

   Bob Allen showed a selection of photos above and below water from the Bali trip in

   This was an interesting and informative show with a collection of photographs illustrating
   the culture and landscape of the country above water and the variety of rich sea life
   below water.

The next Committee Meeting is on Thursday 9 February 2012 at 8.00 pm at Ken Sullivan’s.

The next SUPS meeting is on Tuesday 14 February at 8.00 pm at and the agenda
includes the Annual Photographic Competition and a talk with photographs about Mafia
Island by Dave and/or Vicky Collins.

The rules for the photographic competition were issued and all were reminded to comply.

See you all there.

A SUPS Supporter!

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