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2012 Events calendar Russia

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									Date                        Location
                            Russian Federation               Event type       Name                       Short description
Beginning     End                              City

                                                                              Development of youth       Governmnet support and the prospects of the
January                     Chechen Republic   Grozny        Seminar          entrepreneurship in        development youth entrepreneurship in Chechen
                                                                              Chechen Republic           Republic

                                                                                                         Accounting and Taxation for Small and Medium
January                     Chechen Republic   Gudermes      Seminar          Accounting and Taxation

                                                                                                         The 14th international exhibition and sale of paintings,
January, 14   January, 22   Perm Region        Perm          Exhibition       Art Salon "ART Perm"       drawings, sculptures, photographs and articles of arts
                                                                                                         and crafts

                                                                                                         Architecture. Construction. Low-rise building
                                               Novokuznets                   VII Siberian Building
January, 24   January, 27   Kemerovo Region                Trade fair, forum                             construction. The forest. Woodworking. The windows
                                               k                             forum
                                                                                                         of Kuzbass. vertical transport

January, 25   January, 29   Rostov Region                    Fair             Novotorzhskaya Fair        Fur products

                                                                               International Wholesale
                                                                               Trade Fair, Siberian      VII International Scientific-practical conference
January, 31   February, 3   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo      Trade fair, forum trade forum; Siberian     "Trafficking in the XXI Century", textile and light
                                                                               Textile and Fashion       industry;

                                               Rostov-on-    Specialized
January, 31   February, 6   Rostov Region                                     ART -ROSTOV - 2012         Culture, art, books, antiques, religion, ritual services
                                               Don           Exhibition

                                                                                                         Search of partners for join projects realization and
                                               Astrakhan-    business-                                   mutual investments in agriculture, fishery,
February                    Astrakhan Region                                  business mission
                                               Israel        mission                                     cosmetology, health and sports, tourism, construction
                                                                "Development of
February   Astrakhan Region      Kamyzyak      Conference       agriculture and tourism      The aim is to attract investors

                                                                AIC: the ways of its         SME AIC Chechen Republic, the ways and prospects
February   Chechen Republic      Grozny        Seminar
                                                                development in SME           of of development

                                                                "Support of of Small and
           Republic of
February                         Makhachkala Forum              Medium Business in       questions of practical application of federal law 217
                                                                Daghestan "

                                                                                          Forum "Innovations for Business" unites business
                                                                Investment Business       leaders, entrepreneurs, representatives of the political
February   Novosibirsk Region    Novosibirsk   Conference       Leaders Forum             elite, business angels, investors, researchers and
                                                                "Innovation for Business' international companies in initiating dialogue aimed at
                                                                                          increasing the investment attractiveness and economic
                                                                                          modernization of the region. The conference is

                                                                Karelia – for healthy
February   Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk Exhibition        lifestyle (sport, tourism,

                                                                Inter-regional exhibition    Within the limits of an exhibition actions which become
                                                                of tourist service and       a platform for a meeting of professionals of tourist
February   Vologda Region        Vologda       Exhibition
                                                                technologies of              branch, an exchange of opinions on most pressing
                                                                hospitality «North Gate»     questions will take place

                                                                                             The exhibition-fair "Russian flax" urged to promote
                                                                                             increase of competitiveness of production flax to
                                                                                             process industry, a conclusion of a linen complex from
                                                                The international
                                                                                             financially-industrial crisis, to maintenance of its
February   Vologda Region        Vologda       Exhibition-fai   exhibition-fair «Russian
                                                                                             economic growth on the basis of development of
                                                                                             profitable commodity manufacture and to creation of
                                                                                             reliable own raw-material base of manufacture of a flax
                                                                                                   This forum has traditionally been a kind of forum
                                                                                                   summarizing the interaction of business and
                                                                                                   government over the past year.
                                                                                                   The forum includes:
                                                                                                   - An exhibition of local producers and financial - credit
                                                                         VII Business - Forum
                                                                                                   - "Roundtables" on topical issues for busnessmen
February, 3                  Orenburg Region   Orenburg   Business Forum "City - Business,
                                                                                                    - Provision of advisory services to busnessmen
                                                                         Business - City"
                                                                                                   (Operation "Streets of free advice")
                                                                                                   - organizing presentations and financial - credit
                                                                                                   The main objective of the event is to increase
                                                                                                   investment attractiveness of the Orenburg region.

                                                                                                   Construction, maintenance and repair, finishing works,
February, 7   February, 10   Moscow            Moscow     Exhibition     MOSCOW
                                                                                                   utilities and municipal services

                                                                         CHILLVENTA Russia –
                                                                                                   Refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment
February, 7   February, 9    Moscow            Moscow     Exhibition     2012
                                                                                                   and heat pumps for industry, trade and construction

                                                                         The 18th international    New technologies and solutions of improving energy
                                                                         specialized exhibition    efficiency, energy conservation and the possibility of
February, 7   February, 10   Samara Region     Samara     Exhibition     "Energy"                  renewable energy technologies, smart energy
                                                                         Competition "Energy       accounting system. Visitors can find dealers, partners
                                                                         Innovation"               and sponsors.

                                                                         Construction and          building techniques, technologies, materials and
February, 7   February, 10   Tyumen region     Tyumen     Exhibition
                                                                         architecture              equipment, modern architectural design.

                                                                         Innovative potential of   Within the Board of the Ministry of Information Society
February 8                   Kaluga Region     Kaluga     Exhibition
                                                                         Kaluga Region             Development and Innovation of Kaluga Region
                                                                                                          The 15th Exhibition of еducational institutions, research
                                                                                                          institutes, related products. Promotion of role of science
                                                                                                          and professional education in life of Arkhangelsk
                                                                                 Science, Education and   Demonstration of results of scientific researches and
February, 8    February, 9    Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Exhibition
                                                                                 Career                   developments.
                                                                                                          Demonstration of wide range of educational services in
                                                                                                          Arkhangelsk region.
                                                                                                          Introduction of school leavers, students, and all
                                                                                                          interested persons with opportunities of getting and

February, 8    February, 10   Moscow               Moscow        Exhibition      Rosaviaexpo              Transport, logistics

                                                                                                          The 14th specialized exhibition of educational
                                                                                                          institutions, job vacancies and advances the industry of
February, 8    February, 12   Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition      Education and Career     education.
                                                                                                          As part of the congress of the exhibition: Forum
                                                                                                          "Education and Science"
                                                                                                          “For You, the Young” is the only specialized exhibition-
                                                                                                          forum of complex presentation of education, new
February, 9    February, 13   Omsk Region          Omsk                          “For You, the Young”     technologies, means of education, salvation of
                                                                                                          problems of today's educational market.

                                                                                                          "Round Table" for export and export-oriented
February 10                   Kaluga Region        Kaluga        "Round Table"
                                                                                                          companies of Kaluga Region

                                                                                                          Specialized exhibition of footwear, handbags and
February, 13   February, 15   Moscow               Moscow        Exhibition      PRECOLLECTION FW

                                                                                                          The forum will present everything the modern security
February, 14   February, 17   Moscow               Moscow        Forum           Security Technologies    and safety industry has for ensuring the security and
                                                                                                          safety of business, state and individual.
                                                                                                          XIV-th Specialized Exhibition within the framework of
                                                                                                          "Kaliningrad Industrial Forum 2012" Technology and
                                                                                                          equipment for energy transformation, distribution and
                                                                                 Energy Resources.
                                                                                                          use. Power plant. Energy-saving technologies. System
15 February    17 February    Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition       Industrial Equipment -
                                                                                                          and metering devices. Production of chemical products,
                                                                                                          rubber goods. Industrial and laboratory equipment.
                                                                                                          Welding equipment. Machine tools. Technological
                                                                                                          equipment. Overalls and protective equipment.
                                                                                                          The Forum & Exposition “GOSZAKAZ” provides
                                                                                                          entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to demonstrate
                                                                 Forum &                                  their products to potential buyers – federal and regional
February, 15   February, 17   Moscow               Moscow                        GOSZAKAZ 2012
                                                                 Exposition                               government agencies, as well as to establish direct
                                                                                                          contacts with them in order to expand business
                                                                                                          The exposition" OIL. GAS. ENERGY - 2012 "will
                                                                                                          present the most important directions of development
                                                                                                          of oil, gas and energy sectors: oil and gas (and
                                                                                                          technology) ; oil and gas wells: construction and
                                                                                                          operation, geology, geophysics, seismic equipment and
                                                                                                          services, transportation and storage of oil and gas
                                                                                                          refining, gas, petrochemicals, petroleum products,
                                                                                 Specialized exhibition   construction of oil and gas industry, tubes and pipes,
February, 15   February,17    Orenburg Region      Orenburg      Exhibition      "OIL.GAS.ENERGY -        tools , instrumentation, electrical and power equipment,
                                                                                 2012                     instruments, tools, energy accounting system; energy-
                                                                                                          saving construction, equipment and technology.
                                                                                                          One of the goals of this exhibition unite senior and
                                                                                                          middle managers of oil and gas, utility companies,
                                                                                                          leading their activities in Russia and in other countries,
                                                                                                          giving them the opportunity to meet with other partners
                                                                                                          in the region and abroad.

                                                                                 Business meeting with
February 16                   Kaluga Region        Kaluga        Brokerage event the businessmen of
                                                                                 Ryazan Region

                                                                                                          XIX International Building Exhibition within
                                                                                                          "International Building Forum 2012" New technologies
                                                                                                          in the construction and repairs. Architecture. Modern
                                                                                                          equipment, construction and decoration materials.
March, 15      March, 17      Kaliningrad region   Kaliningrad   Exibition       Facade - 2012
                                                                                                          Design. Construction machinery and tools. Metalworks.
                                                                                                          Engineering networks and systems. HCS. Road
                                                                                                          construction. Ecology. Waste Recycling. Construction
                                                                                                          software and engineering. Insurance.
                                                                                                            Search of partners for join projects realization and
February, 15                  Astrakhan region   Harabali                         matchmaking event         mutual investments in agriculture, fishery, cosmetology,
                                                                                                            health and sports, tourism, construction etc.

                                                                                  International universal
February, 15   February, 17   Bryansk region     Bryansk      Exhibition          exhibition-fair           Companies of Bryansk region,Belorussia and Ukrain

                                                                                  Kuzbass educational       Current trends and prospects of education
February, 15   February, 17   Kemerovo region    Kemerovo     Trade fair, forum
                                                                                  forum                     development, teaching aids and school products

February,16    February,19    Tyumen region      Tyumen       Exhibition          Gold placers              Russian jewelry products.

                                                                                                            The 11th international exhibition of real estate, real
                                                                                                            estate, services, mortgage lending and property
February, 16   February, 19   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition          Real Estate Fair          insurance.
                                                                                                            As part of the congress of the exhibition: «VII Kamsky
                                                                                                            forum for professionals real estate market"
                                                                                                            Decorative cosmetics
                                                                                                            Cosmetics for face and boby care
                                                                                                            Esthetic medicine
                                                 Rostov-on-   Specialized                                   Professional cosmetics
Fabruary, 16   Fabruary, 19   Rostov Region                                       SHARM - 2012
                                                 Don          Exhibition                                    Representation of cosmetology services
                                                                                                            Professional cosmetics for hair
                                                                                                            The goods for nails care , nail service
                                                                                                            Accessories and the tools
                                                                                                            Management of beauty salons, Plastic surgery

                                                                                  IV Interregional
                                                                                                            Presentation of the best potatoes. Research and
February, 17   February, 18   Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Exhibition          Exhibition "Potato -
                                                                                                            practice conference. New technologies. Negotiations.

                                                                                                            13th specialized exhibition of landscape design and
                                                                                                            cottage construction industry, seed growing and
February, 17   February, 19   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar    Trade fair          Kubanskaya Usadba
                                                                                                            floriculture, care products for the lands adjoining homes
                                                                                                            and farms
                                                                                                          Medical treatment facilities, beauty and hairdressing,
                                                                                                          nail services, services of stylists and makeup artists,
                                                                                                          sports facilities and recreation centers, fitness centers,
                                                                                                          spas, optics, dentistry, slimming and weight loss
                                                                                                          programs, sports nutrition, sports goods,spa , medical
                                                                                                          equipment, instruments and equipment, and decorative
February 17    February 19    Novgorod Region                 Trade Fair        Beauty. Health. Sports.   cosmetics, jewelry, costume jewelry, perfumes, clothing
                                                                                                          and footwear, fur, leather, hats, haberdashery, home
                                                                                                          comfort, fashion accessories for the home, new trends
                                                                                                          in interior design, pets and clothing for them, goods for
                                                                                                          recreation and picnic, tourism, organization of leisure
                                                                                                          time, children's rest, insurance and banking, souvenirs
                                                                                                          and gifts.
                                                                                                          Equipment for fishing and hunting, hunting and fishing
                                                                                                          tourism, camping equipment and food, hunting,
                                                 Velikiy                                                  collection weapons and equipment, special vehicles
February 17    February 19    Novgorod Region                 Exibition         Hunting. Fishing.
                                                 Novgorod                                                 used for fishing and hunting: engines, instruments,
                                                                                                          navigation tools, household and farming, protection and
                                                                                                          development of hunting resources

                                                                                Hairdresser's art
                                                 Rostov-on-   Specialized
Fabruary, 18                  Rostov Region                                     Championship of Russia - Semi-final of ХVIII Hairdresser's art Championship
                                                 Don          Exhibition

February, 20   February, 22   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition        Dental-Review             Equipment, tools and materials for dentistry.

                                                                                Generous Shrovetide -
                                                                                                          Culture, Art, books, antiques, religion, ritual services.
                              Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                        2012,
February, 20   February, 26                                   Exhibition-fair                             Grocery exhibition, the Food-processing industry,
                              region             Novgorod                       5-th Interregional

February, 21   February, 24   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition        Ophtalmologic OPTICS      Health care, hygiene, optics

                                                                                                          Sports, recreation, tourism, inventory and equipment,
February, 22   February, 25   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition        Safari Expo
                                                                                                             The exhibition presents almost the entire market of
                                                                                                             educational services of the Angara region. The
                                                                                 Knowledg, Profession,       exhibition provides an opportunity to learn the most
February, 24   February, 26   Irkutsk Region        Irkutsk      Exhibition
                                                                                 Careere                     complete and objective information about educational
                                                                                                             institutions and conditions of admission, it helps
                                                                                                             determine the choice of profession, choose training

February 25                   Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk Exhibition      Mortgage Day

                                                                                                             13 Russian national specialized exhibition. Jewelry,
February, 25   February, 27   Volgograd Region      Volgograd    Exhibition      JewelryEXPO                 precious and semiprecious stones, watches, bijouterie.
                                                                                                             Wrapping, accessories, equipment.

                                                                                 Innovative Materials and
February, 28   March, 1       Moscow                Moscow       Exhibition                               Industrial products, technology, capital goods

                                                                                                             Polyurethane materials, technologies and equipment
February, 28   March, 1       Moscow                Moscow       Exhibition      PolyurethaneExpo
                                                                                                             for the production of polyurethanes

                                                                                                             Medical technology, equipment, optics, accessories.
                                                                                 International Exhibition-   Equipment for beauty salons and fitness centers,
                                                                                 Fair "Medintechs"; IV       medical and decorative cosmetics, plastic surgery,
                                                                                 specialized exhibition      medical surgery, cosmetic.
February, 28   March, 2       Kemerovo region       Kemerovo     Trade fair      "Health and Beauty,"        Children's medicine, gynecology, specialized
                                                                                 "Mother and Child,"         equipment.
                                                                                 "Miner's Health,"           Special Equipment Emergency Medicine, specialized
                                                                                 "Dentinteks"                products, equipment and services for the miners;
                                                                                                             Diagnostic Technic and other dental equipment.

                                                                 International   AGROINDASTRIAL
                                                    Rostov-on-                                               Grocery exhibitions, Food-processing industry,
Fabruary, 28   March, 2       Rostov Region                      Specialized     FORUM OF SOUTH
                                                    Don                                                      agriculture
                                                                 Exhibition      RUSSIA - 2012
                                             Rostov-on-                   YUGPRODEXPO.YUGP Grocery exhibitions, Food-processing industry,
Fabruary. 28   March, 2   Rostov Region                   Specialized
                                             Don                          RODMASH - 2012   agriculture

                                                                          SOUTHERN                   Exhibition-fair of vouchers to health resort complexes,
February, 29   March, 2   Stavropol Region   Kislovodsk   Exhibition
                                                                          HOSPITALITY               tourist, sport, insurance and transport companies

                                                                          YUGBUILD -                22nd specialized exhibition of building materials,
                                                                          Stroymarket               structures and equipment

                                                                                                    8th specialized exhibition of engineering equipment,
                                                          Exhibition      YUGBUILD - Аquaterra      systems and equipment for heating and water.
                                                                                                    Equipment for swimming pools, saunas

                                                                                                    7th specialized exhibition of electrical equipment,
                                                          Exhibition      YUGBUILD - Elektroterra
                                                                                                    components, materials and technologies

                                                                          YUGBUILD - Windows.
                                                                                                    7th specialized exhibition of materials, equipment,
                                                          Exhibition      Doors. Facades.

February, 29   March, 3   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar

                                                                                                    16th specialized exhibition of security and safety
                                                          Exhibition      YUGBUILD - Securexpo
                                                                                                    systems. Systems and equipment for fire safety

                                                                                                    4th specialized exhibition of building and road-building
                                                          Exhibition      YUGBUILD - DST
                                                       YUGBUILD - Festival
                                        Festival                                   International Festival of Architecture
                                                       "Days of Architecture"

                                        Congress       YUGBUILD - International construction congress

                                                       "Development of
                                                       agriculture and fisheries
                           Ikrianoe,Lima               clusters for efficient      the aim is to output the production of Astrakhan SMEs
March   Astrakhan region                 Conference
                           n                           marketing in terms of       to foreign markets
                                                       enttering World Trade

        Astrakhan,Luxembou              Business-                                  the aim is to output the production of Astrakhan SMEs
March                      xembourg,                   business mission
        rg, Germany                     mission                                    to west European market, realization of joint projects

                                       Business-                                   visit to innovation centers for establishing possible
March   Astrakhan region   Luxembourg-                 business mission
                                       mission                                     contacts

                                                       Innovations in Small and The Development of innovations technologies for small
March   Chechen Republic   Grozny       Seminar
                                                       Medium Business          and Medium Business

                                        Inter-region   Growth, Costs and
March   Kostroma region    Kostroma                                                Building. Mortgage. Real estate. Realtors.
                                        exhiibition    Quality in Building

                                                       Germany days in             realization of joint innovation and educational projects
March   Astrakhan region   Astrakhan    Conference
                                                       Astrakhan region            Astrakhan-Germany
                                                                                                    19 Russian national specialized exhibition. Clothes and
March, 1   March, 4    Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition       Fashion Fair                footwear. Leather and fur products. Hats. Goods for
                                                                                                    children. Textile. Souvenirs. Consumer goods.

