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  W W W . S W S W A T E R C O L O R . O R G                                  S E P T E M B E R ,     2 0 0 8
                                                                                                                   WATERCOLOR SOCIETY

Eighty SWS Members Selected for 45th Annual Show
The judge’s choices are in and the list below is the      Jerry Kagay “Painted Desert II” Dallas, TX., Pat              Next Meeting
45th installment of the best of the Southwestern          Kochan “The Journal” Dallas, TX., Bobbye Koncak            September 10 at
Watercolor Society, according to Ratrindra Das, this      “Barbara, Waitress With an Attitude” Mineola, TX.,
year’s judge. For all of you that struggle to make this   Priscilla Krejci “Walking Together” Allen, TX., John           Lovers Lane
list, don’t give up...there’s always next year.           Krenik “Impediments Denied” Plymouth, MA., Olive                 Methodist
                                                          Lambert “Drop Sail” Dallas, TX., Dave Maxwell
Sue Alston “Annie” Plano, TX., Jodie Baldwin              “Long Live the Queen” Ft. Worth, TX., Barbara                      Church
“Taylor” Fairview, TX., Judith Lynn Barry “Elegy in       McNutt “Belle Piquant” Richardson, TX., Sally J.
an English Churchyard” Mt. Pleasant, TX., Linda           Meding “Time Mechanism” Allen, TX Susan Meyer
Bauer “Sea to Sky” Garland, TX., Carole Berry             “City Cowboy” Tucson, AZ., Anita Meynig “Fridge”
“Touche'd Out” Atlanta, TX., Judi Betts                   Richardson, TX., R. Jan Myers “Gimme More”                           2008
“Contemplation” Baton Rouge, LA., Julianne Biehl          McKinney, TX., Dana Nearburg
“My Grandfather's Village” Dallas, TX., Kathleen          “Afternoon Shadows” Dallas, TX., Lola Newell            •     RATINDRA DAS
Krueger-Bishop “. . . Doodle-Do” Gilmer, TX.,             “Sunny-Side Up” Richardson, TX., Kenji                        September 8 -12,2008
David M. Blackwell “Fishing Rest–Blazing Hot”             Nishikawa “Underpass VI” Colleyville, TX.,
Houston, TX., Michael Borne “The Flamenco                 Thomas J. Owen “Claudia's Retreat” Colorado                   (5day) Asel’s –Cedar
Dancer” Prosper, TX., Patricia Anne Bowler                Springs, CO., Carolyn Patterson “Dreamer”                     Springs $300* & $325**
“Ceasar” McKinney, TX., Naomi Brotherton                                            l” -2.2(ard)7.6(s)3.4(on, TX "Pal" P001
                                                          Aust[(“P)6.n(TX)3[(“27s )Tj/TT7 1 9Tf6.0403 3 TD0.Suzy)4 Ts725 (17 0.007(p S518 Tc0 Trolyn Patter5
“Summer Bright” Carrollton, TX., Maureen                                                                       •     LOUISE CADILLAC
Brouillette “Montage” Dallas, TX., Carolyn Buch-
mann “Spruce Creek Preserve” Denton, TX., Nel                                                                        October 6 - 9, 2008
Dorn Byrd “Fabulous Finds” Plano, TX., Janette                                                                       (4 day) Jaycee Center,
Chwae “Nostalgia” Irving, TX., Marguerite Costi-                                                                     Irving $240* & $265**
gan “Garden Beneath Windows” San Luis Obispo,
CA., Lucille Cummings “His Favorite Colors”                                                                    •     STEPHEN QUILLER
Dallas, TX., Gail Delger “Tools From the Past”
McKinney, TX., Nancy Donley “Engine 1223” Car-                                                                       November 10 – 14
rollton, TX., Barbara Earwood “Royal Lids”                                                                           (5 day) Jaycee Center,
Sonora, TX., Gisa Elwazir “May the Life-Force Be                                                                     Irving $300* & $325**
With You” Dallas, TX., Peggy Fare “Fairy Frolic”
Nacogdoches, TX., Amanda Farris “The Girl” Red
Bank, TN., Patricia Feille “The Queen” Austin, TX.,                                                                 WORKSHOPS
Carol Flori “Corners” Texarkana, AR., Jeff Good
“Cotton Blossom” Dallas, TX., Kathleen Grand-                                                                          2009
jean “Glimmer” Dallas, TX., Don Harvie “Private
Enterprise” Stockton, CA., Jeanne Heartsill                                                                    •     GAIL AYRES February
“Thursday at the West Wall” Denton, TX., Gwen                                                                        9-11, 2009 (3 day) Art-
Talbot Hodges “Old Boat” Shreveport, LA., John                                                                       ists Showplace $150 +
James “Shanghai” Arlington, TX., Betty Jameson
“Butterfly” Austin, TX., Tom Johnson “Downwind                                                                       $36 materials All ma-
Run” Plano, TX., Dorothy Johnston “Tracy's Dogs”                                                                     terials provided
Waco, TX., Mollie Jones “Caliope Crystal” Flint,
TX., Jane E. Jones “Full Bloom” Dallas, TX.,                                                                   •     JUDI COFFEY March
Marilyn Eitzen Jones “Liquid Gold” Dallas, TX.,                                                                      11 - 13, 2009 (3day)
                                                                                                                     Artists Showplace,
                                                                                                                     $180* & $205**

