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					PAGE 12A                                                                             Laredo Morning Times                                                      Wednesday, September 26, 2001

*Donation                         *Court
(Continued from Page              (Continued from Page 1A)         his     Tuesday       approved     sheriff and JP Martinez, that       Commissioner             Mike      with the outcome.”
1A)                               commissioners court would        $77,705 to $90,055.                is; the sheriff left the court-   Urdiales, who was an                  (Staff writer Chuck Owen
bons that she had seen on         have dealt with the recom-         Barrera told the committee       room during the vote for his 8    observer of the committee’s          can be reached at 728-2564
the people and homes and          mendation.                       on a couple of occasions,          percent raise and Martinez        action and now as a member           or      by     e-mail   at
it reminded her that she            In all, Tuesday’s action       when asked how much she            had departed earlier follow-      of the commissioners court 
wasn’t alone.                     increased cost to the county     wanted, that she wanted par-       ing his presentation.             has to live with their deci-
  Through her inspiration         budget by about $35,000          ity with the chief appraiser. In     The committee consisted of      sions, had this to say:
and the efforts of hun-
dreds of volunteers who
                                  more what was already
                                                                   the end she indicated she
                                                                   was pleased with the action
                                                                                                      last year’s pool of grand jury
                                                                                                      persons. Those serving were
                                                                                                                                          “I think the committee acted
                                                                                                                                        very responsibly. I congratu-        *Death
helped to make the rib-             Each grievant addressed        of the committee in recogniz-      Roberto Eduardo Santos,           late them.                           (Continued from Page 1A)
bons, as well as those            the committee in turn with       ing her positive impact in the     Juan Flores, Juan Jose Lara,        “They all asked very good          were apparently victimized by
who donated their money,          their desires and why they       tax assessor-collector office      Juan Jose Alvarado, Ricardo       questions and I think made           the same suspect.
the goal has been                 were aggrieved.                  with a $5,125 improvement          D. Cortez, Irma Santa Cruz,       responsible decisions. That            Donation        for    Patricia
reached.                            Sheriff Garza expressed a      over the already approved          Roberto      Mancha,       Jr.,   is what it is going to take. It is   Mendoza’s funeral can be
  Aleman is amazed at the         desire to make as much or        $4,392 increase.                   Rebecca Leyendecker and           not a matter of politics. We         made at Commerce Bank
response. She said that           more that appointed officials,     At the end of the committee      Rosa Maria Silva.                 should reject politics at every      under Maria D. Langley.
she never expected the            but it was noted in the com-     action, all the formerly             County Judge Mercurio           turn.                                Account number is 300-1504-
campaign to get this big.         mittee discussion that his       aggrieved        came      and     Martinez, Jr. sat as non-vot-       “It was a fantastic experi-        06.
  “It was remarkable. I           total income includes a          expressed thanks to the citi-      ing chairman of the commit-       ence for me to listen to citi-         (Staff writer Robert Garcia can
never expected it to take on      $12,350 allowance, which         zen group of nine who acted        tee, according to the Local       zens making responsible              be reached at 728-2543 or by e-
the life that it did,” Aleman     combined with salary takes       in their behalf, all except the    Government Code.                  decisions. I am very happy           mail at
  Reflecting on the events
of the last two weeks, both
in Laredo and in the nation
as a whole, she said, “I
think everybody’s a little dif-
ferent because of it. We’re
now getting back to normal,
but with different views.”
  Both she and Green
believe that people will be
wearing their multi-colored
ribbons for a long time to
  “Oprah” will be holding a
special show Thursday,
showing clips of what peo-
ple have been doing all
over the country. A clip will
be shown on Laredoans
making these ribbons and
wearing them proudly.
  Of the ribbon campaign,
Aleman said, “The bows
kept me grounded and
  (Times staff writer Laurel
Almada can be reached at
956-728-2568 or e-mailed

(Continued from Page
on its roof in the grassy
knoll, center median in
front of the Laredo National
Bank located in the 2600
block of Zapata Hwy.
  Carrillo’s car veered to
a stop in the opposite
direction. Carrillo and her
friend were transported
to Mercy Hospital with
non-life        threatening
  Corral, who was not wear-
ing a seat belt, was fatally
injured. Rodriguez and
Diaz were also transported
to Mercy Health Center
with non-life threatening
  Rodriguez, who was tak-
ing Diaz and Corral to their
homes in Rio Bravo after a
night of alleged drinking at
a downtown bar, was
arrested for driving while
  Hospital            records
revealed that both Carrillo
and       Rodriguez       had
blood/alcohol content that
was over the legal limit of
.08. According to the
police report, Carrillo’s
was       at     .14      and
Rodriguez’s was at .20.
  In addition to the charge
of intoxicated manslaugh-
ter, Carrillo will also likely
face a charge of unautho-
rized use of a motor vehi-
cle, Investigator Robert
Peralta, member of the
auto theft task force, said.
  Peralta said that previous
to the accident, Carrillo
and her juvenile compan-
ion were allegedly in
Nuevo Laredo consuming
  While in Mexico, Carrillo
and her friend allegedly
met 45-year-old Gary
Gerald, who was in town
from California.
  Carrillo and the juvenile
reportedly returned with
Gerald to his hotel room at
the Marriott Hotel.
  Somewhere         in     the
process, Peralta said
Carrillo and her friend took
the Dodge Stratus, which
was a rental car registered
to Gerald.
  Gerald later reported the
vehicle as stolen.
  If convicted on all
charges, Carrillo faces up
to 22 years in prison and a
fine of up to $20,000.
  (Staff writer Paul S.
Martinez can be reached at
728-2565 or by e-mail at

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