                                          Rostov-on-   Wholesale-retail                          Jeweler exhibitions, ornaments, souvenirs, gifts, arts
March, 1   March, 4    Rostov Region                                    Exclusive - Vesna - 2012
                                          Don          Exhibition                                and crafts

                                                                                                    Spring Festival of fashion, style and beauty for all the
March, 1   March, 5    Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition       "Charm"
                                                                                                    ladies of Samara.

                                                                                                    The whole range of offers in the market of wedding
                                                                        "Wedding of Your
March, 1   March, 5    Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition                                   services and services in the organization of

                                                                                                    The 6-th International Exhibition-Fair of folk crafts and
March, 1   March, 6    Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition       Fair-Exhibition of crafts
                                                                                                    arts and crafts

                                                                        Open competition for the
                                                                                                 In order to modernize the museum's network of Perm
March, 1   March, 16   Perm Region        Perm         Contest          creation of innovative

                                                                                                    The basic thematic sections: Cold steel, the weapon
                                                                                                    for skin diving, the pneumatic weapon; Shooting
                                                                                                    galleries and their equipment; Hunting lodges, guest
                                                                                                    small houses, tents, umbrellas; The hunting and fishing
                                                                                                    trophies; Tourist and special equipment, equipment,
                                                                        NATIONAL HUNTING
                                                                                                    the goods for sports, tourism and rest; The tourist
                       Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                       AND FISHERY - 2012,
March, 2   March, 5                                    Exhibition                                   equipment: vodno-motor, motor- and motor-vehicles,
                       region             Novgorod                      10-th The All-Russia
                                                                                                    bicycles; The hunting and fishing tourism; Sanatorium
                                                                                                    establishments, boarding houses, rest houses; The
                                                                                                    enterprises transport, building, hotel complexes of
                                                                                                    Russia, tourist complexes, travel companies, agencies;
                                                                                                    Educational institutions on preparation of experts of
                                                                                                    tourist industry; the Equipment and stock for various
March, 2    March, 8    Tyumen Region      Tyumen       Exhibition    Art Salon. Handicrafts    Art

                                                                                                Theme: Metallurgy. Casting. Metalworking. Mechanical
                                                                      10-th International St.
                                           Saint-                                               engineering. Modern industrial enterprise. Industrial
March, 13   March, 15   Saint-Petersburg                Fair          Petersburg Technical
                                           Petersburg                                           innovations. Small business in industry

                                                                                                St. Petersburg Partenariat is a traditional area of
                                                                      VI St. Petersburg
                                                                                                business communications and its effectiveness is
                                           Saint-                     Partenariat "St.
March, 13   March, 15   Saint-Petersburg                Partenariat                             confirmed every year by the positive feedback of the
                                           Petersburg                 Petersburg - regions of
                                                                                                member companies from St. Petersburg, Russian
                                                                      Russia and coutries"
                                                                                                regions and abroad.
                                                                      multidisciplinary           Vehicles and logistics.
                                                                      exhibition: "Transsiberian- Communications and telecommunications technology.
March, 13   March, 16   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo                   Expo", "Infotelecom-        Computer technology and software products.
                                                                      Expo", a specialized        Equipment, machinery, machines, materials,
                                                                      exhibition-fair "Intercom", construction, reconstruction and repair of highways.

                                                                                                Machinery, equipment and technology for agricultural
March, 13   March,16    Tyumen Region      Tyumen       Exhibition    agro-industrial complex   enterprises. Seed Technology. Livestock. Grassland.
                                                                                                Veterinary medicines.

                                                                                                The ministry of the Russian Orthodox Church;
                                                                                                Rebuilding and restoration of temples and monasteries;
                                                                                                Church interior decoration;
                                                                                                Religious education and enlightenment;
                                                                                                Church Printing and Publishing;
March, 13   March, 18   Samara Region      Togliatti    Exhibition    "On the Eve of Easter"
                                                                                                Easter gifts and souvenirs;
                                                                                                Bell casting;
                                                                                                Orthodox traditions in jeweller's art;
                                                                                                Decorative and applied arts and crafts;
                                                                                                The Orthodox lifestyle.
                                                                                                The exhibition introducing new technologies, equipment
                                                                                                and medicines for veterinary and zoo industry,
                                                                                                promotes quality of pets care skills. At the exhibition will
March, 14   March, 16   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition    Zoovetindustry
                                                                                                be held the XII International Scientific-Practical
                                                                                                Conference "Current technologies and veterinary
                                                                         XХ Exhibition-Fair                   ​
                                          Novokuznets                                              Food, alcoholic beverages, packaging materials,
March, 14   March, 16   Kemerovo Region               Trade fair         "Prodmarket.Sibpivo.
                                          k                                                        service in trade
                                                                         Upakservis. Torgservic"

                                                                                                   Roduct Groups:
                                                                                                   Baby and infant articles
                                                                                                   Children‘s furniture, playground equipment
March, 14   March, 16   Moscow            Moscow       Exhibition        Toys&Kids Russia          Creative design, stationery
                                                                                                   Dolls, soft toys
                                                                                                   Electronic toys, multimedia
                                                                                                   Games, books, educational toys, etc.

                                                                                                   Shipbuilding. Ship repair. Type of Business. Ship
                                                                         Sea. Resources.
March, 14   March, 16   Murmansk Region   Murmansk     Exhibition                                  equipment. Research and development work. Life-
                                                                                                   saving appliances. The gear. Logistics. Port facilities.

                                                                                                   Main topic sections:
                                                                                                   Knitted goods
                                                                                                   Fur and fur goods
                                                                                                   Leather goods
March, 15   March, 16   Penza Region      Penza        Exhibition Fair   Spring Fair 2012
                                                                                                   Food products
                                                                                                   Cosmetics, perfumery
                                                                                                   Household goods
                                                                                                   Service management of tourist and sanatorium-resort

                                                                                                   Main topic sections:
                                                                                                   Food products
                                                                                                   Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
                                                                                                   Machinery for food and pharmaceutical industries
                                                                                                   Equipment fot shops, restaurants and bars
                                                                                                   Packing materials, labels, printing industry
March, 16   March, 16   Penza Region      Penza        Exhibition Fair   ProdMarket - 2012
                                                                                                   Security system for industrial enterprises and shops
                                                                                                   Work clothes
                                                                                                   lLabour protection
                                                                                                   Equipment for the automatization of the trade process
                                                                                                   Stores inventory, technical equipment
                                                                                                  Building materials and construction;
                                                                                                  Instruments and equipment;
                                                                                                  Finishing and facing materials, interior elements;
                                                                                                  Architectural and design solutions, design;
                                                                        The 19th international
                                                                                                  Technical resources for engineering infrastructure of
March, 14   March, 17   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition      specialized exhibition
                                                                                                  cities and towns;
                                                                        "Building Industry"
                                                                                                  Heat, energy saving materials and technologies;
                                                                                                  Machinery and equipment for building repair and
                                                                                                  Construction machinery.

                                                        International   STIMExpo:                 Building: materials, bathroom fitments, air-conditioning,
March, 14   March, 17   Rostov Region                   Specialized     DORTECHSTROY -            heating, power savings, ventilation, municipal economy,
                                                        Exhibition      2012                      roads, real estate

                                                        International                             Building: materials, bathroom fitments, air-conditioning,
March, 14   March, 17   Rostov Region                   Specialized     STIMEXPO - 2012           heating, power savings, ventilation, municipal economy,
                                                        Exhibition                                roads, real estate

                                                                                                  The 13th trade show of transport, machinery and
March, 15   March, 17   Stavropol region   Stavropol    Exhibition      WORLD OF VEHICLES
                                                                                                  related equipment and services

                                                                        VI Republican trade
                                                                        show " Goszakaz 2012"
                        Republic of                                                              Architecture, building, power industry,banking,
March, 15   March, 17                      Makhachkala Exhibition       and " Days of "Stavropov
                        Daghestan                                                                information technology,advertising, printing industry
                                                                        region's economy in

                                                                        FORUM "Create
                                                                                                  11th specialized exhibition of vocational education, job
                                                        Exhibition      Yourself" - Education.
                                                                                                  vacancies and industry of education
                                                                        Career. Society

                                                                        FORUM "Create             8th specialized exhibition of publishers, booksellers,
March, 15   March, 17   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar    Exhibition
                                                                        Yourself" - Book World    book and printing products
March, 15   March, 17   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar

                                                                     FORUM "Create
                                                                                                Presentation of foreign educational institutions and
                                                        Exhibition   Yourself" - Education
                                                                                                operators of International Education

                                                                                                Тематика: Текстиль, одежда, обувь, кожа,
                                                                     39-th International        украшения и драгоценности, соответствующее
                                           Saint-                                               оборудование. Товары легкой и текстильной
March, 15   March, 18   Saint-Petersburg                Exhibition   Exhibition "Fashion
                                           Petersburg                                           промышленности

                                                                     ITM (International Toursit
March, 17   March, 20   Moscow             Moscow       Market                                  Tourism

                                                                                                32 Russian national specialized exhibition. New
                                                                                                technologies in construction, building and finishing
March, 20   March, 22   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition   BuildEXPO
                                                                                                materials, roofing, insulation, glass, ventilation, heating,
                                                                                                air conditioning. Construction machinery.

                                                                                                12 Russian national specialized exhibition.
March, 20   March, 22   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition   ElectroEXPO                Electrotechnical equipment, transmission facilities,
                                                                                                electronics, machinery and materials.

                                                                                                The bright, unpredictable and always a unique event of
March, 20   March, 23   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition   Industry of beauty         the season. The exhibition presents recent advances in
                                                                                                the field of cosmetology, nail industry and hairdressing.

                                                                     12-th International        Theme: Environmental Protection, Cleaning,
March, 20   March, 23   Saint-Petersburg                Forum        Ecological Forum "         Communal Services and their equipment
                                                                     Ecology of Big City"       (

                                                                     III Specialized exhibition-
                                                                     fair "Kuzbass coach.
March, 21   March, 23   Kemerovo Region                Trade fair    Entertainment and           _
                                                                     recreation. Hunting and
                                                                                             Exhibition sections: agricultural machinery, equipment
                                                                                             and inventory, and equipment for processing,
                                                                                             packaging and storage of agricultural products,
                                                                                             equipment for food processing industry, crops,
                                                                                             livestock, animal health, plant protection products,
                                                                                             fertilizers, rural and garden houses, stock
                                                                                             The exhibition serves as a technical reequipment
                                                                    Specialized exhibition
March, 21   March, 23   Orenburg Region    Orenburg    Exhibition                            agribusiness Orenburg region, the introduction of
                                                                    "AGRO -2012
                                                                                             advanced technology and equipment exhibition
                                                                                             mechanizms. The aim of the exhibition: to provide
                                                                                             platform for the presentation of new trends, agricultural
                                                                                             production and the conclusion of mutually beneficial
                                                                                             partnerships between companies of the Orenburg
                                                                                             region and other regions of Russia and abroad.

                                                                                           Specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies
                                                                                           for water and wastewater, power system and housing
                                                                                           and communal services, development of engineering
March, 21   March, 23   Perm Region        Perm        Exhibition   Water. Warmth. Housing
                                                                                           services, development and ecology of the city.
                                                                                           As part of the congress of the exhibition: Forum "Clean
                                                                                           Water - a strategic resource."

                                                                                             5 Russian national specialized exhibition. Building
                                                                    Construction engineering
                                                                                             equipment. Road-building machines and mechanisms.
March, 21   March, 23   Volgograd Region   Volgograd   Exhibition   - 2012
                                                                                             Communal equipment. Special Vehicles. Ground
                                                                                             service. Logistics.

                                                                                             The ministry of the Russian Orthodox Church;
                                                                                             Rebuilding and restoration of temples and monasteries;
                                                                                             Church interior decoration;
                                                                                             Religious education and enlightenment;
                                                                                             Church Printing and Publishing;
March, 21   March, 26   Samara Region      Samara      Exhibition   "On the Eve of Easter"
                                                                                             Easter gifts and souvenirs;
                                                                                             Bell casting;
                                                                                             Orthodox traditions in jeweller's art;
                                                                                             Decorative and applied arts and crafts;
                                                                                             The Orthodox lifestyle.

                                                                                             presentation of new products and automotive sales
                                                                    Kuzbass International
March, 22   March, 24   Kemerovo region    Kemerovo    Exhibition                            policy of domestic and foreign car makers, insurance
                                                                    Auto Show
                                                                                             companies, specials. Software, service, driving schools
March, 22   March, 24   Stavropol region      Kislovodsk    Exhibition      STROYMASTER             North Caucasian town planning forum

                                                                            WORKSHOP / WORLD
                                              Rostov-on-    International
March, 26   April, 13   Rostov Region                                       WITHOUT BORDERS -       Tourist exhibitions: Sports, vacation, tourism
                                              Don           Festival
                                                                            Spring part - 2012

                                                                                                    Fair of vouchers. Offers from tourist operators and
                                                                            WORLD WITHOUT           tourist agencies. Hotel and health resort services. Elite
March, 26   April, 13   Stavropol Region      Pyatigorsk    Exhibition
                                                                            LIMITS                  and health tourism. Airlines. Insurence. Education

                                                                            Energetics. Energy-     Equipment, machinery, technology, cable products.
March, 27   March, 29   Tyumen Region         Tyumen        Exhibition
                                                                            saving technologies     Energy conservation. Controls and accounting.

                                                                                                    Gas equipment for industrial and domestic purposes,
                                                                            Gasification. gas       modern technology and equipment for gasification.
March,27    March,29    Tyumen Region         Tyumen        Exhibition
                                                                            appliances              Controls and accounting. Protection of the

                                                                            Lower Volga Dental      11 Russian national specialized exhibition. The
March, 27   March, 29   Volgograd Region      Volgograd     Forum           Forum. "Dental-Expo.    symposium. The Conference. Dental equipment, tools,
                                                                            Volgograd "             supplies, adhesives, disinfectants, hygiene products.

                                                                                                   The 11th international exhibition of modern
                                                                                                   technologies, equipment, materials and protective
                                                                            Machine Tools. Gauges. equipment for mechanical engineering, metalworking
March, 27   March, 30   Perm Region           Perm          Exhibition
                                                                            Instrument             and welding.
                                                                                                   As part of the congress of the exhibition: "Machine
                                                                                                   Construction, construction equipment, technologies,
                                                           XXXI                                    building and finish materials, tools. Design. Energy
                                                           International                           saving equipment and technologies. Landscape
March 28    March 29    Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                  «Stroiexpo»
                                                           Specialized                             architecture and design. Landscape gardening, parks
                                                           Exhibition                              and gardens, phytodesign, swimming pools and water
                                                                                             Housing and communal services. And ecology.
                                                                     New Town. Construction.
                                                                                             Construction and finishing materials, tools,
                                                                     Housing and communal
March 28    March 30    Kaluga Region      Kaluga       Exhibition                           woodworking, interior decoration, real estate agency
                                                                     services. Saving energy
                                                                                             services. Energy saving systems, devices for control
                                                                     resources in 2012
                                                                                             and accounting, electrical and lighting equipment.

                                                                     UMIDS. Southern          15th specialized exhibition of equipment, technologies,
March, 28   March, 31   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar    Exhibition   furniture and            materials and products, timber, woodworking and
                                                                     woodworking salon        furniture industry

                                                                                           Exhibition sections:
                                                                                           - Architecture, Civil Engineering
                                                                                           - Construction machinery and equipment
                                                                                           - Building, finishing, roofing materials and
                                                                                           manufacturing methods
                                                                                           - Overalls
                                                                                           - Small architectural forms
                                                                                           - Furnish of facades
                                                                                           - Road Construction
                                                                     XVI Specialized
                                                                                           - Amenity Management
March, 28   March, 30   Orenburg Region    Orenburg     Exhibition   Exhibition "STROYURAL
                                                                                           - Interior Features
                                                                     - 2012"
                                                                                           - Utilities
                                                                                           - Modern coatings, insulation, thermal insulation
                                                                                           The aim of the exhibition: a demonstration of basic
                                                                                           construction techniques, discussion of problems of the
                                                                                           construction industry and real estate topics in today's
                                                                                           economic situation.

                                                                     «TOMSK Construction      10-th International Wholesale and Retail Trade Fair of
March 28    March 30    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition
                                                                     Fair»                    Consumer Goods construction companies.

                                                                                              The exhibition demonstrates the opportunities for
                                                                                              tourism and investment attractiveness in the Baikal
March, 29   March, 31   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition   Baikaltour               region, brings together professionals of tourism industry
                                                                                              from different regions of Russia, Asia Pacific Region
                                                                                              and Europe.

                                           Novokuznets               The mortgage. The
March, 30   March, 31   Kemerovo region                Trade fair
                                           k                         house. The family.
March, 30   April, 1   Moscow             Moscow       Park             Motor Park                  Transport, logistics

                                                                                                  All fishing;
                                                                                                  Hunting products;
                                                                        The 9th Interregional
                                                                                                  Goods for active rest;
                                                                        exhibition-show "Fishing,
March, 30   April, 2   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition                                 Transport;
                                                                        Hunting and Recreation
                                                                                                  Products for Extreme Sports;
                                                                        on the Volga"
                                                                                                  Domestic tourism;

                                                                                                    4 Orthodox exhibition. Temple furniture, ornaments,
                                                                        TSARITSYN                   church utensils, icons, orthodox literature, folk arts and
March, 31   April, 7   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition
                                                                        ORTHODOX                    crafts, products honored by monasteries and farms,
                                                                                                    sacramental wine, honey, etc.

                                                                        Innovation and Industrial
                                                       Forum,           Exhibition,
April                  Kaluga Region      Obninsk
                                                       exhibition       Innovation and Industry

                                                                        Caspian Innovation           the formation of innovation and technological
April                  Astrakhan Region   Astrakhan    Forum
                                                                        Forum                       infrastructure in Caspian region

                                          Astrakhan-   Business-                                    establishment of direct contacts, matchmaking event
April                  Astrakhan, Italy                                 business-mission
                                          Italy        mission                                      organization

April                  Chechen Republic   Grozny       Exhibition       ChecheStroy 2012            The Modern Construction: Technologies and Facilities.

                                                       Interregional    Interregional research
                                                       research and     and practice conference
                                                                        and exhibition "Relay   Relay protection and automation of Russian electric
April                  Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   practice
                                                                        protection and          power systems.
                                                       conference and
                                                       exhibition       automation of Russian
                                                                        electric power systems.
April   Murmansk Region      Apatity       Exhibition       Imandra-2012                Consumer Goods. Industrial products. Services

                                                                                        The main goals established by the organizers of the
                                                                                        regional contest of "BIT Siberia": to
                                                                                        distinguish Siberian region as an area that actively
                                                                                        develops innovative economy; to build the favourable
                                                                                        system for the "developer - investor" relationship; to
                                                            entrepreneurial contest
April   Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Contest                                      promote technological business in the region; to
                                                            "Business of innovation
                                                                                        educate developers of high technologies and talented
                                                            technologies" (BIT)
                                                                                        college students in the field of business innovation; and
                                                                                        - most importantly - to attract the attention of Russian
                                                                                        and foreign venture capital funds to the potential of the
                                                                                        Siberian region
                                                                                        The aim of the exhibition: the investment capacity of
                                                                                        municipalities, investment platforms and projects,
                                                                                        financial-credit and consulting organizations (Fair
                                                            Regional Economic
April   Orenburg Region      Orenburg      Forum                                        credit), equipment, machinery and technologies for
                                                            Forum 2012
                                                                                        small and medium enterprises, energy conservation,
                                                                                        low energy, information technology, management
                                                                                        consulting, training programs.