                                                                                                                   *Member   **Non Member
PAGE       2                                                                                 WWW.SWSWATERCOLOR.ORG

     Naomi Brotherton (Dallas) enter-
     tains Naomi Brotherton (England)
   Naomi Brotherton (Dallas) entertains
                                                                                President’s Corner
                                                                                                    Dear Friends . . .
   Naomi Brotherton (England)                                                                       SWS is entering the 2008-09 season with
                                                                                                    much energy, interest and some changes.
                                                                                                    We’ll be meeting back at Lovers Lane
                                                                                                    Methodist Church, after a year of Mexican
                                                                                                    folk music and set up complications.
                                                                                                    We have a new and strong board. If you
                                                                                                    have ideas or suggestions, or even some
                                                                                                    constructive criticism, please contact one
                                                                                 of us. You can find our contact info on our website.
                                                                                 Our 45th Annual Exhibition is being hung, and it is an out-
                                                                                 standing array of talent.
                                                                                 In the next nine months we have a full slate of six work-
                                                                                 shops, covering both traditional and experimental water-
                                                                                 color. Many of these are already full and the rest are filling
    Left to right: Naomi Brotherton (England), Naomi Brotherton                  up. Check over the list in the SCENE or on our website, and
                                                                                 sign up for one or more.
    (Dallas), Naomi’s (England) mum.
  Left to right: Naomi Brotherton (England), Naomi Brotherton                    Last year we introduced our new look of the SCENE and it’s
    Over year ago Naomi mother.
  (Dallas),aNaomi’s (England) Brotherton in England put her name in              been well received. Now we have a new look for our web-
    the computer and Naomi Brotherton (Dallas) information                       site. Check that out.
    showed on her screen. This started an on going correspon-
    dence with Naomi's mum. They have just been to Dallas for a                  We will be exploring other new ways to communicate across
    9 day visit with Naomi and her family. Naomi (England) is 16,                our membership. One thing to expect is electronic or digital
    just out of our equilavant of high school and entering Drama                 submission for our SWS Exhibition next spring. Most art
    Study upon return to England.                                                organizations are now doing this, or are planning this big
                                                                                 I hope to see you at our first meeting on September 10, Lov-
Nita Leland's new book "Confident Color: An Artist's Guide to Har-               ers Lane Methodist Church.
mony, Contrast & Unity", will be out soon and there are several artists
from SWS are included. They are: Teta Aris, Naomi Brotherton, Gail               Herb Reed
Delger, Gwen Talbot Hodges, Cheryl McClure, Sally Meding and Herb

