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Olivia Korell

Mr. Martin

English 11 –H-


                                           Narrative Essay

        I was about 6 years old when my life changed. One night my father and I went over to

our family friend’s house, the Sullivans. He enjoyed talking to Audrey, the mother, and Glen, the

father, while I loved to play with their daughter, Meredith. I remember playing with her for hours

on end. We were there for about an hour when my dad called out to me, “Olivia, time to go!”

Time seemed to have flown by. I felt like I just got there. I argued “We just got here Daddy, It’s

still early!” His responded, “It is time to go vistit Meme at the hospital.” I had a fit. I started

crying and begging that we stay longer. We had gone to see her just yesterday so I saw no reason

in going again today. It was boring there because there was nothing for me to do and I hated the

drive there. I kept insisting that I stay. Audrey, being the sweet woman she is, talked my dad

into letting me stay here while he made his visit. So he ended up going and I got to stay. I was so

happy. I ran to Meredith and told her the good news and we got right back into the game we

were playing.

        Later on I realized it was getting late when Audrey came up stairs and got Meredith’s

pajamas ready. This is when I began to think that something was up. She then had Mer brush her

teeth and put her nightgown on. As I saw this I knew that I was never here this late before and I

began wondering, “Where’s my daddy?” We were able to play a little longer before my dad got

back. When I came down stairs to see him glen and Audrey were acting strangely nice to him,

cavity sweet even. His face was red and I was confused. I got my things together, grabbed my
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jacket, and put on my shoes. I said my goodbyes to the Sullivan’s complete with hugs from

everyone. My dad carried me out to the car, sat me in my seat, buckled me, and then paused. At

this time I knew for sure something was wrong. He took a deep breath and said, “Olivia… Meme

passed away. She died.” He gave me a hug, shed a few tears, then shut my door and drove us


        I remember feeling so shocked. This was the first person who had died that I was close

to. Since I was young, this also brought confusion to me. What happens now? Where does she

go? How will things be different? I don’t think it registered to my child-self what dead meant.

All I knew was that I could no longer see that person.

        As I look back now to that time I feel guilty. I didn’t go and see her that last time because

I wanted to have fun. That bothered me for a while. Now I know that I was just a child who

didn’t know much. But now I make it a point to visit family in the hospital or who are sick. From

the time of my grandmother’s death to the present, many family member have been in the

hospital, almost too many to count. Two of these people, I was very close with. They both ended

up dying. I now know life is a gift and it should be spend cherishing the memories you have with

one another.

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