April   Tula Region          Tula          Exhibition       "Tula quality"              Exhibition of manufacturers from Tula Region

                                                            "Best enterprises,goods,
April   Tula Region          Tula                           services of Tula Region -

                                                                                       The specialized annual exhibition spent for studying
                                                                                       and an exchange by experience in sphere of
                                                                                       introduction of new technologies, the modern technics
                                                            Inter-regional exhibition-
                                                                                       and the equipment, innovative ideas and opening,
April   Vologda Region       Vologda       Exhibition-fai   fair «Vologda-platform of
                                                                                       search of potential investors for development and
                                                                                       introductions of projects, adjustments of new business
                                                                                       contacts and partner relations of the enterprises from
                                                                                       different regions of Russia
                                                                                                      Modern construction: technologies, equipment,
                                                                       Tyva-Khakasia:                 materials, services. Design. Doors, windows, gates.
April                                     Kyzyl        Exhibition      MODERN TOWN.                   Heating, water-supply, ventilation, conditioning
                       Tyva Republic                                                                  systems. Energy saving and ecology. Housing and
                                                                       MODERN HOUSE.
                                                                                                      communal services. Special equipment, tools. Security
                                                                                                      products. Workwear. Decor, interior. Furniture. Dish.

                                                                       All-Russian Festival           Popularization of vernacular arts of the Chuvash
April-May              Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Fair-Festival
                                                                       "Akatui-2012"                  Republic

                                                                                                 Theme: Food-stuff, Drinks and Tobacco, Restaurant
                                                                                                 and Hotel, Catering and their equipment.
                                                                                                 Held concurrently with the PRODTECH International
                                                                                                 Specialised Exhibiton
                                          Saint-                       15th International North-
April, 3    April, 5   Saint-Petersburg                Forum                                     (
                                          Petersburg                   Western Food Forum
                                                                                        and INTERFOOD International Specialised
                                                                                                      Building materials and technology;
                                                                       International Exhibition-      The project proposals, design, architectural and
                                                                       Fair "Building Complex",       planning solutions for industrial and civil construction.
                                                                       "Stroiproject";                Timber and wood processing technology, machinery
                                                                       Specialized Exhibition-        and equipment, installation, line products of timber
April, 2    April, 6   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo     Trade fair      Fair "Lesdrevprom";            processing.
                                                                       international furniture fair   technology, equipment, machinery for the production of
                                                                       "Expo Furniture",              furniture, upholstery, furniture for home, office,
                                                                       international exhibition-      specialized furniture.
                                                                       fair "Intercomfort"            new technology of repair and finishing works and
                                                                                                      interior design.

April, 3    April, 6   Moscow             Moscow                       Household expo 2012            Household goods, kitchenware, etc.

April, 3    April, 6   Moscow             Moscow       Trade show      LuxuryHITS                     Luxury & High Interior Design
                                                                      11th SIBERIAN
April, 4   April, 6   Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Forum                                    Scientific conferences, seminars, roundtable discussion
                                                                      EDUCATION FORUM

                                         Novokuznets                  Education. Career.
April, 4   April, 6   Kemerovo Region                Trade fair                                _
                                         k                            employment

                                                                                               11th specialized exhibition of equipment, goods and
                                                                      Hospitality and
                                                      Exhibition                               technology for hotels and restaurants, resorts and
                                                                      Entertainment Industry
                                                                                               guest houses, cafes and bars, entertainment centers

April, 4   April, 7   Krasnodar Region   Sochi

                                                      Trade fair      ExpoFood                 6th specialized trade fair of food and beverage

                                                                                               Transport, Traffic, Logistics and their equipment
                                                                                               Passenger cars, buses, cycles, spare parts, service,
                                         Saint-                       21-st International
April, 4   April, 8   Saint-Petersburg                Exhibition                               special tools, car tuning, auto sports, accessories, car
                                         Petersburg                   Exhibition "Autoworld"
                                                                                               insurance, information

                                                                      DENTISTRY OF             The 11th trade show and congress of dentistry
April, 5   April, 7   Stavropol region   Stavropol    Exhibition
                                                                      STAVROPOL REGION         equipment, materials and medications.

                                                                      WORKSHOP / WORLD
                                         Rostov-on-   International   WITHOUT BORDERS -
April, 5   April, 6   Rostov Region                                                            Tourist exhibitions: Sports, vacation, tourism
                                         Don          Festival        TOURBUSINESSt -

                                                                                               15-th International Exhibition of travel and resort
April, 5   April, 8   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition      Tourism and Recreation
                                                                                               industry and tourism routes.
                                                                                                     Interregional Exhibition - Fair of goods and services for
April, 5    April, 8    Perm Region          Perm          Trade fair      Hunter and angler
                                                                                                     hunting and fishing

                                                                                                     Country economy. Country building
                                             Rostov-on-                    DACHNIY SEASON -          Plant growing
April, 5    April, 8    Rostov Region                      Specialized
                                             Don                           2012                      Landscape design. An interior
                                                                                                     Naturopathic production

                                                                                                     The basic thematic sections: Modern technologies in
                                                                                                     public health services; Iatrotechnics and tools; Medical
                                                                                                     products; Electromedical, ultrasonic, radiological,
                                                                           13-th THE
                                                                                                     diagnostic and the labware, the Stomatologic
                                                                                                     equipment and materials; Optics; Means of disinfection,
                                                           Exhibition,     MEDICAL FORUM -
                        Nizhniy Novgorod     Nizhniy                                                 sanitary and hygiene; Means of rehabilitation and
April, 10   April, 12                                      Forum,          2012,
                        region               Novgorod                                                training apparatus; Medical clothes and footwear,
                                                           Congress        21-th The international
                                                                                                     orthopedic products; Medical furniture, the equipment
                                                                           specialised exhibition
                                                                                                     for drugstores, packing;Biologically active and food
                                                                                                     additives; Medical cosmetics; Mineral waters;
                                                                                                     Sanatorium and medical institutions; Medical
                                                                                                     insurance; Information technology in medicine.
                                                                                                     The exhibition presents new trends of the food industry,
                                                                                                     further saturation of the regional market with high
                                                                           Siberian food products.   quality food products, further introduction of advanced
April, 10   April, 14   Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk       Exhibition      Beverages. Packing.       technologies in food production, packaging and
                                                                           Equipment                 commercial equipment. At the exhibition will be held
                                                                                                     tasting competition of food and beverages "Irkutsk

                                                                                                     Arkhangelsk building week. Spetzauto. Real Estate
                                                                                                     Fair. Electric power engineering and energy saving.
April, 11   April, 13   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Exhibition      Arkhangelsk-EXPO
                                                                                                     Furniture, Furniture manufacturing. Wood and

April, 11   April, 13   Kemerovo region                  Trade fair        Wedding world. Prom.      _

                                                                                                     Technological equipment and materials for electronic
April, 11   April, 13   Moscow               Moscow        Trade fair      Electrontech
                                                                                                     and electrical industries
                                                                        “Primrose-2011” includes
                                                                        “Your Wedding”,
                                                                                                 The exhibition is devoted to beauty and health products
April, 11   April, 13   Omsk region          Omsk          Exhibition   “Exhibition of Natural
                                                                                                 and technologies
                                                                        Products and

                                                                                           Transport exhibitions, Cars, air, water, a railway
April, 11   April, 13   Rostov Region                      Exhibition   AUTOFORMULA - 2012 transportation, car-care center, autospare parts,
                                                                                           logistics, a warehouse

                                                                                                    XIII-th International Jewellery Fair Amber: raw
                                                                                                   materials, intermediate products. Equipment and
                                                                                                   technologies for processing of amber. Jewelry and
April, 12   April, 14   Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Fair         Baltic Amber- 2012         souvenirs. Artistic amber. Interior items made of amber.
                                                                                                   Products of processing of amber and their application
                                                                                                   in various industries. Precious metals and gems.
                                                                                                   Diamonds. The clocks. Costume jewelry. Decorations.

                                                           Forum,       The tourism potential of   Services of travel agencies, leisure, sporting goods,
April, 12   April, 13   Kaluga Region        Kaluga
                                                           exhibition   Kaluga Region              goods for rest and health.

                                                                                                   XV-th International exhibition of Exit and Entry tourism.
                                                                                                   Sanatorium-resort complex of the Baltic coast. Rural
                                                                        YANTUR: Tourism.
April, 12   April, 14   Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition                               Tourism. Entertainment and recreation. Camping
                                                                        Sports. Vacation- 2012
                                                                                                   equipment and sporting goods. Bicycles. Accessories
                                                                                                   for hunting and fishing. Boats and yachts.

                                                                        2-nd International         The equipment and tools for maintenance service of
                                             Saint-                     Specialized Exhibition     cars, spare parts, auto accessories, auto chemical
April, 12   April, 14   Saint-Petersburg                   Exhibition
                                             Petersburg                 "Automechanika. St.        goods, gasoline stations, repair shops
                                                                        Petersburg"                (

                                                                        UNIFORM. LABOUR            The 10th trade show of special uniform, clothes, special
April, 12   April, 14   Stavropol Region     Stavropol     Exhibition
                                                                        PROTECTION                 shoes and protection facilities

                                                                                                   29th international specialized exhibition. Furniture for
                                                                                                   sanatorium-resort complex. Furniture for home and
                                                                        Furniture & interiors.
April, 12   April, 15   Krasnodar Region     Sochi         Exhibition                              office. Equipment, technologies and materials for
                                                                                                   furniture production, furniture. Interior design and decor
                                                                           Consumer electronics &     electrical engineering, power engineering and
April, 12   April, 15   Moscow                Moscow         Exhibition
                                                                           photo expo 2012            electronics

                                                                                                      Higher and vocational education. Education in foreign
                                                             Specialized   «Youth: Education and
April, 13   April 14    Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                                            countries. Additional education. Multimedia devices.
                                                             exhibition    Career»
                                                                                                      Mobile communication. IT.

                                                                                                      It is the largest event in the segment of scale and radio-
                                                                                                      controlled modeling in Russia which presents the most
April, 13   April, 15   Moscow                Moscow         Exhibition    Moscow Hobby Expo
                                                                                                      unusual exhibits, fascinating competitions and a show

                                                                           «STYLE AND BEAUTY»
                                                                                                      9th Interregional Exhibition-Fair of the beauty industry
April 13    April 15    Tomsk Region          Tomsk          Exhibition
                                                                                                      9th championship Tomsk Oblast in hairdressing

April, 13   April, 15   Volgograd Region      Volgograd      Exhibition    Tourist. Hunter. Fisher.   Weapon shop. All-Russian Exhibition.
                                                                          BUSINESS WEEK:
                                                                          Diversified International
                                                                          Trade Fair "Expo-           Trade and Industry.
                                                                          Siberia"; Specialized       The infrastructure for entrepreneurship support.
                                                                          exhibition-fair             Promotional products, technologies, equipment and
                                                                          "Entrepreneurship",         materials for the production of advertising.
                                                                          advertising-expo            Printing products, equipment and materials.
                                                                          "Interprint ", SME          Presentation of the private information onto the media,
                                                                          exhibition-presentation     advertising and industry-specific publications.
April, 17   April, 20   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo     Trade fair, forum
                                                                          "Inform-Press"; exhibition- Photoproducts, technology, equipment and materials to
                                                                          presentation of the         make pictures.
                                                                          industrial, economic,       Scientific and promotional centers. Technology parks.
                                                                          export-import and           Scientific, technical and design work. The invention.
                                                                          investment potential of     Projects. Startups. Commercialization and technology
                                                                          Kuzbass: Kuzbass            transfer. Innovation consulting. Innovative marketing.
                                                                          business-forum;             Investment, credit and financial institutions.
                                                                          specialized exhibition-fair
                                                                          "Photo Expo",
                                                                          "Innovations. Investment.
                                                                          5-th INTERNATIONAL
                                                                          FORUM OF                    Communication systems, information technology,
                        Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                        INFORMATION
April, 18   April, 20                                   Exhibition                                    communications, computers, the press, the software,
                        region             Novgorod                       TECHNOLOGY - 2012, tele-radio broadcasting
                                                                          21-th specialised
                                                                          exhibition Congress
                                                                                                      Municipal equipment (garbage trucks, cleaning
                                                                                                      equipment, road-building equipment, road maintenance
                                                                          IV Interregional            equipment);
April, 18   April, 20   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition        Specialized Exhibition      Construction Equipment;
                                                                          "KomAvtoTrans-2012"         Special vehicles (MOE cars, ambulances, cash cars,
                                                                                                      armored vehicles, fire trucks);
                                                                                                      Autospare parts and after-sales service;
                                                                                                      Oil and chemistry;
                                                                                                      Banking, insurance and leasing services.
                                                                                                   Interstroyexpo.Teplovent.Water Supply.Power Supply
                                                                                                   & Electrical Engineering.Construction & Building
                                                                                                   Materials. Tool & Equipment. Windows, Doors & Gates.
                                           Saint-                        18-th International Forum Roofing and Insulating Materials. Building
April, 18   April, 21   Saint-Petersburg                Forum
                                           Petersburg                    "INTERSTROYEXPO"          Machinery.Interior Solutions.Sanitary Ware. Finishing
                                                                                                   Materials.Intelligent House.Country Housing.Facade
                                                                                                   Materials.Metal Structures & Metal Supply.Russian
                                                                                                   Building Industry. (
April, 18   April, 25   Perm Region        Perm        Forum        Perm Forum 2012

                                                                                              16-th specialized exhibition with international
                                                                                              participation is an important tool of the construction
                                                                                              industry. It provides an unique opportunity to promote
                                                                                              products and to contact with the partners and the
                                                                                              customers. Exhibition Sections:
                                                                                              - Building materials, structures
                                                                    Construction. Finishing   - Finishing materials. Design. Interior
April, 18   April,22    Saratov Region     Saratov     Exhibition
                                                                    materials. Design         - Engineering support
                                                                                              - Individual building. Villas
                                                                                              - Ensuring security in construction
                                                                                              - Special exhibition sections "Special-purpose
                                                                                              machinery and equipment" and "Smart House.
                                                                                              Intelligent Buildings"

                                                                    Real Estate Fair.         Participants: building companies, realtors, banks,
April, 18   April,22    Saratov Region     Saratov     Exhibition   Finances. Lending.        mortgage, insurance, leasing, investment and
                                                                    Investments - 2012        consulting companies.

                                                                                              Accomplishment. Garden equipment. Landscape.
                                                                    Cottage. Sad. Garden.
April, 19   April, 22   Volgograd Region   Volgograd   Exhibition                             Greening. Landscape Design. Small architectural

                                                                                              Seeds, planting materials, fertilizers;
                                                                                              Saplings, seedlings;
                                                                                              Garden equipments;
                                                                                              Farm implements;
                                                                                              Working clothes;
                                                                                              Plant protection, agricultural chemistry, amelioration;
                                                                                              Means of small-scale mechanization for gardening;
April, 19   April, 22   Samara Region      Samara      Exhibition   Camping Season 2012       Garden furniture, swings, hammocks;
                                                                                              Garden, forged and wicker furniture;
                                                                                              Forged goods;
                                                                                              Covering material;
                                                                                              Watering systems;
                                                                                              Goods for recreation and picnic.
                                                                                                 Everything you need for construction and decoration of
                                                                                                 country houses and cottages, landscape construction,
April, 19   April, 22   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition      Your Cottage 2012
                                                                                                 design and improvement of the surrounding area,
                                                                                                 landscape design.

                                                                        INTERCHARM               Professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty
April, 19   April, 21   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition
                                                                        professional-2012        salons

                                           Rostov-on-                   HUNTING AND              Hunting and fishings exhibitions, animals and plants,
April, 19   April, 22   Rostov Region                   Specialized
                                           Don                          FISHING - 2012           veterinary science, a landscape, gardening

                                           Rostov-on-                   SPORT.VACATION.EXS
April, 19   April, 22   Rostov Region                   Specialized                        Tourist exhibitions: Sports, rest, tourism
                                           Don                          TREME. - 2012

April, 20   April, 22   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition      PIR 2012                 Food, beverages, tobacco, food processing industries

                                                                                                 Residential real estate, commercial real estate, rural
                                                                                                 real estate, foreign real estate, housing subsidies,
April, 20   April, 21   Tyumen Region      Tyumen       Exhibition      Real Estate Exhibition
                                                                                                 investment and construction activities, services and

                                                                                                 8 Russian national specialized exhibition. Furniture for
                                                                        Furniture of the XXI
April, 19   April, 21   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition                               residential and public buildings, furniture and
                                                                                                 woodworking machines.

April, 24   April, 26   Moscow             Moscow                       HEALTH INDUSTRY          Modernization of public and private health care
                                                                                                  The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate
                                                                                                  technologies and technical solutions that make it
April, 24   April, 28   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition      World Pack 2012
                                                                                                  possible to deliver the produce from the field, factory
                                                                                                  and enterprise to the warehouse or to the consumer.

                                                                                                  The exhibition of road transport vehicles, equipment
                                                                        Transport and roads of
                                                                                                  and services. It is meant for development of transport
                                                                        Siberia. Special
April, 24   April, 27   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition                                infrastructure of the region, introduction of innovative
                                                                                                  solutions in the construction and reconstruction of

                                           Novokuznets                  Conservatories of
April, 24   April, 27   Kemerovo Region                Trade fair                                 _
                                           k                            Siberia. On the eve of
                                                                        the summer"

                                                        International   INVESTMENTS IN            The 9th International forum under the aegis of the
April, 25   April, 27   Stavropol Region   Kislovodsk
                                                        forum           PEOPLE                    Government of Stavropol region

                                                                        Power Engineering.       Participants: manufacturers and suppliers of energy
April, 25   April,27    Saratov Region     Saratov      Exhibition
                                                                        Energy Efficiency - 2012 equipment and technology and energy services.

                                                                        «MEDICINE. HEALTH
                                                                                                  The 15th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair.
                                                                        CARE. PHARMACY
April, 25   April 27    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition                                Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference on the
                                                                                                  Modernization of Health, roundtables and workshops

                                                                                                  15th international specialized exhibition of viticulture
                                                        Exhibition      Vinorus. Vinotech         and wine making, beverage, technology, raw materials
                                                                                                  and equipment

                                                        Competition     International Tasting Contest "South Russia"

April, 25   April, 27   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar
                                                                                                  15th specialized exhibition of equipment and food
April, 25   April, 27   Krasnodar Region     Krasnodar     Exhibition   Food Industry             processing industries, raw materials and ingredients,
                                                                                                  food products and beverages

                                                                                                  5th trade fair of food and beverages of Krasnodar
                                                           Trade fair   Кubanprodexpo             Region manufacturers for the supply of the sanatorium

                                                                                                  12th specialized exhibition of equipment and
                                                           Exhibition   Profitable Hospitality    technology for restaurant, hotel, retail business and

                                                                                                  Main topic sections:

                                                                                                  City planning
                                                                                                  Architectural projects
                                                                                                  Quick-mounting buildings
                                                                                                  Shell and core works
                                                                                                  Geodesy and topography
April, 25   April, 27   Penza Region         Penza         Exhibition   Stroiexpo-2012
                                                                                                  Building equipment and finish materials
                                                                                                  Security systems
                                                                                                  Interior design
                                                                                                  Real estate

                                                                        “Building Industry of    The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate modern
April, 25   April, 27   Omsk region          Omsk          Exhibition   Siberia. Energy Saving.” features of the construction industry, to promote of new
                                                                        and “Wood-Expo”          technologies, equipment and materials

                                                                        For house and country     Garden machinery, equipment, garden tools, garden
April, 25   April, 28   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Fair
                                                                        house                     furniture, landscape architecture, country houses.