                                          Artists’ Showplace
                                SEPTEMBER 2008                                               FEBRUARY 2009
                 Sept 12 West by Southwest Reception                       Mel Stabin Feb. 2 - 6 Watercolor
                                     OCTOBER                                               MARCH
                 Nita Leland Oct. 6 - 10 Watercolor                        Anne Bagby March 25 - 27 Experimental
                 Oct. 10 Reception … Leland Book Signing                                    APRIL
                 Hugh Greer Oct. 14 - 17 Acrylic                           Ken Hosmer April 20 - 24 Watercolor
                 Joyce Faulknor Oct. 18 - 19 Colored Pencil                                  MAY
                             NOVEMBER                                      Gerald Brommer May 11 - 15 Stained
                 Ann Hartley Nov. 6 - 7 Experimental                       paper/Abstract
                              DECEMBER                                     Gerald Brommer May 18 - 22 Watercolor
                 Dec. 7 SWS Christmas Party
                 Dec. 12 Holiday Reception
                                                               972. 223.1223
                                                       Send $75 deposit to 15615 Coit Rd #230,
                                                                 Dallas, TX 75248
                                                                more information
                                                                                                                       PAGE   3
            CALENDAR FOR 2008 SWS SHOW
August 29— September 27                                             Gail Ayres Starts 2009 With
                   SWS 45th Annual Membership Exhibition.           February Workshop
September 10       Demo by Juror Ratindra Das, Lovers Lane
                   United Methodist Church, 9200 Inwood
                   Road at Northwest Highway                        Gail Ayres
September 26       7—9 p.m., Awards Reception at                    February 9—11 (3 day) Artists Showplace
                   Art Centre of Plano.                             $150 + $36 materials. All materials pro-
September 29       10 a.m.—2 p.m., Pick up hand-delivered           vided
                   paintings at Art Center of Plano. Return
                   shipping by Craters and Freighters of shipped    “Monotype The Painterly Print”
                                                                    Experience the magic of printing your own paint-
34th Western Fed Show is Set for May 2009                           ings. Participants
                                                                    will learn the art
SWS is a member of the Western Federation of Water-
                                                                    of painting and
color Societies and all SWS Active Members are eligible to
enter their annual juried art exhibition. Only when entry is made   printing mono-
through SWS, and an entered work is accepted, will status points    types. Both re-
be earned toward SWS Signature Membership. For more infor-          ductive and sub-
mation, contact the Western Federation Chairman, Jonsey             tractive methods
McConnell. The prospectus is available on the SWS and SDWS          are used. In this
                                                                    class we also
Nov. 15, 2008: Entries due to Society Delegate                      develop the
Jan. 15, 2009: Accepted Notices Mailed                              ghost image left on the plate to bring depth and
Feb. 21, 2009: Deadline for Arrival of Artwork                      texture to succeeding monotype prints.
March 10: Notification of Awards                          
May 1-31, 09: Exhibit Open in San Diego
Juror: Robert Burridge

                                                                    Judi Coffey Slated for March, 2009
              Watercolor Sketch Books                               Workshop
       FREE ( 1 ) 6 X 11 Book with 10 Arches CP
        #140 and 10 acid free #60 note sheets, with                 Judi Coffey  NWS, MSW, WFWS,
         the purchase of one 7 X 10 book with 27                    TWS, WCWS, MWS
       Arches CP #140 and 27 acid free note sheets.                 March 11—13 (3 day) Artists Showplace
                                                                    $180* $205 **
      $35.00 Plus S&H $4.50 LIMITED TIME OF-                        “CREATIVE LAYERING…THE MYS-
                                                                    TERY OF COLLAGE”
        Checks To: Frank Koncak 903-569-8172
                                                                    The workshop will emphasize design using col-
           234 CR 2504 - Mineola, TX. 75773
                                                                    lage materials. You can use acrylics, hand col-
          ENDORSEMENTS BY Jane Jones,
                                                                    ored papers, copies
                                                                    of old photos and
                                                                    hand written letters,
          Creative Arts Studio                                      stamps (your own
                                                                    designs) and fabric.
              School of Art                                         You can use an un-
         Art Classes for Children: Ages 5 –18                       planned approach to
                      Art Supplies                                  stretch your imagina-
        Call today to schedule a FREE lesson!                       tion, leave your com-
                                                                    fort zone and find a
                    817 355 5170                                    uniqueness that is
         P.O. Box 129, Bedford, TX 76095                            yours alone. Join Judi
                                 in a “free-for-all”

