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					                         AUTISM ONTARIO – NIAGARA CHAPTER
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

                    NIAGARA REGION CHAPTER MANAGER (1.0 FTE)

TITLE:               Manager, Niagara Region Chapter

REPORTS TO:          Chapter President or Delegate and Director of Chapter Development

JOB SUMMARY:         To implement the organizational direction and policy determined by the
                     Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) and the Provincial Office. This will
                     involve the following overall responsibilities:
                     • Planning
                     • Finance and Administration
                     • Fundraising/Resource Generation
                     • Communications and Public Relations
                     • Policy Development and Implementation
                     • Human Resource Management
                     • Oversee Program and Service Delivery
                     • Support the Chapter Leadership Council

SALARY:              $50,000 to $55,000 per annum based on a 37.5 hour work week

The Niagara Region Chapter Manager provides a superior/professional level of customer
service to all internal and external stakeholders and the general public.

1. Planning
   • Participate with the Chapter Leadership Council in developing an organizational vision,
      mission, outcomes, goals etc.
   • Develop and implement plans to operationalize the direction recommended by Council
   • Facilitate measurement of the overall effectiveness of the organization
   • Conduct surveys and gather feedback as necessary to determine the vision of Niagara
      Chapter members.
   • Establish and/or support chapter committees and maintain contact with committee
      members including ensuring the facilitation of meetings and reporting back to the CLC

2. Financial and Administration
   • Work with the Council to develop and present an annual budget for Council approval
   • Prepare regular financial reports for the council
   • Ensure effective financial controls are implemented
   • Operate within the approved budget
   • Prepare deposits and related forms and submit copies to provincial office
   • Remit necessary documentation to Provincial Office in order to adhere to charitable laws
   • Administer and safeguard all funds and assets
   • Ensure the Chapter is managed in accordance with the Provincial constitution, bylaws,
      policies and procedures, as well as local policies and procedures
   •   Ensure all legal requirements are met

3. Fundraising/Resource Generation
   • Generate financial resources to sustain Autism Ontario – Niagara Chapter
         o seek and obtain funding from government, foundations, the corporate sector etc
         o Coordinate fundraising efforts from existing and new sources
   • Foster and maintain a positive relationship with event sponsors & funders (e.g. thank
      you cards)
   • Coordinate volunteers for fundraising events and/or office assistance
   • Support the Council in fundraising activities

4. Communications and Public Relations
   • Coordinate the implementation of communications and public relations plans and
   • Facilitate networking and development of community alliances
   • Share information and updates with appropriate management, staff, funders, colleagues
   • Ensure an accurate database of organizational stakeholders
   • Maintain contact with appropriate government, business, and other organizational
   • Promote public and professional awareness and understanding of ASD by establishing
     collaborative working relationships with regional Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
     service providers (participating in Fairs, Information Booths etc…)

5. Policy Development and Implementation
   • Assist the CLC in developing policies and procedures
   • Keep the CLC informed about any policy issues arising from operations, legislation, or
       stakeholder issues
   • Implement Provincial and local policies

6. Human Resource Management
   • Define Chapter staff and volunteer roles and responsibilities
   • At the Chapter level, hire, ensure orientation, develop, supervise, and evaluate staff and
   • Plan for the growth or reduction of human resources in the Chapter
   • Oversee staff and delegate responsibilities as necessary
   • In conjunction with Chapter staff:
         o Maintain registration lists for children’s programs
         o Update the Family Funding Bursary as needed, prepare information packages
         o Receive phone calls, emails and other correspondence. Respond to
             correspondence or relay message to a member of Council for follow-up
         o Document all information calls, emails in daily log and track all information
             packages that are distributed, in respective log

7. Oversee Program and Service Delivery
   • Gather stakeholder and community input to determine program and service priorities
   • Develop, plan, and implement programs and services that further the vision and mission
      of Autism Ontario and the Niagara Chapter
   • Ensure a high level of quality in programs and services
8.    Support the Chapter Leadership Council
     • Assist to prepare for, and attend, all Council meetings in a non-voting capacity
     • Implement the direction recommended by the CLC
     • Prepare report for Leadership Council meetings
     • Attend local membership meetings as well as professional development workshops, as
     • Attend provincial meetings and prepare summary of meeting for local newsletter
     • Facilitate Council orientation, training, and development

Chapter President, Chapter Staff, CLC members, Program Staff, Chapter Members, RCP
Program Coordinator, Director of Chapter Development, Executive Director, Provincial Office
Departments, Staff from other Chapters.

Donors, Sponsors, Event Participants, Parents, local service providers, local professionals in
the field of autism, and general public.

• demonstrated effectiveness in working within the voluntary/nonprofit sector
• strong planning skills
• proven record of change management
• experience in developing and delivering programs and services
• strong written and verbal communication skills
• staff and volunteer management skills and experience
• experience and demonstrated success in proposal/grant writing and resource generation
• knowledge and understanding of the non-profit sector, socials services and local fund
   development networks
• Fluency in French would be considered a strong asset

We encourage applicants representing a wide diversity of abilities and cultural/ethnic
backgrounds. Resumes may be submitted to by March 31, 2011. We
thank everyone for their interest in this role; however, only those selected to interview will be

March 17, 2011

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