                                                                                                 Architecture. Construction. Accomplishment. Materials
                                                                        11th International       and technologies for building sports facilities. Climate
April, 25   April, 28   Krasnodar Region     Sochi         Exhibition   Building Forum "Building system. Heat, gas and water supply. Power supply and
                                                                        Industry"                electrical construction. The road. The tunnel. The
                                                                                                 house. Cottage. Wooden construction. Landscape
                                                                                                 Design. Interior design, exterior design. Decor.
                                                                                                   The 15-th International exhibition of equipment for
                                                                                                   animal husbandry and farming, small machines,
April, 25   April, 29   Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition   AgroFarm. Garden
                                                                                                   gardening tools, seeds, seedlings, as well as goods
                                                                                                   and services for decorating gardens.

                                                                                                   XI-th specialized exhibition for real estate. Sale of
                                                                                                   apartments. Commercial real estate. Holiday homes
                                                                        Real estate exibition.     and cottages. Plots. Property abroad. Mortgage loans,
April, 26   April, 28   Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition
                                                                        Banking - 2012             housing subsidies. Consulting and legal services.
                                                                                                   Investment projects. New building technologies and
                                                                                                   Landscaping, cottages, gazebos, saunas, furniture for
                                                                                                   summer houses; gardening tools and equipment,
                                             Velikiy                                               greenhouses and greenhouse systems, drainage,
April, 27   April, 29   Novgorod Region                    Trade Fair   House and Garden
                                             Novgorod                                              irrigation, covering materials, plants, ornamental plants,
                                                                                                   seeds, seedlings, flowers and perennial room,
                                                                                                   fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, household goods,

                                                                        Meeting for the Day
                                                                                                   Provedes by Committee of Chechen Government for
May                     Chechen Republic     Grozny        Conference   Russian
                                                                                                   Small Business and Entrepreneurship

                                                                        Meeting for the Day of
May                     Chechen Republic     Grozny        Exhibition   protecting the rights of   Exhibition of disabled people's production
                                                                        disabled people

                                                                                                   The purpose of this event is to consolidate results of
May                     Kostroma Region      Kostroma      Exhibition   Entrepreneur Day           different entreprener activities and to make business
                                                                                                   society closer.

                                                                                                   The exhibition is devoted to tourism in Russia and
                                                                        “Summer – 2012”,
May                     Omsk Region          Omsk          Exhibition                              abroad, recration, rest, treatment, entertainment and
                                                                        “World of Childhood”
                                                                                                   the world of children.

                                                                                                   Modern construction: technologies, equipment,
                                                                                                   materials, services. Architecture. Design. Doors,
                                                                        KHAKSTROYEXPO-             windows, gates. Heating, water-supply, ventilation,
May                     Republic of Khakasia Abakan        Exhibition
                                                                        2012                       conditioning systems. Energy saving and ecology.
                                                                                                   Housing and communal services. Special equipment,
                                                                                                   tools. Security products. Workwear. Decor, interior.
                                                                                                       Display of the goods, products and the services made
                                                                           Exhibition «Has made
May                     Vologda Region    Vologda      Exhibition                                      by individual businessmen, national masters, the small
                                                                                                       and average enterprises

                                                                           "Small enterprises -        Building technologies; building and decoration
                                                                           housing and communal        materials; plumbing equipment;monitoring systems of
May           June      Tula Region       Tula         Exhibition
                                                                           services", "Power-          energy losses, gas and water; roofing materials and
                                                                           effectiveness"              others.

                                                                           Agricultural Exhibition -   Exhibition sections: agriculture, food and processing
May,October             Orenburg Region   Orenburg     Exhibition
                                                                           Fair "Silk Road"            industry, consumer goods

                                                                                                       All for garden, household resettlement funds
May, 3        May, 5    Kemerovo Region   Kemerovo     Trade fair          "Dacha Season"
                                                                                                       management, gardening tools and equipment

                                                                                                       Specialized literature;
                                                                           II Specialized Exhibition
                                                                                                       Government structures;
                                                                           of Animals, Goods and
May, 3        May, 6    Samara Region     Samara       Exhibition                                      Associations and educational institutes;
                                                                           Services "Paws Ears
                                                                                                       Goods for animals;
                                                                                                       Veterinary Medicine;
                                                                                                       Exhibition advertising campaign.

                                          Rostov-on-                       WEDDING SALON -             Musical instruments, Show-industry, Entertaining,
May, 11       May, 13   Rostov Region                  Exhibition - Fair
                                          Don                              2012                        game, musical вендинг automatic machines

                                                                                               Fashion exhibitions, Consumer Goods, Clothing,
                                                       The international THE SOUTH RUSSIAN
                                          Rostov-on-                                           Apparel, Textiles, Leather, Shoes, Fur, Goods for
May, 11       May, 13   Rostov Region                  specialized       FORUM "THE WORLD
                                          Don                                                  children
                                                       exhibition        OF THE FAMILY" - 2012

                                                                           Russian Library             Forum Russian librarians to discuss current issues of
May, 13       May, 18   Perm Region       Perm         Conference
                                                                           Association Conference      librarianship in Russia and the world
                                                                                            Exhibition dedicated to a wide range of consumer
May, 14   May, 17   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk    Exhibition    Family world. Baby land
                                                                                            goods and services for a stable family life and children

May, 17   May,19    Moscow             Moscow     Exhibition    Heli Russia 2012            Helicopter industry

                                                                                            Accessories, gear, equipment, equipment for hiking,
                                                                                            country recreation, walking, water, road, extreme
                                                                                            tourism. Domestic and foreign tours, itineraries, tours.
                                                                                            Recreation. Camping. Suggestions and travel agency
                                                                "Tourism", "Siberian        Presentation of museum exhibits, monuments, and
                                                                museums Assembly",          local attractions. Technologies, equipment, inventory,
May, 15   May, 18   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo   Trade fair
                                                                "Hunting and Fishing",      materials for museums.
                                                                "Rest. Leisure. Hobby"      Supplies, equipment, equipment, equipment for hunting
                                                                                            and fishing. Means of transport. Boats. Kennels and
                                                                                            breeders of hunting dogs. Hunting. Hatcheries.
                                                                                            Collecting. Needlework. Arts and creativity. Gardening
                                                                                            and horticulture. Domestic Floriculture. Aquarium fish
                                                                THE GREAT RIVERS -
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy    Exhibition,                               Industrial exhibition, technological. Subjects: ecological,
May, 15   May, 18                                               14-th The international
                    Region             Novgorod   Forum                                     hydrometeorological, power safety / ICEF
                                                                                            The basic thematic sections: Water preparation, Water
                                                                                            supply, Water removal, Engineering networks. Devices,
                                                                                            equipment, installations, Pumps and the pump
                                                                PURE WATER.
                                                                                            equipment, automatics, control systems and
                                                                TECHNOLOGIES. THE
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                                              regulations. Pipes, the pipelines, zaporno-regulating
May, 15   May, 18                                 Exhibition    EQUIPMENT - 2012,
                    Region             Novgorod                                             armature, a fitting; heating Systems; Pools and
                                                                13-th Interregional
                                                                                            fountains; Non-polluting potable water; Rational use
                                                                                            and protection of water resources; Investigation and
                                                                                            extraction of underground waters; Regional and
                                                                                            interstate water problems, the international projects.
                                                                                   The basic thematic sections: Power and the electrical
                                                                                   engineer in the industry and household sphere, the
                                                                                   Electrotechnical equipment for hydraulic, warmly,
                                                                                   electric power industry, atomic engineering, the High-
                                                                                   voltage equipment, transformers; Cables, wires,
                                                                POWER. THE
                                                                                   electropottery, the lighting equipment, low-voltage
                                                                                   electroadjusting equipment; Boiler and auxiliaries, heat-
                                                                ENGINEER. ENERGO -
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                                     exchange devices; Turbogenerators, turbines, pumps,
May, 15   May, 18                                 Exhibition    AND RESOURCE-
                    Region             Novgorod                                    compressors; Electric cars, electric drives,
                                                                SAVING - 2012,
                                                                                   accumulators; the Measuring equipment, diagnostics;
                                                                14-th specialised
                                                                                   New technologies in manufacture and the savings of
                                                                                   the electric power, converting devices; Services in
                                                                                   designing, installation, service of the power equipment
                                                                                   and manufacture of electroinstallation works;
                                                                                   Alternative power; Technologies and the equipment for
                                                                                   liquidation of emergencies.

                                                                                          Ship-building, repair-operational factories; Cargo
                                                                                          transportation on internal waterways, in the swimming
                                                                                          mixed "river-sea"; passenger-carrying fleet; the
                                                                                          navigable companies, agency service and chartering of
                                                                                          courts, transport-forwarding service of courts; the port
                                                                                          equipment: berthing warehouses, cars and
                                                                                          mechanisms for loading, unloadings and
                                                                                          transportations of cargoes; The port equipment:
                                                                RIVER - 2012,
                                                                                          berthing warehouses, cars and mechanisms for
                                                                20-th specialised
                                                                                          loading, unloadings and transportations of cargoes;
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                  exhibition of equipment
May, 15   May, 18                                 Exhibition                              hydraulic engineering constructions and mechanisms
                    region             Novgorod                 and technologies of
                                                                                          (designing, building, operation); The automated control
                                                                shipbuilding and
                                                                                          systems of river transport; ship engines, mechanisms
                                                                                          and systems; navigation and communication means,
                                                                                          the navigating and electromechanical equipment of
                                                                                          courts; preparation of experts, industrial practice
                                                                                          vessels and training apparatus; Preservation of the
                                                                                          environment on internal waterways; designing and
                                                                                          construction of small size vessels. Preservation of the
                                                                                          environment on internal waterways; designing and
                                                                                          construction of small size vessels.

                                                  Exhibition,   ARCHITECTURALLY - The basic thematic sections: Architecture and building;
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy
May, 15   May, 18                                 Forum,        THE BUILDING FORUM - Municipal economy; Housing and communal services;
                    Region             Novgorod
                                                  Congress      2012                 Systems of heating, water supply, ventilation.
                                                                The congress
                                                                                              Welding materials and production of welding materials.
                                                                                              Welding equipment and systems for industrial robots.
                                                                                              Measuring apparatus, process control systems and
                                                                    15-th Interregional       monitoring installations, testing, data processing.
May, 15   May, 18   Saint-Petersburg                   Exhibition   Specialized Exhibition    Destructive and non-destructive testing. Materials and
                                                                    "Welding"                 accessory ware for manufacture of electric welding
                                                                                              equipment. Personal protective and environmental
                                                                                              equipment. Research and technologies, personal
                                                                                              training, quality testing (
                                                                                             The 18th International Exhibition of technologies,
                                                                                             equipment, construction equipment and materials for
                                                                                             construction and repair, and road construction.
                                                                    Building complex regions As part of the congress of the exhibition: "Interregional
May, 15   May, 19   Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition
                                                                    of Russia                Construction Forum."
                                                                                             The central annual event of the construction industry of
                                                                                             the Urals regions. The basic exhibition of the Union of
                                                                                             Builders of the Urals.

                                                                                          11th specialized exhibition of perfumes and cosmetics,
                                                                                          accessories and equipment for hairdressers, nail
                                                       Exhibition   Beauty Show Кrasnodar
                                                                                          centers, fitness clubs, beauty salons, spa centers and
                                                                                          the latest advances in cosmetology
May, 16   May, 18   Krasnodar Region     Krasnodar
                                                                                              7th South-Russian Congress of the SPA;
                                                                    Festival of the beauty    10th Open Championship on the modeling and design
                                                       Festival     industry "Southern        of nails;
                                                                    Constellation"            10th Open Championship on Hairdressing and Make-

                                                                                              The 8th specialized exhibition. Construction. Real
May, 16   May, 18   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Exhibition   Stroy-EXPO                estate. Architecture and design. Windows, doors and
                                                                                              Automotive components
                                                                                              Spare parts and supplies for repair and maintenance of
                                                                                              Electrics and electronics
                                                                                              Materials for body work
                                                       Exhibition and                         Tires and disks
May, 16   May, 19   Samara Region        Samara
                                                       Forum            Automobile industry   Security systems and GPS-navigation
                                                                                              Equipment for repair and maintenance of vehicles
                                                                                              Chemicals and car care products
                                                                                              Auto Accessories
                                                                                              Training and Personnel
                                                                                              Banking and insurance services
                                                                                              Specialized literature

                                                                                              Modern construction methods and materials,
                                                                        Low-rise and wooden
May, 16   May, 20   Tyumen Region        Tyumen        Exhibition                             construction equipment, tools, home, country house
                                                                                              interior, baths, saunas, swimming pools.

                                                                                              I-st specialized exibition. Housing and public utilities
                                                                                              management. Operation of the housing stock.
May, 17   May, 19   Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition        Urban housing- 2012   Engineering Project, a network system. Energy
                                                                                              efficiency in housing. Communal equipment.
                                                                                              Landscaping and planting yards. Training for public
                                                                                              17th Specialized Exhibition of light industry products
                                                                                              and consumer goods.
                                                       Trade fair       Fashion Salon
                                                                                              4th open design competition for the Cup of the fashion
                                                                                              industry "Fashion Krasnodar"

                                                                                              4th specialized exhibition of goods and services for
May, 17   May, 19   Krasnodar Region     Krasnodar     Trade fair       Wedding Salon
                                                                                              weddings and family celebrations

                                                       Exhibition       Jewelry Salon         2nd exhibition of fashion jewelry

                                                                                              The design. Construction. Building technologies. And
May, 17   May, 19   Murmansk Region      Murmansk      Exhibition       EXPO-home             utilities. Engineering Systems. Means of protection.
                                                                                              Interior design.
                                                                                        The 15th trade show of building materials, equipment,
May, 17   May, 19   Stavropol Region   Stavropol    Exhibition   CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                        technologies and services

                                                                                        The 12th trade show of housing utilities and energy
May, 17   May,19    Stavropol Region   Stavropol    Exhibition   HOUSING UTILITIES
                                                                                        saving technologies, special vehicles

May, 18   May, 22   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar    Trade fair   Kuban Orthodox         6th Orthodox fair

May 22    May 25    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Forum         15th TOMSK            INNOVATION FORUM
                                                                 INNOVATION FORUM

                                                                                        The 17th All-Russian Scientific and Industrial
May 22    May 25    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition
                                                                                        Innovation Fair. .

                                                                 Baikal Construction    Exhibition of innovative construction technologies,
May, 22   May, 25   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition
                                                                 Week                   special technologies and equipment, tools and services

                                                                                        Alternative and renewable energy sources (AES).
                                                                                        Biofuel. Solid biofuel: wood pellets, peat bricks,
                                                                                        equipment for their production, heating equipment with
                                                                                        the use of solid biofuel. Agricultural waste-recycled
                                                                                        biofuel, recycling equipment and usage. Biodisel, its
                                                                 2-nd Specialized
                                                                                        production, biodisel-based installations. Biogas, its
                                       Saint-                    Exhibition "Biofuel.
May, 22   May, 25   Saint-Petersburg                Exhibition                          production, purification, biodgas-based installations.
                                       Petersburg                Alternative Energy
                                                                                        Wind energy. Solar energy. Minoe energy. Hydrogen
                                                                 Sources. Biofuel"
                                                                                        energy. Geothermal energy. Hydrogenic fuel, its
                                                                                        production, usage. Tidal energy. Cogeneration and
                                                                                        trigeneration installations
                                                                                               Interregional Universal Exhibition of national goods and
May, 23   May, 25   Arkhangelsk Region    Arkhangelsk   Exhibition   Made in Russia            services: clothes, footwear, textile, goods for children,
                                                                                               food products.

                                                                                               23rd International Medical Exhibition - "MedSib 2012"
                                                                                               and 25th exposition of health facilities and services -
May 23    May 25    Novosibirsk Region    Novosibirsk   Exhibition   MedSib - 2012             "Health of Siberia 2012". Sections of the exhibition:
                                                                                               Medical laboratory equipment, medical furniture,
                                                                                               modern methods and technology, pharmaceuticals,
                                                                                               medical services
                                                                                               Medical equipment, instruments. therapeutic and
                                                                     «Health of Karelia. World diagnostic equipment. modern medical technologies.
May 23    May 25    Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk Specialized
                                                                     of Health and Beauty » optics. pharmaceuticals. convalescent facilities.
                                                                                               cosmetics. healthy food.

                                                                                               7th specialized exhibition. All for sports and recreation.
                                                                                               Clothing and accessories. Goods, and equipment for
                                                        Exhibition   Sports Industry           sports. Trainers, equipment for sports centers and
                                                                                               fitness clubs. Extreme Sports. Sports nutrition. Sports
                                                                                               medicine. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles. Yachts, boats,
May, 24   May, 26   Krasnodar Region      Sochi                                                jet skis.

                                                                                               4th specialized exhibition. Sports facilities - design,
                                                        Exhibition   OlympExpoBuild
                                                                                               construction and equipment.

                                                                                               10 Russian national specialized exhibition. Equipment
                                                                     Festival "Beauty on the
May, 24   May, 27   Volgograd Region      Volgograd     Festival                               and accessories for beauty salons, hairdressers and
                                                                                               spa centers.

                                                                                               3 Russian national specialized exhibition. Jewelry,
May, 24   May, 27   Volgograd Region      Volgograd     Exhibition   Jewelry SPRING            precious and semiprecious stones, watches, jewelry.
                                                                                               Packaging, accessories and equipment.

