Progress of Projects Appendix A by gegeshandong


									Organisation            Project for            Amount        Meeting        Date       Project Update                                                       Progress
Cheswardine Parish      Play equipment in           £4,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The playground has been installed successfully in time for the        Completed
Council                 the playground.                    Village Hall               summer holidays.
Calverhall Cricket Club Drainage and                £5,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The drainage work has been completed which has made a                   Completed
                        refurbishment of the               Village Hall               considerable difference to the club. Any rain water is now draining off
                        club.                                                         quickly and has meant that they haven't had to cancel matches as in
                                                                                      previous years.
Hinstock Parish         Bike ramps.                 £4,500 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The bike ramps are now installed. The children were in attendance to Completed
Council                                                    Village Hall               advise where they would like them to be situated and have made
                                                                                      great use of them over the summer.
Lyon Hall               New chairs for the          £3,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The Lyon Hall have been researching prices and are due to receive To be updated
                        hall.                              Village Hall               some chair samples in the next few weeks. These could provide a
                                                                                      significant saving of 30% should they be of expected quality.

Cheswardine Guides      The repair of the           £2,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The floor has been restored. Pictures sent which can be scanned in. Completed
                        floor of the hut.                  Village Hall               The Guides also received £2,500 from the Scout and guide
                                                                                      Development Committee.
Adderley Village Hall   Damp proofing the               £600 Shawbury       25-Mar-09 The further work required to damp proof the toilets has now been        Completed
                        toilets.                             Village Hall             completed.
British Red Cross       The young carers                £800 Shawbury       25-Mar-09 The grant has been put towards many activities over the last few        Completed
                        programme.                           Village Hall             month which include: A residential trip where a group of carers
                                                                                      obtained the Survival Skills Certificate and received tuition from the
                                                                                      Fire Service and First Aid instruction from the Red Cross; another
                                                                                      group attended a multi activity day at Stottendon where they took part
                                                                                      in raft building, orienteering and archery; 15 young carers went to the
                                                                                      Isle of Man Young Carers Festival for 4 days and a group of younger
                                                                                      children went to Micky Millers Playbarn in Craven Arms.

Cheswardine             Setting up a                £6,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 The grant has so far been used to set the organisation up as an         To be updated
Community Shop          Community Shop.                    Village Hall               Independent Provident Association and they are currently waiting the
                                                                                      results of a planning application to set up the shop on the village car
Hodnet Pre-school       An outdoor play area       £14,000 Shawbury         25-Mar-09 In order to meet government legislation which allows children to play Completed
Playgroup                                                  Village Hall               inside and out, an extending canopy has been built and a wetpour
                                                                                      surface has been laid. A ramp area has been boarded and made into
                                                                                      a chalk board. The playgroup are delighted with the work.
Organisation           Project for          Amount      Meeting        Date      Project Update                                                         Progress
2nd Market Drayton     A contribution            £2,500 Agreed via     25-Mar-09 This vehicle has been purchased for the group.                         Completed
Scout Group            towards a mini bus               email to the
Drayton Sports &       Refurbishment and         £4,830 Market           2-Jul-09 This work is due to start on the squash courts on 1st October 2009.   To be updated
Leisure Club           equipment                        Drayton                   The Club has also received funding of £5,000 from The English
                                                                                  Squash and Racquet Club Association. A new tread mill, bicycle,
                                                                                  and heart rate monitors have been purchased for the gym.

Market Drayton Cricket Equipment for the         £3,300 Market           2-Jul-09 All equipment has now been purchased which includes a bowling          Completed
Club                   club                             Drayton                   machine, blades, nets and matting. The Market Drayton Advertiser
                                                                                  have visited the club and the story will appear in the paper soon. The
                                                                                  renovations to the cricket club, gym and squash courts have made a
                                                                                  huge impact on the community with an increase in members and the
                                                                                  best cricket results for the club since 1993! The community are now
                                                                                  showing a great deal of pride in the club and a group of volunteers
                                                                                  have been painting the railings outside.