PAGE     4                                                                                  WWW.SWSWATERCOLOR.ORG

 Betty Jameson's painting," Reef " was chosen by Gerald Brommer             Debbie Cannatella of Tyler has paintings on exhibition at Chattham
 for the Taos National Exhibition of American Watercolor XII at the         Gallery in Plano with their multi-artist Summer showcase. She also is
 Millecent Rogers Museum, Taos, New Mexico August 16 to Septem-             participating in the juried exhibition for the Associated Women in the
 ber 30, 2008. Her painting," Lunar Picnic" was accepted for the 18         Arts at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisi-
 Hands Gallery's 1st Annual "Table Show" August 2-31, 2008. Her             ana. Opening Reception October 12.
 painting," Wild Forest" was selected by Ratindra Das for Montana           Wanda Wilkins was recently awarded the Salmagundi Club of New
 Watercolor Society's 26th Annual National Juried Exhibition at The         York Certificate of Merit "For Outstanding Work." Title: "Seeing
 Bigfork Art & Cultural Center, Bigfork, Montana October 3-25,              Red" in the 31st Annual Non-Members Juried Painting and Sculpture
 2008. She also has two paintings, "In The Garden” and "Play Ball! se-      Exhibition and received the Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award. July
 lected by Marvin Shaw for the South Cobb Arts Alliance 21st National       2008
 Juried Art Exhibition at The Mable House Art Center, Mableton,
 Georgia August 23rd to September 28th, 2008.                               Mary Emerson will have a solo exhibition at the Old Bank Gallery,
                                                                            in Ada, Oklahoma, the month of September. The reception is Satur-
 Dora Hagge, of Hastings, NE had a painting accepted in The Ameri-          day, September 6.
 can Artist Professional League 79th Grand National Exhibition in New
 York City at the Salmagundi Club. Another painting was accepted in         Robin Avery had a painting published in the recently published
 the Allied Artists of America 94th Annual Exhibition in New York           Splash 10 book out this summer by North Lights Books….and also
 City at the National Arts Club. She is the author of a newly released      have a painting in the Watercolor USA 2008 Exhibition at the Spring-
 book that has 15 of her paintings in it. It is an inspirational book ti-   field Art Museum Springfield, Missouri.
 tled, “Windows On His World,” published by Tate Publishing & En-
 terprises. Dora is teaching a workshop in Greeley, CO in September;        Missy Lamb Sofey of Sherman, was the featured artist in a one-
 and another in Hastings, NE in October.                                    woman show this summer in the Johnson Gallery of Austin Col-
                                                                            lege. The exhibition of Texas Landscapes included twenty new
 Yvonne "Evie" Fullingim exhibited new watercolors in the SA-               works. She will be the featured artist at American Fine Art Gallery in
 LUTE TO THE FOURTH show, at Tornado Gallery in Lubbock, TX.                the Dallas Design District tour on September 20th and her landscape
 at the First Friday Art Trail event that opened July 4th
                                                                            paintings will be featured there until October 20.
 Suzy “Pal” Powell was recently accepted into a show in Roswell,
 NM, the American Plains Artist show in Midland, TX and the Wyo-            E. Gordon West was honored as being the feature artist in the
 ming Watercolor Society Show in Sheridan WY. She received her              American Watercolor Society's summer newsletter. He has also had
 signature status in the Wyoming show.                                      a book published entitled: "Watercolors by E. Gordon West".

