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                                                                                                         You can use ADP6 print function to print "Workstation setup", "Screen
Can I print all the project ?                                                                                                                                                                                 Print                              sept.-07
                                                                                                         Overview" and "Screen Image". File -> Print...
How many words in each telegram could be send, in Modbus slave and Master driver ?                       read 32 words, write 32 words                                                 Restriction                            Modbus             sept.-07
Is it possible to have 2 pop-ups at the same time ? With Alarms ?                                        No, only 1 pop-up is available in the same time.                              Restriction                            Pop-up             sept.-07
Is Ethernet port 10/100 Base TX ?                                                                        10 Base                                                                                              Ethernet                           sept.-07
                                                                                                         Unfortunately, there is no way to recall the password. So pay attention
What can I do if Super password is loosed ?                                                                                                                                                                   Password                           sept.-07
                                                                                                         not to lose it
Is it possible to have 2 bare-code reader on the same screen ?                                           No, only one is accessible.                                                                          Bare-code                          sept.-07
Is there alarm groups ?                                                                                  No, only one alarm group is available                                                                Alarms                             sept.-07
Is it possible to up/download trends and alarms ?                                                        No                                                                                                   Trends          Alarms             sept.-07
How many Ethernet connection could we have ? Is it possible to put few CP400 in a same Ethernet
                                                                                                3                                                                                                                                                sept.-07
network ?
Is it possible to Scroll down text on CP410 ?                                                   No                                                                                     Restriction                            CP410              sept.-07
                                                                                                We can save trends and alarms from HMI to CF Card and USB memory
Is it possible to up/download trends and alarms ?                                                                                                                                                                                                sept.-07
                                                                                                stick on CP440 and CP450 products.
Is it possible to transfer the project without to be obliged to confirm on the CP400 product ?  No, you have always to confirm on the product.                                                                                                   sept.-07
Simulation mode ON/OFF Line, is it possible with ABB Drivers ?                                  Yes, simulation mode ON/OFF Line is available for ABB Drivers                                                                                    sept.-07
                                                                                                USB Host can connect USB memory stick. It can save trends and
What is possible to do with USB Host and Device?                                                alarms, up/download recipe and application . USB Device can be used                                           USB             Host or device     sept.-07
                                                                                                to up/download and connect to printer.
Is it possible to use macro with the PLC addresses ?                                            Yes it's possible.                                                                     Restriction            Macro           Addresses          sept.-07
                                                                                                Yes with a macro (need an additional modem !)
Is it possible to send SMS ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sept.-07
                                                                                                Please see example document (ask us for it or find it on Inside).
Is it possible to enter only 3 or 4 numbers in the Password or 8 are needed ?                                                                                                                                                                    sept.-07
                                                                                                This area is used if you want to have some variables that updates very,
What is General User Area ?                                                                     very fast. It's only possible read them in the PLC, not possible to change                                                                       sept.-07
Is it possible to send a part of the project?                                                   No                                                                                     Restriction                            Programming        sept.-07
Is there Web server and e-mail options ?                                                        No                                                                                     Restriction            Web server      e-mail             sept.-07
Is it possible to program by USB port?                                                          Yes !                                                                                  Information            USB             Programming        sept.-07
Could we change Macro <-> ladder during a project build ?                                       Yes                                                                                                           Macro           Ladder             sept.-07
Could we change the display type during a project build ?                                       Yes ! Pay attention with the functions not available                                   Restriction                            Display type       sept.-07

                                                                                                         CP440 & CP450: 3 drivers
                                                                                                         CP430 Ethernet : 3 drivers (1 Ethernet)
                                                                                                         CP430 : 2 drivers
How many drivers could we use in same time ?                                                                                                                                           Restriction            Communication   Driver             sept.-07
                                                                                                         CP420 : 2 drivers
                                                                                                         CP410 : 1 driver
                                                                                                         The 4th ports on bigger terminal could be used to program the panel