Hinstock Parish        Fencing for the           £5,000 Market           2-Jul-09 The fencing has been ordered and will be installed in the next month To be Updated
Council                Allotment                        Drayton                   or so. There has been lots of work carried out on the ground itself
                       Association                                                before the fencing can be put in.
Organisation                  Project for           Amount     Meeting                    Date        Project Update                                                     Progress
Lee Brockhurst Village Hall   Replacement of         £1,450.00 Cheswardine Village Hall     24-Sep-08 The windows have been replaced which has given the hall a          Completed
Management Committee          Windows                                                                 further few years life. Lee Brockhurst Village Hall Management
                                                                                                      Committee expressed their gratitude to the LJC for approving this
Greenfields Sports            Erection of            £5,000.00 Cheswardine Village Hall               The project is moving ahead steadily and will be ready for the    Completed
Assocaition                   floodlighting                                                           winter. The association thanked the Committee and commented
                                                                                                      that "These meetings are excellent, not only with regard to the
                                                                                                      funding but they are also very informative".
Festival Drayton Centre       New signage for        £3,500.00 Woore Victory Hall           24-Sep-08 A large glass fronted poster board, large white wording to the    Completed
                              Festival Drayton                                                        Frogmore Road elevations and bright banners to attract the
                              Centre                                                                  public's attention have been erected. These have created a lot of
                                                                                                      interest from the public and many people have come in for the
                                                                                                      very first time.
Woore Chapel                  Refurbishment          £3,500.00 Woore Victory Hall           24-Sep-08 Woore Chapel have reported that the outside of the church has     Completed
                                                                                                      been re-painted and the right hand side wall has been re-pointed.
                                                                                                      The kitchen, hallway, toilet and main body of the hall have all
                                                                                                      been re-decorated and two windows have been replaced. Two
                                                                                                      new Gopack tables have been purchased together with a new
                                                                                                      cooker, heated tray and fridge have been purchased. The
                                                                                                      refurbishment has made a huge difference to the community.

Taste of the Town Company Celebration of the         £2,500.00 Woore Victory Hall           24-Sep-08 Thirty businesses and charities took part in the very successful   Completed
                          Countryside                                                                 Countryside and Market and a further 10 show cased their work
                          Exhibition and                                                              in the Exhibition.
Taste of the Town Company Young people’s             £5,000.00 Woore Victory Hall           24-Sep-08 The free rural activities programme is well under way this year    Completed
                          activities in the local                                                     and so far has been a great success with all events well
                          countryside                                                                 attended. Flyers were made by a youngster from Market Drayton
                                                                                                      Youth Club and were delivered to local primary schools. Events
                                                                                                      have appeared in the Market Drayton Advertiser and Shropshire
                                                                                                      Star and have been backed up with press stories. The events
                                                                                                      have included: Kayacking, archery and fishing on 4th May and
                                                                                                      river dipping on 28th May. Further events are planned.
                                                                                                      Information was made available at the meeting on 2nd July.

Adderley Village Hall         Refurbishment of       £3,000.00 Woore Victory Hall           24-Sep-08 The damp problem has now been remedied and the toilets have        Completed
                              the toilets                                                             been refurbished.
Organisation                Project for              Amount     Meeting              Date        Project Update                                                      Progress
Market Drayton Tennis Club To build a practice        £1,000.00 Woore Victory Hall     24-Sep-08 It was reported at the meeting on 2nd July that 'Market Drayton     Update to
                           wall                                                                  Tennis Club are currently researching what kind of practise wall    be provided
                                                                                                 would be most suitable. One of the members has arranged to
                                                                                                 visit some private courts to look at the various options. As they
                                                                                                 are a small committee it is taking time to get things moving. In
                                                                                                 the meantime, they have been working with Greenfields who are
                                                                                                 attached and they are looking at building a grandstand so that
                                                                                                 parents can watch'. A further update has been requested and
                                                                                                 the Committee will be informed as soon as possible.