 Babs Light has three paintings from the May Flower Paintout ac-            Marvin Stevenson has two watercolors accepted in the American
 cepted to be shown in the DeGolyer House at the Dallas Arbore-             Plains Artists, annual juried show at the Museum of the Southwest, in
 tum. The display will be shown the entire month of September.              Midland, Texas. Show is open from August 28 to October 19, 2008.

 Nel Dorn Byrd has a painting in the 27th Adirondacks National              Janet Tsou joins a group of outdoor painters in MountainAire paint-
                                                                            ers Art Show at Crested Butte Center for Arts, Crested Butte, Colo-
 Exhibition of American Watercolors, Aug. 23 - Oct. 5 in Old Forge,
                                                                            rado from Aug. 11- September 1, 2008.
 NY. Juror was Frank Webb.
                                                                            Amanda Farris will have a painting, “Diversity,” in a Tennessee
                                                                            Watercolor Society membership exhibit at the Shuptrine Gallery in
                                                                            Chattanooga, TN. The show opens on Gallery Hop weekend, which is
                                                                            the first weekend in September and runs to the middle of October.
    2008 SWS Signature Awards                                               Cecy Turner is having a solo show in September at Sunset Art Gal-
                                                                            lery of Amarillo. The opening reception is Friday, September 5th,
                                                                            from 5 - 9 p.m. On September 6th at 1:00, she will give a demonstra-
 Member          Painting       Show Accepted                               tion for the Amarillo Watercolor Society.
 Alston, Sue     Annie          SWS                                         Marilyn Eitzen Jones has had a show of 22 pieces at the Gallery at
 Bayne, Jane     Whatever       WFWS                                        the Verizon Corporate Headquarters in Las Colinas (Irving, TX) dur-
                                                                            ing July and Aug. The theme of the show is "At Home & Away" and
                 Happened,                                                  features multimedia works on Dallas and travels around the world.
                 Baby Jane                                                  Karin Michele Anderson has a show at the Verizon Headquarters
 Kagay, Jerry    Painted Desert SWS                                         Gallery in Las Colinas from August 25th through September and a
 Nearbur, Dana Afternoon        SWS                                         small showing at Starbucks on Lower Greenville in the last half of
                                                                            August. Earlier this year she won awards in the Richardson Civic Art
                 Shadows                                                    Regional Show, Society of Watercolor Artists in Ft Worth, RCAS
 Read, Robbie E.T.A. About WFWS                                             50+ Show, and the Lakewood Library Show. She has also exhibited
                 Midnight                                                   this year in Western Fed in Tucson, TVAA Signature Show and Mem-
                                                                            bership Show, and Visual Art Coalition of Dallas.
 Sampson, Joel Love Potion      SWS
                                                                            Shirley Collins had 2 paintings, “Duet” and “Ballet Dancer” at the
 San Soucie, Pat Small          WFWS                                        ACA exhibit from May 5—30. She also has works displayed at Artist’s
                 Neighborhood                                               Showplace.
  The award is achieved by acceptance into five SWS
 sponsored, juried exhibits.
Plans for the Fall Paintout
are underway.
Destination: Weatherford, Texas and
Chandor Gardens
Date: Early November (exact dates being
      PAGE       6

Herb Reed 972-231-0411
1127 West Lookout Dr Richardson, TX
Joel & Maureen Brouillette Sampson
1108 Ferndale Rd Dallas, TX 75228
Patti Bowler 214-544-3502
519 W. Hunt St. McKinney, TX 75069
Address Changes
Priscilla Krejci 972-359-0262
                                              Design & Color Theory Classes
4 Harper Drive, Allen, TX 75002                    By Sharon Serrago
Walt Davis 903.886.2711 3915 FM 1568
Campbell, TX 75422
                                                    214 636 4271
Sharon Giles 972-570-7565
                                                    See website for details
2824 Burning Tree Ln. Irving, TX 75062    
Bill Riley 214-352-6288 10263 Better Dr.
Dallas, TX 75229
Newsletter Editor
Ron Stephens 972-986-7133
2925 Linden Lea, Irving, TX 75061

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