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					                      Edward Best Elementary Academic Awards

   Edward Best Elementary strives to promote a positive learning environment so
students can excel both academically and socially. Recognizing these students for their
success is also a priority. Listed below are the awards that students may receive and the
criteria for eligibility. We have also listed the dates for recognizing the students for their
success. You will be notified prior to each awards program if your child is receiving an
award. We hope you will be able to attend.

                                Academic Awards Criteria

Perfect Attendance (Grades K – 5) No absences for that particular 9 week grading

Character Counts (Grades K-5) For the student who exhibits good character traits, for
example: honesty, responsibility, kindness and being polite to others.

Stars (Grades K-2) Students must receive all Proficient's on report card.

A/B Honor Roll (Grades 3 – 5) Students must receive all 85’s or higher on report card.

A Honor Roll (Grades 3-5) Students must receive all 93’s or higher on report card.

Super Reader ( K) Students must
            1st nine weeks: know all 52 upper and lower case letters.
            2nd nine weeks: know all 26 sounds.
            3rd nine weeks: know all 25 sight words.
            4th nine weeks: be reading at a Level C or higher on TRC

               (1st Grade) Students must be reading on or above
               1st nine weeks: Level D
               2nd nine weeks: Level H
               3rd nine weeks: Level J
               4th nine weeks: Level K

               (Grades 2 – 5) Students must have an average of 90% or higher on grade
               level on AR tests and meet AR point goal.

Grade Level per Nine Weeks:         2nd Grade    3rd Grade     4th Grade       5th Grade
             1st 9 wks                 2.3         3.3             4.3             5.3
             2nd 9 wks                 2.6         3.6             4.6             5.6
             3rd 9 wks                 2.9         3.9             4.9             5.9
             4th 9 wks                 3.1         4.1            5.1               6.1
Math Facts Award (Grades 1 – 5) Students must score the following % on math facts
test meeting time limit at each grade level.

    Grades 1 – 3        90% 10 seconds per problem
    Grades 4 – 5       100% 6 seconds per problem

Math Wizards:

        (Grades K– 2) Students must score 93% or higher on quarterly math assessment.

        (Grades 3 – 5) Students must have a 95 or higher on report card in math, and
          85% or higher on EOG Test Maker (1st nine weeks) and benchmark tests
         (2nd - 4th nine weeks).

AIG/EC Awards (Grades K – 5) 1 student per grade level exhibiting good work habits,
displaying extra effort, and showing improvement in the classroom.

Art/Music/PE/Spanish (Grades K – 5)1 male and 1 female in each grade level
exhibiting good work habits, displaying extra effort, and excelling in subject area.

Principal’s Award (Grades 3 – 5) The female and male student in each grade level with
the highest overall average for the nine weeks.

                           Academic Awards Program Dates

1st Nine Weeks – November 10, 2011
2nd Nine Weeks – February 8, 2012
3rd Nine Weeks – April 5, 2012
4th Nine Weeks – June 8, 2012

Program Times:
Grades 3 – 5 8:45
Grades K – 2 10:15

Location: EBES Gym

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