Market Drayton Town         Towards a play area £10,000.00 Woore Victory Hall          24-Sep-08 The budget has been agreed for this project at approximately      To be
Council                     in Buntingsdale                                                      £60,000. The Town Council has received £10,000 from the LJC, monitored
                                                                                                 £7,500 from North Shropshire District Council and they are now
                                                                                                 looking for additional funding from the Play Builder scheme and
                                                                                                 are working closely with Shropshire Council. They will be running
                                                                                                 a Road Show on 18th September where they will invite schools to
                                                                                                 come up with designs. The aim is to complete the project by 31st
                                                                                                 March 2010.
Woore Cricket Club          For equipment and         £2,900.00 Woore Victory Hall     24-Sep-08 Woore Cricket Club have purchased the following equipment:        Completed
                            coaching training                                                    climate cover, secure storage, new covers, line markers, mowers
                                                                                                 and other essential kit. Further training has been arranged for
                                                                                                 the existing coaches and they are looking for new coaches.

Woore Victory Hall          for new                   £1,750.00 Market Drayton         20-May-08 Some doors have now been replaced at some have been                 Completed
                            safety/emergency                                                     repaired which has greatly improved the hall.
Hodnet Sports Assocation    a contribution            £1,000.00 Market Drayton         20-May-08 The changing facilities have now been completed.                    Completed
                            towards the
                            changing facilities at
                            Hodnet Recreation
Organisation                Project for             Amount    Meeting           Date        Project Update                                                         Progress
British Red Cross           contribution towards     £4,840.00 Market Drayton     20-May-08 Many carers have joined the scheme since the funding was               Completed
                            a programme of                                                  granted. The Pier Support Groups have continued meeting once
                            activities to support                                           a month in Bridgnorth, Market Drayton, Oswestry, Shrewsbury
                            young carers in the                                             and Ludlow areas and the carers are involved in an activitiy once
                            Market Drayton area                                             a month which has included visiting Waterworld, the theatre, the
                                                                                            cinema, a health day to learn about fire safety and first aid, horse
                                                                                            riding and bowling. They have attended a Young Carers Festival
                                                                                            in Southampton and a 4 day event in the Isle of Man where they
                                                                                            were able to meet lots of young carers in their situation from all
                                                                                            over the country and spend some time doing children's activities.
                                                                                            A multi activity day took place in Stottesdon Hill involving hill
                                                                                            boarding, orienteering, snow boarding and a trip to a regatta.

Adderley Parish Council     shelters for the         £3,000.00 Shawbury            19-Mar-08 Three trees that were overhanging the site have been felled. The Completed
                            bowling green                                                   foundation has been dug and concreted and a 3 foot block wall
                                                                                            erected along the sides and back of the shelter. Construction of
                                                                                            the timber walls and roof will be carried out in January.

Hodnet Parish Council –      alterations to the      £6,000.00 Shawbury            19-Mar-08 The work has now been completed and Hodnet Parish Council        Completed
                            recreation ground                                                have reported that it looks "splendid" and thanked the Committee
                                                                                             for the funding.
Taste of the Town Co.       A contribution           £1,000.00 Shawbury            19-Mar-08 The Country Market and Exhibition took place on 4th July in      Completed
                            towards the Festival                                             Market Drayton with a Grow your Own recipe competition,
                            of Food                                                          therapy stands, a display from Mend and activity owrkshops.
                                                                                             There were also local food and businesses, community groups
                                                                                             and live music.
North Shropshire Economic   Loyalty card scheme      £5,000.00 Shawbury            19-Mar-08 Shoplocal advised that this project has so far been a great      Completed
Forum –                                                                                      success for North Shropshire with 130 shops signing up in
                                                                                             Market Drayton, Oswestry, Ellesmere, Wem and Whitchurch.
                                                                                             Unfortunately there has been a disappointing response from
                                                                                             Market Drayton with only 5 shops taking part. Shoplocal urged
                                                                                             businesses to join to assist the local economy. Interviews with
                                                                                             local businesses have appeared on the BBC and ITV news on 4
                                                                                             occasions and Market Drayton was mentioned in these televised
                                                                                             interviews. The web site shows a full list
                                                                                             of participating businesses.