Which is the higher level of password ? Level 1 or Level 9 ?                                             Level 1 have the highest rights, and Level 9 lowest rights                    Information            Password        Level              sept.-07
                                                                                                         Yes, in Application Properties / Control Block / Address, The 10 first bits
Can the PLC managed the Screen to display                                                                                                                                              Tricks and easy ways   Screen displayed PLC               sept.-07
                                                                                                         (Bit 0 to Bit 9) will be used to choose the screen to display
                                                                                                         Yes, in Application Properties / Control Block / Address, The Bit 14
Could the Backlight be turn off by the PLC ?                                                             (Begin to 0 so the 15th) bit will be used to switch OFF the backlight and     Tricks and easy ways   Backlight       PLC                sept.-07
                                                                                                         Bit 15 (the latest) to switch ON the backlight.
Could a register control the dimming of the backlight (0-100%) ?                                         No                                                                                                                                      sept.-07
                                                                                                         Use the TK401 programming cable and a Male->Male converter on one
                                                                                                                                                                                       Tricks and easy ways   Cable           Copy               sept.-07
For the copy product to product in system menu, which cable do we have to use ?                          of the sides
What's happen if Not language was selected : Bit 13, 12 and 11 of Screen Number Register to              No changes ! If e.g. Language 2 is selected and Bit 13, 12 and 11 are
                                                                                                                                                                                       Tricks and easy ways   Multilanguage   Selection          sept.-07
value "0" ?                                                                                              reset then the language will still be Language 2.
In X/Y Chart, it possible to Put Trigger Flag #1 mixed with Clear Flag #2, 3 or 4, are they obliged to   The Trigger and Clear flags are located in the Control block. It's possible
be the same number ?                                                                                     to use e.g. Trigger flag 1 and Clear Flag 4 in a X/Y-chart. Clear Flag 4    Restriction              Flag            X/Y charts         sept.-07
                                                                                                         will clear the chart and Trigger Flag 1 will update the chart.
                                                                                                         There are 14 logging buffers. 12 of them are possible to control from the
14 logging buffers are available and only 12 are controlled by registers ?                                                                                                             Restriction            Buffer          Register           sept.-07
                                                                                                         control block. The last 2 can only be used as Timer triggers.
How many Slide out-menu can we define ?                                                                  It's possible to have up to 999 slide-out menus.                              Restriction            Number          Menu               sept.-07
                                                                                                         It's not possible for the PLC to know what the current password level is.
If alarms are used, could the current level of the password be know in the PLC ?                                                                                                       Restriction            Alarm           Password           sept.-07
                                                                                                         There is currently no work-around/solution for this issue.
How many alarms message can I use ?                                                                      Up to 512 messages can be set.                                                Restriction            Alarm           number             sept.-07
                                                                                                         Each bit in the word-area corresponds to an alarm. If several bits are set
How the alarms works ?                                                                                   at the same time then the corresponding alarms will be presented in the Information                  Alarms                             sept.-07
                                                                                                         alarm list (several bits can be set and presented at the same time).
                                                                                                         In the menu Application\Workstation Setup\Miscellaneous\Touch Screen
How to disconnect the buzzer                                                                                                                                                           Information            Buzzer                             sept.-07
                                                                                                         (On the product menu, the buzzer is always actif)
                                                                                                         Cold cathode fluorescent Lamp
                                                                                                         Features (CCFL)
                                                                                                           - High brightness, High-Efficiency, Low power consumption and long
What CCFL mean ?                                                                                           - Excellent vibration and impact resistance.                                Technology             Backlight       Lamp               sept.-07
                                                                                                           - Durable and excellent blinking characteristics.
                                                                                                           - Quick start at low temperature.
                                                                                                           - Small size and light weight.
                                                                                                           - Low heating.
                                                                                                         Flash ROM 4 mb: The memory-area were the application is stored.
                                                                                                         Battery backed memory and Data/recipe memory is referring to the
                                                                                                         same memory. You have a total of 512 kb which can be mixed freely
What are the memory for ?                                                                                                                                                              Information            Memory          Type               sept.-07
                                                                                                         (not 256 kb for trends and 256 kb for recipes).
                                                                                                         RAM 512 kb: the memory that the terminal uses to execute the
Were can I find help for Ladder function ?                                                               Help is online in the CP400Soft.                                                                                                        sept.-07
Which cable do I use to copy from one CP400 to an other ?                                                Use Programming cable with Male/male converter                                Information            Programmation   Copy               sept.-07
                                                                                                         No it's only possible to program with COM1, COM2, USB or Ethernet
                                                                                                                                                                                       Restriction                                               sept.-07
Could I use COM3 to program ?                                                                            port                                                                                                 Programmation   COM3
How do we update the firmware or BIOS on CP400 products                                                  set switch3=off, run the BIOS downloaded file                                 Tricks and easy ways                                      sept.-07

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