                                                                     Construction Equipment Construction, maintenance, repair and finishing works,
May, 25   May, 29   Moscow                Moscow        Exhibition
                                                                     and Technologies       utilities and municipal services
                                                                Kola Parteneriate
                                                                Введите текст или          Educational services. Travel Services. Food products.
May, 25   May, 27   Murmansk Region    Murmansk    Exhibition   адрес веб-сайта либо       Industrial products. Advice for entrepreneurs. Banking
                                                                переведите документ.       advice
                                                                Kolʹskiĭ partneriat

                                                                                           12th Dental Forum, 12 th National Dental Conference,
                                                   Conference   Dentima
                                                                                           7th International Conference of Dental Technicians

May, 30   June, 1   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar

                                                   Exhibition   Меdima                     11th Specialized Exhibition of Medical Equipment

                                                                                          Exhibition sections:
                                                                                          • Construction and maintenance of sports facilities
                                                                                          • Equipment for sports complexes
                                                                                          • Equipment for playgrounds
                                                                                          • Camping equipment and gear
                                                                                          • Sportswear & Accessories
                                                                                          • Sports federations, clubs and children's
                                                                                          extracurricular institutions
                                                                                          • Sports Nutrition
                                                                                          • Mini-saunas, infrared cabins, herbal sauna, aroma
                                                                VI Specialized exhibition
                                                                                          bath, mini-solarium, exercise equipment
                                                                "Sport. RECREATION.
May, 30   June, 1   Orenburg Region    Orenburg    Exhibition                             • Equipment for recreational gymnastics (masseurs
                                                                TOURISM. HEALTHY
                                                                                          and rehabilitation equipment)
                                                                LIVING - 2012 "
                                                                                          • Rehabilitation after injury
                                                                                          • Services of health centers and beauty salons
                                                                                          • Medical and sanitary food
                                                                                          • Travel Centers
                                                                                          • All forms of tourism, motels
                                                                                          • Sport and tourism equipment

                                                                                           In the frames of the exhibition there is an opportunity
                                                                                           to share experiences and integration of inter-regional
                                                                                           and international, sports and tourism industry.

                                                                Hunting, Fishing. Sport.   Exhibition of hunting and fishing sports, tourism, active
May, 30   June, 1   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk     Exhibition
                                                                Recreation                 recreation industry and associated industries
                                                                                           Sailing and Motorboats (design, production, sale),
                                                                                           Equipment and materials. Marinas and yachting clubs
                                                                                           (construction, waterfront structures, equipment,
                                                                                           management). Navigation equipment. Extreme water
May, 31   June, 3   Saint-Petersburg                Festival     Baltic Marine Festival    sports and fishing. Water transport (passenger,
                                                                                           excursion and pleasure boats). Services for sportsmen
                                                                                           and beginners in water sports. Diving. Yachting
                                                                                           education and public organizations. Specialized mass-

                                                                                           4 Russian national specialized exhibition dedicated to
                                                                                           International Children's Day. Products for children.
May, 31   June, 3   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Festival     Festival "Wonderland"
                                                                                           Clothing, footwear and accessories. Toys and games.
                                                                                           Baby food. Hygiene products and pharmaceuticals.

                                                                                           20 Russian national specialized exhibition. Clothes and
May, 31   June, 3   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition   Fashion Fair              footwear. Leather and fur products. Hats. Goods for
                                                                                           children. Textile. Souvenirs. Consumer goods.

summer              Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo     Trade fair   "City of masters"

                                                                 Enterpreneurs of
June                Chechen Republic   Grozny       Exhibition                             The production of Chechen entrepreneurs
                                                                 Chechen Republic

                                                                                           Medical technologies, facilities, related goods.
June                Chechen Republic   Grozny       Exhibition   MEDRUSS 2012
                                                                                           Pharmacies. Cosmetology.

                                                                 V Cheboksary Economic
                                                    Economic     Forum and и XIV
                                                                                          Presentation of the Industrial and investment potential
June                Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Forum and    Interregional Exhibition
                                                                                          of the Chuvash Republic
                                                    Exhibition   "Regions - Cooperation
                                                                 without Borders"
                                                                 XI Exhibition "Cosy
                                                                 Warm House" and IX
                                                                                           Presentation of new resource- and energy-saving
June                Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Exhibition   Exhibition "Resource-
                                                                 and Energy-Saving
                                                          Mobile       Mobile Exhibition "Look - Exposition for schoolchildren first of all. Presentation of
June                    Chuvash Republic     Cheboksary
                                                          Exhibition   it's NANO"                nano-technologies, products of nano-materials

June                    Perm Region          Perm         Festival     White nights

                        Astrakhan-Moscow-    Moscow-                                              promotion of innovative competitive enterprises on
June                                                      mission,     South-North
                        Leningrad regions    Saint-                                               regional markets, interregional cooperation

                        Astrakhan-Finland-   Finland-
                        Norway-Sweden-       Norway-     Business-                                promotion of innovative competitive enterprises on
July                                                                   business mission
                        Denmark,North        Sweden-     mission                                  regional markets, interregional cooperation
                        Germany              Denmark,Nor
                                             th Germany

July-August             Perm Region          Perm         Fair         Book fair

                                                                                              The exhibition aims to demonstrate the achievements
                                                                                              of companies and research teams in science,
                                                                                              technology and innovation, and encourage their
                                                                                              implementation in various sectors of the economy, to
June, 5       June, 7   Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk      Exhibition   Science and Technology promote high technology products and innovative
                                                                                              materials with unique consumer properties, formation
                                                                                              and implementation of regional science and innovative
                                                                                              programs, and commercialization of scientific and
                                                                                              technical activities for civilian using

                                                                       Russian Coal and
June, 5       June, 8   Kemerovo Region                  Trade fair    Mining. Security, safety
                                                                       and life
                                                                                            Specialists can expect to see a range of products and
                                                                                            services including HDD and tunneling machines,
June, 5   June, 8   Moscow             Moscow     Exhibition      No-Dig Moscow             vacuum excavation, pipe diagnostics, relining and
                                                                                            rehabilitation systems, as well as the large
                                                                                            international players.

                                                  International                             International water forum: one of the leading world
June, 5   June, 8   Moscow             Moscow                     Ecwatech-2012
                                                  Forum                                     water exhibitions

                                                                                    Manufacturers of city and tourist buses, trolley buses
                                                                                    will take part in work of salon and the chassis;
                                                                                    manufacturers of components and the additional
                                                                                    equipment from 13 countries: Russia, Byelorussia,
                                                                                    Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel,
                                                                                    Germany, China, Sweden, Turkey, France, Finland, nd
                                                                                    also business visitors from more than 30 countries of
                    Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                    BUSWORLD RUSSIA – the world. One of the main positions in program
June, 6   June, 8                                 Exhibition
                    region             Novgorod                   2012 SALON        Busworld Russia – 2012 is occupied with carrying out
                                                                                    of purchases of passenger transport to the main
                                                                                    events in Russia, having important international value
                                                                                    is a University game of 2013 in Kazan, the winter
                                                                                    Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi, the World
                                                                                    championship on Hockey of 2016, the World
                                                                                    championship on football of 2018, and also an annual
                                                                                    stage Formuly-1 in Sochi, since 2014.

                                                                   8-th Siberian Forum of
                                                                  subsoil users and
                                                                  energy companies:
                                                                  conference on the
June 6    June 8    Tomsk Region       Tomsk      Exhibition      problems and prospects    13th International Specialized Exhibition and Fair
                                                                  of development of
                                                                  mineral resources and
                                                                  energy companies in
                                                                  "OIL. GAZ. GEOLOGY "

                                                  Festival        8th International Festival "The Beauty and Grace"
                                                                        2nd International Open Championship of Hairdressing, Decorative Cosmetics,
                                                                        Nail Design and Modelling

                                                                        1st Open Championship in southern Russia on professional floristry "Golden
                                                                        Magnolia 2012"

                                                                                                  12th specialized exhibition of the beauty industry.
June, 7    June, 11   Krasnodar Region     Sochi                                                  Exhibition of cosmetics and perfumes. Hairdressing
                                                                                                  equipment and tools, tools for hair care. Nail services.
                                                                                                  Professional equipment, tools and materials for
                                                                                                  cosmetics. Tattooing and body piercing. Solarium.
                                                                                                  Beauty treatments. Cosmetic Dentistry. SPA-service.
                                                                                                  The exhibition "Wedding Salon". Wedding and evening
                                                         Exhibition     Beauty and Grace
                                                                                                  gowns. National wedding clothes. Accessories for the
                                                                                                  bride and groom. Lingerie for the bride. Wedding
                                                                                                  The exhibition "Flower Show". Flowers - the service.
                                                                                                  Flowers and ornamental plants. Vases, pots, planters,
                                                                                                  and fountains. Seeds and seedlings flower crops.
                                                                                                  Greening public interiors.
                                                                                                  6th Specialized Exhibition-Fair. Jewelry, precious and
                                                                                                  semiprecious stones, watches, antiques, cutlery and
                                                                        Summer Capital Gold -
                                                         Trade fair                               crockery in jewelry design; jewelry, crafts, packaging,
                                                                                                  accessories, safes, security systems, products for the
                                                                                                  care of the jewelry.

                                                                                                  Specialized Exhibition of spare parts, car accessories,
June 6     June 9     Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition     AutoSib 2012
                                                                                                  equipment and auto-service. Cars and vehicles

                                                                                                  1. Presentation of projects to venture investors.
June 8     June 9     Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition     6th Siberian Venture Fair 2. Establishing contacts with venture investors.
                                                                                                  3. Attracting venture capital investments.

                                                                                                  Jewelry, precious stones and stones, highly artistic
                      Republic of
June, 12   June,17                         Makhachkala Exhibition       "Russia's Gold 2012"      object of interiors, showcase equipment, etuis for
                                                     Exhibition and                           3rd Exhibition and demonstration of agricultural
June, 14   June, 16   Krasnodar Region   Krasnodar                    Field Days YugAgro
                                                     demonstration                            machinery in the field

                                                                                              Jewelry made from precious metals and stones;
                                                                                              Diamonds and jewelry insertion;
                                                                                              Faceted stones;
                                                                                              Jewelry for religious purposes;
                                                                                              Jewelry art crafts, gifts;
                                                                                              Collection minerals, semi-precious raw materials;
                                                                      IX International        Art Weapons;
                                                                      Specialized Jewelry     Cutlery in the performance of the jewelry, tableware;
June, 14   June, 18   Samara Region      Samara      Exhibition
                                                                      Exhibition "Samara      Jewelry tools and equipment, abrasives, packaging;
                                                                      Pearl"                  Hours: watches, wall, desktop, handheld, souvenir,
                                                                                              Art glass, ceramics, glass, porcelain;
                                                                                              Representative products;
                                                                                              Luxury gifts;
                                                                                              Insurance companies;
                                                                                              Folk crafts;
                                                                                              Exclusive handmade products.

                                                                                              Raw materials, equipment and technologies for the
June,18    June, 21   Moscow             Moscow      Exhibition       ROSPLAST
                                                                                              production of plastic goods and items

                                                                                              EXPOSTONE is the main and the biggest in Russia
                                                                                              international specialized exhibition for mining,
June, 19   June, 22   Moscow             Moscow      Exhibition       ExpoStone               processing, treatment and use of natural stone. It is
                                                                                              also one of the most prestigious events of the stone
                                                                                              industry worldwide.

                                                                      International universal
                                                                                                Young bussinesmen of Bryansk region and other
20 June    22 June    Bryansk Region     Bryansk     Exhibition       exhibition-fair "The days
                                                                                                entities of the Russian Federation
                                                                      of small bussines"
                                                                                                  13th International Specialized Exhibition. Modern
                                                                                                  medical technology and equipment. Innovative medical
                                                                                                  technologies. Telemedicine. Primary Health Care.
                                                                                                  Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine.
                                                                     Medicine - today and         Designing, complex equipping of hospitals, medical
                                                                     tomorrow                     offices, medical institutions, health centers,
                                                                                                  pharmacies, dental surgeries. Disinfectants.
                                                                                                  Pharmacia. Dermatology and aesthetic medicine,
                                                                                                  cosmetology. Wellness and spa. Dentistry. Education
June, 20   June, 23   Krasnodar Region   Sochi                                                    and science in medicine.
                                                                                                  3rd International Specialized Exhibition and 3rd
                                                                                                  National scientific and practical conference with
                                                                                                  international participation. Equipment and new
                                                                                                  technologies in the prevention and diagnosis.
                                                                     Sports Medicine              Equipment, appliances and machines for rehabilitation,
                                                                                                  relaxation. Technical means of rehabilitation.
                                                                                                  Protective equipment and protective equipment in
                                                                                                  sports. Sports pharmacology. Sports nutrition.
                                                                                                  Cosmeceuticals. Laboratory equipment.
                                                                                                  For over 15 years this international forum attracts
                                                                                                  delegates from around the world. And the presence of
                                                                                                  the most famous politicians, businessmen, experts is f
                                                                     St. Petersburg
                                         Saint-                                                   not only an indicator of interest to the Forum itself, but
June, 21   June, 23   Saint-Petersburg                Forum          International Economic
                                         Petersburg                                               also a signal of readiness to cooperate with each
                                                                                                  other. The Forum-2012 programme will maintain and
                                                                                                  enhance the theme of developing countries in the
                                                                                                  world economy.

                                                                     Golden Ring of Russia
                                                      Festival and
June, 28   July, 1    Kostroma Region    Kostroma                    2012, Road Show              Jewelery

                                                                     The Integration of
                                                                     Russian Business to the      The discussion of mechanisms for better
July                  Chechen Republic   Grozny       Seminar        World Economic               comptetitiveness of domestic goods in conditions of
                                                                     community as strategy        Russia's WTO accesion
                                                                     for improvement of
                                                                     Republican competition
                                                                     of machine milking and
July                  Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Competition    republican competition       Exchange of experience
                                                                     of artificial insemination
                                                                     of farm animals
                                                                                             Introduction of resource saving technologies in crop
July                   Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Exhibition   Reepublican day of Field production, training, presentation of investment

July                   Chuvash Republic   Cheboksary   Trade fair   Milk Festival             Milk products

                                                                                              Furniture for dwelling, fittings, soft furnishings, tulle,
                       Republic of
July, 13   July, 15                       Makhachkala Exhibition    "Furniture 2012"          curtain, mashine and iquipment for furniture
                                                                                              production,landscape design, woodworking equipment

                                                                                           6th Specialized Exhibition-Fair. Jewelry, precious and
                                                                                           semiprecious stones, watches, antiques, cutlery and
                                                                    Gold of Summer Capital
July, 28   August, 6   Krasnodar Region   Sochi        Trade fair                          crockery in jewelry design; jewelry, crafts, packaging,
                                                                    - Summer
                                                                                           accessories, safes, security systems, products for the
                                                                                           care of jewelry

July, 29   August, 7   Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition               "City         The 17th Inter-Regional and Town Planning
                                                                    above the TOM river:      Architecture Fair
                                                                    BUILDING. CITIES OF
                                                                                              The 12th International Specialized Exhibition and Fair
                                                                                              Scientific-practical conference on the development of
July, 30   August, 8   Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition   Transport and Roads"
                                                                                              the transport network in Siberia

                                                                                              5th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair of
July, 31   August, 8   Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition   «BUSINESS»                products and services to small and medium-sized
                                                                                              businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

                                                                    «FINANCE AND              8-th International exhibition-presentation of investment
July, 31   August, 8   Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition
                                                                    INVESTMENTS»              projects, banking and insurance services.
                                                                           Development of tourism   The aim is to attract investors for the development of
August      August       Astrakhan Region                 Conference       in Ikrianoe, Astrakhan   touristic activities of the region; to promote tourist
                                            akhan region
                                                                           region                   services of the region

                         Astrakhan,Kamyzyak, myzyak,
                                                                                                    The aim is to promote ecologically-clean products of
August      August       Germany, Moscow, Germany,        forum            Watermelon's day
                                             Moscow,                                                Astrakhan region
                                                                           The mechanisms for
                                                                           promotion of production
August                   Chechen Republic   Grozny       seminar                                    Information for entrepreneurs of ChR about EICC work
                                                                           of small and medium
                                                                           entreprises through EICC

август                   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo     Trade fair        "School fair"

August                   Kostroma Region    Kostroma     Exhibition        Honey Spas               Apiculture in central part of Russia.

August                   Tula Region        Tula         Exhibition        "Building-2012           Special exhibition coincided to The Day of Builder

                                                                                                    3 Demonstration of agricultural technology in the field.
                                                                                                    Newest developments in the field of mineral fertilizers
                                                         of agricultural   Field Day
August, 2   August, 3    Volgograd Region   Volgograd                                               and plant protection products. Agricultural equipment,
                                                         technology in     "VolgogradAGRO"
                                                                                                    spare parts, industrial rubber. Manufactured and
                                                         the field
                                                                                                    upgraded technology by farmers.

                                                                                                    The exhibition is devoted to sport, sport technologies,
August, 8   August, 10   Omsk Region        Omsk         Exhibition        “Sport. Youth. Health”   sport clubs, sport education, sport goods and healthy
                                                                                                The 12th annual fair of school accessories and supply
August, 8    August, 31   Stavropol Region   Stavropol    Exhibition   SCHOOL BAZAR
                                                                                                devoted to the beginning of a new school year

                                                                                                The exhibition will present the facilities and resource of
                                                                                                amateur gardening, horticulture, floriculture, vegetable
                                                                       Gardening and country-   growing, country house landscape development. It will
August, 14   August, 17   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition
                                                                       house. Garden design     create conditions for the promotion of new advanced
                                                                                                products and professional concepts of floristic and
                                                                                                landscape design to the regional market.
                                                                                                The 7-th International Exhibition of monasteries and
                                                                                                churches, the Orthodox publishing houses, art -
August, 17   August, 23   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition   Orthodox Russia          restoration and jewelry shops, church paraphernalia,
                                                                                                iconography, bell casting, handicrafts, gifts for
                                                                                                Orthodox holidays.

                                             Rostov-on-                SCHOOL BAZAAR -          School accessories, educational and developmental
August, 17   August, 27   Rostov Region                   Exhibition
                                             Don                       2012                     services for children

                                                                                                Услуги свадебных салонов. Свадебные платья,
August, 21   August, 24   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo     Trade fair   "Ah, the wedding"        костюмы, обувь, аксессуары. Подарки. Цветы.
                                                                                                Ювелирные изделия. Свадебный стол.

                                                                                                Bank forum - the action, called to unite effort of
                                                                                                representatives of authorities and financial structures
                                                                                                with a view of strengthening of positions of the
                                                                                                Russian bank system. In Russia and the CIS countries
                                                                                                the Forum is already known as some kind of a platform
                                                                                                for an exchange of experience and developments of
                                                                       THE ALL-RUSSIA
                                                                                                new pu developments of bank system. The Nizhniy
                          Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                   BANK FORUM - 2012,
August, 23   August, 24                                   Exhibition                            Novgorod Forum has got popularity, as an example of
                          Region             Novgorod                  13th ALL-RUSSIA
                                                                                                meaningful dialogue of bank community with the
                                                                       BANK FORUM
                                                                                                financial authorities. A number of offers, ini-tsiativ and
                                                                                                arguments of participants of forums gradually become
                                                                                                a component of the legislation or standard base of
                                                                                                Bank of Russia. Traditionally the Forum develops
                                                                                                recommendations, about its results there is a special
                                                                                                book, with full reflexion of materials of discussion.
                                                                                                            Food stuffs, agricultural machinery, equipment and
                                                                                                            processes for production and harvesting of grain,
                                                                                                            vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, poultry and flowers;
                                                                                 The 21-st International    machinery, equipment and processes for processing,
                                                 Saint-        Exhibition and    Agro-Industrial            packaging and storage of grain, vegetables, fruits,
August, 27   September, 2   Saint-Petersburg
                                                 Petersburg    Fair              Exhibition and Fair        milk, meat and poultry. Processing equipment,
                                                                                 "AgroRuss"                 refrigeration & storage equipment, packaging and
                                                                                                            packing materials, cargo handling and transportation
                                                                                                            equipment Agriculture. Scientific researches.
                                                                                                            Information services. Rural tourism.