Norton-in-Hales Parish      Baby swings for the      £5,500.00 Shawbury            19-Mar-08 The baby swins and Toddler Express were installed and an open Completed
Council                     children’s                                                      event took place on 6th June. The Parish Council thanked the
                            playground                                                      Committee for this funding.
Organisation            Project for                         Amount   Meeting   Date        Project Update

Community               Funding in reserve pending a        £1,250.00 Hodnet      9-Jan-08 This funding has been set aside until the issues have been resolved
Speedwatch              police review
Cheswardine Village     Renovation work to the carpark        £7,000 Hodnet       9-Jan-08 The renovation has made a significant improvement to the car park
Hall                                                                                       which is now much safer for the elderly, disabled and those unstady
                                                                                           on their feet.
Maurice Chandler        Re-roofing - £8,000                   £8,000 Hodnet       9-Jan-08 The roof has now been restored
Sports Centre
Market Drayton Civic    Improved Signage and Visitor          £4,750 Hodnet       9-Jan-08 The Society reported that they were working with the Town Council
Society                 Information and a contribution to                                  in May 2008 to ensure that any signs and visitor information for
                        the Festival of Lights                                             Market Drayton tied in with their plans. In June 2009 the Society
                                                                                           have advised that signs have gone up on the by-pass but further
                                                                                           need to be erected by the swimming baths. The Society will work
                                                                                           with the Town Council to ensure this is done. A contribution of the
                                                                                           grant was also put towards the Festival of Light.

Shawbury Action Group Youth Facilities in Shawbury -         £20,000 Hodnet          9-Jan Shawbury Action Group launched this new facility on the May bank
                      £20,000                                                              holiday 2009 which was a great success. The funding has been put
                                                                                           towards swings, a roundabout for all abilities, multi play equipment
                                                                                           for toddlers, ages 0-7 and 7-16 and a kickwall with basket ball and
                                                                                           football net.
Woore Village Pride     Professional tree surgeon             £1,500 Hodnet          9-Jan As reported verbally at the last meeting the overhanging tree
                                                                                           branches above the raised planted area in the village centre have
                                                                                           been pruned by a tree surgeon and plants were installed.
Taste of the Town Co.   Outdoor pursuits for young            £3,800 Hodnet       9-Jan-08 The free countryside activities involved 134 children. Young people
                        people in the countryside                                          received personal outdoor instruction on fishing, digital photography
                                                                                           and river and pond dipping bug hunts. Five primary schools took
                                                                                           part in Instant Theatre where they acted out their stories about the
                                                                                           countryside, an arts competition took place, a school visit to a
                                                                                           Forest School and seven schools took part in a Grow your Own
                                                                                           Recipe competition. Taste of the Town have been successful in
                                                                                           drawing young people into these activities which have been
                                                                                           supported by the Youth Service and appeared in the local press.
Organisation            Project for                        Amount    Meeting   Date        Project Update

Hinstock Parish Council To re-instate a waterlogged           £6,000 Woore                 The waterlogged pitch was re-instated and the youth shelter erected
                        football pitch                                                     which has been very well received by the local community.

Hinstock Parish Council Youth Shelter for Hinstock            £1,880 Woore       19-Sep-07 See above

Norton-in-Hales Parish Heating system at Jubilee Hall         £3,500 Woore       19-Sep-07 The new heating was installed during the week commencing 28th
Council                                                                                    January 2008 and the floor sanded and repolished and the hall
                                                                                           decorated. The refurbished hall has created numerous bookings
                                                                                           including quiz nights and ballroom dancing.
Woore Parish Council    Renovation work to the roof of        £7,500 Woore       19-Sep-07 The work has now completed and the roof is waterproof.
                        Victory Hall
Community               This request was granted but is    £1,250                          PC Mick Sturland reported that there are two issues why this has
Speedwatch              pending further investigation by   Pending                         been put on hold - legal issues and health and safety of the
                        the police.                                                        volunteers. There have been some published cases of people
                                                                                           having to deal with angry people and their safety is at stake. Draft
                                                                                           guidelines have been put together and the national guidelines will
                                                                                           be pubished. We are waiting to see if ours marry up. The type of
                                                                                           guns used will be assessed and volunteers will have to work in pairs
                                                                                           with safety a priority. It is likely that there will be approval for this to
                                                                                           go ahead but it needs some structured guidelines.



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