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Delhi is the hub of activity for people around the world being the capital of the
largest democracy in the world obviously we have all kinds of activities going
around here. Right now as the courts have rightly decided to clean up the city is
at decision we should all applaud. It was a much-needed greenest capital in the
world. It is with amazement that one watches shops and houses being bulldozed
in daytime. No orders or no time is given to the people who have stayed on in
these buildings for years.

A friend of mine has bought house in Jangpura a couple of years back, she ran
from builder to builder for nearly a year to look for a building which did not have
any illegal constructions. She was then told by all the property agent that it is
impossible. In fact, she came across many buildings which where 100%
unauthorized. These buildings have no papers at all. So, it was with great
reluctant and after much assurance by the property agents the MCD people and
the builders that she bought a plot with all her life savings in Defence Colony.
She spent some money on doing up the flat and hence, it became her home.
These four rooms became the heaven of her kinds and her invalid aged mother’s
pension and all her life’s earnings in the plot to make kids a warm luxury and
comfortable place for her family.

But low and behold her dreams were sheltered when one morning bulldozed
came and broke the room and walls of her two minor children room. Of course,
the explanation being that court orders were to demolish all illegal constructions.
As these two ladies were alone without man who could bribe or grease the palms
of the MCD officials or the Delhi Police accompanying them. The building was
broken but as usual the flat right next to her got saved because plot belied
Baniya living next door had bribed the officials incharge were the same for both
the flats. It is a sad story but not un common in Delhi today. As usual money,
connections, power, sliminess, works and the poor and weak especially single
women who are working day and night to meet ends and means. As this poor
lady was crying begging the MCD officers/cops how could you ignore this bearing
leachaures look all the people who gathered. No one amongst her neighbors
offered any support in case they get noticed by the MCD guise/cops and they
become a target too. What was the fault of this lady where work of
MCD/cops/courts when these flats were being made? Why was not illegal
constructions start there and then? Why every builders not behind the bars for
building illegal constructions? Why is this the common man is always taken for
the ride? Why is it that still the people who can afford to grease the palms of this
dirty society to get away un-touched. Is that any one who is going to help this
lady with her two minor children and her invalid mother? I wish the
courts/politician/Police could target the builders who make enough black money
and the MCD guise who have made places of their own from corruption money
targeting the innocent people of this country.

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