                                                                                 MIAS (Moscow
                                                                                                          The main event for numerous motor-car fans and
August, 29   September, 9   Moscow               Moscow        Exhibition        International Automobile
                                                                                                          automotive segment professionals
                                                                                 Salon 2012)

                                                                                                            This Forum is Russia's largest event of innovation
                                                                                 St. Petersburg             orientation. It provides participants with an open space
                                                 Saint-                                                     for business communication, for establishing a direct
Autumn                      Saint-Petersburg                   Forum             International Innovation
                                                 Petersburg                                                 contacts, for finding partners and investors, for
                                                                                                            developing professional level and for advancing the
                                                                                                            innovative products.
                                                                                                            Demonstration of a wide range of consumer goods,
                                                                                                            agricultural products.
                                                                                                            Services provided by enterprises and organizations of
                                                                                                            Arkhangelsk Region and other regions.
                                                                                                            Sale of goods and services provided by the industrial
                                                                                                            and agricultural manufacturers.
September                   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Fair              Margaritinskaya fair       Dissemination of best practices and achievements of
                                                                                                            Assistance in strengthening and development of
                                                                                                            regional, interregional and international relations. The
                                                                                                            Fair business program includes seminars and “round
                                                                                                            tables” on business development and innovation, as
                                                                                                            well as various cultural events.

                                                                                 Lending of small
September                   Chechen Republic     Grozny        Seminar                                      Lending of entrepreneurs of ChR based on tenders

                                                                                 Business Chechnya          The production of small and medium business of
September                   Chechen Republic     Grozny        Exhibition-fair
                                                                                 2012                       Russian Federation
                                                                                                          The main objective of the Forum - the interaction
                                                                                Kaliningrad Economic      between business and government. Work principle - to
September                       Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Forum
                                                                                Forum                     determine the direction of business development in
                                                                                                          Kaliningrad region.

                                                                                                       Inter-regional and international issues discussions area
                                                                                the 4th International  for better understanding of the concepts and practices
September                       Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Forum        Youth Innovation Forum of innovation development of economy and social
                                                                                Interra 2012           sphere. During the forum there are seminars,
                                                                                                       competitions, conferences, round tables, festivals,
                                                                                                       schools are held in the following areas: business,

                                                                                “Technosphere 2012”,
September                       Omsk Region          Omsk          Exhibition                             Engineering

                                                                                Tyva-Khakasia-            Construction. Energy. Housing and communal
September                       Tyva Republic        Kyzyl         Exhibition   Krasnoyarsk Territory:    services. Tourism. Agriculture and processing.
                                                                                COOPERATION - 2012        Services for small and medium enterprises.

                                                                                The 16-th International
                                                     Saint-                                               Theme: Building, Completion and Extension and their
September, 12   September, 14   Saint-Petersburg                   Exhibition   Specialized Exhibition
                                                     Petersburg                                           equipment.

                                                                                                         Within the framework of the exhibition program -
                                                                                                         NEFTEGASEXPO, OIL REFINING AND
                                                                                The 12-th St. Petersburg
                                                     Saint-                                              PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY, NUCLEAR
September, 18   September, 20   Saint-Petersburg                   Forum        International Energy
                                                     Petersburg                                          INDUSTRY, POWER ENGINEERING, RENEWABLE
                                                                                Forum (SPIEF)
                                                                                                         ENERGY, MIRR - Raw Materials and Energy
                                                                                                         Resources, TRANSENERGOEXPO.
                                                                                                         Specialized exhibitions: "PROMEXPO",
                                                                                                         "TECHNOEXPO", "MACHINE BUILDING. LATHES.
                                                                                                         METALWORKING", "INSTRUMENT AND
                                                                                The 16-th International
                                                     Saint-                                              EQUIPMENT", "RADIOELECTRONICS AND
September, 25   September, 28   Saint-Petersburg                   Forum        Industrial Forum
                                                     Petersburg                                          INSTRUMENT ENGINEERING", "MECHATRONICS
                                                                                "Russian Industrialist"
                                                                                                         AND ROBOTICS", "SUBCONTRACTING",
                                                                                                         "AUTOMASH", " StockMach” (Trade Fair of Used
                                                                                                         Machinery & Equipment).
                                                                                                               Exhibition of educational institutions, community
                                                                                                               organizations, job vacancies, school educational
                                                                                                               institutions. Information on primary, secondary, higher
                                                                                                               education and professions working in public and
                                                                                   Education and career.       private institutions. New educational technologies and
October, 4      October, 6      Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition       Reading Kaliningrad -       services. Equipment and materials for schools. The
                                                                                   2012 - 2012                 centers of aesthetic education, business centers,
                                                                                                               training courses, employment services. Advice on
                                                                                                               employment. Leisure activities for children and young
                                                                                                               people. Book publishing company. Book trading
                                                                                                               1) Exhibition fair of equipment, technologies, materials
                                                                                                               and production of logging industry, wood processing
                                                                                   1) Wood processing
                                                                                                               industry and wooden house construction industry
                                                                                   industry of Siberia.
                                                                                                               "FORESTRY MANAGEMENT AND WOOD
                                                                                   Wooden hous
September, 4    September, 7    Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk       Exhibition                                  PROCESSING INDUSTRY OF SIBERIA. WOODEN
                                                                                   construction industry. 2)
                                                                                                               HOUSE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY". 2)
                                                                                   Ecology. Nature
                                                                                                               Specialized exhibition of technologies, equipment and
                                                                                                               services related with mining, management and
                                                                                                               protection of the environment

                                                                                                           Metal & Metal working exhibitions, metallurgy,
                                                     Rostov-on-                    MetMash:                machine, engineering exhibitions
September, 5    September, 7    Rostov Region                      Specialized
                                                     Don                           Stankoinstrument - 2012 Industry special exhibitions, technology exhibition &
                                                                                                           trade shows

                                                                                                               Devices for the account of water and heat energy, LED
                                                                                   Energy efficiency and
                                                                                                               lighting products and systems, climatic equipment,
September, 5    September, 7    Samara Region        Samara        Exhibition      resource conservation.
                                                                                                               cables and wires goods, telecommunications
                                                                                   The Volga - 2011
                                                                                                               equipment, services of energy audits.

                                                                                                               The 3rd Exhibition of supplementary education for
                                                                                                               children, children's sports, health and recreation,
September, 6    Septemer, 9     Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition      Smart Kid
                                                                                                               goods for children's art, educational games, literature
                                                                                                               and children's fashion.

                                                                                                               11 Russian national specialized exhibition. Cars and
September, 11   September, 12   Volgograd Region     Volgograd     Exhibition      AutoEXPO 2012               vehicles, parts and tools for maintenance and repair of
                                                                                                               vehicles, the system of protection.

                                                                                                     Food exhibitions, Drink, Beverage, tobacco
                                                                   International                     Agricultural Machinery exhibitions, equipment for
                                                     Rostov-on-                    ROSTOV HOSPITABLE
September, 12   September, 14   Rostov Region                      Specialized                       catering & shop, restaurants, hotels, trading and
                                                     Don                           - 2012
                                                                   Exhibition                        refrigerating
                                                                                                             Advertising, exhibitions, polygraphy, phototechnics,
                                                     Rostov-on-    International     PHOTO EXHIBITION -
September, 12   September, 14   Rostov Region                                                                packaging, label
                                                     Don           exhibition       2012

                                                                                                             The 4-th International Exhibition-Fair of agricultural
                                                                                    Autumn garden and        products, garden tools, seeds, seedlings and shrubs,
September, 12   Septemer, 15    Perm Region          Perm          Trade fair
                                                                                    vegetable garden         as well as goods and services for decorating gardens
                                                                                                             in autumn.

                                                                                                           Cosmetics and perfumes. Nail Design. Decorative
                                                                                                           hardware and cosmetology. Hairdressing services.
                                                                                                           Professional equipment for beauty salons. Fur, leather,
                                                                                     Fasion and beauty     textiles and knitwear. Jewelry and Accessories.
September, 13   September, 15   Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Fair             products – 2012 Health Galantereya.Meditsinskaya technique. Equipment.
                                                                                    and beauty - 2012      Pharmaceutical products. Hygiene and rehabilitation.
                                                                                                           Optics. Diagnostics. Medical cosmetics. Medical
                                                                                                           Cosmetology. Alternative Medicine. Dietary
                                                                                                           supplements. Dietary and baby food.

                                                                                                             Urban and suburban real estate, banks, real estate
September, 13   September, 16   Samara Region        Samara        Exhibition       Real Estate Fair         companies, insurance, legal services, salon of foreign

                                                                   Matchmaking                               the aim is to attract MSEs from EU for participation in
September,15    September, 15   Astrakhan Region     Astrakhan                      Astrakhan Day
                                                                   event                                     matchmaking event with Astrakhan enterprises

                                                                                     Kuzbass coal
                                                                                                             Coal mining. Coal preparation. Coal Processing. Coal
                                                                                     international forum:
                                                                                                             marketing. Coal energy.
September, 18   September, 20   Kemerovo Region      Kemerovo      Trade fair, forum "Expo-Coal",
                                                                                                             Coal production for export, energy enterprises, industry
                                                                                     "Coalsupply and coal
                                                                                                             and other consumer types

September, 18   September, 20   Moscow               Moscow                         HR&Trainings Expo        Management, Strategy, Human Relations
                                                                                                             Exhibition sections:
                                                                                                             - Food Ingredients
                                                                                                             - Agricultural products
                                                                                                             - Equipment for the processing of agricultural products
                                                                                  XXXI Interregional         - Veterinary medicines
September, 19   September, 21   Orenburg Region    Orenburg     Exhibition-Fair   exhibition-fair "exchange- - Agricultural machinery
                                                                                  Yard - 2012"               - Alcoholic and soft drinks
                                                                                                             - Packaging, packaging equipment
                                                                                                             - Frozen foods
                                                                                                             - Flowers and seed
                                                                                                             - Shop and cooling equipment

                                                                                  A WEEK OF
                                                                                                            The 16th annual trade show and Congress of
9/19/2012       9/21/2012       Stavropol Region   Stavropol    Exhibition        STAVROPOL
                                                                                                            physicians of various specialties

                                                                                                            Beauty Pharma;
                                                                                                            Nail Service;
                                                                                                            Massage Technologies;
                                                                                  VIII Interregional
                                                                                                            Solariums, tanning products;
September, 20   September, 23   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition        Specialized Exhibition
                                                                                                            Consumables and overalls, production of nonwoven
                                                                                                            Devices for home-made procedures;
                                                                                                            Make up and perfume;
                                                                                                            Aromatherapy, essential oils;
                                                                                                            Accessories, bijouterie;
                                                                                                            Specialized press.

                                                                International                         Furniture exhibitions, interior, lighting devices, office
                                                   Rostov-on-                     WOODWORKING.
September, 20   September, 23   Rostov Region                   Specialized                           and trading equipment, home appliancs
                                                   Don                            INTERIOR. COMFORT -
                                                                Exhibition                            Woodworking, Timber, Pulp & Paper Industry

                                                                                                            Technologies and equipment for exploration,
                                                                                  Oil and gas. Fuel and     development and exploitation of oil and gas
September,18    September, 21   Tyumen Region      Tyumen       Exhibition
                                                                                  Energy Complex            exploration, transportation and processing of raw
                                                                                   WORKSHOP / WORLD
                                                     Rostov-on-    International
September, 24   October, 19     Rostov Region                                      WITHOUT BORDERS -        Tourism exhibitions, leisure & sport trade show
                                                     Don           Festival
                                                                                   Autumn part - 2012

                                                                                                            33 Russian national specialized exhibition. New
                                                                                                            technologies in construction, building and finishing
September, 25   September, 27   Volgograd Region     Volgograd     Exhibition      BuildEXPO
                                                                                                            materials, roofing, insulation, glass, ventilation,
                                                                                                            heating, air conditioning. Construction machinery.

                                                                                                            Innovative technologies, equipment and materials for
                                                                                                            housing and utilities, oil and gas and chemical
September, 25   September, 27   Volgograd Region     Volgograd     Exhibition      PromEXPO                 complex. Ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. Machine
                                                                                                            tool equipment. The tool. Welding production.
                                                                                                            Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

                                                                                                            Exhibition of security equipment, video surveillance
September 25    September 27    Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition      SibSecurity. SibRescue   and access control systems, fire-fighting equipment
                                                                                                            and data security products

                                                                                                            20th specialized exhibition of the most recent
                                                                                                            information technologies, communication equipment,
September 25    September 27    Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition      SibTelecom & IT          computer hardware and software, internet services,
                                                                                                            broadcasting technologies and broadband
                                                                                                            The 15-th International specialized exhibition of energy
                                                                                                            saving devices and equipment, resource-saving
                                                                                                            technologies and equipment for efficient production,
                                                                                   Energetics. Energy
September, 25   September, 28   Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition                               transmission and distribution, and modern electrical
                                                                                                            As part of the congress of the exhibition: III Inter-
                                                                                                            regional Forum "Energy. Energy Efficiency "

                                                                                                            Roller shutters, gates, windows and sun protection
September, 26   September, 28   Moscow               Moscow        Trade fair      R+T Russia

                                                                                                            Carpets and floor coverings for all types of premises,
September, 26   September, 28   Moscow               Moscow        Exhibition      DOMOTEX Russia 2012
                                                                                                            facilities and equipment for flooring
September, 26   September, 28   Moscow                Moscow         Exhibition      Heimtextil Russia 2012    Home textiles and fabrics for interior decoration

                                                                                                               Tour operators;
                                                                                                               Travel agencies
                                                                                     The 2nd international
September, 27   September, 29   Samara Region         Samara         Exhibition      specialized exhibition
                                                                                                               Attractions and entertainment;
                                                                                     "Travel Industry 2012"
                                                                                                               Related services;
                                                                                                               Education and retraining;

                                                                                                                Foodstuffs, beverages, equipment for processing
                                                                                     Regional agricultural fair
September 27    September 30    Kaluga Region         Kaluga         Exhibition                                 agricultural products, farm machinery, plants and
                                                                                     Kaluga's Autumn 2012

                                                                                                               "Construction," "Cars," "Information Technology",
                                                      Velikiy                                                  "Banking and Insurance Services", "Travel Services",
September 27    September 30    Novgorod Region                      Trade Fair      NovgorodExpo
                                                      Novgorod                                                 "Home", "Textiles", "ecological products", "Flowers,
                                                                                                               garden, house"

                                                                                     Problems of               Problems and decisions of entrepreneurs for Shali
October                         Chechen Republic      Shali          Dispute
                                                                                     entrepreneurs in ChR      district of Chechen Republic

                                                                                     Entrepreneurship in
                                                                                                               Government support of Small and Medium Business in
October                         Chechen Republic      Shatoy         Seminar         mountanous districts of
                                                                                                               mountainous districts of Chechnya

                                                                                     Murmansk International
October                         Murmansk Region       Murmansk       Forum
                                                                                     Economic Forum

                                                                                                               Equipment for production of food and drinks. Packing
                                                                                                               materials and machines. Cooling and retail equipment.
                                                                     XIII Specialized
October                         Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                    «Karelia Food »          Alimentary products. Alcohol and non-alcohol drinks.
                                                                                                               Equipment for harvesting and processing fish and
                                                                                                      Services for business: accounting, financial,
                                                                          SERVICES FOR
                                                                                                      consulting, banking, legal, insurance. Modern office.
October                   Republic of Khakasia Abakan        Exhibition   SMALL AND MEDIUM
                                                                                                      Communications. Information technologies and
                                                                                                      systems. Internet. Workwear.

                                                                                                      Advertisement technologies. Design. Marketing. Mass
                                                                          MASS MEDIA.
October                   Republic of Khakasia Abakan        Exhibition                               Media. Polygraphy. Packages. Souveniers. Exhibition
                                                                                                      equipment. Advertising medium.

                                                                                                      Holidays and presents: food and drinks, decor things,
                                                                          HOLIDAYS AND                things to lay the table, accessories. Works of art.
October                   Republic of Khakasia Abakan        Exhibition
                                                                          PRESENTS                    Jewellery. Presents for children, toys and games.
                                                                                                      Business souvenirs. VIP-presents. Unusual presents.

                                                                                                      Architectural and town-planning workings out; projects
                                                                                                      of individual apartment houses; elements of
                                                                          Inter-regional exhibition   engineering arrangement of an apartment house;
October                   Vologda Region       Vologda       Exhibition
                                                                          «house»                     independent life-support systems; building materials
                                                                                                      and designs; interior design; water treating systems;
                                                                                                      tools, etc.

                          Astrakhan,                        Business-
October      November                          Tunisia,                   business mission            Organization of matchmaking event
                          Tunisia,South Europe              mission
                                               South Europe

                                                                          Exhibition of producing-
October-                                                                  technological               In this exhibition will be persented the biggest
                          Tula Region          Tula          Exhibition
November                                                                  opportunities of            industrial plants of Tula Region .
                                                                          industrial plants.

                                                                                                      Medical and dental equipment, technology,
                                                                          Siberian healthcare.        pharmaceutics, medical science and practical public
October, 2   October, 5   Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk       Exhibition
                                                                          Dentistry                   health service "SIBERIAN HEALTH CARE.

                                                                          SibFurniture.               20th anniversary exhibition of furniture, technologies
October 2    October 5    Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition
                                                                          Woodworking                 and equipment for furniture and woodworking industries
                                                                                                            Research and development work. Construction of
                                                                                                            energy facilities. Energy efficiency. System of industrial
October, 3   October, 5   Murmansk Region      Murmansk      Exhibition          SevTEK
                                                                                                            facilities. Protection of the environment. Crediting.

                                                                                                            13th Specialized Exhibition with International
                                                                                                            Participation. Exhibition Sections:
                                                                                                            • Comprehensive development of a modern city
                                                                                                            • Construction
                                                                                                            • Management of real estate objects
                                                                                                            • Public utilities, engineering support
October, 3   October, 5   Saratov Region       Saratov       Exhibition          CitystroyExpo - 2012       • Construction machinery. Tools
                                                                                                            • Roads, utility and road-building machinery
                                                                                                            • Urban environment
                                                                                                            • City development prospects
                                                                                                            • Special section of the exhibition "Smart House.
                                                                                                            Intelligent Buildings"

                                                                                                            The general exposition of the International forum is
                                                                                                            formed on five sections: - Expositions of regions and
                                                                                                            cities of the Russian Federation, - Expositions of
                                                                                                            innovative and investment projects of the enterprises
                                                                                                            of Russia, - the Branch expositions representing the
                                                                                                            major industries, - The international exposition of
                                                                                 RUSSIA UNIFORM -
                                                             Exhibition,                                    technoparks, - Expositions of the foreign states.
                          Nizhniy Novgorod     Nizhniy                           2012,
October, 3   October, 6                                      Forum, the                                     Specialised projects of a forum: - the Congress "the
                          Region               Novgorod                          17th International forum
                                                             Congress                                       Strategic resource of Russia - an innovative way of
                                                                                 the CONGRESS
                                                                                                            development", - The congress of the people of Russia
                                                                                                            (the organizer - Assembly of the people of Russia), -
                                                                                                            the All-Russia conference "Technopark - a modern
                                                                                                            view on the organization of an industrial complex of
                                                                                                            regions", - the All-Russia conference of the oil and gas
                                                                                                            industry, - the Program of tasting competitions.

