Wine _ Cheese by TCC's December 2010 Wine Club by yaohongm


									           Wine & Cheese by TCC’s December 2010 Wine Club

           TCC brings you two sparkling wines to help you ring in the New Year!

Our first selection is the Nino Franco Prosecco di Valdobbiadene "Rustico" NV.
The Nino Franco winery is located in Valdobbiadene, a region in northern Veneto, Italy at
the foothills of the Prealps famous for producing Prosecco, a sparkling wine made from
Prosecco grapes. Antonio Franco founded the "Cantine Franco" winery in Valdobbiadene in
1919. This winery is proud to be one of the oldest in Valdobbiadene not far away from the
countryside and the vineyards. Thanks to a careful and wise management, the estate has
been growing and evolving throughout three generations of producers. Antonio founded it,
Nino expanded it and Primo improved the company performance throughout the years.
Third generation and current owner/winemaker Primo Franco, took over the winery in 1982
and began to travel and to successfully export the wines in Europe as well as in the
Americas and the Far East. He was the first to introduce a sparkling wine other than
Champagne to the international market. He also made capital improvements at the winery
and concentrated on better vineyard management in order to produce higher quality wines.
Today, his Prosecco line is one of the best in the wine world.

The second selection is from J Vineyards and Winery, J Brut Rosé NV. Located in the
Russian River Valley in Sonoma, California, J Winery produces critically-acclaimed sparkling
wines and cool-climate varietal wines such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. The
winery was founded in 1986 by Judy Jordan and is one of the largest estate vineyards in
the area. Judy was one of the first to incorporate the experience of food and wine
pairings in her award winning tasting room. Her Visitor Center offers bite-sized delicacies
to complement each wine and illustrate how wine pairs with cuisine. Also, J Winery uses
sustainable practices to produce their wines that are environmentally sensitive,
economically viable and socially responsible by minimal use of chemical pesticides and
fertilizers in the vineyards.

In the following pages, there is some information regarding your wine club selections.
First, you’ll find maps* showing the regions where the wines were produced. Next, you will
see a description of each wine, some technical information on the wines, and food pairing

As always, your feedback is encouraged. Please call us or stop by with your comments
regarding our selections.
                                    Have a great month!
                                     The Gang at TCC

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                                             (815) 436-3499
                       #60       --   ITALY
                                                                                  G. Liprtan DOC'sJ Acres: 5,865 ; 2.4 million
                                                                                  gallons; 34% DOC/G}
                                                                                  1. Rossese dl Dolceacqua (140 acres)
                                                                                  2. Riviera Ugure dl Ponente (600)
                                                                                  3. Cinque Terre & C.T. Sclacchetra (170)
                                                                                  4. Colli dl Luni (220: plus more in Toscana)
                                                                                  and. within It. "DOC Co1line de Levanto" (65)
                                                                                  5. Golfo del TIgullio (105)
                                                                                  6. Valpocevera and. within It, 'Valpocevera
                                                                                  Coronata" (NA)
                                                                                  M~or whites: Vermentino (905), Albarola
                                                                                  (450). Pigato (370) & Manzoni (200);
                                                                                  Malor reds: Rossese (390), Sangiovese (330.
                                                                                  Dolcetto (310) & Ciliegiolo (135).
                                                                                  1 IGT: Colline Savonesl

                   T                                                                                     NORTHERN      ITALY
                   N                                                                                    A. Valle d'Aosta
                                                                                                        B. Piemonte
                                                                                                        C. Lombardla
                                                                                                        D. Trentino-Alto Adlge
                                                                                                        E. Veneto
                                                                                                        F. Friuli-Venezla-GluUa

                                       N    •.
                                      .. 'C...                    ..

                        mil es             100-                                                         H. Emilla-Romagna
                                                                                                         48% of the total wine
                                                             ~o                                                production.

                                                                                                              CENTRAL ITALY
                                                                                                                I. Toscana
                                                                                                                J. Umbria
                                                                                                                K. Marche
             PRODUCTION                                                                                         N MoUse

            1.388.000.000 gal.              cws                                                                      17%

             (29% D.O.C./G--
              50% red/rose)                                                                                 SOUTHERN       ITALY
             9.6 million tons
                                                                                                               O. Campania
           VINEYARD AREA                                                                                       P.ApuUa
                                                                                                               g. Basilicata
             2.129.715 acres                                                                                   R. Calabria
            (94% wine grapes)                 {)                                                               S. Sicilia
                                                                                                               T. Sardegna
                         120011                                                    ~

     IBADING VARllnu!:S           (planted acres: 2000 census; BF = table grape)
         bdI: Sangiovese: 172.345: Montepulclano: 73.705; Barbera: 70.020; Merlot: 63.295: Negroarnaro: 41.415; Calabrese (aka
         Nero d'Avola: 28.195): Aglian1co: 24.430; Cabernet Sauvignon: 19.875; Prim1tivo (aka Zlnfandel: 19.650); Dolcetto: 18,125;
         Cabernet franc: 17.510: Malvasla (all: 15.895): Cannonau (aka Grenache: 15.540): Nebblolo: 12.075: Corvina veronese:
         12.025: Ancellotta: 11.060; Nerello Mascalese: 10,840: Lambrusco Salamino: 10.555; Gaglioppo: 9.145: Pinot nero: 8,190;
         Croatlna: 8.105: Ciliegiolo (7.600); Greco (7.495); Monica: 7,190; Rondinella: 7,100; Bonarda plemontese: 6.545:
         Damaschlno: 5.895; Lambrusco Marani: 5.715 and Lambrusco grasparossa: 4.685.

