PSA010p - Conditional Offer Letter Tutor

					     Conditional Job Offer Letter (One-to-one Tutor) - template for issue to all
  external recruits or existing teachers in the school who will undertake one-to-one
tuition but outside of (i.e. not within) the hours they are already contracted to teach.
 If already employed by the school (i.e. in a non-teaching role), the wording in blue
                font is only essential if the checks are to be refreshed.

Dear [Name]

Post: One-to-one Tutor

Following your recent [interview/assessment] at [venue], I am pleased to confirm I am
interested in pursuing your employment to the post of One to One Tutor. This job offer is
conditional upon receipt of satisfactory references and a satisfactory enhanced Criminal
Records Bureau check. [It is also conditional upon you showing me the original certificates
of the essential qualifications, as requested].

I enclose the CRB application form with an application guide to help you complete the form.
Please contact me to arrange to bring the completed CRB application form and original
documents for identification.

The employment is also subject to the following conditions:
    GTC England – All one-to-one tutors must have full or provisional membership of
      General Teaching Council for England (GTCE)

A tutor undertaking one-to-one tuition must:

       have qualified teacher status - QTS - (for teaching posts in maintained schools), and a
        PGCE or Cert. Ed awarded by a Higher Education Institution; or,
       have non-QTS in the summer before gaining QTS; or,
       be qualified to teach in schools in England, if an overseas trained teacher; or,
       be a Further Education or higher Education trained teacher with appropriate subject

In order to disseminate key one to one tuition messages to tutors, all tutors will be required
to attend an Education Bradford Induction Training for Tutors session before they begin
tuition. Providing the above conditions are met, you will receive further details when this job
offer can be confirmed.

I do hope you are able to accept this offer on the conditions stated, with view to welcoming
you to [School] in the near future. We will be able to confirm this job offer after the above
conditions have been satisfied and when we are able to schedule the induction training and
one-to-one tuition.

Yours sincerely

[Job Title]

Enc. CRB Application Form & Guide
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\61847cce-789b-43e6-924a-daf316889f90.doc Version 1 Issue Date 12 November 2009