                                                                                                            22th international fair and exhibition of fashion and
October, 3   October, 6   Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition          Moda&Textile (autumn)

                                                                                 Kuzbass real estate and
October, 4   October, 6   Kemerovo Region      Kemerovo      Trade fair, forum
                                                                                 mortgage forum
                                                                                                   Products and services for the motor industry. Trucks
                                                                                                   and construction equipment, cars, motorcycles and
                                                                         Road Transport Forum
October, 4    October, 6    Krasnodar Region   Sochi        Exhibition                             more. Equipment repair and maintenance of vehicles.
                                                                                                   Equipment for filling stations. Auto parts and car care

                                                                                                   Clothing and Accessories. Accessories. Textiles. Shop
                                                                                                   lingerie. Fur and leather. Fittings. Professional and
                                                            Exhibition   Fashion Salon
                                                                                                   decorative cosmetics, perfumes. Handicraft items.
                                                                                                   Author's works.
October, 5    October, 10   Krasnodar Region   Sochi
                                                                                                Jewelry, precious and semiprecious stones, watches,
                                                                         Gold of Summer Capital antiques, cutlery and crockery in jewelry design;
                                                            Trade fair
                                                                         - Autumn               jewelry, crafts, packaging, accessories, safes, security
                                                                                                systems, products for the care of jewelry

                                                                         The 14-th St. Petersburg
                                                                                                  Within the framework of the Forum: TEKHNODREV;
                                               Saint-                    International Forestry
October, 9    October, 11   Saint-Petersburg                Forum                                 TRANSLES; WOODEN CONSTRUCTION; Russian
                                               Petersburg                Forum
                                                                                                  Regions. Forestry Complex Potential.

                                                                                                   "Realty Fair" is the exhibition which is going to become
                                                                                                   the consulting center and united trading area on such
                                                                                                   issues as construction, sale, lease of real estate and
                                                                         Realty Fair. Mortgages.   land, banking and other related services. The
October, 9    October, 12   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk      Exhibition
                                                                         Loans. Insurance          exhibition will provide opportunities for direct dialogue
                                                                                                   between industry professionals and the general public.
                                                                                                   The exhibition will also present the new trends of the
                                                                                                   real estate market.

                                                                                                   The newest industrial equipment, technologies of its
                                                                         The 11th International
                                                                                                   repairs and modernization, the presentation of
October, 9    October, 12   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition   specialized exhibition
                                                                                                   technological know-how and exchange of experiences
                                                                         "Industrial Show 2012"
                                                                                                   of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

                                                                                                   The key aim of the forum is to define effective
                                                                                                   mechanisms of modern Siberian regions creation,
                                                                         Second Siberian Trade     developing infrastructure that meets the requirements
October, 10   October, 12   Omsk Region        Omsk         Forum
                                                                         Forum                     of innovative technologies, modernization of Russian
                                                                                                   economy and restraining the growth of prices for
                                                                                                   goods and services and their quality improvement.
                                                                                                     The exposition is segmented in the following sections:
                                                                                                     •Upholstered furniture
                                                                                                     •Modular furniture
October, 10   October, 13   Moscow             Moscow       Exhibition      Furniture Club           •Kitchens
                                                                                                     •Interior articles
                                                                                                     •Light in interior
                                                                                                     •Components for furniture manufacturer
                                                                                                     Specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery
                                                                                                     including the whole range of farming equipment, i.e.
                                                            Forum/Exhibitio                          tractors, combined harvesters, forage harvesters and
October, 10   October, 13   Moscow             Moscow                       AgroSalon 2012
                                                            n                                        soil cultivation equipment, seeding and loading
                                                                                                     machinery, fertilization and crop protection equipment,

                                               Rostov-on-                                            Building and Construction exhibitions
October, 10   October, 13   Rostov Region                   Specialized     STIMexpo - 2012

                                                                                                     30th Specialized Exhibition. Furniture for sanatorium-
                                                                            Furniture Opening Day
October, 11   October, 14   Krasnodar Region   Sochi        Exhibition                               resort complex, home and office. Upholstery materials
                                                                                                     and supplies. Interior Design.

                                                                                                     The 14th Inter-Regional Agricultural Fair
                                                                            "GOLDEN AUTUMN.
October 10    October 12    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition                               Interregional workshop-conference on the problems of
                                                                            HARVEST 2012 ".
                                                                                                     the agroindustrial complex.

                                                                                                     8th Interregional exhibition-fair of technology,
                                                                                                     equipment, raw materials and production of bakery
October 10    October 12    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition      "Bread Festival 2012."   and confectionery industries.
                                                                                                     Competition for the best company in bakery

                                                                                                     5th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair of goods
                                                                            HUNTING AND              and services for professionals and amateurs.
October 10    October 12    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition
                                                                            FISHING "                Exhibition and sale of hunting trophies and taxidermy

                                                                                                     The 9-th International exhibition of interior design,
                                                                            The interior. Decor.
October, 10   October, 14   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition                               furniture and decoration materials, advanced
                                                                                                     technologies and services for finishing and repair.
                                                                                                            The 9-th International Exhibition of country houses,
                                                                                 Country House.
October, 10   October, 14   Perm Region          Perm          Exhibition                                   cottages, outbuildings, and landscape architecture and

October, 11   October, 14   Murmansk region      Murmansk      exhibition        Arctic Food Forum          Food industry.

                                                                                                            Main topic sections:

October, 10   October, 12   Penza Region         Penza         Exhibition Fair   Penza Fair - 2012          Food products
                                                                                                            Equipmets for food processing made in the Penza

                                                                                 DENTISTRY OF               The 12th trade show and congress of dentistry
October, 11   October, 13   Stavropol region     Pyatigorsk    Exhibition
                                                                                 STAVROPOL REGION           equipment, materials and madications

October, 15   October, 18   Moscow               Moscow        Exhibition        StankoExpo 2012            Industrial products, technology, capital goods

                                                                                                            Technology and equipment in the logging and lumber
October, 16   October, 19   Tyumen region        Tyumen        Exhibition        Wood
                                                                                                            industries. Hardware for windows and doors.

                                                                                                       "Energy saving" — is a significant event in the region
                                                                                                       which introduces the latest developments and
                                                                                 Energy saving.
October, 16   October, 19   Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk       Exhibition                              achievements in the field of energetic. This is an
                                                                                 Techmachexpo. Welding
                                                                                                       effective platform for discussing current issues and
                                                                                                       prospects of the energy market

                                                                                 Siberian Industrial Fair
                                                                                                            All-Russian Industrial Forum. SibEnergy, Energy and
                                                                                 (PowerSib. HVACR
October, 16   October, 19   Novosibirsk region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition                                   Resource, PowerSib. Gasification of Siberia. SibCity.
                                                                                 Siberia. Automation.
                                                                                                            HCS. EcoSib. Science in Siberia
                                                                                                    1. Official free consultations of regulators
                                                                                                    2. Round tables, scientific seminars on the
                                                                                                    organization and business development: credit, tax,
                                                                                                    accounting, auditing, law, marketing, etc.
                                                                                                    3. Rapid advice for entrepreneurs, organized by the
October 16    October 19    Novosibirsk region   Novosibirsk   Forum        Siberian Business Forum
                                                                                                    leading companies of business services
                                                                                                    4. Round tables, scientific and practical seminars on
                                                                                                    property and land issues
                                                                                                    5. Presentations of exhibiting companies
                                                                                                    6. Golden Medal "ITE Siberian Fair" Contest
                                                                            VI международная
                                                                            специализированная      Equipment and the latest technologies of production,
                                                                            выставка                processing and transportation of oil, innovation in the
October, 17   October, 19   Samara Region        Samara        Exhibition
                                                                            «Нефтедобыча.           chemical industry, the methods of resource
                                                                            Нефтепереработка.       conservation and environmental safety
                                                                                                      Food and beverages. Equipment for food processing
                                                                                                      industry. Products of farms and farmers. Containers
                                                                            Agrocultural complex-
October, 18   October, 20   Kaliningrad region   Kaliningrad   Fair                                   and packaging. Agricultural machinery and equipment.
                                                                                                      Land use, agricultural chemistry. Animal husbandry,
                                                                                                      veterinary medicine.

                                                                                                      Exhibition of equipment and technology for hotels and
                                                                            Olympus of Hotels and     restaurants, resorts and guest houses, cafes and bars,
                                                                            Restaurants               casinos and business centers. Educational programs
                                                                                                      for recreation and tourism industry.
October, 18   October, 20   Krasnodar Region     Sochi

                                                               Exhibition   ExpoFood                  7-th specialized exhibition of food and beverages.

                                                                                                      The exhibition aim is to promote sustainable
                                                                                                      agricultural development of rural areas; technical
                                                                                                      upgrading of agriculture and food processing industry;
                                                                                                      sharing best practices and progressive experience;
                                                                                                      introduction of advanced technologies, equipment and
October, 23   October, 26   Irkutsk Region       Irkutsk       Exhibition   Agricultural Week         machinery; coordinating the interests of farmers,
                                                                                                      processors and traders; strengthening mutually
                                                                                                      beneficial business relations with Russian regions and
                                                                                                      foreign countries; increasing of competitiveness and
                                                                                                      quality of food products; development of science and
                                                                                                      innovation in agro-industrial complex
                                                                                                       The 14th International Exhibition of technologies and
October, 23   October, 26   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition      Oil. The gas. Chemistry
                                                                                                       equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries

                                                            International    QUIET DON.                The goods and services for hotel-restaurant and
October, 24   October, 26   Rostov Region                   Specialized     INDUSTRY Hospitality -     trading business. The modern equipment, overalls,
                                                            Exhibition      2012                       stock

                                               Rostov-on-                   YUGPRODEXPO.YUGP Grocery exhibitions, Food-processing industry,
October, 24   October, 26   Rostov Region                   Specialized
                                               Don                          RODMASH - 2012   agriculture

                                                                                                       Architecture. Construction. Accomplishment. Sports
                                                                            The 12th International     facilities - design, construction and equipment. Climate
October, 24   October, 27   Krasnodar Region   Sochi        Exhibition      Construction Forum         system. Heat, gas and water supply. Power supply and
                                                                            «Sochi-Build»              electrical engineering. The road. The tunnel. Country
                                                                                                       Housing. Landscape Design. Interior design, exterior
                                                                                                       design. Decor. Ecology. Security.
                                                                                                       Thematic sections: Agricultural mechanical
                                                                            Agricultural exhibition -
                            Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                                                 engineering - "Agrotehsalon - 2012", "Processing of
October, 24   October, 27                                   Exhibition      2012,
                            region             Novgorod                                                agricultural production", "Chemistry in agriculture", "the
                                                                            19th All-Russia exhibition
                                                                                                       Russian foodstuff - 2012".

                                                                                                       Regional competition of catering companies. Hotels
                                                                                                       and restaurants, furniture and equipment, interior
October 25    October 26    Kaluga Region      Kaluga       Exhibition      Hospitable Kaluga
                                                                                                       design for hotels and restaurants, services for
                                                                                                       corporate events and celebrations.

                                                                                                       The aim of the exhibition is to create maximum support
October, 25   October, 27   Omsk region        Omsk                         “Want to Work”             of active search for work and provide ways to
                                                                                                       implement the employment potential.

                                                                                                       Finishing agents, copyrights, decorative items, unusual
October, 27   October, 30   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition      INTERIOROOM
                                                                                                       and exclusive furniture, original textiles
                                                                                                      the aim is to promote ecologically-clean products of
October,30                  Astrakhan region     Harabali      Forum           Potatoe day
                                                                                                      Harabalinskiy district, Astrakhan region

                                                                                                      Agricultural products, food products and industrial
                                                                               Regions of Russia in
October, 30   November, 2   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Fair                                   goods provided by enterprises of Arkhangelsk Region
                                                                                                      and other regions.

                                                                                                      Exhibition of food, equipment, technology, food
                                                                                                      processing, materials for packaging, labels and
                                                                                                      packaging, logistics and transportation services.
                                                                                                      Exhibition sections: 1. PLASTEX (International
                                                                                                      specialized exhibition for raw materials, equipment and
                                                                                                      technology for the production and processing of
                                                                               INTERFOOD              plastics and rubbers) 2. Packing Siberia. (International
October 30    November 2    Novosibirsk Region   Novosibirsk   Exhibition
                                                                               Novosibirsk            specialized exhibition of equipment and raw materials
                                                                                                      for packaging, labels, packaging design and printing in
                                                                                                      the packaging industry) 3. Logistics Siberia.
                                                                                                      Transportation. Customs. Warehouse (specialized
                                                                                                      exhibition of transport and logistics services, new
                                                                                                      technology and equipment for storage, loading and
                                                                                                      unloading equipment, services, freight forwarders)

                                                                                                      Transport exhibitions: Auto, car, yacht, ship,
                                                               International   TRANSPORT.
                                                 Rostov-on-                                           motorbike, motorcycle, auto parts, motor show; logistic
October, 31   November, 2   Rostov Region                      Specialized     LOGISTICS. SAFETY -
                                                 Don                                                  & storage trade shows
                                                               Exhibition      2012

                                                                                                      Retail trade and trade facilities. Food industry,
November                    Chechen Republic     Grozny        Exhibition      PRODEKS 2012
                                                                                                      processing indusrty.

                                                                               Energy Conservation
November                    Kostroma Region      Kostroma      Exhibition      and Efficient Energy   Energy saving. Technologies. Materials.
                                                                                        "Clean City" unites environmental projects, research
                                                                                        and development initiatives in order to achieve
                                                                                        compliance of the country's economy, quality of life
                                                                                        and health of the nation with the global environmental
                                                             All-Russian exhibition-
                                                                                        Exhibitors include manufacturers and suppliers of
November   Novosibirsk Region    Novosibirsk    Exhibition   contest "Exhibition-
                                                                                        equipment, technologies, and services, environmental
                                                                                        experts, representatives of industry, state institutions,
                                                                                        heads of municipalities, representatives of government
                                                                                        structures, civil society organizations. The represented
                                                                                        industries include water, waste, energy, construction,
                                                                                        education of the younger generation
                                                                                       Exhibition sections:
                                                                                       • Consulting
                                                                                       • Accommodations
                                                                                       • Advertising
                                                                                       • Legal
                                                                                       • Evaluation
                                                                                       • Insurance, Banking
                                                                                       • Information Services
                                                                                       • Media
                                                                                       • Printing
                                                                                       • Organisation of corporate events
                                                                                       • Fireworks, balloons, garlands
                                                                                       • Legal services
                                                             VI Specialized exhibition
                                                                                       • Training for staff
November   Orenburg Region       Orenburg       Exhibition   "AND BUSINESS
                                                                                       • Services to the public:
                                                             SERVICES - 2012"
                                                                                       • Food and drink
                                                                                       • Dry Cleaners
                                                                                       • Hairdressers and beauty salons; studio
                                                                                       • Cosmetology
                                                                                       • Repair of apartments
                                                                                       • Cleaning (clean - service)
                                                                                       • Interior Design
                                                                                       • Employment Services
                                                                                       • Funerals
                                                                                       • Services (delivery of drinking water, service stations,
                                                                                       • Education

                                                             «Small and Medium
November   Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                Business of the Republic
                                                             of Karelia»
                                                                                                     This exhibition is a key point on the way of new
                                                                         The 21-st International     products from around the world to the store shelves
                                               Saint-                                                and into the baskets of consumers in Northwest
November                    Saint-Petersburg                Exhibition   Food Exhibition
                                               Petersburg                                            Russia for 20 years now. "PETERFOOD" is a leader in
                                                                                                     innovations in marketing communications and
                                                                                                     matchmaking for suppliers and retail network by

                                                                         Meeting of centers from
November                    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Seminar
                                                                         Siberian Federal District

                                                                                                     Display of the goods, products and the services made
                                                                         Exhibition «Has made
November                    Vologda Region     Vologda      Exhibition                               by individual businessmen, national masters, the small
                                                                                                     and average enterprises

                                                            Exhibition   Medical Forum "Area of health, Sochi 2012"

November, 1   November, 3   Krasnodar Region   Sochi

                                                                         13th All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Problems and prospects of
                                                            Conference   rehabilitation medicine and spa treatment at health resorts in Russia. Sochi 2012

                                                                                                     13th International Specialized Exhibition. Modern
                                                                                                     medical technology and equipment. Innovative medical
                                                                                                     technologies. Telemedicine. Primary Health Care.
                                                                                                     Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine.
                                                                                                     Designing, complex equipping of hospitals, medical
November, 1   November, 3   Krasnodar Region   Sochi        Exhibition   Expomed                     offices, medical institutions, health centers,
                                                                                                     pharmacies, dental surgeries. Ophthalmic equipment
                                                                                                     and optics. Maternal and Child Health. Modern
                                                                                                     technologies. Rehabilitation, traumatology,
                                                                                                     orthopedics. Disinfectants. Pharmacia. Dentistry.
                                                                                                     Education and science in medicine.
                                                                                                       3rd Exhibition and Symposium. Unified state
                                                                                                       information system in healthcare. Normative and
                                                                                                       reference documents, regulating the interaction sites of
                                                                                                       different levels of state information systems in health
                                                                                                       care in the regional programs of modernization.
                                                                                                       Monitoring and control of activities of regional
                                                                            Information technology     programs to modernize the health of the Russian
                                                           Exhibition and
November, 1   November, 3   Krasnodar Region   Sochi                        for health care in         Federation. Integrated automation of hospitals.
                                                                            southern Russia            Specialized medical information systems. (Laboratory
                                                                                                       Information Systems. System image processing and
                                                                                                       analysis. Computer systems for functional diagnosis.
                                                                                                       Computer systems in the pharmacy. Computer
                                                                                                       systems in dentistry, etc.) The application of
                                                                                                       telecommunication, mobile and WEB-technologies in
                                                                                                       health care.
                                                                                                       12th International Specialized Exhibition. Modern
                                                                                                       medical equipment for health centers, health and
                                                                                                       rehabilitation centers, sports medical clinics, fitness
                                                                                                       centers, sports centers. New technologies in
November, 1   November, 3   Krasnodar Region   Sochi       Exhibition                                  balneology and physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy
                                                                            rehabilitation, recreation
                                                                                                       equipment and thermal bath. Thalassotherapy, mud.
                                                                                                       Cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology.
                                                                                                       Wellness and spa. A healthy lifestyle. Balanced funds
                                                                                                       and diet. Ecology and people.
                                                                                                       26 Russian national specialized exhibition. agricultural
                                                                                                       equipment, machinery and accessories, irrigation
November, 1   November, 3   Volgograd Region   Volgograd   Exhibition       VolgogradAGRO              systems, fertilizers and plant protection products, seed
                                                                                                       and garden tools. Construction for the agricultural
                                                                                                       sector. Feed, equipment for animal husbandry.