         nimI: Cataratto     blanco comune: 106.860; Trebblano toscano: 104.915; Malvasla (all: 59.595): ltalia: 53,165; Trebblano
         romagnolo: 49.470; Moscato blanco: 32.815; Chardonnay: 29.090; Garganega: 28.755: Manzoni: 23.610; Ansonica (aka
         Inzolia: 23.520): Trebblano d'Abruzzo: 21.480; Prosecco: 20.125; Catarratto blanco lucido: 18,650: Pignoletto: 16.770; Pinot
         grigio: 16.475: Grecan1co dorate: 12.780; Pinot blanco: 12,665: Toea! frlulano: 11,610: Regina (aka Dattier: 10.760):
         Trebblano giallo: 10.530: Albarola: 10.455: Victoria: 9.805: Verdicchio: 9.180; Sauvignon blanc: 8,385; Nuragus: 8,085;
         Cortese: 7.735; Vermentino: 7.410: Bombino blanco: 7.375: Albana: 6.920: Blancame: 5.140; Riesling ltallco: 5.015; Greco
         blanco: 4.500; Grillo: 4.470; Trebblano di Soave: 4.455: Verduzzo trevigiano: 4.285 and Falanghina: 4.255.
                                                             #5 -- SONOMA        COUNTY

# WINERIES                           VINEYARD                                                MAJOR WINE VARIETIES (acres)
                                        AREA                                                 Chardonnay            15.558
    190                                                                                      Cabernet-Sauvignon    11.785
                                      57.572 acres                                           Pinot noir           10.018
                                     (80% bearing)                                           Merlot                7.287
                                                                                             Zinfandel              5.052
                                                                                             Sauvignon blanc        2.100
                                                                                             Syrah                  1.726
                                                                                             Cabernet franc           636
                                                                                             Sangiovese               430
   MENDOCI                     NO CO.                                                        Petite Sirah             399
                                                                                             All Blacks (67%)     38.559
                                                                                             All Whites (33%)     19.011

                                                                                                    o         4
                                                                                                     1        1

                                                                                                   NAPA CO.




                           VITICULTURAL AREAS * (planted acres)

a. Alexander Valley (7.000)                                   g. Sonoma Valley (6.000)
b. Dry Creek Valley (9. 100)                                  h. Sonoma Mountain (750)
c. Knight's Valley (1.100)                                    i. Los Cameros (with Napa:
d. Russian River Valley (9.000)                               9.000--about 50/50 split)
e. Chalk Hill (1.500)                                         j. Rockpile (120)
f. Sonoma County Green                                        k. Bennett Valley (proposed:
Valley (1.200)                                                 650)

  • in addition. all of western coastal Sonoma. as well as the
  Dry Creek VA. is known as the "Sonoma Coast" VA. while
 an umbrella VA known as "Northern Sonoma" envelops the
  Dry Creek. Alexander. Russian River & Knight's Valley VAs
   as well as most of the Sonoma County Green Valley VA.
                             Nino Franco
                 Prosecco di Valdobbiadene "Rustico"

Type:                     Sparkling Wine
Varietal composition:     100% Prosecco
Vineyard Location:        Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
Vintage:                  NV
Country:                  Italy
Alcohol:                  11%
Age-ability:              Drinks best within one year

Winemaking Philosophy and Vinification Details
The winemaker, Primo Franco has some advice for those of us enjoying his delicious
sparkling wine. “Never approach Prosecco in the way you would Champagne. Other
than bubbles, they are completely different. They are for everyday and best from
a white glass (no flute). They are fruity, fresh, fun and will elevate your everyday!
Don't over think them... Just enjoy them!”

Tasting Notes
This is a Brut sparkling wine meaning that is has a minimal amount of residual
sugar. This wine is creamy, refreshing and perfectly balanced. With aromas of
toast, banana and flowers, it has flavors of white peaches, apples and sweet spices
with a crisp, clean finish.

Pairing Suggestions
Sparkling wines make delicious aperitifs and are great with appetizers. Also, enjoy
with Thai chicken pizza with spicy peanut sauce, oysters, seared scallops, or egg

For this month’s cheese club selection, enjoy this wine with the Marin French
Cheese Company Triple Crème Brie. The sweet flavors and creaminess of the
cheese are the perfect match to this crisp bubbly.
                         J Vineyards and Winery
                               J Brut Rosé
Type:                     Sparkling Wine
Varietal composition:     56% Pinot Noir, 44% Chardonnay
Vineyard Location:        Russian River Valley, Sonoma, California
Vintage:                  NV
Country:                  USA
Alcohol:                  12.5%
Age-ability:              Drinks best within one year

Winemaking Philosophy and Vinification Details
All grapes for our J Brut Rosé are hand-harvested into small quarter-ton bins and
placed as whole clusters, without de-stemming, into a special press called a Coquard
press for a gentle pressing cycle. After secondary fermentation in the bottle, the
wines aged for an average of 36 months in cool cellars. Dosage was made from a
blend of wood-aged, reserve wines and pure cane sugar. The wine is aged for
another six months before being released.

Tasting Notes
This sparkling wine pours a beautiful pink color. It has delicate aromas of
strawberry, nectarine and juicy red apples. It has flavors of cherry, blood orange,
citrus peel and tropical star fruit that are backed by a bright acidity that leads to
a delightfully fresh and lingering finish.

Pairing Suggestions
One of our favorite pairings with rosé sparkling wine is with “Ouefs Bourgeon” (red
wine poached eggs on a crusty French baguette) on a Sunday morning. Equally
delicious with fruits, your favorite cheeses and shellfish.

For this month’s cheese selection, pair with the Marin French Cheese Company
Breakfast Cheese. The buttery flavor of the cheese marries nicely with the red
fruit bubbles of the wine.


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