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					                                  Sample Exempt Offer Letter

                                    (Put on parish letterhead)


Dear __________,

This letter will serve to confirm what we have discussed and agreed upon regarding your
employment as of the beginning of the 2009-2010 fiscal year. I am pleased to offer you
employment in the position of _________________________ with the duties and responsibilities
set forth in your job description. A copy of your job description is attached. Please sign it, make
a copy for yourself, and return the original to me. This is a full-time position of forty plus hours
per week. As we discussed and agreed, your compensation will be $____________ per week to
be paid semi-monthly. This is equivalent to $_____________ per year.

Your benefits shall be those selected by you and as are customarily provided. Refer to the
benefit documents for further information.

Your employment shall be subject to and benefit from the Justice In Employment policies dated
March 15, 2007, or as thereafter amended. These policies are considered the basic terms and
conditions of employment and supersede and cancel anything which may be inconsistent with
such policies.

If you have any questions, please call me at 651-288-3270 or Deb Langlois at 651-288-3267.


Jeanne Messersmith, FCBA
Parish Business Administrator

Agreed to and accepted on _________________, 2009 by

___________________________                   _________________________________
            Signature                               Printed Name

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