                                                                                                      The basic thematic sections: the Forage and fodder
                                                                            ONE MILLION
                                                                                                      additives for house and agricultural animals;
                                                                            FRIENDS. WILDLIFE
                                                                                                      Accessories: leads, collars, containers, hairdresser's
                                                                            AND THE SOCIETY -
                                                                                                      accessories, toys; Aquariums and the aquarian
                                                                                                      equipment; Cages and accessories for birds; Clothes
                                                                            13th All-Russia forum
                            Nizhniy Novgorod   Nizhniy                                                for dogs and cats; Means on care of house and
November, 2   November, 4                                  Exhibition       with the international
                            region             Novgorod                                               agricultural animals; Veterinary preparations and the
                                                                                                      equipment; Research programs and workings out; the
                                                                                                      Literature on pets; the Periodicals connected with
                                                                            ZOOWORLD 16th
                                                                                                      zoosubjects; Horse breeding: veterinary science, a
                                                                            exhibition of the goods
                                                                                                      forage, equipment and the equipment, the excursion
                                                                            for animals
                                                                                                      service, the special literature.

                                                                                                      Specialized Exhibition of Machinery and warehouse
                                                                            Store. Logistics.
November, 7   November, 9   Perm Region        Perm        Exhibition                                 equipment, logistics systems, automation technology
                                                                                                      and management in warehousing.
                                                                                                     Interregional Exhibition of food products, raw
                                                                                                     materials, equipment and technology for their
November, 7    November, 9    Perm Region        Perm        Exhibition       Products and packaging
                                                                                                     production, as well as all kinds of food and industrial

                                                                              15th International        The latest dental equipment, unique technologies and
                                                             Exhibition and   specialized exhibition-   a variety of materials for the prevention and treatment
November, 7    November, 9    Samara Region      Samara
                                                             Forum            forum "Dental-Expo.       of dental diseases, drugs, medical clothing and PPE
                                                                              Samara-2012 "             dentists

                                                                                                        More than 50 companies, producers and distributors of
                                                                                                        alcohol products from 8 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan,
November, 8    November, 10   Moscow             Moscow                       Wine Card                 France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Romania and Germany)
                                                                                                        presented their wine collections in the first pavilion of
                                                                                                        the fairgrounds.

                                                                                                        11 Russian national specialized exhibition. Equipment
                                                                              Festival "Beauty on the
November, 8    November, 10   Volgograd Region   Volgograd   Festival                                   and accessories for beauty salons, hairdressers and
                                                                                                        spa centers.

                                                                                                        The exposition presents full range of machinery and
                                                                                                        equipment for mining, processing and transportation of
November, 8    November, 11   Moscow             Moscow      Exhibition       Ceramics                  raw materials and finished ceramic articles. Equipment
                                                                                                        manufacturers for small and average business are also
                                                                                                        of high interest for the Russian market.

                                                                                                       Natural and canned foods. Beverages. Semis. Food
                                                                                                       Food Technology and drinks. Equipment for food
                                                                              Interprodtorg",          industry. Packing. Labeling. Equipment for the
                                                                              "Interprodtech",         packaging industry. Packaging equipment.
November, 13   November, 16   Kemerovo Region    Kemerovo    Trade fair
                                                                              "Interupak", "Agro-      Technologies of agricultural production. Agriculture.
                                                                              Siberia", "Selmash Expo" Choring. Fertilizers. Forage. Veterinary medicines.
                                                                                                       Plant protection products. The seeds. Agricultural
                                                                                                       Equipment and machinery for agricultural production.

                                                                                                        The 10-th Asian Championship of nail services,
                                                                                                        pedicure, hairdressing and make-up and The 3-nd
                                                                              The world of style and
November, 13   November, 17   Irkutsk Region     Irkutsk     Exhibition                                 Regional Competition of Nail Service "The World of
                                                                              beauty. Fashion season
                                                                                                        Style and Beauty" will be held in the frames of the
                                                                                                       5 Orthodox exhibition. Temple furniture, ornaments,
                                                                              TSARITSYN                church utensils, icons, orthodox literature, folk arts and
November, 13   November, 19   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition
                                                                              ORTHODOX                 crafts, products honored by monasteries and farms,
                                                                                                       sacramental wine, honey, etc.

                                                                              TOMSK                    • 13th All-Russian Conference "Energy Efficiency and
                                                                              INTERREGIONAL XV         Energy Security of Russian Regions ».
November 14    November 16    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition
                                                                              Congress "Energy         • 3rd Inter-regional seminar "Experience and problems
                                                                              saving - 2012"           of gasification of municipal formation".

                                                                              "Energy saving.
November 14    November 16    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition      ENERGY. ELECTRICAL- The 15th International Specialized Exhibition and Fair
                                                                              2012 "

                                                                              "Energy saving in the
                                                                              social and housing
November 14    November 16    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition      URBAN-2012"              3rd International Specialized Exhibition and Fair

                                                                              “GASIFICATION -2012”     The 11th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair in
November 14    November 16    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition                               the field of gasification industry and household objects
                                                                                                       of municipalities in the region.

                                                                                                       The 18th International Exhibition for hospital,
                                                                                                       laboratory, diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment,
November, 14   November, 17   Perm Region        Perm         Exhibition      Medicine and Health      medical equipment, supplies, medicines and medical
                                                                                                       As part of the congress of the exhibition: "Healthy

                                                              International   ELECTROPROMEXPO. Building: materials, the sanitary technician, air-
November, 14   November, 16   Rostov Region                   Specialized     ENERGOPROMEXO -  conditioning, heating, the power savings, ventilation,
                                                              Exhibition      2012             municipal economy, roads, real estate

                                                                                                       The aim of the exhibition is to organize specialized
                                                                                                       platforms for the presentation of development and
                                                                              “Siberian Agricultural
November, 15   November. 17   Omsk Region        Omsk         Exhibition                               progress of agriculture and expansion of mutually
                                                                                                       beneficial cooperation between enterprises of Omsk
                                                                                                       and other Russian regions and abroad.
                                                                                   The 21-st International     Technical means for guaranteeing security. Systems
                                                   Saint-                          Exhibition "SFITEX -        and means of providing fire safety. Means of
November, 15   November, 18   Saint-Petersburg                   Exhibition
                                                   Petersburg                      Security and Fire           Emergency and Rescue. Systems and means for
                                                                                   Exhibition"                 information security and special technical means.

                                                                                                               Exhibition and tasting of produts of food industry of
November 16                   Kaluga Region        Kaluga        Exhibition        Day of Quality
                                                                                                               Kaluga Region

                                                                                                               Children and health food, cosmetics and personal care
                                                                                                               products for expectant mothers, hygiene products for
                                                                                                               child care, clothing, shoes, underwear for the whole
                                                                                                               family, hats, leather goods, children's cosmetics,
                                                                                                               jewelry, games, toys, educational games and tools,
                                                                                                               goods for children's art, office, furniture, strollers,
                                                   Velikiy                                                     bedding and accessories, costumes, preparing for
November 16    November 18    Novgorod Region                    Trade Fair        Baby Boom
                                                   Novgorod                                                    pregnancy and childbirth, medical services and
                                                                                                               equipment, early childhood development center, early
                                                                                                               childhood education, children's parties organizing,
                                                                                                               children's and family leisure tourism, playground
                                                                                                               equipment, sports equipment and accessories,
                                                                                                               literature for parents and children, programs of children
                                                                                                               insurance, domestic staff recruitment agency

                                                                                   The 6-th International      Joint exposition includes specialized exhibitions:
                                                   Saint-                          Industrial Forum            "Electronics and Instrument-Making", "Automation
November, 20   November, 22   Saint-Petersburg                   Forum
                                                   Petersburg                      "Electronics. Instrument-   2011", "Industrial Electrotechnics" and
                                                                                   making. Automation"         "Communications System Electronics".

                                                                                   Health and Beauty           Interregional Exhibition-Fair of modern technologies,
November, 21   November, 23   Arkhangelsk Region   Arkhangelsk   Exhibition-Fair
                                                                                   Secrets                     methods and means for Health and Beauty Support.

                                                                                   International universal
November, 21   November, 23   Bryansk Region       Bryansk       Exhibition        exhibition-fair "Slavic     Companies of Bryansk region,Belorussia and Ukraine

                                                                                                               Exhibition sections: collection, storage, transportation,
                                                                                   Specialized Exhibition II   processing of industrial and domestic waste and
November, 21   November, 23   Orenburg Region      Orenburg      Exhibition        "Waste Management.          waste of housing and public utilities, water and
                                                                                   Ecology "                   wastewater technology and equipment for waste
                                                                                                               processing, recycling, pollution control technology air
                                                                                                 Exhibition sections:
                                                                                                 Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                                 - Machine tools
                                                                                                 - Metal. Cutting machines and tools, machine
                                                                             VII Specialized     accessories
November, 21   November, 23   Orenburg Region   Orenburg     Exhibition      Exhibition          - Welding and thermal cutting, equipment and
                                                                             "PROMENERGY - 2012" technology
                                                                                                 - Energy efficiency and energy saving technologies,
                                                                                                 equipment and materials in industry and power
                                                                                                 - Upgraded and refurbished equipment. Technology of
                                                                                                 repair and restoration

                                                Rostov-on-   Annual Dental   MODERN DENTISTRY - Medical Exhibitions, Surgical, Dental, Optical, cosmetic
November, 21   November, 23   Rostov Region
                                                Don          Forum           2012               & perfume exhibition

                                                                             Small & medium             Products and services for small and medium
November, 22   November, 23   Kaluga Region     Kaluga       Exhibition      enterprises for citizens   businesses, equipment, materials for production and
                                                                             of the city.               service sectors.

                                                                                                        The 4th exhibition of historical and artistic values,
                                                                             Antique & Collectibles
November, 22   November, 25   Perm Region       Perm         Exhibition                                 products, and collectibles of all kinds, special
                                                                             shop. Hobby. Hobbies
                                                                                                        accessories and merchandise for collectors.

                                                             International                              Medical Exhibitions, Surgical, Dental, Optical, cosmetic
                                                Rostov-on-                   Folk Medicine. Health
November, 22   November, 26   Rostov Region                  Specialized                                & perfume exhibition
                                                Don                          and Longevity - 2012

November, 27   November, 29   Moscow            Moscow       Exhibition      Power Electronics          Power Electronics, energy and energy saving
                                                                                                        "Special equipment for housing and communal
                                                                                                        services. Livelihoods and urban safety.
                                                                                                        Water and wastewater technology. Water purification.
                                                                                                        Fire-Tech Fair.
                                                                                                        Machinery and special equipment for law enforcement,
                                                                                                        public safety and business. The police. Security
                                                                                                        agencies. Security services.
                                                                              "Intechvod", "Firetech-
                                                                                                        Environmental technologies. Instruments for
                                                                              Expo", "Anti-criminal",
November, 27   November, 30   Kemerovo Region      Kemerovo      Trade fair                             environmental monitoring. Recycling technologies.
                                                                              "Ecotech", "Energy and
                                                                                                        Environmental safety.
                                                                              energy efficiency,"
                                                                                                        Electrification. Heat supply. Energy efficiency and
                                                                              "Spastech Expo"
                                                                                                        energy saving technologies, equipment, devices and
                                                                                                        materials. Alternative energy sources.
                                                                                                        Technology salvation. Equipment, machinery and tools
                                                                                                        for rescue operations, disaster prevention and
                                                                                                        elimination of their consequences. Equipment for civil
                                                                                                        defense and emergency departments and emergency
                                                                                                        services. "
                                                                                                        Communications and telecommunications, advanced
                                                                                                        technology and equipment for processing, storing and
                                                                              Infoexpo. Advertising     transmitting information. Computers, computer
November, 29   December, 1    Kaliningrad Region   Kaliningrad   Exibition
                                                                              technologies. - 2012      networks. The Internet. IT-consulting. Integrated
                                                                                                        solutions for business automation. Office equipment
                                                                                                        and supplies. Cable and satellite TV. Photography.
                                                                                                        Technical Schools
                                                                              Education. Science.
November, 29   December, 1    Samara Region        Samara        Exhibition                             Additional education
                                                                                                        Language Schools
                                                                                                        Educational literature
                                                                                                        Equipment and materials for the educational process

                                                                              STYLE. FASHION.           The 14th trade show of beauty salon business,
November, 29   December, 1    Stavropol Region     Stavropol     Exhibition
                                                                              BEAUTY                    parfume and cosmetics

                                                                                                        Specialized trade-fair of healthful and cosmetic
                                                                              Health. Beauty.           products on natural basis, health foods, medical
Novemver, 29   December, 2    Perm Region          Perm          Trade fair
                                                                              Longevity                 devices for home use, services to maintain the beauty
                                                                                                        and health.
                                                                                             Government support of Beekeeping in Chechen
December   Chechen Republic      Gudermes       seminar           Beekeeping in ChR
                                                                                             Republic. Problems and decisions.

                                                                                             The forum is devoted to territory branding and setting
                                                                  Omsk International
December   Omsk Region           Omsk           Forum                                        mutually beneficial cooperation between Omsk and
                                                                  Economic Forum
                                                                                             foreign enterprises.

                                                                                             The forum is held to develop civil society and social
                                                                  “Institutions of Civil     partnership of NGOs with government bodies, local
                                                                  Society Development as     authorities, representatives of business community.
December   Omsk Region           Omsk           Forum
                                                                  the Resource of            The objective of the Forum is to develop a specific
                                                                  Regional Progress”         scientific advice on key issues of regional development
                                                                                             and definition of future problems of studying this issue.

                                                                                             Exhibition-fair of presents, souvenirs, toys,
December   Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                     «Christmas Present»        housewares, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bijoux, drinks,

                                                                  THE BEST
                                                                  ENTERPRISES,               The leading enterprises of SMB of Abakan and
December   Republic of Khakasia Abakan          Exhibition        GOODS AND                  Khakasia: production of food and drinks, goods,
                                                                  SERVICES OF THE            services sector, trade enterprises.
                                                                  SOUTH OF SIBERIA

                                                                                             New Year's holydays: costumes, masks. Fireworks,
December   Republic of Khakasia Abakan          Exhibition        NEW YEAR'S FAIR            candles. Decorations. Services for holidays
                                                                                             organisation. Tourism.

                                                                                             One and largest exhibitions, representing all spectrum
                                                                  The international          of production and services of the wood, pulp-and-
December   Vologda Region        Vologda        Exhibition-fair   exhibition-fair «Russian   paper and woodworking industry, the enterprises of
                                                                  wood»                      wood mechanical engineering, and also the modern
                                                                                             technologies directed on perfection of wood branch.

                                                                  Exhibition-sale «New
December   Vologda Region        Vologda        Exhibition        Year's and Christmas
                                                                                                        The exhibition presents a wide range of design and
                                                                                                        decorative elements of the interior, technology
December, 4   December, 9    Irkutsk Region        Irkutsk        Exhibition       Comfortable House
                                                                                                        improvements and housing decoration, furniture,
                                                                                                        technology and equipment for furniture manufacturing.

December, 5   December, 6    Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                    «Karelian Stone»

                                                                  IV Specialized
December, 5   December, 6    Republic of Karelia   Petrozavodsk                    «Roads of Karelia»

                                                                                                        Trade Fair for the best products and products with new
                                                                                                        technology, production companies and winners
December, 5   December 7     Tomsk Region          Tomsk          Exhibition       «Quality -2012»
                                                                                                        organizations - of international, federal and regional

                                                                                                        The 10th International Specialized Exhibition-Fair of
                                                                                                        equipment, raw materials, instruments, control
December, 5   December 7     Tomsk Region          Tomsk          Exhibition       "Healthy food"       technologies for production of health food.
                                                                                                        Environmentally friendly and natural products. Dietary
                                                                                                        supplements. Dietary products. Baby food.

                                                                                                        Fair-sale of food, consumer goods, souvenirs and gifts
December, 5   December 7     Tomsk Region          Tomsk          Exhibition       "STARTS NEW YEAR"
                                                                                                        for New Year

                                                                                                        The 7-th specialized exhibition of jewelry, ornaments,
December, 5   December, 9    Perm Region           Perm           Exhibition       Fashion Jewellery
                                                                                                        and modern technologies for the jewelry industry.

                                                                                                        14 Russian national specialized exhibition. Jewelry,
December, 6   December, 10   Volgograd Region      Volgograd      Exhibition       JewelryEXPO          precious and semiprecious stones, watches, bijouterie.
                                                                                                        Wrapping, accessories, equipment.
                                                                           Machine                  Machines, equipment and tools for metal, wood, stone
December, 11   December, 13   Tyumen region      Tyumen       Exhibition
                                                                           Tools. Gauges. Tools     and synthetic materials.

                                                                                                    Small business enterprises in the sphere of production,
                                                                                                    municipal housing economy and innovations. Methods
                                                                                                    of handling the small business enterprises by state,
                                                 Saint-                    Small Business of Saint- commercial and social organizations. Financial,
December, 12   December, 13   Saint-Petersburg                Forum
                                                 Petersburg                Petersburg               informational, consulting and legal support of small
                                                                                                    business enterprises. Business incubators.
                                                                                                    Educational and training services system for
                                                                           "TOOLS AND
                                                                           SECURITY SYSTEMS.
December, 12   December 14    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition   Antiterror "             The 14th International Specialized Exhibition and Fair

                                                                           Tomsk Technological
                                                                           BUSINESS SESSION         10th Specialized Exhibition of automation technology
December, 12   December 14    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition   "UPGRADE"                and production processes and control of complex
                                                                           "AUTOMATION.             systems.
                                                                           Systems and              9th International Specialized Exhibition and Fair
December, 12   December 14    Tomsk Region       Tomsk        Exhibition

                                                                                                    The exhibition is intended to help churches and
                                                                           IV Interregional         monasteries to find helpers and philanthropists,
December, 12   December, 17   Samara Region      Samara       Exhibition   exhibition "Orthodox     professionals - to find partners, community and church
                                                                           Russia"                  organizations - to involve more people in social,
                                                                                                    educational and charitable programs.

                                                                           New Year's Bazaar "The Clothes. Food products. Household appliances. Toys.
December, 13   16 December    Murmansk Region    Murmansk     exhibition
                                                                           charm of the North"    Food products. Souvenirs. New Year's production.

                                                                                                    21 Russian national specialized exhibition. Clothes and
December, 13   December, 16   Volgograd Region   Volgograd    Exhibition   Fashion Fair             footwear. Leather and fur products. Hats. Goods for
                                                                                                    children. Textile. Souvenirs. Consumer goods.
                                                           Inter-region fair   Kostroma Snow Maiden
December, 14   December, 15   Kostroma Region   Kostroma                                              Industry. Service. Folk Crafts.
                                                           and exhibition      IX

December, 20   December, 29   Perm Region       Perm       Fair                Fair Christmas Gifts   Interregional Universal Fair of Christmas gifts

                                                                               NEW YEAR'S FAIR
                                                                                                      Fair-sale of food, consumer goods, souvenirs and gifts
December, 21   December 22    Tomsk Region      Tomsk      Exhibition
                                                                                                      for New Year
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